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Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

RESIDENT..Be glad that when you and James Kametler were kicked out of the Police Department by Ray Dean you did so with a retirement.
You were/are a disgrace to anyone who ever wore a tin.
P.S. posting altered PBA documents from when you were President gave it away. I worked with you, I know the things you did.
I dont like Ray Dean but you and James Kametler and a few of the others that recently escaped with pensions should be ashamed at how you acted.
Too James Kametler, I remember how Connie took care of you in the past, if it wasn't for him saving you all the time you would have lost everything. You are a disgrace." Jun 2, 09 11:35 AM

Political advertisement causes a stir in Westhampton Beach

Hey resident your back.
The SHP gets involved because they shed light on the dirty politics that NOT The Deans, Tellers or Strebels or have created , but, the dirty politics that JImmy, Joan and Hank have been playing.
If it wasnt for the SHP or Dean Speir's blog the average person might fall for the line of continuous horse manure thats thrown out there by Jimmy and Joan and Hank.
They have used thier antics to turn this Village into a Circus.
Read the E-mails posted on OTTB about an appointed village official stacking the Village Board meetings with NON-Residents who support JIm, Hank and Joan. WHY?
Why is a NON-resident such as this Angelo Del la Fuente so interested in Village politics?
This group does have alot of support, but, its support by non-residents who have financial interests in this village. WHY? What promises have been made that they havent been able to get past Conrad Teller?
The press and OTTB have exposed these people for who they are.
The people of this village are seeing the light and want the circus to stop.
Stephen and Elyse should be applauded for not stooping to the level of jim, joan and hank.
All your other posts were against the Deans and Strebels, but, since Conrad Teller has kept his integrity and not gone to the level of jim, joan and hank he is on the outs also. Who's next? Toni Jo Birk when she finally realizes how she has been played by friends of jim, and hank in the police department.

" Jun 10, 09 10:14 AM

Oh my dear Publius.
Very good political strategy.
Four big paragraphs about how great your candidates are and that they brought this and that to everybodys attention
Everything they have brought to light in the past month has been going on for four years, it only became an issue when it came election time.
If Ray Deans comp time was such an issue why wasn't it addressed before....do we really want candidates that sit on issues until it may benefit them.
The goal of a RE-ELECTION campaign is to show what you have accomplished, not what I knew and took no actions about until now.

Oh and nice little paragraph about how your candidates have made mistakes, but, thats ok. I wonder how that wil go over in federal court when fending off a lawsuit because you tripped up. Thats O.K. the taxpayers wouldn't mind having to pay for that. Also, dont you mean they DIDN"T listen to legal counsel and did what they wanted to do.

Shame on you for bashing new candidates who haven't stooped to the level of your candidates by splashing the face of our Village all over the newspapers. We dont need that sort of attention here." Jun 10, 09 1:08 PM

Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

sjd cant seem to read articles or read anyones elses comments.
Go to Suffolk County District attorneys website. East End Drug Task force did the raid or whatever it was at the bar. Westhampton Beach DID have a officer in the East End Drug Task Force. Look to SHP, they reported that the officer is back working in the Village I think it was in December they reported it.
If you just go back in SHP archives the Janitor was arrested by the East End Drug Task Force also.
Gordie why is WHBPD no longer in the Task Force. They seemed to be doing a good job. " Jun 10, 09 11:38 PM

Incumbents sweep in Westhampton Beach, Southampton

Publius, you wrote "we will not accept a community with religious divisions...."
What do you call the J.P.O.E. who supported both Levan and Tucker.
I dont buy what you said before or now.
God Luck Westhampton Beach, your gonna need it." Jun 20, 09 4:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Police remain mum on ongoing internal investigation of incident

Your postings on this board have been proven to be inaccurate, however, you continue to post fictional fairly tales. You portray these three trustees has the fairies who will save this village from the evil Chief. The problematic situation occures when understanding that James Kamelter IS one of the good ol' boys as was Connie Teller. It wasn't long ago that Connie was awakend by the fact that no good deed goes unpunished.
It is people like you Publius who play word twist with the facts to fit your own agenda. By conclusion you are either one of the trustees or associated with them. James, Joan and Hank are the ones that the village residents need to be protected from.
Publius, you twisted things around to say that the chief was unable to conduct the investigation and went to SCPD do it. The way I read into it is that he was a professional and understood that the resources of this small village department would not be able to handle the investigation. To ensure it was conducted profesionally and without bias he requested assistance from an agency that conducts investigations like this all the time, at no cost to the taxpayers I might add.
I have no doubt that whatever this report is about it will be correct, accurate and without bias. That will only be because the Chief of police acted in a professional manner and understood the limitations of his department.
" Oct 9, 09 7:11 PM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

Wow, everything is getting aired here and while I have sat back and watched there are a few discrepancies which should be corrected. I am an insider and although I am not a Police Officer I do see the daily functions or dysfunctions of this department.
First off, yes, Ray does some house watching on the side. It’s very common for Police Officers to do so on the east end. However, if you are going to throw Ray under the bus let’s not forget one of his Sgt.’s who has the local market cornered. This guy does his business on duty, off duty, in Westhampton Beach and out of Westhampton Beach. My feelings towards that are WHO CARES as long as when he gets a call it’s answered.
Yes, as Tom Selleck points out there are many employees who hate Ray Dean; but, my question has always been why? This is what I have come up with. Prior to Ray Dean, Westhampton Beach PD was a cop’s country club, sleep all night on duty or just don’t show up, come in late, go home early, or in the case of Jack havens….Go fishing. Hell, if I had that and then had Ray on my butt I would be upset also. The ones who are really pissed are the dispatchers. These two senior dispatchers make over $80,000.00 a year to answer a few phone calls and dispatch a few calls. Their biggest problem is staying awake, so what has been their biggest complaint, NO T.V.? So, the next time you call 911 understand that you’re not even talking to a Westhampton Dispatcher. All 911 calls have to go to Southampton Town Police who take the call, and then they place a telephone call to Westhampton Beach, wake them up, and then give them the call which is then radioed to a Westhampton Beach Police officer. Here’s the kicker of it all: when a Westhampton Dispatcher is sick, on vacation, or did not feel like going to work, who does their job? Well, the Westhampton Cop on duty just switches his radio to Southampton Town police and talks directly to their Dispatchers... SO the question would be WHY do we need to pay them $80,000 each out of the Westhampton Beach Police budget when Southampton Town Police HAVE TO BY LAW provide the service to the village for free??? Some people don’t know when they have it good and need to shut their mouths. Instead they sit there, complain and phone Hank and Jimmy Kametler with the daily activities of Ray Dean.
So let’s get to the current topic; these two police officers, who for whatever reason, lied to internal affairs. Here’s what I do know; if you have nothing to hide there is no reason to lie, but more of that in a minute. There are relationships here that no one understands; the larger disgrace of a cop with 8 charges against him is personal friends with James Kametler and Hank Tucker. He spends time at both their houses and has even helped them out much as friends do.
Now some of you may hate Ray Dean for whatever reason and that is fine, but, you cannot ignore the fact that the man has never lied in public. He may make comments that you don’t agree with but he has never lied in public. You cannot ignore the fact that both Jimmy and Hank have lied in public, mostly about this case. So what type on integrity do they have? NONE.
This disgraced cop has a history and like they say history repeats itself. They have chosen to disregard a six month internal affairs report and bring him back on the job. All I can say is if they thought a disciplinary hearing was expensive think about the lawsuit that follows if this guy strikes again. He has proven he has no integrity and morals and what most don’t know was other allegations involving him following around a 25 year old girl around town WHILE ON DUTY. Sounds like the appropriate behavior for a married father to me. Now, I like to visit Atlantic City and take the long shots, but, even I would not take the odds that this guy isn’t going to cost the taxpayers a lot of money down the road in a major lawsuit. Especially since the village dropped the last charge against him for his antics. This is the kicker; neither of the cops that lied to internal affairs is worth a dollar an hour never mind the $110,000.00 they make year. THEY CAN NEVER WRITE A TICKET, MAKE AN ARREST, OR BECOME INVOLVED IN A SITUATION THAT GOES TO COURT. They can’t even go to civil court and say the sidewalk was cracked when Molly May tripped on the sidewalk. THEY LIED TO INVESTIGATORS DURING AN OFFCIAL INVESTIGATION. Now to most that might sound like nothing; however, in the world of being a cop your word is everything. What’s to say these guys aren’t going to rob you blind while checking your house when your alarm goes off and you aren’t home, or imagine you have your elderly parents who live in the area and they need assistance from the police one night. Now this cop sees they need “assistance” and offers his “assistance” by stopping by to “check” in on grandma or grandpa; can you be certain he’s not helping himself to whatever he wants?
This is corruption at its finest and the people of Westhampton Beach (the same persons James, Hank and Joan are saving from the cost of disciplinary hearings) are taking the brunt of it when they read about this small village in the papers. We cannot stand to take this anymore and like I said before, as much you may dislike Ray Dean, he DID do the right thing in this circumstance. I called the Mayor’s office today and voiced my outrage, why don’t you?
These are dirty cops and dirty politicians. Before I end ask yourselves one question and put aside the petty politics that have made this village notorious.
" Dec 4, 09 8:03 PM