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Tuckahoe Uncertain If It Can Continue To Educate Shinnecock Students

Why should the taxpayers in the Tuckahoe School District pay for tuition for the Shinnecock Nation? If they want to go to Tuckahoe instead of Southampton they should pay tuition like everybody else.

There should not be exceptions made --- although I understand that the Tuckahoe School Board was concerned that these three children would not go to school at all if they weren't permitted to go to Tuckahoe, and, their compassion is admirable." May 20, 15 10:07 AM

Southampton Town To Preserve Small Slice Of Parrish Pond, Sacred To Tribe

The town should have asked the tribe to get rid of their disgusting signs on 27A in exchange for this.... the signs are so out of place with flashing neon.....

" Sep 22, 15 8:12 AM

Shinnecock Preschool Makes Strides In First Few Months

seven students and seven teachers?

And shouldn't the school focus on learning - language skills and math so the children can be prepared for first grade? Nice about mother earth and all that but learning skills would be paramount.

Is this a mistake in the article?

" Sep 23, 15 9:48 AM

Sagaponack Woman Still Missing, Husband Violated Order Of Protection

South American societies deal with problems with violence --- it's a cultural norm. Murder rates in the Honduras are one of the highest in the world. It's a shame that the East End has to deal with illegal aliens ..... a nun run over and killed, a women killed in Bridgehampton recently at a cross-walk. Too many problems, from overcrowding in homes, minor and major crimes, drugs ...... I presume this guy is legally in the US. If he is not, he should be deported.

" Oct 20, 15 8:26 PM

Deer Sterilization Effort Begins Again In East Hampton Village

If the deer population must be contained, maybe the herd can be culled (a little) and deer meat used for humanitarian purposes. People are starving throughout the world and perhaps this sad situation can be used for good purposes.

It is very sad about the deer ----the deer in Southampton look half-starved ...

I'm almost tempted to feed them! " Nov 4, 15 1:24 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

There is a statute of limitations involved here; you can't claim for things that happened over 100 years ago. You were not living over a century ago, and, what happened then is finished.

If you don't like what happened over 100 years ago, there is nothing you can do about it. Get a life and move on with your life instead of ranting and raving about things that happened years ago. People who live outside the village (shinnecock hills) pay --- why shouldn't you? If you don't want to pay, then move into the village and pay real estate taxes." May 14, 16 12:44 AM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

Sounds like totally inappropriate behavior. I would file an assault police complaint. I certainly would not want someone "patting" me on the back four times with such force that I yelled ouch. Frankly, it is entirely inappropriate.

This conduct is way out of line and needs to be stopped. It's not childish and petty to complain about being hit. If Bill was a woman would the reaction be different? What if Bill was an elderly fragile man? This incivility needs to stop.

" Jun 30, 16 6:07 PM

District Attorney: Month-Long Investigation Nails 14 East End Drug Dealers

Good idea. I saw a bunch of cops acting really strange last year ---- parked in their cars in an obscure part of Southampton. It almost looked like a drug deal. I hightailed out of there --- but, it was very strange. There should be random drug checks on Town employees.
" Jul 19, 16 7:04 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

And, the noise on St. Andrews Road for the adjacent homeowners will be unbearable. Already, the St Andrews community is burdened with traffic noise from CR 39 and that "bridge" which resonates. St. Andrews Road will be a shortcut and there will be more and more noise.

Will the Club build a noise wall and install plantings to protect property values? Will it do something about the CR 39 highway noise?

Further, we need to see the plan published. Why isn't it available?
" Aug 6, 16 12:42 AM

Local Artist Starts Online Petition to Ban Plastic Cutlery and Styrofoam Containers in East Hampton

It's a good idea. Why not? This plastic doesn't disintegrate; it takes time and money to remove it from beaches and water. There is no upside to the community by using plastic forks and knives. It's just more expense and more taxes to clean it up from the beaches and the ocean." Oct 6, 16 10:10 AM

Montauk Lighthouse Won't Have Holiday Light Display This Season

Somebody should make a big donation $50k is not that much for some people.

Or they should set up a gofundme page ---- I would donate!

" Oct 6, 16 8:04 PM

One Person Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Two Car Crash In Bridgehampton Wednesday Morning

We all know why these accidents are much more prevalent. Unlicensed drivers and people of that ilk. It's time to crack down and start deporting people. " Oct 20, 16 7:52 AM

Calls For Public Pool For Southampton Town Residents Resurface

They should add a pool to the high school to teach kids and adults swim skills. That would suffice for community needs. Anybody else can swim at the local bay beaches or go to the ocean. " Oct 20, 16 12:45 PM

County Planning Commission Punts Tuckahoe Center Application Back To Southampton Town

What is wrong with the Stop and Shop in Southampton? There is entirely too much traffic on Rte 27 and it is only getting worse. I don't see what the big deal is to go to Southampton to buy groceries. It's only 5 minutes away from the planned site of Tuckahoe Center. " Nov 7, 16 4:30 PM

Pastor Says He Will Bring 600 Haitian Immigrant Children To Southampton If He Can't Provide Aid

The Pastor thinks that he can bring 600 Haitian children across the border illegally. Nice. Very nice.

This sounds like blackmail; "Come up with the money or I'll flood the Southampton public schools with more illegal immigrants!". " Mar 12, 17 11:27 PM

Thiele Pushing For Additional South Fork Trains By This Fall

And what about the noise created by more trains! This will kill real estate values for those who live close enough to hear the noise. ---- more service more noise.
If the LIRR wants to do this, then they have to undertake noise abatement efforts!

And, the trains will do nothing for the tradespeople; they bring in their equipment in their vans. And, how are they supposed to get to their worksite from the train station? It's a stupid idea and will not solve the problem of congestion. It's the amount of building that is occurring in the Hamptons that the creates congestion. Look at the traffic, it's mostly construction and tradespeople.. Commuters to and from the City take the Jitney, which has great schedules. Commuters from other towns are not going to be helped by trains; because when they get here they need a car to get to work. " Jan 17, 18 11:05 PM

Southampton Village Wants To Invest $2.5 Million On Park Improvements

This seems like a waste of money and it will destroy the natural beauty of Lake Agawan and Agawan park The "zip line" sounds like a liability and insurance nightmare and the pirate ship will ruin the park.

I think the funds should be allocated to an outdoor/indoor facility in another location which can be used for activities; fun classes, both indoor and outdoors, Perhaps the town can work with a local church to create a playground for young children or add to the local school facilities.

" Jan 17, 18 11:19 PM

The Montaukett Indians May Soon Be Recognized By New York State

So now the Montauk Indians will lay claim to portions of public land in Montauk.

Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. Thiele is opening up a can of worms and difficulties. They have not been a tribe or in possession of the contested lands for over 100 years. Now, NYS and Suffolk County will be spending huge amounts of money on litigation.
" Jul 3, 18 6:01 PM

Peter Marino Announces Purchase Of Former Rogers Memorial Library Building And Intent To Open Museum There

Wow! Thank you Peter Marino! I totally agree that to lose this charming building would be disastrous! Thank you again!
" Jul 27, 18 10:08 PM