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Car crashes into utility pole on Montauk Highway in Southampton

I have lived 1/2 mile from here for fifty years. There is no need for a traffic light. The accident happend after the driver rounded the sgarp corner at Hill Station Road and lost control crossing iver to other side of highway. It is evident that the driver was driving too fast. This accident has nothing to do with any intersection." Sep 12, 09 1:12 AM

No new settlements in Empire and Alliance negotiations

Empire enrolees are treated at 99% of hospitals around the state, in fact 90% of the country accepts empire reimbursement. Is Southampton Hospital too upity to accept payement that most hospitals accept. That is pure greed and what Obama's health care reform should focus on. Boycott Southampton Hospital!" Sep 12, 09 1:18 AM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Why should the union workers give up their raises? These were negotiated in good faith and the town is obligated to pay them. The town should not only freeze the salaries of board members and non-unionized workers, they should also take a pay cut. How much of a raise did these people get since Kabot has been in office? Their salaries should be cut to levels equal to the current administration. Also any jobs she added (patronage) should be cut. Exactly what does town government do for the taxpayer at a cost of $80 million? Publish your entire budget, line by line with an explanation of what eacj item is used for so the taxpayers can see what you are spending their money on." Sep 18, 09 6:02 PM

Public meeting on new Southampton Village firehouse is Wednesday

Does the village really need a new firehouse in these hard economic times? How will it be funded? If any of that funding is provided by town, county, state taxpayer money then the firhouse should not be built. I'm sure the current firehouse is functional. Heck, if need be, put the firetrucks in a barn to save money!" Sep 18, 09 6:06 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Kabot should be voted out of office! That will be her penalty for not having the common sense that someone of her stature requires from her own employees. Linda, you are an employee of the voters and we want you to know THAT WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Sep 18, 09 6:13 PM

Legislature to consider hotel tax increase on Thursday

It is time for tyhe voters to revolt and demand Peconic County for the entire east end. Aren't you all tired of paying for western Suffolk County's mistakes?" Sep 18, 09 6:16 PM

Kabot arrest leaves nagging doubts

I am a registered republican and plan to send a message to those who think they are above the law by voting for the democratic candidate. If voters are tired of politicians using their elected positions for personal gain and doing so in the most arrogant and disrepectful manner, then I urge my fellow voters to cross politival lines in unity aginst this type of power abuse. Vote against Linda Kabot!" Sep 18, 09 6:46 PM

Empire doctors will remain in-network

I am a member of the NYS Empire Plan and have never jherad of the problems empire is having with the alliance. I have been hospitalized across the country and have had noo problem finding a hospital that woudn't take empire as payment in full. The problem here appears to be these three hospitals and their doctors who refuse to take lower rates than other doctors and hospitals across the nation. This is not an example of why we need a public option as it is not the fault of the insurance company, but the hospitals and doctors themselves. They think becayuse they are in "The Hamptons" that they can get a bigger cut than everyone else gets! Health care reform needs to start with the waste at hospitals and the rediculous rates charged." Sep 18, 09 6:54 PM

Where does DagDavid get his facts? The AMA only supports the Obama plan because they have been promised billions of additional dollars in fees to do so. The real problem with health care is the greedy doctors and hospitals, not the insurance companies." Sep 18, 09 6:56 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Golfbuddy --- If what you are sayining is true that there are no negotiated raises scheduled to take place in 2010, then I agree with you. There should be no raise, in fact negotiations should be for a decrease in salary. I wasn't clear on the mater of employees getting raises as soon as Linda Kabot took office. I wasn't referring to the rank and file worker, I was referring to the appointee jobs she filled, you know, all the patronage jobs. As for the budget being available for all to see, only a very basic budget is avaialble. The budget should be ten times longer breaking down what every dollar is earmarked for for the common taxpayer to see. Don't tell us that $2 million dollars are for the highway department and state two or three genearl things that it is spent on. We want to see the detailed town department budgets, we want to see slaries for each position (not in total), we want and will demand specifics. It is evident that town government cannot be trusted to their own devices!" Sep 23, 09 8:13 PM

A temporary pay freeze or pay cut is fine as long as it is truly temporay and the town is cutting all the waste in other areas at the same time. Empl;oyees won't mind sacraficing for the good of all as long as all sacrafice as well." Sep 23, 09 8:16 PM

Unions don't care about their members, all they care about is those union dues that pay their fat salaries. In this case, the union will want to keep as many workers employed as possible because their own salaries are based on a % of each employees wages. Less employees will hurt them more than keeping salaries flat." Sep 23, 09 8:20 PM

Go a step further, cut all the department heads, let the assistants run things. Everyone knows that most department heads are politcal appointees anyways who are just soaking up the wages with no real skills other than knowing the town supervisor." Sep 23, 09 8:21 PM

If you think republicans are tax and spend, then what is a democrat? Socialism will cost this country dearly." Sep 23, 09 8:23 PM

Governor supports Shinnecock Indian Nation in federal appeal

This governor's support has no weight . Everyone knows he was not elected and will be out of office soon. He has no power at all. In fact, the fake indians would have been better off without his support." Sep 26, 09 11:44 AM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

As soon as the Town Government provides the taxpayers with a line by line budget explaining in plain english what each and every expenditure is for, then we can come up with a plan. The scary thing is that maybe our elected leaders really have no idea how efficiently the money is being spent!" Sep 26, 09 12:06 PM

The budget for 2009 was approximately $80 million. $30 million of that was budgeted for the Community Preservation Fund. The purpose of the Community Preservation Funds it to buy land for preservation so no one can build on it. Of the $30 million budgeted for this, only $9.4 million is needed for related debt service. That means $20 million can be cut from this fund alone. What is more important in an economic downturn, peoples jobs or preservation of land. Ther Town needs to put a hold on all funding for the Community Preservation Fund that is not absolutely required. In this instance only $9.4 million is needed for debt service." Oct 4, 09 1:06 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

Don't make the mistake of voting for more liberals because you will have a really big mess on your hands with their tax and spend politics. How did the Town budget get $30 million for the Community Preservation Fund, out of an $80 million budget in 2009? Preservation of land is more important to the left wing liberals than peoples jobs or lower taxes. " Oct 4, 09 1:14 PM

Southampton Village Police cuff man, find no weapon

What would you like the police to do if they received a similar 911 call from you and it was for real? The police have to treat every call of that nature as a threat to public safety until it is proven otherwise. This ass refused to comply with a lawful police order resulting in even more suspicion being cast on him.on him. The only part I don't agree with is the police procedure where they make you lie on the ground so they can all pile on like it was a football game. Whatever happened to interlocking your hands behind your head? This bullshit is just mach cops who never get to exert their dominance at home so that take it out on suspects." Oct 20, 09 7:29 PM

Springs man hopes to alter perspectives with "Earth Clock"

Why do all these weirdos live in the Hamptons?" Oct 20, 09 7:36 PM

Southampton Town candidate debate attracts nearly 200 people

We don't want affordable housing units east of the canal. Real estate has always been too valuable for that type of use. Hampton bays has always been known as the dumping grounds so the affordable housing units belong there or not at all." Oct 20, 09 7:38 PM

Montauk residents fight for beach access

Simple solution is to not allow him to build on that piece of property, ever! Change the zoning laws so he can't build. Should not allow anyone to build on the waterfront, beaches belong to all taxpayers." Oct 20, 09 7:43 PM

Shellfish woes continue for DEC

The taxpayers wnat to cut state employees. What did you all expect, that services you are used to getting would go on uninterupted? " Oct 20, 09 7:46 PM

Dredging project to begin at Shinnecock Inlet next month

While I agree with the dredging project, why does it cost $11.72 million to do this? Is it because no bids are taken for a job of this nature? Does no one really care because federal stimulus funds are paying for most of it? I'm sure that this will create lots of jobs, just like the stimulus money was suppossed to do!" Oct 20, 09 7:52 PM

Southampton Town will try negotiating with shelter bidder

Government should never have been involved in this business to begin with. Animal shelteres across the country are mostly private or not-for-profit. Let a Humane Society take it over or close it entirely. Taxpayer maoney has no business being wasted here when there are higher priorities that need funding. If all you animal lovers want to keep the shelter open, use your own money, donate!" Oct 20, 09 7:58 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

Didn't realize Southampton Village had a deer pronlem, not to mention any forested areas. Who is running the insane asylum known as village goverment?" Oct 20, 09 8:25 PM

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