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Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

Another reason why the district should be union free. The Three wisemen have too much power, board needs to be larger and more diverse. Taxpayers need to vote NO on this referendum and vote out the current school board members!" Dec 19, 10 10:14 AM

We did! get rid of the school board!" Dec 26, 10 9:07 AM

This is not correct. While it is true there are emloyees may opt out, it is not true that they are further compensated by doing so. You are offered the standard package and if you don't want it you are not entitled to anything else in return." Dec 26, 10 9:10 AM

Court Agrees: Town Waters Are Exempt From State Fishing License Requirement

The state will just withold the amount of money they would have gotten from those licenses, Then the towns will need to have thier own license fees to make up for that lost revenue from the state. Court decision doesn't change a thing." Dec 26, 10 9:17 AM

Blizzard Blankets East End; Dozens Are Still Without Power

Just like a liberal, anyone who disagrees with you must be stupid! The facts are that global warming is blown way out of proportion by you tree huggers! If you scare enough people you will get to ruin the economy." Dec 31, 10 7:18 PM

Holidays Are Especially Difficult For Homeless

It went out the window with 60% of my paycheck! " Dec 31, 10 7:42 PM

A lot of homeless people choose to be so. They don't want the responsibilities of working and paying bills. The problem is Ny State has the highest welfare and medicaid entitkements in the country. All the poor people move here for better benefits. If all you liberals want to take care of the homeless, then do so on your own. Why don't you build an extra room on your houses and take them in. Stop spending other peoples money!" Dec 31, 10 7:46 PM

How about the Scarlett A political party! We will take this country back." Dec 31, 10 7:53 PM

The fact is the Hamptons is not the place to come to with no visable means of support! Now Hampton bays on the otherhand........" Dec 31, 10 7:55 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

As someone who had Ms. Kabot pegged as guilty from the start, after watching video can clearly see she was innocent of DWI. She did swerve soewhat and may have been just under leagl limit for DWI. But since she refused a breathalyzer test, she should lose her license for one year as there is no leeway on that charge.
Are these policemen always such buttholes? They seem more interested in showing their AUTHORITY and DOMINANCE! Found it interesting that p0olice officer blocked camera view of her 1st test." Feb 6, 11 12:25 PM

Thiele: Stony Brook Southampton Could Offer New Programs By Fall Semester

The Southampton Campus can only survive with private school levl tuition and fees. If you want to attend colleg in the Hamptons, pay the price. Why should all NY State taxpyers pay for this priviledge?" Feb 27, 11 12:53 PM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

Comparing the Southampton Town Police to Village police is like boyscout to cubscout. The village police wish they were real policemen. The force is a whos who of connected people. Wilison is a hack and is not qualified to be a patrolman,never mind Chief!" Apr 23, 11 7:42 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Town residents who hav lived theur entire lives here without problems are being financially penalized by all the hollywood greenies who have built houses where they should not have. Where was town government when they allowed all these people to overbuild? " Jun 5, 11 10:50 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

Do you have proof that the charges against Wison are fabricated? Didn't think so." Jun 17, 11 8:02 PM

Southampton Village Police are a joke and always have been. They are the equivalent of rent a cops! The entire force should be disbanded. It has served as one big local political patronage mill for decades. " Jun 17, 11 8:06 PM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

You can blame all the self important folks who have moved to the hamptons over the past 20 years. God forbid if these utility companies can properly trim the foliage so these outages don't happen. NIMBY is the root of the problem here. You can't have all your beautifyl trees along power lines and not expect severe outages!" Sep 5, 11 12:53 PM

You are fine als long as you have regular phone service with Verizon. If you have Verizon Fios phone service, you will depend on elctric to keep the phone working one your few hours of battery backup run out." Sep 5, 11 12:59 PM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

Millions of dollars go towards preserving land. Isn't it time that people's livlihood was more important than satisfying treehuggers!" Sep 25, 11 6:13 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

You liberals all wanted Obama care, now live with the consequences. " Nov 6, 11 5:58 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

A shotgun is not an assault weapon! When I wnet to SHS, we all had shotguns in a gunrack in back of truck. The parking lot was loaded with shotguns on opening day for duck hunting. Over the past 30 years, Southampton has been infected with a bunch of sissies who have built their manisons and want to rule everything. You people have really runined what used to be a great place to live." Nov 6, 11 6:05 PM

Brad Bender Concedes Southampton Town Board Race To Christine Scalera

Keep in mind that being independent doesn't require rolling over for the democrats. " Nov 23, 11 1:47 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

All liberals want homeless shelters as long as they are Not In MY Backyard! Where would you suggest the homeless be sheltered? Hampton Bays is the logical place because it is the poor cousin to the hamptons." Nov 23, 11 1:51 PM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

There is no way the Shinnecock's will get a casino at Belmont Park. It doesn't matter what any local officials say, only new York State can permit this to happen. Right now, Resorts World New York City, located at Aqueduct, is regulated by New York State. The agreement with them gives a 30 mile exclusivity clause. I believe Belmont Park is only a few miles from Aqueduct. Secondly, facilities like Resorts World regulated by the state give almost double the profits back to the state than any of the native american casinos. The state is also moving to make table games legal, and the facility at Aqueduct will be one of the first ones to get table games. Looks like the Shinnecocks will have to settle for a location in Suffolk County!

This group is asking for double the management fees from what they would get at other casinos. If they are like the Mohawk casino near the border with Canada, the natives won't be getting the job they expect and will have a token say in how things are run. It is evident that tribal trustees are profiting by having salaries paid to them over the past ten years, salaries for what? For selling out the interests of their tribal members for their own personal interest. These tribal leaders should be in jail! Tribal members would be smart to vote no and kill this agreement, and secondly to elect a new tribal council who has your interests at heart!
It is evident" Dec 14, 11 10:52 PM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

Congratulations to the Shinnecock tribal members for doing the right thing by voting donw the agreement. The only ones hurt by this outcome are Gateway Casino Resorts and the dozen or so tribal coucnil members who have been receiving a salary for years and profiting on this venture at the cost to tribal membership.
The tribal council needs to better educate themselves on what acceptable management fees and contract terms are before signing on to a new agreement with another casino operator. Tribal membership should be ever vigilent in any future dealings to ensure the entire tribe is getting the best deal available for each and every tribal member!" Dec 16, 11 6:52 AM

We would like to see the Shinnecock trustees provide reports over the past ten years on exactly what amounts of money was paid to specific tribal council members by name. How about being transparent and accountable to your members!" Dec 17, 11 10:19 AM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

The Shinnecock's own the land in Hampton bays, they should be able to build their casino on it. The local governments have no jurisdiction or say over what native americans do with their land. " Dec 20, 11 11:33 AM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

The water table will not suffer as much from a casino than it has from all the hosuing developments and millionaire mansions built in the hamptons over the past 30 years. I'll bey you are one of those non-native hamptons people who now that you have your piece of the pie don't want anyone else to have theirs. The hamptons were much nicer when it was mostly potatoe farms and fields forever!" Dec 20, 11 11:39 AM

Bill Frankenbach Remembered By Family And Friends As 'Colorful Character'

This article was mean't as a memorium on a man who has not only served his country admirably, but more so how he lived his life and howm he served his community. This was not the place to belittle the man over some damn trees. As a veteran mysself, you can take those trees and stick them where the sun doesn't shine." Jan 1, 12 3:43 PM

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