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Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

SHNative, while I do not agree with regreps math yours is far worse and based on your previous posts, I believe intentionally so. CommonSense the degreed eceonomist would tell you, if she was willing to be an honest poster, that you cannot divide the number of registered Republicans by the total population to come up with a percentage like you have, because the total population is not registered. But again, let me not confuse a fact with your opinions." Mar 5, 10 10:05 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates fund-raised nearly the same amounts

Standard voting hours 6AM to 9 PM" Mar 8, 10 9:05 PM

Special election today for Southampton Town Board seat

Wow! That certainly relieves the mystery! All along anyone reading the 2tEast posts were certain you two were undecided.
Are the seats in the Democrat echo chamber as they are in over on the Republican side :) ?" Mar 9, 10 1:41 PM

that joke was supposed to say "as comfortable".....have a nice day - " Mar 9, 10 1:42 PM

Whiile I would agree that all my R friends heed your adviice HH (wink,wink).....what makes you think this special election will have any significantly different (lower) turnout than other special elections?" Mar 9, 10 2:30 PM

Two points there HighHat -
Their respective intent is clear, Ms. Flemming will drive the board left while ceding our Dongan Patent rights to the DEC and the state -
Mr. Hughes will drive the board toward fiscal conservatism while standing up for our Dongan Patent rights.
Second point is you have banged your drum that neither of these candidates warrant a vote, so don't cry in your milk now urging people to avoid low turnout.

" Mar 9, 10 4:33 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Congratulations to Ms. Fleming and her campaign.
Despite very clear politcal philosohpical differences, both candidates and their volunteers deserve lot of credit for working extermely hard and with much passion, which produced a fairly high turnout for a special election. In that sense democracy was a winner.
That said when the final analysis is done, I suspect it will reveal that the unaffiliated voters (blanks and those who thought they truly registered as independent of any perty) were the one who defined the outcome.
Again congratulations to Ms. Fleming and her team." Mar 10, 10 7:37 AM

So reg rep you agree with westendoftown, that after Fred Thiele left the Republican Party for the Independence Party it should have turned around and annointed his hand picked candidate?
Personally I thought Ms. Molinaro was a strong but unknown candidate who had a bright future with the Republican Party, if she had been willing (and she still maybe for all I know) and capable of doing the groundwork of getting to know the committee members as opposed to being thrust upon them.
But I think both the heavy handed tactics of trying to force her canidacy upon the party and the petulant conduct of her benefactor in the aftermath has left her a pretty steep uphill road, if that remained her intention.
Your commentary on Mrs. Seaman is a head scratcher to me. Sounds like you have a personal ax to grind as opposed to an informed opinion." Mar 10, 10 7:50 PM

Conservatives left the line blank because the county chair pulled the designating power from the local Conservative as the local Republicans did not fall into line and back Ms. Molinaro. I think many were not convinced that Ms. Molinaro would be a Republican if she got elected, given that she was not widely known by the committee and her bona fides were working for Thiele. Especially when there were other good choices, What's the point of backing someone if you don't know if they will be on your team after you get them elected? " Mar 10, 10 9:58 PM

There are approx 35,000 registered voters in Southampton, how many of them are motor-voter registrants is not known, but one would suspect their interest in voting is minimal. That said just north of 15% turned out for this special election, whihc is higher than would be anticpated for an off season special election. Congrats are due to both campaigns for doing a good job of turning out more voters than usual. IN Southampton normal local elections will result in between 30-40% turnout depneding on the interest of the race. Presdential elections can go as hihg as 60% (see 1992 and 2008) in Southampton." Mar 12, 10 9:12 AM

No. This was unique becasue prior to this a vacancy would be filled by a vote of the board and a special election would be held the following November, during the general election, for whatever cycle it might be (state, presecdential etc).
So the 15% plus is charecterized as high compared with the rule of thumb for this type of election elsewhere which is 10%. You might look back to Assemblyman Fred Thiele's first election to the NYS Assembly which was also an off season special election and draw some comparison there as part of the district encompasses Southampton should you choose to reject my assertion of the 10% rule of thumb." Mar 12, 10 2:49 PM

Frank, my understanding is yes it would have been classified as a special election for the position, I am not aware that there is such thing technically as an "interim election" though I get your point." Mar 13, 10 1:32 PM

Highway Superintendant already has $3.5+ million dollars to fix roads this year. How about filling the first pot hole of the season before borrowing even more. In one breath the Town Supervisor says town emplyees are so over worked to capcaity they cannot possibly take on the load of the sustainabilty efforts while the Highway Superintendant says his department is stretched to the max and having trouble having enough people to keep the equipment running, and in the next breath we should be borrowing even more so we can do more projects. Somethng doesn't add up with that." Mar 14, 10 11:32 AM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

The bill was drafted and passed on strictly a partisan basis. The only thing bi-partisan was the opposition. It inherently fails to do anything to reduce the costs of health care in this country. In fact as a direct result they will rise even faster, along with the cost of insurance and our taxes. There was nothing honorable about the way this was done. Those thumping their chests are beating the drums of the funeral march of our country heading ever closer to financial failure. " Mar 23, 10 9:12 PM

Southampton Town considers how to solve problems on Roses Grove Road

The article also seems to have co-mingled council members - "and Councilwoman Bridget Malone that some rethinking of the complete embargo on hiring may be necessary to fill important roles. “We have to keep our eyes on the bottom line, but we also have to keep our eyes on the services we provide,” Ms. Malone said. "" Jul 8, 10 12:56 PM

Southampton Town lawmakers walk out of discussion on MTA lawsuit

Two things are clear, Ms. Holst had to know before the meeting of concerns expressed by the board, and their request to discuss as is customary a legal issue in executive session. Second, if her claim for transparency was legitimate she could have honored her colleagues concenrs, and subsequently made publis what she wanted without the drama.
One thing is unclear, at least to me. How is it legal for the supervisor, to not allow a properly made and seconded motion to be voted on?" Jul 26, 10 2:38 PM

Does Throne-Holst have support for a Planned Development District moratorium?

Why is it on yet another serious issue Madam Supervisor "surprises" her fellow board mates and subsequently does not have consensus. It reflects a continous lack of genuine leadership - the kind you don't get in headlines and glam shots - and the seriousness these issues demand no matter which side you are on" Oct 8, 10 12:33 PM

Town Measure Seeks Simpler Financial Reporting

Which completely ignores the fact that the real problem is that apparently Councilman Nuzzi has been making simple requests for this information for a year and neither Comptroller Wright nor her patron, Supervisor Throne Holst, has seen fit to honor his legitmate request. Whatever reason the minority and the comptroller have for stonewalling is best knownst to them, but it should be no mystery as to why the majority was obligated to act....despite the partisan posturing from the peanut gallery :) " Jan 14, 11 3:25 PM

Republicans shouldn't like a comptroller who is apparently stonewalling a legitimate request for information. Democrats and Independents shouldn't either." Jan 16, 11 11:05 AM

Turkey Bridge you are not a truth speaker but a partisan poster. The Press reports in the full printed article the comptroller admitting that Councilman Nuzzi has indeed been requesting this information for some time. The notion that it would require an additional $75k per year positon is similarly debunked in the Independent's reporting of the story. " Jan 16, 11 1:42 PM

See there you go Turkey....you generally seem intellignet until you start quoting someelse's talking points without doing your own research.....suggesting that Mr. Bernard is part of the problem as oppsed tot he solution is either willful igonorance.....or you know a flat out lie.....let us know which" Jan 16, 11 5:48 PM

Now. now Turkey. Mr. Bernard is well rearded and by most accounts doing a fine job helping clean up the mess in Easthampton. The reporter in seeking his input was merely practicing what is generally known as "due diligence" in reporting on the ridiculous assertion by the comptroller that fulfilling Councilman Nuzzi's simple and straight forward request would require an additional $75,000 staff position. Your rejection is transparent and without merit." Jan 17, 11 10:06 AM

Did you miss the point that they actually have the majority now?" Jan 17, 11 1:55 PM

Southampton Town Board, Comptroller Discuss Ways To Improve Operations, Communication

It's too bad that it took a force of resolution by the majority to get the supervisor's hand picked comptroller to deliver the information they have been entitled to and asking for over a year. It's good that once that was behind them that the everyone is being civil and professional in moving forward, despite Turkey's attempt to manufacture otherwise and malign other's with baseless, unproven allegations of "guilt", which had nothing to do with the issue at hand." Jan 21, 11 1:06 PM

Turkey abbreviatedly clucks - "Are you saying that it's a fair to have the Comptroller's office lose two positions to the Business Management Department and get back only one temporary position?"
I'd actually say it's fair to the taxpayer if they can get the job done with some temporary help, as oppsed to the $75,000 position Supervisor Throne-Holst's hand picked comptroller tried to foist upon the public and you apparently still believe she needs despite pure and convincing evidence to the contrary" Jan 23, 11 9:38 AM

Actually Turkey the evidience I was reffering to was the reporting in the story that revealed when coooler heads prevailed that there would be no problem now finally providing the information Councilman Nuzzi requested and with some temporary help the comptroller could get through what sounded like fluctuating workload in her department.
Sorry that disappoints your story line and those like you who are seeking an enflamed environmnet for partisan purposes." Jan 24, 11 6:58 AM

It is you are confusing things, Turkey. The Press report specifically states the temporary assistance is related to fluctuations in the Comptroller's office -
"to alleviate some of the intense workload in her department early in the year". It had nothing to do with Councilman Nuzzi's long standing and reasonable request, which can be handled relatively easily. Apprently all but you and Supervisor Throne Holst have moved on from bloating town hall with another $75k per year positon." Jan 25, 11 10:40 AM

Around Town Hall

Well there's Turkey's version and then what is reported - "A harmonious Southampton Town Board saw eye-to-eye on how to revise the job responsibilities of the position of town management services administrator", and by the way Turkey, did not the "gang of three" actually reduce spending in the Supervisor's budget or do you have an alternative reality version of that as well?" Jan 31, 11 7:28 PM

Southampton GOP Screens Candidates For 2011 Campaign

The only way you honestly cut taxes is by cutting spending. The Democratic Supervisor Throne Holst proposed a budget that would increase spending to $81 million and the in the budget process looked to push that to almost $85 million. The Republicans cut that back to $79 million. When voters get done sifting through the alternative realities and partisan posturing of Turkey, Fidelis, and the like, it is probably where they will stop." Feb 5, 11 10:46 AM

Around Town Hall

So Turkey are you insisting this did not happen....."A harmonious Southampton Town Board saw eye-to-eye on how to revise the job responsibilities of the position of town management services administrator" ? Did the reporter just make this up?" Feb 6, 11 2:47 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

The Town Supervisor is responsible for managing the Town Attorney. It is why while it is not officially his or her final decision on who to hire, they typically have been given deference by the Town Board on his or her choice.
Turkey you just shred your last bit of credibilty with your call today for the end to the perpetual campaign, given how relentlessly you and your gang have waged it on behalf of your party and Supervisor." Feb 9, 11 5:11 PM

My opinion of your lack of credibilty is not a partisan thing, it is a hypocracy thing. You can't be part and parcel of the continual campaign flailing away at the Republicans on the board, and then bemoan it's existence when it's your ox being goared. Supervisor Throne Holst has repeatedly stepped in it as of late, probably assuming she had immunity so long as you and the others would be there at the podium to drown out any legitmate criticism." Feb 14, 11 1:48 PM

Typically Turkey I am pointing you back to what reported in the press. If you deem that alternate reality, so be it. And last I checked you all were complaining that the Republicans on the board were not saying anything, so how you leap to them flailing away is beyond me. Hard to see how my suggesting the supervisor has stepped in it as of late by being caught at least twice in the last few weeks "Clintoning" the truth, is alternative of what has actually happened, but hey, believe what you want to believe." Feb 15, 11 1:52 PM

Police: Molotov Cocktail Placed In Front Of Southampton Highway Superintendent's House

Whether you line up on the same side of the ball or the other, agree with him on the issues or disagree, we should all agree that this is unacceptable behaviour towards a public official. Vigorous debate of ideas is one thing, and sometimes it is not so polite, but there should be no room in our civil society for that kind of thing, whatever the motivation." Jun 27, 11 9:15 PM

Town GOP Shuns Two Of Its Own In Campaign Push

The Republican candidates for Trustee have always run as a team - all for one and one for all. Eric and Fred have certainly benefited from those coat tails and strategy in the past. This year when the going got rough they cut and ran for opportuntiy to take the Democratic line, potentially hurting their Republican teammates and aiding the cause of the Democratic candidates. Their mock shock at the reprucussions of their betrayal of their party and teamates couldn't be more disingenuous." Sep 29, 11 10:32 AM

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