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Still No Buyer For Hampton Bays Diner Building One Year After Closure

Notice they won't allow comments on the below captioned article:

"Southampton Village Sexual Assault And Home Invasion Suspect Faces Indictment"

I posted this before, and 27E took it down as inappropriate. Freedom of the Press, but only for the Press!" Aug 17, 16 9:17 PM

Beach Plum Meadows In Southampton To Be Preserved

Keep taking taxpaying properties off the tax rolls - what a wonderful strategy. Start spending the CFP money on a sewer system instead. It all smells anyway. " Sep 14, 16 3:04 PM

No, I don't want to pay $20K in RE taxes, that's why I want the CPF to stop buying up tax paying properties. At this point, I'm more concerned about our waterways than open space and believe the funds should be directed toward that cause. " Sep 14, 16 5:09 PM

Concerned Citizens Of Hampton Bays Study Claims Bel Aire Cove Motel Is Polluting Penny Pond

Shut the place down, it's not a MOTEL it's a SEWER! Guess I'm one of the idiots?" Oct 5, 16 9:49 PM

Hampton Bays Motel Owner Insists Business Is Not Polluting Penny Pond Canal

He's accusing boater's of dumping whatever they have in the water? What a fool. And then he admits he has two people living at the motel year round, I'm sure it's more, and many more staying longer than 30 days. Come on, Southampton, he just admitted he's broken the law. Shut the place down!" Oct 12, 16 12:19 PM

Coast Guard Officers Pluck Two Men From Shinnecock Bay Thursday Night

Very dangerous (stupid) to be on the water at night in a kayak." Oct 14, 16 2:59 PM

Canoe Place Inn Project Nears Final Approval

Start building already! Let's get this done." Oct 20, 16 8:48 PM

Southampton Town Officials Again Push For Funding To Raise Dune Road

Needs to get done, salt water is killing a lot of cars." Oct 28, 16 5:31 PM

Voters To Decide Fate Of CPF Extension And Allocation Toward Water Quality Improvement Projects

When a property is bought with the Fund money, the Fund should still pay real estate taxes on the property like everyone else. Eventually they will buy up so much land that everyone's taxes will go up because so many taxable properties are coming off the tax roll. It's one thing to do good for the environment, another to tax the s..t out of people. " Nov 1, 16 7:56 PM

First Hearing On 'The Hills' Application Set For Monday In East Quogue

This article should be on the main page and stay there so that people see it." Nov 1, 16 7:58 PM

Special Litter Vehicle Purchased To Clean Up Southampton Town

Bring it to my house, you can pick up all my leaves!" Nov 3, 16 8:56 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

I agree, several of my posts were removed as "inappropriate", and I was told it was because of this so-called "policy". Read this fast, because they'll probably pull this one also! " Dec 7, 16 3:20 PM

Early Demolition Work Begins At Canoe Place Inn In Hampton Bays

The sooner it gets done the better!!" Dec 10, 16 2:49 PM

PSEG Crews Begin Bolstering Power Grid In Southampton Town

Replace one pole with another, what a waste of money. Have to start burying these lines." Jan 18, 17 4:42 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

The people never win. We voted it down, and they just come back with another. And they'll keep coming back until something gets passed. Government by the people, for the people - I think not!!!" Jan 18, 17 4:45 PM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

Apparently with-in the first few hours of Trump's presidency he wiped out all women's rights - how did he do it and how come I didn't see it in the news? We should all feel very sorry for these women and hope they get their rights back.
Also, Madonna was the picture of liberalism. Now I'm glad Trump won, because with-out him in there, the Libs would be taking away all the rights of every Conservative.

God Bless America!
" Jan 22, 17 7:13 PM

East Hampton Town Republican Committee Celebrates President Trump With Inauguration Ball

One elderly Trump supporter punched one protester in the face at a Trump rally and it was in the news for weeks and every Trump supporter was a racist, violent, anti-gay, no good for nothing.
Anti-Trump protestor burn cars, break windows, punch Trump supporters in the face, make speeches about blowing up the white House now that Trump is in it and the press doesn't criticize them or condemn their acts.
Where is all the "compassion" from the libs, they want everyone to be compassionate and to embrace their causes, but if you don't agree with them they turn to violence and insults. Two faced, hypocrites and if they keep acting they way they are, more people will see them for what they really are." Jan 22, 17 8:47 PM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

Why is this article #1 on this site? BS news, put the story about the HB Library here in it's place so people know what's going on!!!!" Jan 23, 17 9:27 AM

HB voters get organized, let's get this Library proposal defeated and then figure out a way to get this Board of Trustees removed." Jan 23, 17 9:30 AM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

Old news - in Thursday's Newsday. VOTE NO on HB Library Proposal!" Jan 29, 17 10:00 AM

East End Officials Waiting To See How To Handle President Trump's Executive Order On Immigration

You know the libs will just do whatever they want to. They are accountable to no one. " Jan 31, 17 8:58 PM

Local Businesses Close For A Day, Join Nationwide 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

No one gets, if you're an immigrant and here legally it's not an issue, Welcome to America, But who decides which laws should be enforced and which ones can be ignored? How about everyone decides that traffic laws don't apply to them, so we don't go to traffic court, we don't pay the fines, we drive with suspended licenses, forget buying automobile insurance, etc. Is the government going to say, "oh yeah, leaves those people alone"? I don't think so. If we're not going to enforce our laws, why write them? To all the immigrants here legally, Welcome!" Feb 16, 17 8:20 PM

Oh, and how many US citizens, ordinary Americans, can afford to take a day off? They don't have it any harder than anyone else." Feb 17, 17 1:41 PM

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