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Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

Every year at this time it’s the same thing. Who’s the punching bag? Of course it’s the Chief.
Its crunch time now for re-election so lets begin another smear campaign on the Chief’s contract. Come on that’s getting a little old don’t you think? How I see it is it’s a deflection of the trustee’s illegal meeting which could now cause the village resident’s money in a law suit.
What I would really like to know is why village residents of WHB really want their village run by these trustees? What baffles me is that they’ve participated in some of their own illegal activites but for some reason they keep getting re-elected!
Lets do a refresher, Ms. Levan wasn’t there an issue with your taxes which you voted on and tried to play dumb on? Dental benefits and Medical insurance, then there were the illegal meetings.
Mr. Kametler, (funny thing is I don’t know where to begin with you) Illegally shooting a weapon in your back yard, Illegal B&B, taxes that were not reported from your painting business, early retirement for conduct problems. And oh yeah here’s the latest, calling the Newsday to lie about the Chief’s salary and making a mockery once again of our Village. I think you wanted to look like a hero, or like you really had some intelligence right? BACKFIRED!!! Let me stop now because I think everyone gets my point.
Mr. Tucker, come on now we all know the only reason you even ran for office is to get those benefits for yourself. I mean where else can you work such few hours and receive such great benefits, Mr. Inventor? Next up, the major eyesore on Library Avenue (aka The Library) nice job you and your buddy Joan did working up the price on that one, that’s the topic of conversation for everyone in our village. But once again let’s bring up the Chief’s contract to deflect from the library topic, so now you’ll look like the hero. But the thing that amazes me the most about you is how you befriend the few lazy police officers (you know who you are) and let them whine and cry to you about not wanting to work. You then take their sides. Does anyone that’s a taxpaying resident see what comes next? You the taxpayer suffer because Mr. Tucker and the other trustees are trying to adjust schedules, approve time, assist with grievances on behalf of the officers that just don’t want to work! They don’t want to do their jobs. So that’s right it’s the Chiefs fault he’s the big bad wolf because he then has to tell these officers you need to work and do your job. How horrible is that? They have to work. Serve and protect. That’s what their paid to do right? Mr. Tucker let the Police Department be run by the person who is educated in that job and knows what he is doing. Let him do his job without you interfering about the few whining, lazy police officers. You’re good at making cheese cakes and I’m sure the Chief wouldn’t come into your place of business and ask you to add a little more vanilla to your cheesecakes. Do what you do best make Cheesecakes! Butt out of the Police business.
Lastly, Toni Jo Birk. Not much to say about you, except ditto on the Police Department issues as mentioned above with Mr. Tucker. Otherwise I think the jury is still out on you.

Let’s just say we are all fed up with all these slanderous lies that are being spread. Can’t you run a clean campaign for a change? WHBVillage residents look at all these facts and see the real picture here! We don’t need a bunch of James Kametlers running around as police officers. (Scary thought). How safe would our village be then?
I think we're all ready for some new blood my vote is for Steven Arrasate for trustee!!!" Jun 4, 09 7:03 PM

Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

Yeah Pmofo, guys named Ray! Smart, educated and very well spoken. (jealous???) Too bad the Star Magazine (oops I mean the Newsday) needs to bring such "drama" with their pointless and unresearched articles. We all know this is old news, where have you been for the last 5 years? This crap resurfaces every year at this time. 10 years and going strong!!!! " Jun 8, 09 9:26 PM