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Two Southampton Town Beaches Could Soon Get Needed Renovations

Public bathrooms are not as clean as home bathrooms. I was there a week ago and found the bathroom to be clean. Maybe the huge crowds on weekends have an effect on how dirty the bathrooms are. My experiences decades ago cleaning the bathrooms in a small restaurant showed me just how dirty the out of towners are when on vacation. They trash the place and don't care about others.
" Aug 27, 18 10:33 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Why would illegal immigrants be afraid of ICE? It amazes me how so-called community activists, aka socialists, want the police to ignore federal laws. Local police departments don't get to choose which laws they will or won't enforce. The left wingers have invaded the east end and ruined life as we knew it decades ago. The Hamptons used to be a nice place to grow up, now it is a place to throw up." Oct 3, 18 2:23 PM

Why would illegal immigrants be afraid of ICE? It amazes me how so-called community activists, aka socialists, want the police to ignore federal laws. Local police departments don't get to choose which laws they will or won't enforce. The left wingers have invaded the east end and ruined life as we knew it decades ago. The Hamptons used to be a nice place to grow up, now it is a place to throw up." Oct 3, 18 2:23 PM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

Too many left wing liberals on the school board, always wanting to re-write history. Columbus was a great explorer. This political correctness crap has ruined our country. If voters don't agree with the school board, vote them off the board. Remember, the majority rules when it comes to voting, something our elected official have forgotten when they no longer represent the majority!" Oct 6, 18 8:31 AM

The Morning After Election Day, Schneiderman Not Ready To Concede Suffolk County Comptroller Race

That's what Democrats doe, try to steal elections." Nov 16, 18 11:57 AM

Shinnecock Harvest Festival Brings Heritage To The Forefront

The historical record above clearly shows there were no buffalo on Ling island. Will people believe actual history that was recorded in books centuries ago or in todays re-write of history for political correctness sake. " Nov 20, 18 3:30 PM

Southampton Trustees To Settle Davis Creek Duck Blind Feud By Allowing Second Spot For Hunters

You live in the dump known as Hampton bays. Why do you care about a duck blind in North Sea?" Nov 20, 18 3:45 PM

Montaukers Plead For Town, Neighbors To Find A Third Option For Montauk Substation

Montauk is already well on its way towards ruin. It is not the quaint are it was 40 years ago. The rich , having run out of land to buy in Southampton and Easthampton, have invaded Montauk. " Feb 13, 19 4:21 PM

The bottom line is LIPA owns the land and have the right to put the substation on it. You environmentalist can't have your cake and eat it to. Why don't you build your fancy houses near the landfill?" Feb 13, 19 4:24 PM

Protest Held In Bridgehampton On Monday

Wow, does a protest that contains 20 people warrant such a new headline? Look at them, the young and unemployable. Get a job and do something with your lives. Illegal immigrants are a burden on the taxpayer, especially school taxes. Part of the emergency should be a full scale roundup of all the illegal immigrants and deport them ASAP!" Feb 22, 19 10:32 AM

What march? Twenty people make more of a line than a march." Feb 22, 19 10:33 AM

Study Predicts Southampton School District Student Population To Shrink 22 Percent Over Next Ten Years

Not counting the "Illegal" immigrants. If farmer's want to employ illegals. then they should pay higher school taxes to compensate for their school aged children and special ed programs needed.

" Mar 13, 19 11:47 AM

That's what you get when you elect former educators to the school board. Do you think the number of teachers and administrators will decrease when the pupil enrollment does? Fat chance, I'd bet they increase." Mar 13, 19 11:51 AM

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Mentions Gabreski Air National Guard Base At PFAS Hearing

Gillebrand doesn't know jack shit about communities on Long Island. She is from upstate New York near Saratoga. She became a senator not by being elected but hand picked to fill out Hillary Clinton's term by our governor. She has done absolutely nothing since she has been in the senate. She is the symbol for over privledged kids, getting political jobs due to her mother's political connections. She could care less about the people of Westhampton, only your votes. Her speech was carefully scripted by aides who did their research." Apr 4, 19 10:19 PM

Of course the liberal resorts to name calling when they can't support their argument or someone disagrees with them. Typical!" Apr 4, 19 10:22 PM

OLA Hosts Gathering In Sag Harbor To Support Local Immigrants

the only immigrants scared are those who broke our laws by illegally entering our country. the only illegal immigrants being rounded up for deportation are those who failed to appear for their court date to determine if they meet the standards to stay here, or those who were denied entry and refused to leave. Sorry liberals but they are criminal aliens and should be sent back to where they came. There are millions of immigrants waiting for their turn via the legal method. Anyone helping a criminal evade the law are aiding and abetting and should be jailed for such actions.
" Jul 14, 19 9:32 PM

Dozens Sign Up On Facebook To 'Storm' Camp Hero Next Week

I went there three times with my grandfather in the mid 1970's when it was closed to the public. There were still old wooden barracks that were falling down. Across the street was a machine gun nest looking out at the Atlantic which you could climb down into. That had since been sealed shut. At the back of the hill was a turret for the big gun that was there during WWII. Under the hill was a bunker which was blocked in with dirt. Someone dug out the top portion where you could climb down into the underground bunker. The water was about a foot deep in there but with flashlights we walked through various rooms. All the ammo bunker complexes are connected via underground tunnels. Later on closer to 1980, I accessed camp hero via the air force station gate using my military id card. Last time I was there, before open to public and made into a park, everything that used to be accessible had been sealed shut permanently. It was fun walking around and hiding from the occasional security forces driving around the grounds. " Aug 3, 19 8:53 PM

President Trump To Attend Reelection Fundraiser At Bridgehampton Mansion On August 9

Funny how the left wing liberals had no issues when Crooked Hilary had her huge fundraiser in the area. Relax libs and enjoy the crack down on illegal aliens, rising employment, lower taxes for the next 6 years!
" Aug 3, 19 9:28 PM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

The story states that "some scientists" ..., that means also some scientists do not agree about whether global warming is actually occurring, if it is what the causes are. There is much debate, but as usual the environmentalists have the media believing everything so0me scientists say as fact. The algae blooms, on two ponds bordered by wealthy people with the best fed lawns, are a result of nitrate runoff, not global warming. What makes anyone from the Group for the East End and expert on what is causing things? Why is Mr Deluca more of an expert than anyone else? The fact is it is his opinion. You know what they say about opinions, "opinions are like Butt holes everyone has one and they all stink. We have always had extreme weather cycles over the centuries. We can't control them. But we can learn not to build million dollar homes on the beach and expect them to be there tomorrow. Move to higher ground is the only viable solution.
" Sep 25, 19 4:23 PM

Draw down this! What a crock of horse manure. How does buying local food versus food from outside thye area save food waste? You liberal ifiots think you are going to save the world. I for one will continue my wasteful ways because I know they have no effect. You can't stop mother nature. Do something useful with your time instead of spreading all these nonsense conspiracy theories." Sep 25, 19 4:28 PM

East Hampton Bans Charter Helicopter Company For 'Unsafe and Reckless' Flights

Appears the Town has already lost a similar battle to the FHA according to the courts. If I were the helicopter company. I would go the same route. The Town has no legal say over the airport operations, the FHA does." Oct 9, 19 2:37 PM

The Vanna White Goes Down, Leaving A Young Sailboat Owner Disappointed, And Homeless

It appears he had good intentions, trying to escape a bad situation in his home life. The end result wasn't terrific, but he has a sense of adventure that more of us could use. This will be a story he will be able to laugh at someday." Oct 9, 19 2:49 PM

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