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Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

To Yasmine L. Williams:

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said it best, "Property is Theft". It is the assertion of right of ownership without any persuasive justification. Just as Native Americans asserted their right to possession in the face of claims of other Native Americans before the arrival of the Europeans, so the USA asserted it's right in confrontation to Native American claims.

That's what homo sapiens does, repeatedly. Steals other folks' stuff and then makes rules that are supposed to prevent that from being done again. The only meaningful "right" to possession is the right that is supported by one's ability to prevent anyone from taking "it" away.

By that standard the White Eyes have been pretty nice to Native Americans, Shinnecocks and others. Instead of expunging them from the map to extinguish any competing claims, they allowed them to keep small scraps of land and gave them rights on those reservations that are superior to those of the neighboring non-Native Americans.

The privation of many Shinnecocks is not the result of "theft" or of the withholding of rights but rather of the special protection that reservation land has of being inalienable that makes it worthless as collateral." Dec 29, 09 9:16 PM

Tatiana Giraldo-Fajardo of Montauk dies at 17

A true tragedy. Major depressive disorder frequently appears or reaches it nadir in people just getting out of childhood. There are effective antidepressants available now that can mitigate or alleviate the despair but families have to be proactive with them rather than afraid or ashamed." Jan 2, 10 11:52 PM

Southampton Town Board delays reorganization meeting

God forbid that a Town Council meeting should take precedence over something really important. This postponement comes on the heels of two successive Town Council meetings in December for which quorums could not be mustered due to absenteeism. (One of those absent was Supervisor-in-Waiting Anna Throne Holst.)

Let's see what has happened to date:

1) Two successive Town Council Meetings without a quorum.
2) Anna Throne-Holst announces that more Town employees will be allowed to take their taxpayer-owned cars home. (Ka-Ching$$!)
3) ATH hires a Deputy Supervisor for $30K. (Ka-Ching$$!)
4) 1st Meeting of the newly-elected Town Council postponed due to absenteeism.

What is one to infer from these phenomena?" Jan 4, 10 3:53 PM

Southampton political committees must hold off on choosing special election nominees

So, this disruption could have been avoided if the Town Council members had actually shown up for work on the day that the reorganizational meeting was originally scheduled.

Is anyone else disturbed at the nonchalance with which Council members blow off scheduled meetings? Did any of them bother to give an excuse? I would like to know what events Council members think are more important than their public service.

That could be the first act of ATH's reign. Pass a resolution that Town Council members must actually show up for work or have a persuasive excuse that is published. Fine them a $K for every unexcused absence.

Noblesse oblige.

" Jan 6, 10 5:26 PM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Newsday says that the anonymous tip originated in Florida. That's a pretty long reach. If I called the Palm Beach P.D. with an anonymous tip, would they set up a "roadblock", (as Newsday says that the East Hampton P.D. did), on MY say so.?" Jan 6, 10 11:46 PM

Lindsay T. Dillon and Ryan P. Potter married in September

Wow! Tetraploid DNA. " Jan 7, 10 12:24 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

I am still curious about the anonymous tip from Florida on the basis of which the East Hampton P.D. set up a roadblock especially for Mr. Bousson. As someone stated above, if he consented to the search then probable cause is irrelevant. However, an anonymous tip by itself is not enough." Jan 7, 10 6:25 PM

To SunshineBOO!:

As far as I can tell, an uncorroborated anonymous tip is NOT sufficient grounds for stopping and searching a vehicle.

(FLORIDA, PETITIONER v. J.L., [120 S.Ct. 135], March 20, 2000)

(The United States Supreme Court, on March 29, 2000, handed down a decision that limits the power of police in stopping (and frisking) suspects. In a rare unanimous decision, the Court held that the mere fact that police had received an uncorroborated anonymous tip describing a person who was said to possess a gun did not justify the police from "stopping" that individual for the purpose of conducting a frisk.)

- http://www.forensic-evidence.com/site/Police/Anonymous.html

If Mr. Bousson ever goes to trial, his attorney will ask for a dismissal on 4th Amendment grounds.
" Jan 8, 10 2:51 PM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

How odd. Nuzzi and Malone refrain from appointing the comptroller who is digging through their party's ten years of Town mismanagement but do appoint, against strong opposition, another building trades entrepreneur to the Planning Board.

Parenthetically, when will Jim Malone announce his decision about resigning as deputy county clerk in order to devote his full attention to Town matters. ("That's a joke, Son", as Foghorn Leghorn would have said.)" Jan 13, 10 2:43 PM

Amazing how the fulcrum of judgment changes position when Republican Party interests are involved.

Two positions calling for a decision to appoint. In one case, a sitting appointee without criticism or challenge; in the other, a prospective appointee against whose appointment a half-dozen residents have spoken.

In the first case, the appointee is tabulating years of Republican mismanagement; in the latter, the appointee is a Republican Party regular.

The result? Nuzzi and Malone vote AGAINST the first appointee, thus advising her that her job is tenuous, before she issues that damning report; and vote FOR the latter, even though nominations for the job hadn't yet closed.

How contemptible. " Jan 13, 10 10:46 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

To publius:

Thanks for the data and the link.

What a choice. An STPD cop and a party colleague of the Patroness of the STPD.

Here are the two questions that I would like to see answered:

1) Do you think that the mobbing of the Town Council meeting by uniformed off-duty police officers was appropriate?

2) Do you approve of the policy of allowing any STPD officer to stay on the payroll beyond his twenty year retirement date if he so wishes?

Answers to these questions will determine my vote. However, since no candidate has EVER addressed them, I don't expect that these will either." Jan 14, 10 4:51 PM

Suffolk County will stop using East End trailers to house homeless sex offenders

In line with Shelomith's comments, I would like to know how many of the sex offenders are pedophiles or rapists. Over thirty years ago there was a national
fad called "streaking" where men and women, usually college students, would run through the streets nude. I wondered at the time if these folks realized that an arrest for indecent exposure would put them on the sex offenders registry." Jan 14, 10 5:09 PM

Advisory board set up to help police-town interactions

Acrimony? I thought that the footstools and the boot heels had a perfect ergonomic relationship." Jan 15, 10 9:59 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

We cannot vote for Hughes, as it stands, because he profited from the patronage system that enables cops to stay on the job long after their scheduled retirement date. On the other hand, Fleming has done nothing to distance herself from the close embrace that characterizes her party colleague and fellow Council member's relationship with the PBA.

So far, this race is a "push". " Jan 16, 10 3:59 PM

Southampton Town Board candidate Fleming receives Independence endorsement

Reiterating SusieD's question, does Ms. Fleming support requiring cops to retire when their twenty years of service are up, even if they don't want to, or does she support the STPD PBA's position that every cop should be allowed to stay on the payroll for as long as he wants, regardless of merit?

What does she think of the STPD PBA's behavior at Town Meetings over the past few years, and, particularly, the behavior of their President and Vice President?

This is Ms. Fleming's 2nd bite of the apple. She was mute on these questions the first time around and I expect that she will perform similarly this time. After all, her competition is a cop so she can expect the votes of everyone who thinks that the STPD PBA has an overweening presence in Town government without bothering to take a position." Jan 18, 10 7:08 PM

Neither candidate has said a thing about STPD budget-busting patronage and the disrespectful and intimidating behavior of STPD PBA off-duty officers in uniform.

The only thing left to decide at present is which name to write-in in the election booth. (E.g. Diogenes[?])" Jan 18, 10 9:45 PM

Suffolk County will stop using East End trailers to house homeless sex offenders

I am in favor of restricting the domicile of those convicted of pedophilia or rape but if it is true, as stated above by a poster, that public urination can get you on the sex offenders registry, then the registry is meaningless. In addition, it would be cruel and unusual punishment to attach the stigma of "sex offender" to anyone who has committed neither of these crimes.

On the other hand, were the registry winnowed of all but these, it would make sense.

I would imagine that Suffolk County officials don't like giving $90 / day to ex-cons to find a place to live but have probably yielded to the reality that, without that stipend, the sex offenders would wind up back in prison wherein their cost would be even greater and where they would take up space needed to house truly dangerous criminals. If there were FEWER sex offenders on the registry, housing at a cheaper cost would be possible.

(I have to say that when I checked the registry years ago out of curiosity, I recall that most of the ex-cons had been convicted of statutory rape. So I don't know if the claims made by other posters are true. Statutory rape is a consensual crime.)" Jan 18, 10 10:07 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

There are Americans who see illegal immigrants as thieving vermin. Others see them a people trying to give those they love the best life possible.

Since I may very well have descended from one, (or two), of the latter, I favor that view. As a Christian, I value compassion above all other qualities, so, naturally, I am glad that we don't allow illegal immigrants, or their children, to suffer unnecessarily.

We have to stop illegal immigration because it is hurting Americans who are more vulnerable than most, the semi-skilled worker. This is the reality. But objectifying them is dumb and MEAN." Jan 19, 10 2:35 PM

New Southampton supervisor lays out initial changes

I would like to suggest that the newly created, "Southampton Police Department/Labor Relations Advisory Committee" receive additional tasks to those already conferred upon it. To wit:

1) Dissection of the $4.5M deficit in the police fund to reveal how this deficit came about. In brief, on whom was the $4.5M spent? There have been statements by posters that the $4.5M WAS spent on the STPD. If this money WAS so spent, in addition to budgeted amounts, it reveals that the STPD budgetary drain is much more spectacular than even the proposed salaries in the 2010 budget reveal.

2) Following from the above, the Advisory Committee could uncover how much money was actually received in the previous year by STPD officers, over and above their budgeted salaries that do not include overtime. The resulting actual expenditures could then be compared with the predictive expenditures to show what the dollar compensation of STPD officers had really been in the previous year as opposed to published prospective salary figures that do NOT include overtime pay.

In this way the Advisory Committee could serve the citizens of the Town in addition to the STPD PBA and the Town Council. It would give the voters concrete, REAL totals of STPD salary costs. whereas current figures only show the MINIMUM salaries. Such figures, as well, would be indispensable when negotiating contracts with the STPD PBA.

Without these additional obligations, the Advisory Committee would be nothing more than yet another opportunity for the PBA to convince the Town Board to accede to PBA demands before being referred to arbitration which could rule against the PBA and, in any case, delay any additions to their paychecks by months or years.

In short, the Advisory Committee, unless its mandate is enlarged, offers everything to the PBA and NOTHING to the Town Council or the taxpayers." Jan 20, 10 1:59 AM

Suffolk County announces handgun buy-back program

Were I in possession of an illegal handgun, there are two questions that I would like answered.

First, how many $$ are on the Visa Gift Card? $100? $1000?

Secondly, is anonymity guaranteed? How?

There may be no questions asked, but one is sure all hell going to be captured on video.

Without specifying answers to these questions, the buy-back program will be a failure." Jan 20, 10 5:56 PM

Kabot's court date is delayed for a third time

Undoubtedly, the delay was at Mr. Kehone's request. This action is a misdemeanor. It will continued to be postponed whenever there is a scheduling conflict with a more serious, i.e. felony, case." Jan 20, 10 5:58 PM

Riverhead student spearheads donation drive to assist those in Haiti

God bless compassionate children. One hopes that Ms. Matlak will retain that spirit throughout her life." Jan 20, 10 6:02 PM

Kabot's court date is delayed for a third time

This postponement was NOT at the behest of Linda Kabot but, rather, of her attorney, who has a more important action that conflicts. Postponements of this type are s.o.p.

Of course, on the other hand, Kehone's claim shortly after the arrest that he hoped to have the matter disposed of before the Nov. election was pure bovine scatology.

If a statistical study were available to determine what percentage of contested DWIs were adjudicated within that time frame, the result would probably be around .01%" Jan 20, 10 9:21 PM

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