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Montauk Hotelier Drops Cesspool Rings On Beach To Protect Business From Upcoming Nor'easter

I cant believe that with the devestation and damage that has occured some are seriusly looking to beat up on or second guess someones efforts to deal with what is clearly a horrific event durring that horrific event
Take a ride up the island - that could have been us.
Why arent those same nay sayers vocal about solutions. Better yet put your own money where your mouth is and help nourish our beach. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to understand that those few places cant keep paying to protect our town center. (posted picture of last storm)
Do you think that if those buildings go away so will the problem - think again. Its like russiian rullete with our town - we need to BAND TOGETHER FOR SOLUTIONS!!" Nov 8, 12 5:40 PM