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Montauk Hotelier Drops Cesspool Rings On Beach To Protect Business From Upcoming Nor'easter

"The use of these are damaging to the adjacent properties" Really what makes you the expert on them, have you see the damage the storm has don, give me a break you have no clew what and if there will be any damage to the adjacent structures unless you have made a study of the Montauk south side coast and the effects of erosion using round septic rings which let the water and sand flow freely through them. you should not talk. This business is trying to keep the hotel from falling into the ocean how would you like a two story hotel floating down the beach, I wonder how many piping plovers it would kill not to mention all the damage it will do to the "adjacent structures". It's easy to criticize businesses which employ hundreds of employees siting behind a computer in a warm house, wile they are trying desperately to protect there livelihood." Nov 7, 12 4:57 PM

The only time the storm surge will push against the rings is when tide is pushed 20 feet passed it's normal height, so no more damage can be caused by this then the same amount of water crashing against anything adjacent to it. Meaning that the storms damage to the adjacent structures will be so bad that these rings will not have any effect on something adjacent to it. I have posted a photo of the adjacent property, the Sandy's storm surge has taken out the foundation walls not to mention all the useless sand dunes in front of it .
" Nov 8, 12 1:00 AM

And I wonder how much of there 50 feet of concrete patio and pool which slid into the ocean damaged the adjacent properties?" Nov 8, 12 1:24 AM