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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

All the negativity and for what? It seem as if some people are living in the past. Still referring to people by the color of their skin. What is one of your own suppose to mean? I am of two different racess so which one will we blame today. Who actually sat and counted the number of people that attacked before calling the police. I know a lot of different p[eople from all cultures and they listen to rap. So what does Fifty Cent...Onyx ...T.I...Da Brat.. Jay-Z etc.... have to do with anything? That was so racist. GROW UP AND STOP LOOKING AT COLOR . When I go to concerts the crowd is a rainbow of people, not just a stadium filled with "black" people. GET A CLUE! Oh yeah of course the owners are going to say what they need to say so that they won't be blamed. GOD BLESS Calvins family and GOD BLESS the family of whomever did this senseless act." Jun 3, 09 2:14 PM