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Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

Poor Ricky. Everyone comes down on him for pointing out the obvious! That is a ridiculous price. Yes, their breakfast is good but there are many other places you can get good breakfast out here without dropping $34. And that $34 is just for openers. My husband and I have eaten there several times and it has cost $50 for both of us to have breakfast off the prix fixe menu. I grew up out here and still live here. I've been there many times, had tons of friends who worked there, and I know the people. Glad they do well but Ricky has a point there." May 29, 09 7:07 PM

Surfers injured by feeding bluefish at Sagg

jk from southampton- They may not sneak up on anyone but when the thing flops up onto your surfboard and you SEE it's a bluefish, I think it's safe to say that the bleeding guy next to you, was bit by a bluefish, not something else. Not to mention, regardless of the lifeguards not seeing any birds or bait fish, plenty of people in the water on surfboards saw the bluefish jumping. These are local guys who know what bluefish look like being that they surfed and fished here their whole lives." Jul 26, 09 12:50 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

Really? Do you trust your neighbors to be shooting arrows around your property where your children play? I'm no 'bunny hugger' but there has to be a better way. I'm ashamed this is actually considered a solution in this town." Oct 13, 09 6:20 PM

Oddone jury will consider lesser charges

username 1 from Bay Shore- No it doesn't matter what end of the island you are from but Mr. Oddone took Mr. Reister's life. How can you say that he should walk? Did you read all those eye witness accounts? Obvious abuse of authority? R u kidding. Perhaps if it was your husband or father or brother maybe you could get a sense of what the Reisters have gone through and not let a man "walk" after he took another mans life." Dec 1, 09 5:46 PM

friend4life- None the less- your friend killed him. Your friend now has to deal with the consequences. Why did Oddone feel he had to defend himself from BEHIND another man, larger or not? Why did Oddone have to continue a choke hold meant to restrain someone after their body was limp and lifeless? Are you telling me that he was still in fear of this 'much larger' limp and lifeless man? You and your friend have to realize that actions were taken that have consequences and now is the time to face them. If your friend can't show restraint under heated circumstances such as what happened that night, he doesn't belong in civilized society." Dec 2, 09 11:13 AM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

Username1- Have you ever been to the public house? It is a mellow place where there has always been one or two easy-going mellow guys that look out for things. They don't draw the type of crowd that needs anything more. Calling Andrew a "HUGE physically unfit, moonlighting in a bar, untrained, wannabe bouncer" is so far out of line.
However, if he was so physically unfit- why was Oddone then so threatened that he had to choke hold him for almost three minutes even after that big unfit body went lifeless? I think your comment about Andrew only furthers the fact that Oddone acted depravely.
And did you read all those eye-witness accounts? One could hardly call that an agressive attack.
It seems you are a little too close to something about this case to see things clearly. We can all be thankful that you're not on the jury and hope the jury members can look at facts more rationally than you can." Dec 5, 09 12:27 PM

Oddone trial waiting game: some tenderness among the tension

Username1 is all of a sudden asking bloggers to leave this alone after her many, insensitive, ignorant, and incendiary comments?
Please Username1, heed your own advice." Dec 10, 09 12:38 PM

The Springs School Fantastic 52 whip up a perfect storm

Go Springs School!" Jan 15, 10 5:59 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

Roll up your windows and smoke in your car to your heart's content. Pollute your lungs, not mine or my child's. All that wind will blow your dirty smoke around to those who don't wish to be exposed.
Finally, Epley is doing something I'm grateful for." Mar 11, 10 7:45 AM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

I read all these comments and the last one is too much- this guy made a decision to outrun, speed away from, whatever, the police while he had his pregnant fiance on his bike??? I don't need 'to know' Matthew to know he is a stupid, selfish boy who took TWO peoples lives! with his reckless behavior.
However fast your bike is, you see lights, you pull over. You can't pin this on anyone except the driver of that bike. Those making it seem like it's the cops fault need to get a grip and stop looking for excuses for bad behavior. That's playground logic." May 25, 10 9:03 PM

Two boats collide on Peconic Bay near Robins Island

Totally not pimped from the Surf community. If that were the case, Bloomingdales wouldn't be selling them. Regardless, real surfers aren't 'pimping' anything, they're too busy actually surfing." Jul 28, 10 11:18 AM

You said "from" as did I say "from'. Read it- guy.
You mean working while waiting for waves right? The real surfers work- the kooks who have trust funds play the waiting game. Real surfers work at jobs that leave them the flexibilty to take the waves when all conditions are right.
Ignorantly presumptious of you to assume I wouldn't know anything about surfing." Jul 29, 10 10:06 PM

woops- presumptuous :)" Jul 29, 10 10:10 PM

I did not assume- read your words. You said "If I knew anything about surfing." Your context was unclear. If you want to be understood, then you should carefully choose your words to make sure that happens.
This is very far from my original point that real surfers don't bother to 'pimp' anything cause they are too busy surfing, looking for a break, checking cams, tide charts, calling friends, and when not doing this, working.
It seems you agree no?
I was merely saying it's not the surfers I know. I was raised here. They are my brothers, friends, husbands, co-workers, and children. The surfers I know are at the beach with me in noreasters and snow. Not being glamorous or trendy, but rather stripping down in winter parking lots with not a Range Rover in sight or a scene to be seen in." Jul 31, 10 8:12 AM

East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society looks to youth for fair leadership

Wrong- Both have rings, husbands, homes, and careers. Do you have anything better to do than come down on these girls who are trying to do a good thing?" Aug 1, 10 12:47 PM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

Hampton Bays? Do you live in Springs? Have you been around the neighborhood or the school? It's a fact that they are there. Want evidence? Drive around Springs and count how many houses have 12 cars in the driveway and/or 5 different entrances. It's just plainly obvious but the town does not want to put in the effort and funds to properly investigate." Mar 11, 11 6:44 PM

Go to some local board meetings and ask what the percentage is. You may be surprised to learn it's even higher than 35%. A better question would be do you have evidence that it is NOT 35%. Because it's actually higher." Mar 11, 11 6:48 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Man Charged With DWI In Connection With Saturday Crash On Route 114

It's well past time for something more serious to be done about drunken driving. The penalties do not match the crime. What that family must be going through today is unimaginable.
" Jul 7, 13 8:32 AM

Residents Want Guard Rails Removed From Long Beach Road

Why is it important that Christie Brinkley's signature is among the 500?? Who the hell cares???
" Sep 28, 14 7:17 PM

Southampton Village Approves Opening Up Wall On Jobs Lane At Southampton Center

This is an absolute shame.
" Jan 21, 15 9:18 PM

Squeeze in a Citarella, knock down a little wall, let the Starbuck's in (right across from the Citarella)...clearly Epley and the others don't care about quaint or historic. It's all about access. That is why it's a shame and shame on you for not even seeing how unfortunate this is for the village. I guess that's how things like this get passed. No one sees the shame in this on the board." Jan 27, 15 8:35 PM

Town Cites Hampton Bays Man For Clearing Trees, Storing Boats Behind His Home

If she wanted a natural buffer between the properties, she should pay for one to be planted. It's not her property and not her business. If he over cleared, he will have to put back new vegetation. Maybe that's his plan nosy neighbor. I hope he re-vegetates with all low plantings just to spite nosy neighbor." May 14, 17 7:25 PM