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3 Comments by Ira Barocas

Peconic Institute Hopes To Be The Drum Major Of Sustainability

Trying to ensure that we use our earth and its resources intelligently is not about layers of government. It is about working together sensibly to ensure a future for ourselves, and our children. I don't believe any American would prefer a world without open spaces, healthful food, clean water or breathable air, especially one blessed with an evidently large, and I sincerely hope, healthy family." Jun 10, 13 4:06 PM

Mollie Zweig Gets Approval For Rock Revetment On Georgica Beach

I hope that this decision will be appropriately challenged by the Trustees, especially in light of the recent NY State Supreme Court decision upholding their interested party status on our behalf in all such proceedings. The Village's thinking on this is evidently partially based on the lack of a coherent town wide policy on hard erosion control structures, though the Trustees do. I suppose not wanting to deal with a homeowner's lawsuit, is preferable to them than the public picking up the tab for both ends of the argument when the Trustees submit one against this decision. In the meantime, barring an injunction preventing the work, it will be interesting to see what that beach looks like, and those downstream, after a few winter storms. I guess eventually we'll have a dyke as high as the house from the
tide line to the parking lot, or what will be left of it next time. Clearly, Ms. Zweig couldn't find a buyer..." Oct 14, 13 1:24 PM

East Hampton Town Board Supports Ban Of Pesticide Used In Mosquito Spraying

We should applaud Jay's efforts, and thank Brad for helping the present Board to understand that the wholesale use of airborne pesticides with known detrimental effects on fisheries --note bans in Maine, etc., is harmful all the way up the food chain, and that we are all ultimately consumers.
Detrimental economic effects on traditional EH fishing families are only part of the issue. Why not try a more natural solution such as Deb's suggestion last year to the Trustees to support bringing in fathead minnows to reduce mosquito infestation and obviate spraying. Cheap, targeted and effective...but cui bono?
As for the formal logic of Brad's assertion, there may be some question, but it is certainly important to heed empirical evidence provided by those whose daily work focuses on the issue, and other states' efforts to end spraying have helped fisheries, particularly lobstering (remember when we had that in the Sound, the Esuary?), remain viable and vibrant. You could always deet yourself, a personal choice, but spray me not, thanks. And again, thanks to Jay, Brad and the Board." Apr 29, 14 6:13 PM