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Springs Man Sues Over Hamlet Signs

Don't forget Watermill. " Sep 3, 16 10:28 AM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

Disagree with Bob Schepps here. There is nothing "Yuge" to get here, other than a guarantee to the public that this road, and the vistas will remain publicly available. It's not about dollars. Find dollars elsewhere. This is about carving off a little bit of Southampton natural beauty for a weak safety claim that in any case can be mitigated many with many other effective alternatives. Yes, the supervisor should meet with all sides, but in the end, this should not be seriously considered, as it seems the idea is wrongheaded and misses the opportunity to preserve something very special about our home. " Sep 13, 16 12:43 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Deems Tuckahoe Center Application Incomplete

Once again, supporters make emotional and well-documented pleas to the commission, and once again, the same 4-5 angry "do-nothing" opponents pushed their agenda with hyperbole and non-facts. And once again, a village trustee tried to protect turf with cries of lower property values (no evidence at all), the RT58-ifying of CR 39 (not possible or even conceivable given the spaces and uses on CR39), and that most people buy online (um, nope, how many Fresh Direct trucks have you seen in your neighborhood? Exactly).

I've commented many times on this over a number of years, and the same things come out: there is a demonstrated need, density is higher outside the village, the village has not solved anything with regard to options, and the people outside the village want their supermarket because they viscerally understand that the alternatives are becoming more and more burdensome. This was a smart plan to begin with, and it is an even smarter plan now. The commission should bless this plan as it addresses every forward-looking criteria they and the town have set for new development in this corridor. " Oct 12, 16 1:33 PM

Funny, yet not true. Just keeping consistent with my long held opinion on this." Oct 13, 16 11:55 AM

Traffic, traffic, traffic....marsha, marsha, Marsha! Trying to link all supporters to the developer just shows that you may be in denial of the demonstrated need that exists. Many of the commenters, including me, are never going to make a dime on this project, nor care to, but we do believe that it should go forward in the interest of the greater community (not the 5 angry people) and is in the right place and at the right time, and will benefit those that can utilize a better shopping option in the area. Hopefully, a board member will read this as well. " Oct 13, 16 12:00 PM

Yes, that is my assertion, the traffic generated there will be non-impactful. Why? Because of new lanes cut into the property to off-ramp flow, the cross-access design through the property, and the lessening of trip generation going to HB or into the village for grocery shopping by those in the vicinity. I do actually live and work here. I see both the insanity and the hyperbole of commenters, but at the same time that doesn't mean good, smart, and well-planned ideas, with gads of good engineering research behind it, should be torpedoed by a few angry people who either believe they can turn back time or have their ire misdirected. That anger maybe should go to the county about the CR39 road conditions overall and decisions made to make them better. Pinning it on every new development isn't good planning or a a good idea for a better community. " Oct 14, 16 10:45 AM

Again, why can't anyone have an opinion other than yours and Frances? And if they do you and your cohorts complain that something must be going on behind the scenes rathe than back up your own opinion with some facts? You are just proving my point that if you have nothing to say about the issue, you resort to go after the commenter. The reason that I post so much on this issue to mostly to counter the utter fiction and portents of doom that some opponents have on this project, very little of which has any basis in fact, but has everything to do with making as loud a noise as you can with nonsense (see: mega-mall, Rt58, property values. Man, I would love to not have to post these types of comments, but you keep serving the drivel up, and someone needs to bat it down. Signed, Robert Florio. Back at you, Ms. Witch Hazel. Wait, is that your real name? Hmmm..." Oct 15, 16 1:49 PM

I don't see this as UTI or oversized at all. It may have seemed that way a long time ago, but not now. In fact, the latest build-out proposal is less than the maximum as-of right sq footage which would be allowed under the current highway business zoning.

The design of the center is tasteful and takes into consideration all the modern planning guidelines that both the town and county envision for future commercial development. I'm not sure if you've actually looked at the traffic studies, which were done in July of last year, but they show less traffic overall due to this development, but do show a small bump in the flow right by the store, which is then mitigated by extra lanes and positioning of ingress/egress in order to peel off any increase right at that spot. The traffic light situation at Magee St is also being addressed, and it is something that has gained the approval of staff and head of Dept of Public Works for County and the town planners who believe their specific mitigation efforts will not burden the traffic situation.

So, between two reports from two different professional traffic study agencies, the town planners and the county staff, I think there has been plenty of good research. You may be having a reaction to what you experience now on CR 39, but it was the same in Hampton Bays before the KK development went in (shouts of traffic, traffic, traffic), but it ended up solving a lot of flow issues there (and that is a much, much larger development.

It is not true that opposition is larger than the supporters of this project. At EVERY town public hearing there were many more supporters than opponents, and most of the opponents there were many of the same half dozen or so people who have been against this even before any study was ever done.

Instead of addressing the issue and the reality of the need in these and other article comments on this subject, those very same opponents take potshots at the commenters in order to de-legitimize them. Just above you had examples of that, and even if you take out the personal attacks, if supporters of the project are not of some deviant species, then they are definitely must be out-of-towners. Not true. Most of the supporters here posting live in the area year round from what I can tell.

" Oct 16, 16 2:24 PM

The residential density is already here! No, this isn't Nassau, and this project isn't Nassau-sized either. And 8 miles to travel is approx 16 miles there and back, adding another vehicle twice on roads you don't want clogged. If someone living in the vicinity could get to a closer store, not counting the village S&S, that would remove that element of the traffic from the 10 or so miles that would remain (but note the critical difference, the other 1-6 miles of travel is ALREADY being traveled, so it is not an increase of traffic, but a re-routing of traffic to lessen the overall traffic impact). The call for moving to Nassau is just another way of saying you are not addressing that issue. " Oct 19, 16 12:04 PM

One thing is that there is a whole extra lane being added to the eastbound side for traffic going into the market, so traffic eastbound, while I would agree would be more concentrated right at that spot, will have that effect totally mitigated eastbound by the extra lane into the property.

As for the Magee St light, I don't know the exact remedy, but since the county and town are ok with whatever their mitigation solution is, including the head of the county dept of public works, I'm going to say that they should know what they are doing. It can't be rocket science, there are more complicated intersections in the world. Also remember, there is cross-access into and out of the property which will allow traffic to bypass that light as well in some instances.

The HB KK development, even though there were the same predictions of traffic snarl, never materialized. In fact, it has made cross access through that congested part of HB better than it was before it was built. " Oct 19, 16 6:10 PM

I'm not a traffic engineer. Suspect you aren't either. P.S In your comment above, you framed the discussion minus the S&S." Oct 20, 16 6:00 PM

Online grocery shopping is a drop in the bucket compared to physical food and basic needs shopping. How many of those trucks do you actually see on your street,... likely little to none. " Oct 20, 16 6:02 PM

Bridgehampton School District To Hold Vote In December On Almost $25-Million Expansion Proposal

How about you put the brakes on this idea and instead, at least, have a discussion with Sag Harbor, to find a way to merge first so you can use taxpayer money more efficiently? The idea that there are 10 school districts east of the canal (about 6,000 students total) and that a single K-12 district with only 200 students is looking to do a $25 MILLION expansion (and the ongoing maintenance) is absurd. The community and districts need to have a reality check with regard to these tiny, tiny districts (the most efficient in Suffolk are about 5-6K student body for just ONE district).

These small districts are only able to survive because of the byzantine school taxing districts, where one neighborhood has very low taxes (BH, Wainscott), and another has high taxes (Sag Harbor, Tuckahoe), which ultimately hurt the students in manyareas because the bulk of the schools are under some sort of financial stress, and can barely afford all of their programs. Look at Tuckahoe. It is obscene that Sag Harbor, with just under 1,000 students and BH, with approx 200, cannot see that tiny districts do not help students, but only prolong superintendent careers and protect little tax havens on the South Fork. " Oct 21, 16 11:28 AM

Brundige To Return As East Hampton Airport Manager

Since the Press believes that these "personnel" matters are actually public information, ie, Southampton School District, maybe the press can file a FOIL to find out what happened to Mr. Charlton, who seesm from the article to have been an effective manager. " Oct 21, 16 11:55 AM

Bridgehampton School District To Hold Vote In December On Almost $25-Million Expansion Proposal

That may be one problem, but a very, very minor one for the South Fork. Let's look at it this way. The NY State average cost per student is around $17,000 per student. The county average is around $25K. Southampton School District is approx $36K, Tuckahoe, $35K. Bridgehampton? Try over $60,000 per student, and that's not even close to the most expensive cost per student (looking at you Wainscott, at over $112K per student). The amount of BOE members is a detail that may have some impact at scale, but not under the idea of merging these tiny districts. " Oct 24, 16 1:46 PM

Southampton School District Continues To Fight Access To Records

I still think this lawsuit is weak on a number of counts, and while this case is in process the Press reports their filing and now this "update" as actual news. It isn't news until the judge renders the judgement one way or the other. And doing it for the taxpayers? Give me a break! You got into this shaky lawsuit on your own, and frankly, after reading this article, I feel even stronger now that it's going to blow back on you.

And stop being so worried about your darn legal fees. No one forced you into this lawsuit, so unless you really do prove a specific move by the district to act maliciously or contrary to some public trust, I think you have spent yours and your strange bedfellow, the Southampton Association, money in vain. PS, it was the Southampton Association that was the most forceful as killing the Southampton-Tuckahoe merger.

Look, I am willing to admit I'm wrong if you win, but I still don't see the winning proposition here. Can'y you just go along quietly until all the facts are laid out by the case and the judge makes a determination?" Oct 27, 16 11:43 AM

County Planning Commission Punts Tuckahoe Center Application Back To Southampton Town

Pass it. Do it. It is needed. The chairwoman of the commission knows very well the political subterfuge that was used on the first go-round, and they have no real, factual basis on which to deny it on the second. In fact, under the current leadership, they did punt, even after their own staff twice recommended approval. Let the town move forward with a vote then, and be done with letting this get any more convoluted. " Nov 2, 16 2:23 PM

There are no residential areas being converted to commercial. The land in question is commercial highway business now, with an as-of-right build-out of 60,000 sq ft. The center will be 52,500 sq ft, less than the maximum allowed, with structures grouped together rather than one-off buildings each with its own curb cuts off CR 39. The new development also comes with large landscaped visual setbacks off CR 39, parking in the rear, cross-access and extra lanes for shoppers to get off CR 39. The BH CAC, in my opinion, has no standing in this matter in any case.

June Bug, below, incorporates all the hysteria of debunked ideas. Trader Joe's? The nearest one is at the Smithhaven Mall, like 40 miles away. BJ's, Costco, they are more than 20 miles away. Yes, there are local fish stores and farmstands (thank god), that's great but they don't carry diapers, dog food, or many other basic needs. And this nonsense about online sources...folks, that's a drop in the bucket compared to the physical shoppers out there. Again, how many Fresh Direct and Peapod trucks do you see coming down your street? Right? Exactly my point.

This is and has always been a sane, sensible, well thought-out, well-planned, environmentally sensitive and targeted solution to an actual need, and fulfullment of an issue the Town of Southampton anticipated all the way back to 1972.

Don't let the few naysayers with their Molotov cocktails of traffic, online shopping, portents of doom, etc, distract from the basic and visceral point, which even flow stated above: after years and years of rampant building and sell-off of land (by locals), it is time we back that up with some smart builds of infrastructure for basic services.

This is the best idea I've seen, backed up by professional engineering consultants and municipal planners, and regardless of the "flak" that folks like June Bug, Phanix (or Phanex), etc. try to hurl to knock this great idea out of the sky. Let's Pass it.
" Nov 3, 16 11:33 AM

Sorry, the point you make in your ludicrous idea that we all have the luxury for a Trader Joe's day trip to Smithtown whenever it pleases us (and you also grouped Riverhead in with this fantasy), proves the point that there are not near enough options right where we live. And really... Really? Don't you make an very specific anti-environmentalist stand as you increase your carbon footprint on your trips to and fro, adding to traffic on all highways (not just CR 39, but Rt 27, Rt 24, Interstate 495 [L.I.E.], Rt 25, Nicholls Rd, and Rt 347? Has to be the dumbest rationale I ever heard. " Nov 3, 16 9:00 PM

Southampton Town Board Presses County On Tuckahoe Center

What possible difference does that make in any case? It's commercial property. Any developer for any reason would be looking to make a profit at some level. That's the whole point of "commercial."

The article is also partially incorrect on this point. The 7+ acre parcel that was the IGHL property is zoned R20 and HB, and a fact that has been in the application from the start is that the only part of that parcel that is actually part of the commercial development is a thin strip to accommodate the cross-access road from Magee. The rest of the property, in agreement with the town and nearby residents, is permanently left as R20, which is residential. " Nov 4, 16 4:11 PM

Don't try to discredit my local opinion. I have no stake at all in this, my opinion is my own. No one is asking for residential property to be converted to commercial use here. The commercial part of the property is 7 acres or so. The residential parcel, which is the abandoned IGHL property (an additional 7 acres) is remaining residential. The only adjustment is the strip of roadway to create cross-access from Magee St into the commercial 7 acres, something that has been sought by town and county planners for new developments in the corridor. " Nov 5, 16 10:52 AM

It's true I don't comment on every issue on this website, but I've been just as passionate about school mergers and the byzantine school district structure overall. See my comments on not only the Tuckahoe-Southampton merger, but the idiotic ideas of BH school district to vote in a $25 million expansion plan (this election season), when they have around 200 total students. Or my comments on Sag Harbor purchasing the Stella Maris property.

You can also look at my comments related to the potential closing of the road through the Shinnecock golf course, which I am also dead-set against. Maybe we agree on that one.

So, you can question me if you want but I'm fairly selective on what I comment on because I'm giving voice to my own observations and concerns.

You've made a number of comments yourself on some of these issues and I don't question your motives. What is your stake in retarding the need for upgraded infrastructure in the face of rapidly growing density in this very section of town. " Nov 5, 16 5:01 PM

Tuckahoe Center Developer Appeals Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against Suffolk County Planning Commission

I have to disagree with you, Corwin1879. The application was not rejected "over and over again". It was bull-rushed at the county commission by Barbara Roberts and David Calone in a very questionable single commission vote (some might even say it was "rigged"). So, it is back in front of them, with changes, and they need to vote again. Hopefully, they will concur with their own professional staff recommendations. Your assertion that it has been denied in any other fashion is not accurate.

The artlcle above also misreports the zoning application with regard to the "fourth" parcel, where it says the parcel would be changed from residential to SCB. That adjoining parcel itself is over 7 acres large (the former IGHL property), and only a thin strip to allow the roadway from Magee to the center is being converted to SCB, and that was designed specifically to meet town and county goals of cross-access. The rest of the residential acreage (the other 95% of it), is remaining residential and is not part of the application. This factual inaccuracy has been pointed out to the Press a number of times already, but somehow the record is never corrected. " Nov 22, 16 9:37 AM

Just for the record, I don't personally believe most of our local politicians are corrupt, but that's just me. I do think, at the county level, for that one particular vote, there was some irregular activity going on, and it was clear in the diatribe that Barbara Roberts delivered then, with its pseudo-facts and the regurgitating of debunked talking points of others, that she was trying to pass herself off as an expert on something she likely was not all that intimately familiar with. " Nov 22, 16 1:20 PM

Gotta love the big full page ad this week in the Press. First section positioning, paid for by the Southampton Association (that's the SAME group in bed with the Press on it's misguided legal adventure with the school district). Lots of words in it, not one single truthful fact about the shopping center. Another scare poster along the lines of similar scare posters the Association published (also first section) to help scuttle the Southampton/Tuckahoe school merger, another screed that came loaded with misrepresented talking points. When do we wake up from this nonsense?" Nov 23, 16 2:12 PM

Well, I guess we know now that you were part of the group behind the BS ad. Let's see.... the ultra-conservative Southampton Association, village protection arm which has made a mockery of facts on a number of recent issues (not sure what community they think they serve), Bob DeLuca who is anti-development, all the time, anywhere anyplace, the Peconic Baykeeper....say what?!....what does the Peconic estuary have anything to do with this?

Yes, the ad was, as Simon Cowell would say, "Utter Nonsense". I'm a concerned citizen too, as are hundreds of working families and local people out here who are fed up with the ridiculous, head-in-the-sand position of those who oppose this project. You repeating the same debunked facts, the same tired hyperbole, the same siren call of traffic, traffic, traffic....Marsha, marsha, marsha. The ad was just another attempt at trying to poison minds against a worthy and I'd say necessary improvement in the community's infrastructure. And by community I make special focus on outer-village residents, who far outnumber those within the village.

" Nov 24, 16 8:37 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I have much concern for this community, and am aware it needs to evolve in order to continue to serve the many but for the few. On this issue, then, let the detractors give thanks to all who work and live out here, but who should also face the changes wrought by the building boom over the past 30 years. Time to catch up with some much-needed infrastructure and allow families to operate better out here without the slog to Stop & Shop in the village alone. " Nov 24, 16 11:06 AM

Why is it that only supporters are "hired" and opponents are pure and chaste? You are dead wrong on your numbers, there are many, many more supporters in the community that want this new grocery shopping. To this day, the opponents cry and scream and portend doom, in the face of all the professional studies and recommendations of experts and planners, and the high turnout of supporters at every public hearing on this. You know it is something we've needed for many years, but you seem to want to keep a lid on any positive evolution of the community. That doesn't include mindless commercial development, and that is not what this project is. It is a smart-growth, solution to a problem that has existed for years. That's my unpaid, non-hired, anti-flak opinion, and as a resident of the town, I and many others, feel this way. And to bigfresh, unless you were a signatory on the Dongan Patent, you probably have some UTI blood in you somewhere. " Nov 25, 16 9:58 AM

You've hit no nerve. Your constant us vs them attitude is what is mind-blowing. Look at your last post above. Instead of working with any detail to back your position, you, like others above and below, feel the compunction only to criticize the commenters, which is s very weak way to address the topic and which only plays to the angry little base that lives in your bubble. Unfortunately for you, the community is diversifying around you, with or without my comments here. " Nov 26, 16 9:57 AM

I guess I'm crazy like you in that regard. But I have no stake in this project whatsoever, which I have stated several times on this subject. I do find it compelling, however, to correct the insanity of some of the comments here, posted by individuals who think throwing fiction and hyperbole are good debate points. They are not. Trying to constantly shame commenters is a futile exercise as well. Full page ads in the newspaper with the same false or misleading contentions designed to play on people's fears, unfounded as they are, is wrong too.

No, I'm not the arbiter of your opinion or anyone else who disagrees with my opinion. Yes, I am a true believer in this project, and I have lived here long enough to understand why it is an important project. I am also cognizant that town planners were anticipating this eventuality long before I moved here.

So, just keep pushing this dogsh** and I will keep reminding anyone else reading that it is dogsh**, and that they better move on and not step in it. That is mainly why I post so much on this topic.

" Nov 26, 16 10:21 AM

Ok, I'll try:

1. The conjecture that it will make traffic worse is not demonstrated in any of the traffic studies, including the consultants the developer contracted with, or the independent consultants that the town contracted with. They had slightly different outcomes in their respective initial reports, but they got together and synthesized them, and end result: the traffic will be significantly lessened by the new center according to those studies. The new traffic at the exact spot of the center is also mitigated by an extra diversion lane for ingress into the site, cross-access through the development, and changes to the light at Tuckahoe Rd. Just because opponents have a “seat-of-the-pants” reaction to what they “think" traffic will be like - that is not a study - and has no more weight than what supporters feel, as I do, that the center will not affect traffic and may likely contribute to making it a bit better. I’ll trust in the actual studies and planners on this since they did the actual work.

Those studies, which were done during the height of summer traffic, have been also been backed up by research done by Suffolk County Planning Commission staff (who recommended approval to the commission twice) as well as the head of the county's department of Public Works, who personally attended a commission meeting to voice his full support to the project based on his professional understanding of traffic and his concurrence that the traffic on CR39 would not be adversely impacted by the center.

2. This is subjective. It is one shopping center, not a bunch, and this application, by its nature, sets no future precedent for the town, as much as opponents say it will. A request for change of zone is considered only on its individual merits, and the town is under NO obligation to entertain another proposed development based on this one. It will, however, set a precedent in terms of good planning, environmental and design standards, something sorely needed along the CR39 corridor. This is no UTI strip center, and sits at least 100 ft back from CR39 with parking in the rear.

3. I would agree on distance except for history and the existing traffic conditions in/out of the village. 30 years ago there were 3 full-service grocery stores in Southampton Village alone (there were additional markets as well). Today there is only one (and a few additional specialty markets). Over that same time period, the population base outside of the village grew enormously, most recently focused in the Tuckahoe area. All of that residential building over time has brought more people into and around the village, and traffic along the main arteries and the side streets. Traveling into the village to do basic shopping if you live outside the village is troublesome a decent amount of the year. Traveling to Hampton Bays and/or Bridgehampton exacerbates the traffic problem with unnecessary round trips taken to avoid the village issues and options, something pointed out by both traffic consultants as something this center would go a long way to help reign in.

My diversification comment was a direct challenge to bigfresh who likes to consider him/herself an "us" and anyone who wants to see this development go forward as a "them", and has many times referred to anything UTI as something to be avoided or to seem rather less human than big fresh is. I don’t see everything through a lens of "us vs them". We have year round people, we have weekend people, we have seasonal visitors and day-trippers. They are all “us" in some way, as they contribute to the base of economy that makes our little part of the world work. Do you think we’d even have a local newspaper if it weren’t for the boatloads of money spent on real estate print ads which attract, in bigfresh’s world, more of “them”?

We need to address the community we live in today, not the one from 1970. We aren’t going back there, and while we shouldn’t be allowing any-old development, good ideas that meet real needs do come up now and again, and this is one of those good ideas. And it is the reason I’ve been as passionate about it from the beginning, regardless of the attachments opponents would like to make on me that attempt to undermine my clear opinion on it." Nov 27, 16 10:50 AM

A Private Meeting To Discuss A Proposed Tuckahoe Road Reroute Is Canceled As 'Premature'

Don't do it! We don't want to lose this vista just because the golf course wants it. Maidstone, National, Southampton, and others have roads going through their courses as well. There are many ways to address the traffic, speed, and access for pedestrians that don't involve taking the road away from the public. Please, just drop this idea, the views across that hilltop roadway are too precious to lose to some private needs of a golf club, who while claiming safety issues (but offering no alternatives), clearly just wants an exclusive entrance to the club. " Nov 30, 16 11:36 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

This application is not a PDD. It's a change of zone request, in an area that the town previously anticipated a change of zone request like this. It's not insanity, it is smart development after decades of residential building and growth to meet a demonstrated infrastructure need. The commission, I think, finally got it, and voted 9-4. That's a pretty commanding statement there in the numbers. " Dec 9, 16 9:51 AM

Bridgehampton Residents To Vote On School Expansion Proposal

This is, by far, one of the most irresponsible things this district could do. I agree that the facility needs upgrading, no argument there, however, the real focus should be on consolidation with another district, like Sag Harbor. While you are at it, roll in Sagaponack. The $25 million you want to spend, assuming 211 kids per year over 20 years, is still nearly $6,000 per student, per year. For 200 kids? Are you kidding? Sag Harbor has 1,000 kids, Southampton almost 2, and you want to spend $25 million to support 200? Get real here. The days of these tiny, antiquated districts should be over. The Bridgehampton school tax rate is artificially low because of the number of students it serves, money that could be put to better use across Southampton or Sag Harbor. My suggestion is that a feasibility study be conducted to see about merging Sag and Bridgehampton. With Sag Harbor trying to buy Stella Maris because they are bursting at the seams, and BH trying for a huge outlay for an expansion, the smart money would be on finding a way to do this together. I hope this nonsensical pitch to the community gets defeated soundly.
" Dec 9, 16 5:36 PM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

Hate to disagree with you but the PDD was a completely different situation, which included residential apartments and housing and incorporated the residential acreage. The village and the CAC screamed bloody murder over the concept of "Tuckahoe Main Street" at that time. The current application, whose most recent change was not insignificant turkey Bridge, as the town concurred, is a change of zone for the existing commercial space from HB to SCB. The residential portion is left as is (the abandoned IGHL property), except for a sliver of roadway along it to meet cross-access standards from Magee St.

If there was any concern on the first commission vote, you only have to look at Barbara Roberts and her behind the scene dealings. Note that when the vote, this time, went against her, she quickly resigned her position and stormed out of the meeting. Her plan just didn't work this time, she couldn't bull rush the commissioners with pseudo-facts because it became obvious to more commissioners, that the actual facts lined up for their approval. Facts, by the way, that were reviewed by the commissions own staff, 3 times over, with the same recommendation for approval.

Your contention of a "traffic nightmare" is the same old "marsha, marsha, marsha" line opponents keep saying, in face of the fact that all of the studies, by the developer, by the town, by other supervisory entities like the county, have come to the same conclusion: approve this project, it is needed, and will not negatively impact the traffic situation in the Tuckahoe area.
" Dec 12, 16 12:16 PM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton Voters Approve $24.7 Million School Expansion Plan

This is, by far, one of the most irresponsible things this district could do. I agree that the facility needs upgrading, no argument there, however, the real focus should be on consolidation with another district, like Sag Harbor. While you are at it, roll in Sagaponack. The $25 million you want to spend, assuming 211 kids per year over 20 years, is still nearly $6,000 per student, per year. For 200 kids? Are you kidding? Sag Harbor has 1,000 kids, Southampton almost 2, and you want to spend $25 million to support 200? Get real here. The days of these tiny, antiquated districts should be over. The Bridgehampton school tax rate is artificially low because of the number of students it serves, money that could be put to better use across Southampton or Sag Harbor. My suggestion is that a feasibility study be conducted to see about merging Sag and Bridgehampton. With Sag Harbor trying to buy Stella Maris because they are bursting at the seams, and BH trying for a huge outlay for an expansion, the smart money would be on finding a way to do this together. I hope this nonsensical pitch to the community gets defeated soundly. " Dec 13, 16 10:32 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

Except that your opinion, or the alleged "many, many" are not necessarily, or even likely, fact. I don't see any of the opponents putting forth an actual traffic study that would contradict the two traffic studies that were done by experts.

I have a seat-of-the-pants opinion on the positive effects the center will have on traffic. I disagree with your opinion on traffic as unscientific and simply an effort to cast any sort of development on CR39 in a negative light, but at the end of the day, I'll go with the data presented by the two studies, the county planning staff, the town planners, etc. That's what the elected officials need to look at as well, not your sore feelings about traffic.

Let's look a little closer to where you live. People were opposed to the HB KK for traffic reasons, too, none of which materialized after it was built. In fact, the traffic situation along Montauk Hwy improved.

We have a difference of opinion regarding Ms. Roberts. I'll stand by my statement.
" Dec 13, 16 10:53 AM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton Voters Approve $24.7 Million School Expansion Plan

Just a point a reference to this utter stupidity. The Southampton-Tuckahoe merger was shot down a few years back over a tiny tax increase that amounted to only $300, after 10 years! That's not $300 per year for a $1 million valuation, that was climbing from like $20 a year to $300 extra a decade out. It should have gone through since it affected 2,000 students and the extra cost and synergies were demonstrably good for the students and the districts.

This debacle is asking taxpayers to foot $241 per year for a $1 million valuation, for each and every of the 20 years! And this early winter vote, with no critical coverage by this newspaper, by the way (and which totally got all over the merger, but was a light touch here), slides through. Unbelievable!

Stupid is as stupid does. " Dec 14, 16 8:43 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

So, at least we can agree a new and better grocery store is needed. Let's look at your other observations. Plenty of other locations - actually not true. In fact, it takes a minimum of 5 acres to get a supermarket with a few supporting stores. There were only 3 or 4 of these locations anywhere near the market area, and they all have more significant issues than this one. One location, the driving range, is being preserved. The Elks property is not for sale. Another property was on David White's Lane, but not suitable for cross-access and other issues (also not for sale).

As for the Glennon property, there was already a market proposed for that site, and it was rejected by the village. I'm also not aware of any "mall" application at Flying Point, could you please clarify?

All of the traffic studies for this project point to a significant reduction of trips generated by grocery shoppers to and fro from other places like HB and BH and the village, meaning less people on CR39 overall. At the exact site of the development, there are traffic-mitigating factors, such as an additional diversion lane and cross access via Magee St. So, congestion, according to experts in traffic planning, which includes two separate consultants, town planners, and county planners, would all disagree with your speculation about traffic. They all state that the center will not adversely impact the CR39 or side street traffic.

This isn't Nassau Cty by any stretch. It's an answer to all the residential building, some 4,000 new residential homes and units built over the last 30 years without one additional grocery store to support the influx. This is a long time coming, and it is well past time it get's approved and built. " Dec 14, 16 3:37 PM

What does that tirade even mean? The last time the commission voted was a year ago, not a month ago. The lawsuit related to Barbara Roberts sitting on the board of an online grocer, creating a potential conflict of interest. The whole project has residents in consideration. Real people, real residents, real supporters. I hope the town sees the wisdom of this addition to the community, and passes it unanimously. " Dec 15, 16 10:19 AM

OK, I'm going to call you out on this "UTI" crapola. You think this is a UTI project, by UTI people, and I find that really a fiction of your own making. The owners of the properties are all local residents, some of which brought up families in the Southampton school district. Several have local businesses, and the most senior one has been instrumental in a number of historic renovations for the community, well before this application was even on the table. There are also local contractors and landscape people tied to the project. There will be local jobs created for a resource that local people will use.

Maybe you need to pitch a tent on Robins Island or something... to get away from the existing people around you... oh wait, that island is owned by a UTI person. Ok, then how about on the end of Jessup's Neck where you won't be bothered by anything other than the local chickadees. Oh shoot, they aren't indigenous either. " Dec 15, 16 6:04 PM

Yes, but check out your own post above of "UTI land speculators", and the many "UTI"-inspired posts in past articles on this subject. You're just spreading fiction. And yes, Morrow is s Bridgehampton resident. " Dec 17, 16 10:40 AM

Green Top Farm In Southampton Perfect 'Fore' Golf Lovers

Maybe the article should note that the property recently sold in mid-2015 for $3,850,000. What's changed since then? Nothing. " Dec 19, 16 2:12 PM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

I think you are really stretching here simply to make a negative point. The left turn there is probably the most problematic of the issues, but the county director of public works believes it is an issue that can be mitigated. The cross access functionality serves much more than just the left turn into Magee. You "imagining" is just that, and it's not backed up by any reliable data. " Dec 22, 16 11:09 AM

You make an assumption that the traffic studies, and the various planners, have not taken the situation on Magee into consideration, but that's not accurate. Based on the findings, which were done in the heaviest traffic situations, during the height of summer traffic, they all came out ok on traffic, and the head of the county actually stated as much at the SCPC meeting last year. The grocer issue is a canard, since the Town has already told the developer that one of the conditions for approval will be that the center will be anchored by a grocery store, to which the developer agreed. So, it doesn't matter which grocer signs a lease at this point, as long as we are all on the same page that the major store there will be a supermarket." Dec 24, 16 2:34 PM

And you base this on what facts, exactly? Speaking of canard, your post is just quackery. " Dec 26, 16 9:42 AM

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