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East Hampton residents sad about Hults arrest

Yes. It was sad to see Ted Hults escorted to Town Court in handcuffs - instead of Supervisor McGintee. But maybe his day will come, soon. Very soon.

The only thing that McGintee has been caught in his determination to be the head of something and leave a mark. When he couldn't convince the Schneiderman administration to appoint him Town Police Chief, he settled for running for Town Supervisor. He will leave a mark on this town's history a very bad mark. " Jun 16, 09 11:22 PM

Hults case in East Hampton adjourned until after election

So Bill Taylor feels terrible about Hults. I agree with him there. Too bad, however, that the incompetent party chair didn't feel worse about the town's residents, two years ago and four years ago when he and his minions again endorsed willie mcgintee. Plenty of time had elapsed for him to learn mcgintee's lack of ethics.
That lack of ethics had been exposed in letters to The Star since May 2005." Sep 16, 09 7:49 PM

Text of McGintee resignation letter

a letter clearly written by his lawyer. This is not McGintee speaking. This is the prelude to his arrest." Oct 5, 09 2:29 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

Mr. Hammerle is thoughtless to say that everything will be the same.

He also is wrong to say that he will be following McGintee's budget. If he had any sense of his role, he would acknowledge that he now is the Supervisor, temporary though it may be.

The budget is his budget. Consulting McGintee should be the furthest thing from his mind." Oct 5, 09 4:53 PM

Much as I want to see McGintee handcuffed and escorted into court, a friend reminded me that he has avoided that scene by(allegedly) cooperating with the d.a. It now rests with the grand jury's decision or, if the d.a.'s office finds that he has lied to them.

Since McGintee is a recognized liar - contradicted by Thiele, Schneiderman, Wilkinson et al, it is possible that this man is incapable of changing his ways.

McGintee is a very vindictive person and of one thing I am sure: along the way, he will take down as many people as he can.

And, to those of you who still believe that this man is honest and straight forward, go to the library (or, pick up copies at the Star) of its October '07 issues. Read what the consummate liar told the town residents then. Lies. Lies. Lies." Oct 5, 09 10:13 PM

Joe Smith (more likely, Erin McGintee or another daughter) this has nothing to do with any member of his family. This only has to do with dishonest William McGintee and his lies (not alleged lies but pure, confirmed lies) to the Town of East Hampton, his abuse of town moneys, and his apparent/alleged approval of forging former Town Attorney Laura Molinari's signature.

" Oct 5, 09 10:21 PM

and the way he hung Bob Cooper out to dry in 1994 when he wouldn't come forward and admit that it was him who had told Mr. Cooper about the police department irregularities. many of you may not know about this but former police officer Bob Cooper was on the town board. And the Dems rose up against their largest vote getter because he did not reveal the name of the man who had told him all this stuff in confidence. And the man, McGintee, let him take the fall because he, McGintee, needed to walk over Bob to reach his then-chosen goal - succeed Scott as police chief. I would call McGintee a snake but that would insult the snake." Oct 6, 09 10:10 AM

I have no problem giving my full name. It is Nancy Hyden Woodward and I have been exposing William McGintee's lies and abuse of individuals for the last five and a half years.

Learn to understand what you read before you issue false accusations. Since some sentences seem to be too complex for you to understand in full, why don't you read each word aloud to yourself?

To answer your question about the DA finding something, a grand jury is hearing what the DA's office has submitted about the liar named William McGintee. The liar is cooperating with the DA because he has no choice. Hults tied him to two questionable felonies.
And the only reason McGintee thanked the DA in his resignation statement for allowing him to proceed is because his NYC attorney recommended it. This is a first for the arrogant liar who has had no problem in decimating reputations to protect his sorry self. He is despicable.

In your post this morning, you called people "stupid" and accused them of not doing their research. I recommend that you take a hard look in the mirror. A sorrowful little woman who has not done her homework will look back at you.

" Oct 6, 09 8:37 PM

Some worry about East Hampton's financial reorganization

Foster, Gorman and Taylor and all the other political Dems had no problem supporting McGintee the last five years, in spite of the frequent letters detailing his inappropriate behavior while he was a town police officer and after he was elected Supervisor.
Foster has a problem acknowledging Democratic political actions.
Another thing, Len Bernard knew what he was doing as Budget Officer the first time. Hults knew nothing - remember the first budget the McGintee administration proposed? It was off the wall. McGintee didn't appoint Hults because of his brilliance with figures. He chose him because he needed someone he could control. McGintee was well aware of Hults's limitations." Jan 28, 10 12:26 PM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

I recommend selling the attached houses that are supposed to be the new Town Hall. Surely, a private entity exists somewhere who would pay for it." May 24, 10 5:25 PM