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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Neither the killer nor the victim are gang members. I grew up with both of them. None of you people commenting no either of them. It's a terrible tragedy that never should have happened but it did. The WHITEHOUSE isn't responsible and neither is the DINER. I know the whole story INSIDE and OUT but no need to AIR it out on here to people who HAVE NO CLUE. " Jun 1, 09 6:42 PM

The record is SET STRAIGHT.

According to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, the county jail’s Gang Intelligence Unit did not label Mr. Butts as a gang member—inmates are screened for gang affiliation when they enter the jail." Jun 1, 09 10:52 PM

The SUSPECT turned himself in this morning and was arraigned today." Jun 1, 09 10:54 PM

UMMMMMMMMMMM, everyone knew who did it, including the cops. They were looking for him all week and i'm not the only one who knows the story inside out. Anyways, I will no longer be commenting on this, IT'S OVER!!!" Jun 2, 09 3:31 PM