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Southampton Town Plans To Purchase The Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays For Redevelopment

Hey, anything to get rid of it. They're going to knock it down so worse case is that we'll end up with a vacant piece of land. Next, get rid of the guy that has a garage sale on his property almost every day and this area will be very attractive. HB on the rise!!" Aug 15, 18 7:46 PM

Taxpayers Approve $2.4 Million Hampton Bays Public Library Budget On Tuesday

Part of the reason a $500K house in HB pays as much tax as a $3M house in Watermill." Aug 15, 18 8:00 PM

Governor Cuomo Signs Law Allowing Transfer Of Shinnecock Commercial Docks To Southampton Town

To an Italian it's even worse. Don't want to go so far as to say it's like using the "N" word but it's awfully close." Aug 16, 18 11:31 AM

Almost every country has a "not so great history" - history is a thing of the past, the civil war was like 8 generations ago, plenty of non-white people are making or have made their own history. Stop with the excuses and go out there and try to make something of yourself - you'll see if you work hard in this country and have even just a little bit of brains, it's hard not to succeed.
Barack Obama and then thousands of more names can follow.... " Aug 16, 18 1:46 PM

My point was pretty simple, work hard and you can get ahead, cut out the excuses. " Barack Obama and then thousands more can follow" would be the names of non-white people who have made it in this country in spite of everything.
Only a fool would believe there is no racism in this country or any where else, unfortunately it will always exist, just look at the poster that referred to people of my heritage as "greaseball". Racism exists on every side also, it's not just white people that are racist. I would love it if we could all get along, but back to point 1, work hard and you will succeed." Aug 17, 18 1:54 PM

Transportation Service For Latinos Helping To Save Lives On East End

I don't know what the comments were, but apparently the:

"This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content."

rule applies to everyone but Italians - see the remarks under the Gov. Cuomo story. Very sad ...................." Aug 22, 18 9:49 PM

Brentwood Man Arrested For Throwing A Metal Object At A Vehicle Used To Secure President Trump's Motorcade Route

Careful, the Press will probably stop the comments like they did on the transportation service article, of course if you want you can insult Italians but not anyone else." Aug 24, 18 2:08 PM

Southampton Town Board Begins Looking Into Giving CPF Money To Peconic Estuary Program

Use some of it to clean up the HB Water District's brown water, then maybe we can start drinking it again." Aug 28, 18 9:49 PM

Blue Duck Bakery Cafe In Southampton, The Original Location, To Close Doors On Saturday

Anybody ever hear of a lease? If you are going to run a business out of someone else's property it is probably a good idea to have one." Sep 11, 18 7:35 AM

Southampton Town Sets Public Hearing On Purchase Of Land Where Remains Were Found

Great, just keep taking tax paying properties off the tax rolls. CPF money is like a politician's dream come true." Sep 11, 18 7:22 PM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

"First Time" - seems like I've seen this picture quite a few times!" Sep 12, 18 8:57 PM

Southampton Town Officials To Present Hampton Bays Overlay District Form-Based Code

This should be on page one, why is it buried??" Sep 14, 18 2:00 PM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

The motel is operating illegally, the people staying there are living there illegally, the place is a dump and must be shutdown. How this could go on for so long is just dumbfounding. How can the Town enforce some laws and regulations but not others? Eventually they will need to ignore all laws and regulations as they are setting precedent when they to chose not to enforce some laws and regulations. I'm not a fan of the Town using CPF money to purchase private taxpaying properties, but since this one will be coming back on the tax rolls, I say let's do it ASAP." Sep 26, 18 4:00 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

We're watching the beginning of the end ........................ please Vote in November." Sep 26, 18 4:05 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Proposes $102 Million Budget For 2019; Spending Up But Tax Rate Down

Just did the math, my Town taxes go down $4.75 - talk about crumbs ..........." Sep 27, 18 5:32 PM

Southampton Town Board Expects To Receive Official Proposal From SCWA Next Week

We need to do this, but we also need some assurances that our rates are not going to skyrocket." Oct 1, 18 10:02 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Proposes $102 Million Budget For 2019; Spending Up But Tax Rate Down

Hey, since they have so much money, how about going back to picking up our leaves again." Oct 1, 18 10:04 AM

Southampton Village Board Rejects Proposed Deer Fence Plan

This is a huge problem that is not just going to go away by itself. Something has got to be done. Typical politicians, can't do anything to resolve anything." Oct 15, 18 3:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Receives Official SCWA Proposal To Manage Hampton Bays Water System

It's amazing that an article of such importance is not on page one for more than a few hours. I can't figure out this paper at all." Oct 23, 18 11:51 PM

Southampton Town Board Tables Walk-On Resolution To Approve Bel-Aire Cove Motel Deal

At least it will be the entire Town's money that "might" be lost and not just the residents of HB - not a smart move to take this property off the tax rolls with CFP funds - then all HB residents have to make up for the lost school taxes. I am 100% against CPF being used to buy taxpaying properties unless CPF will pay PILOT on such properties." Oct 24, 18 4:20 PM

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