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Hults faces felony charges; probe's focus turns to supervisor's office

The house cleaning has begun. Now all we need is Crook #1 to get what he deserves and we can all look forward to a new start for our town in November. The Democrats stood by and backed up this crook when they knew he was lying. I read all their stupid leters of support they wrote to the Star, all a bunch of crap. You had your chance Dems, now it is time for some one else to have a shot, time for change we can believe in, time for Mr. Wilkinson.
" Jun 11, 09 3:57 PM

Congressman defends calls for health care reform

I hope Mr. Bishop plans some town hall meetings during the break, I am sure a lot of people would like to discuss the matter with him. I would also like to know what if the majority of the people he represnts are against the plan will he still vote for it like he did when it came to the Stimulus Bill?" Jul 31, 09 3:55 PM

Bishop fields questions on health care reform

Now that the Obama administration has raised the projected deficet to over 9 trillion in the next 10 years, I do not see how we can add another 1.6 trillion to that with Obamacare. We as a nation can not just keep spending and spending and hoping everything will be fine. A line needs to be drawn in the sand and we as a people need to tell the poloticians to stop spending us into oblivion." Aug 27, 09 3:04 PM

Ad calls GOP candidate's personal finances into question

Democrats had six years in the majority, ample time to do the right thing. They did not, they failed and it is now time for change. The ugly, dirty little people behind six yeras of incompetence and failure now face a loss November 3rd and are despertae to do something, anything to win. More proof that the EH Town democrats in no way deserve to have any role in town goverment.

It is time for change, it is time to do the right thing and put team Wilkinson in office to fix our problems. Anything less is and you might as well re-elect Bill McGintee." Oct 15, 09 8:59 AM

Wilkinson beats Zwirn; Quigley and Stanzione beat Leber and Whelan

All I can say is "Yeehaa!" I am not gloating, I am just undeniable thrilled for our community. The people of East Hampton have spoken and it is time to forge ahead and put behind us a dark chapter in the town's history. One can only hope that 6 years of arrogance, incompetence and criminality will be a distant memory and the name McGintie scribbed from the history books though easily found in law journals." Nov 4, 09 6:29 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Change! Remember that way back in 2008. Change was good, change was great and by golly, the time for change has come to Long Island. Tim Bishop has been in too long, he does not represent our values but those of San Fransico's Nancy Pelosi and his time is up. He is little more than her lap dog, doing just as she bids him 97% of the time, a tamed pet. Change, if it was good enough for Obama why isn'y good enough for those who oppose Bishop and his lousy performance as our Congressman? " Jan 19, 10 3:32 PM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

It sounds to me like most of the input he got was against this bill. No surprise then that he would go ahead and vote for it, since when did the feelings of the people he is supposed to represent matter? Mr. Bishop has always been Pelosi's lap dog and it should be expected for him to do exactly as told like a well trained pet.

Tim Bishop is a piece of garbage and like the rest of the scum in DC and Albany needs to be cleaned out. This vote is essentially Mr. Bishop's letter of resignation and I look forward to doing anything and everything I can to help get this dirt bag out of DC.adding him to the unemployment lines this fall." Mar 20, 10 8:03 AM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

I never knew what suicide looked like yet but thanks to a brain dead America I get to watch a nation kill it self. The first shot to the head happened in November of 2008 and the second shot just took place a few days ago. Now we have the fun of looking forward to Immigration reform, Cap and Tax and a whole host of things that will just put more bullets into a dying America. Thank you Tim Bishop for speeding along the death of a nation, you and the rest of the betrayers will be remembered in November." Mar 24, 10 7:26 AM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

Ha, from your point of view. I don't see it that way and just lets agree to disagree. Well let the fall election decide who is right and my bet is that Tim "I suck" Bishop will be looking for a new job along with a whole lot of dumbocrats. As for that traitor at 1600, he throws cap and tax, VAT tax and amnesty on top of Obamacare, he'll be looking for work in 2013 as well, God willing." Mar 28, 10 9:30 AM

This is just one battle but we'll win the war. You forget that this is a center-right country and as much as you may wish to think that the election of Obama was some kind of shift it is not. Your progressive comrades are over reaching and the rejection of their far-left liberal policies. It is why Obama is so desperate to do as much damage as possible because he knows he'll lose in November." Mar 28, 10 9:39 AM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

So nice of Congressman Bishop to sneak into town and speak to a handpicked crowd that will hang on his every word. I sure wish I could speak to him but since he creeps around like a pedophile at a school playground I guess that won't happen. What a sad state when an elected official hides from the majority of people he is supposed to represent and instead hides out. This jerk knows his days are numbered and just showed himself for the coward he really is. " Apr 7, 10 12:24 PM

For good or ill he has a duty to not just stand before those who are friendly but those who oppose him as well. To cherry pick when and where he speaks to avoid a large segment of the populace he is supposed to represent to me seems wrong. His job can not be all sunshine and cotton candy; there are going to be days when he has to be held accountable to the people, not hiding from them.

He is a coward and I look forward to doing everything I can to make sure he is unemployed in 2011." Apr 8, 10 7:40 AM

Disrespectful and shameful, yes, exactly the same words I would use to describe Mr. Bishop and the rest of the liberal crooks he serves with along with scum, traito, progressive, socialist, party shill, moron, idiot, fool and kool-aid drinking boot licker.

You say historical when speaking about the man, correct; ancient history. I am talking about the man now, his disregard for the majority of the people he pretends to represent and his 'historical' record of voting pretty much the way his boss, Nancy Pelosi, tells him to. Where in his own words described the health care bill he voted for "far from perfect". If a new law is going to affect millions of Americans and 1/6 of our economy, I want perfect, we deserve perfect. Maybe that is why Shouthampton College collapsed during his watch!

How can I have a respectful discourse when I don't even know the man is in town, how can I ask, respectfully, tough questions when he slinks about and appears in secret at friendly venues? How can I ask a question at one meeting I went to when his SEIU thug friends arrived hours earlier and packed the place and could not even get in? How can I ask a question when my e-mails are not answered? How can I form any other opinion other than the one I have?

No, I have every right to describe this coward exactly as I have and I, respectfully, disagree with you.

" Apr 9, 10 10:23 AM

Could you explain what kind of help you think I need, please?" Apr 9, 10 11:34 AM

1. If you think George W. Bush has not taken as much abuse as TB, you 're crazy. Folks made a fantasy snuff film about his death, wishful thinking on the part of some people on the left. Out of office over a year and people still hate this man; I do not hate TB, I dislike some of his decisions especially and I only want him to retire comfortably, preferably soon, say early next year.

2. I am never ever in my life ever going to be able to ask my President a question in person, the crowds for all of them, Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc is more often than not a friendly one. I should however have the expectation that at least once in my life I should be able to see my Congressman who is supposed to represent me in the House.

3. I would have like to met him some time over the course on this last year and be respectful when asking Mr. Bishop about some of his views. I can not drop every thing to drive out and hope to see him at some town hall Up Island, it would be nice if it was more local. He was in town last week and it would have been nice to know but I guess i don't count.

4. I have given up on respect and civil discourse. Because I don't suspend disbelief and reason and simply fall on the ground in awe of our President and his designs I am a teabagger, racist, homophobe, nazi, astroturf, fascist, neo-conn, redneck, uneducated slob who is a pawn of evil corporations and a slave to the party of 'NO'. I am unable to have thoughts of my own or must be deprived of the ability to reason for surely there is no way that on my own I could possibly conceive of the notion that maybe, just maybe what is going on in DC is not in the best interest of the country.

So yeah, I can see how my comments may be seen as a bit coarse and perhaps uncalled for but you know what, I am getting a bit upset, even angry with this nonsense, to the point where it has affected my health; that is how strongly I feel about the future of our country. So boo-hoo, I am sorry that Mr. Bishop might have to take some heat for his votes; I think he can bear that burden considering how much he gets paid and if he can't handle it he can quit any time.

Sorry if I offend those who believe in Mr. Bishop but I need to vent, I need to blow off steam because this is not how our system is supposed to work. An elected official has to stand before the people and worrying about his hurt feelings is a luxury I am not paying for. " Apr 9, 10 3:39 PM

No, government does not answer to the people, government answers to government; the people are just the source of the government's money. Government will answer to the people starting next year after the liberal front suffers historic electoral losses in the fall and the one-term-wonder can longer ram his garbage down our throats. Now this Idiot-in-chief has to figure out how to pay for all this garbage.

Now we all get to enjoy the banter about VAT tax, soda tax, pizza tax and tax tax to pay for all this garbage and oh, I am all a tingle with thoughts of Cap and Tax and Immigration reform, I am sure there will be a citizenship tax in there some where for the pure pleasure of being allowed on the same continent as your beloved Messiah.

" Apr 13, 10 1:17 PM

Fascism, marxisim, communism, socialism and progressivism all come from the same root, they are all cousins and belong to the left, to the Democrats. None of them have any tie to conservatism and what the majority of Americans believe. This is a center-right country and no matter how much may wish it to be, the election of Obama did not mark any kind of shift in the people but simply marked a desire for change and Obama simply benefited from an unpopular president.
" Apr 13, 10 1:25 PM

You honestly believe the numbers that were given for Obamacare were accurate? Ha! Keep lying to yourself and hope 51% of the rest of the voters have their head in the sand as deep as you do.

My feeling; the Bower-in-chief has got until January of 2011 to do as much damage as he can before he loses his congressional majorities. " Apr 13, 10 1:33 PM

It is not the government's job to decide for me what I want to eat and then punish me for my choices. If you want to line in a nanny state that is going to tell you what to do from cradle to grave, fine, move to Cuba. I want to have a coke and a slice of pizza I should not have to pay for the luxury of doing so. Kids are getting fat, blame the lazy parents who just give them what they want, make parents parent and stop handing off that job to some government agency.

You don't want to pay for anothers indulgences, fine, ban any thing any one can get hurt doing; skiing, snowboarding, mountian bike riding, parachuting, hunting, running, ban it all. You really believe in that crap, ban every thing and we can all sit in padded rooms, wrapped in bubble wrap eating tofu and water!

See how easy it is to take a naive idea and twist it into something ugly, stuff telling me what to do, where to go, what to eat, what to drive, and on and on and on. People just want to be left alone but hat is not going to happen if we just keep letting government intrude more and more into our lives." Apr 13, 10 3:33 PM

Yes, you are telling me what to do, pay a special tax, a consumption tax I guess you would call it. No. I don't want to pay more taxes, I think the government wastes the money it gets all ready, why the heck would I want to give them even more money to waste.

Government; federal, state, county, city/towns, all have a role but right now they are not doing their jobs. All I see is waste, waste and more waste; NY state id a disaster, EH town is in big trouble and frankly, the US govt. is out of control so forgive me if I don't want to jump on the 'paying more taxes will make every thing okay' bandwagon. It is stupid to give more money and more power to all ready bloated and ineffective agencies or create new ones.

You want to tax my food, fine, you better be behind taxing anyone who rides a bike, jogs, plays a sport. I don't want my premiums going up to pay for weekend warriors who go out and hurt themselves, sounds fair to me. Or maybe you can explain to me how in the long run that is any different, dazzle me." Apr 14, 10 7:28 AM

It is the same old tired story, you oppose the dumbocrats, you are a racist, you are a sub-human monster that needs to go back to your cave and gnaw on a bone. It is almost as sad and pathetic as the apologist-in-chief we have for a president." Apr 14, 10 7:35 AM

Government mandated, not a personal choice. Yes, it is private companies but you must buy it, you must comply, or be fined by...wait for it... the government, ta-da. Does that about sum it up in nice tiny bites that can be digested?" Apr 14, 10 11:14 AM

Ah, now I know who one of the 5 people who watch Meltdown with Kieth Olbermann is." Apr 14, 10 11:24 AM

Sure it does and why shouldn't a private company be in charge of itself and its policies. It is the mandate, a dictate from a powerful central government that makes you buy insurance I have issue with. Never before has the federal government made 30 million people buy something, weather you want it or not. That is an ugly precedent and you should really think about it. Why, because one day it may not be Barack the Wonderful making you do something, it could be a big evil republican; remember that." Apr 14, 10 12:46 PM

Grand jury details financial disarray and disaster in East Hampton

McGintee pretty much ruins the town, aided by a lazy democratic town board, and gets to skip away with his pension free as a bird. Great, only on Long Island. I can see no clearer sign that the system doesn't work and though I wish no ill on any one, I hope McGintee gets whats coming to him, some day, some how, I hope there is such a thing as karma.

I am just so disgusted and disappointed." Jun 23, 10 9:30 AM

Governor approves East Hampton finance plan

Thank you Mr. LaValle for helping to right the wrongs committed against the people of East Hampton for 6 years of incompetent Democrat Party rule. " Jun 23, 10 3:32 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

Tim Bishop is no moderate, he is a dyed in the wool piece of garbage liberal who votes for what his party wants, the way Pelosi tells him to. Bishop could give a rats ass what the majority of his constituents thought if his real boss Nancy tells him to vote the other way. It is time for lil'Timmy Bishop to hit the road, head first preferably." Sep 4, 10 10:28 PM

yeah, funny how the dems have the majority in both houses of congress and hold the white house but some how, magically, it is the republicans fault. If you think that makes sense you may be a dyed in the wool boot licking liberal who has had way too much kool-aide over the best 18 months or trying out the new Obama math, 2 + 2 = 14 trillion in debt." Sep 10, 10 9:30 AM

I didn't shut up, my life doesn't hinge on responding to you. Fine, blame the Republicans, will you also blame Democrats for the fiasco at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Will you give Republicans any credit for trying to step in there and make corrections? How about Barney Frank and Maxine Waters who defended those two institutions and said every thing was fine? How about how it seems an awful lot of democrat (Raines, Emmanuel) operatives worked for those two companies and became millionaires while the companies spiraled toward collapse?

Lets look at your deal leader Comrade Obama, he complains giving tax cuts to the top 3% will cost $700 billion over tens years. So what, his failed stimulus cost us over $800 billion in one year but it is different, it is better if he has the money and the greedy people who might actually earn it!

And it is not the Bush economy anymore local 84. Comrade Obama bought it when he forked over all that money to save it and give us the 'summer of recovery'. I don't know who is the bigger joke now, President Obama or the millions of idiots who believed him." Sep 13, 10 4:06 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

Seems like liberals loved 'outsider' Hillary when she ran. If it is good enough for her, it is good enough for him." Sep 20, 10 2:54 PM

Former President Bill Clinton Will Stump For Congressman Bishop On Wednesday

Bill Clinton, the first democrat presidential candidate I ever voted for and more than likely the last. Don't get me wrong, I like Bill and if I could I would choose him over Obama every day of the week." Oct 27, 10 3:20 PM

I guess we can like him as much as carpetbagger Hillary Clinton..oh that's right, she a liberal, it is okay for her. " Oct 27, 10 3:22 PM

EDITORIAL: We Mark Our Ballot

It was not so much an endorsement of Bishop but a non-endorsement of Altschuler. Not exactly a home run for Dimmy Bishop." Oct 28, 10 3:37 PM

Al I can say is term limits. I like LaValle but 34 years is too long. Thiele...well he is pretty much a waste and again, time for new blood. Bishop? Oh my good buddy Dim Bishop, this spineless rubber stamp can not be gone from D.C fast enough. " Oct 28, 10 3:47 PM

Well we all have to be careful when we have a censor like you around Turkey, I know how much you like to silence those you don't like. Weasel? Is that a bad word here yet or have you not had time to play thought police yet? " Oct 29, 10 7:48 AM

Ah the easy 'bigot' label if you do not agree with liberals. And just for TB, Dim Bishop." Oct 29, 10 12:52 PM

Dim 'Weasel' Bishop. Just for you man, love." Oct 29, 10 12:54 PM

You don't expect Dim Bishop (for you TB) to actually stand up and be held accountable for the bad things he voted with Nancy for? Maybe he just too busy for that palling around with Bubba and Biden to worry about such things. " Oct 29, 10 1:11 PM

Haha, once you have to go Nazi it shows how desperate you are. Add that to the liberal list of code words like if you disagree with them. " Oct 30, 10 8:21 AM

Wow, some one is reaching. Nixon, really?" Oct 30, 10 8:23 AM

Awww poor little philathome, a little sarcasm too much for you?
Fact: Majority of Long Islanders still oppose Obamacare which Dim Bishop voted for and we can see that it is shaping up to be a failure. Why else in an election year would the government give special exemptions to large corporations? When looking across the nation, the number who oppose this legislation is even higher and is an impediment to our economic recovery.

His vote alone is enough to make detest this spineless shell of a man, a liberal sock puppet who does just as Nancy Pelosi tells him to. You know it, I know it, he knows it; he is a piece of leftist flotsam adrift in the political sea of and like all liberal detritis needs to be cleaned up, deposited on the dung heap of history where he and Obama belong.

In the end I am just doing what President Obama told me, CHANGE. It is time for change, Bishop has had 8 years and if he has not achieved his goals by now HE NEVER WILL. " Oct 30, 10 8:44 AM

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