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UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

I'll leave off the LOL part of my post, (can't figure this Press out) - second part was that everyone will just have to get used to seeing these billboards." May 20, 19 3:30 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Takes Early Look At Proposal For CVS In Hampton Bays Movie Theater Space

I agree, hard to swallow, BUT an empty movie theater sitting there would be much worse than a CVS (which I agree is not wanted or needed). It's really a shame what is happening all over, but we need to adjust, unfortunately." May 29, 19 5:15 PM

Bel-Aire Cove Motel Closing Depends On When Monthly Tenants Move Out

And, of course, that "some other district" should be in some other country if they are here illegally." Jun 4, 19 7:58 PM

You sound like a supporter of open borders. You feel so bad, take them in - they had no right to be there for so long, knew they didn't belong there and knew this day was coming, so don't feel so sorry for them. The landlord belongs in jail - the only people being slapped in the face are the hard working, taxpaying residents of Hampton Bays!" Jun 5, 19 9:52 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

Sounds like he didn't do the right thing, but he actually just saved the people of East Quogue a lot of money and aggravation." Jun 10, 19 7:16 PM

Believe me, the only people that would make out on this would be the attorneys. Start-up costs, lawsuits, etc, etc - go ask the people of Mastic Beach." Jun 11, 19 12:17 PM

Real Estate Transfer Tax Bill To Support Affordable Housing Passes State Legislature

NYS with 100% Democratic controlled State government just keeps giving, oh, mean taking!" Jun 25, 19 12:12 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Customers Could Soon See Significant Increase In Water Rates To Maintain Local Control

Bottom line: no matter what happens, HB residents will pay more. " Jun 30, 19 10:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Weighs Options To Address HBWD Infrastructure Upgrades

I agree 100% - why not make this option number 3? Believe me, SCWA is not just going to spend $14M of their money and not expect something in return. Keep HBWD in local control, throw out the current management team and get what ever money it needs for improvements from the CPF. I can think of no better use for the money at this time." Jul 14, 19 7:56 PM

East Quogue Exploratory Committee Files Lawsuit Challenging Schneiderman's Determination

I refer everyone back to my comment in a prior article on this matter: "Believe me, the only people that would make out on this would be the attorneys."" Jul 18, 19 1:05 PM

Orsted Wins Bid From New York State For Large New Wind Farm Off Montauk

What would really be great is if this was set-up as an entity that could compete with LIPA/PSEG and consumers were able to choose where they wanted to buy their power from. The way this is working now is just adding more costs to an already too expensive rate. " Jul 18, 19 4:48 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Looks To Bring Surf School Back In Time For August

This is the new America - laws don't matter, everyone can do whatever they want. I'm starting to put together the list of laws I plan on ignoring and if the government bothers me I have a whole set of news articles as precedent for my defense. " Jul 23, 19 11:18 PM

Entangled Whale Prompts Criticism Of Gill Nets

Not sure if I can believe anything in this article: who ever heard of Blue Fish being in high demand at many Long Island restaurants?" Jul 25, 19 2:08 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Design For Hampton Bays Community Center Renovation

Looks like another taxpaying building goes off the tax rolls - just what we need." Jul 30, 19 12:08 PM

Cory Booker Set To Hold Fundraiser At East Hampton Home Of Rocker Jon Bon Jovi

Well, what a waste of money this will be. Oh, yeah I'm also running for President and I have a large family so I already have more supporters than Cory & DeBlasio put together. Get real .........." Jul 30, 19 5:14 PM

Developer Proposing 60 Affordable Apartments Could Get Chance To Apply For A Zoning Change Next Month

I'm glad to see that every community is getting an opportunity to show our love for everyone, regardless of their economic status. I hope that the affluent neighbors in the area welcome everyone with open arms. I can't imagine why there would be any opposition to this wonderful project. " Aug 6, 19 1:45 PM

Zagster To Bring Bike Share Program To Hampton Bays

This is also my only concern here. The roads from the railroad to the beach can handle the bikes. I ride my bike all the time and you don't need dedicated bike lanes all over the place - what you do need are people to learn that you bike with traffic and you walk and run against traffic. Too many people out there in la-la land. Town should have worked with the local bike shop, they pay rent, etc." Aug 14, 19 7:59 PM

East Hampton Village Anticipates Disruption With Hither Hills Wind Farm Cable Landing

Suffer a little for the greater good of all. " Aug 20, 19 1:11 PM

New EV Charging Station Opens At Ponquogue Beach In Hampton Bays

Amazing that someone (especially someone from the Hamptons) could make a comment like this. " Aug 20, 19 5:45 PM

Local Parishes Named In Sexual Abuse Lawsuits As State's One-Year Window For Action Opens

I'm no lawyer, BUT I don't see how this law can be constitutional; you have statutes of limitations, and then they come up with a law that overrides it. I feel for the victims, but I am also concerned that the government will start overriding other existing laws that can affect everyone else whenever they have a certain political motive. Any lawyers out there that can comment on why the constitutionality of this law hasn't been challenged, or if it has, the outcome? " Aug 21, 19 9:56 AM

Alec Baldwin And Kevin McAllister Talk About Climate Change On The East End

Yeah, and over the week-end the highs are going to be in the low 70's. Maybe I'll just jump into my private jet and go someplace warm." Aug 23, 19 1:55 PM

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