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The Lobster Inn suffering as a result of county roadwork

The body of water is Cold Spring Pond , not Big Fresh Pond , which is further East and a lot smaller." Sep 25, 08 1:51 PM

After four years, Southampton Town Trustees approve Dockers proposal

This proposal should not have been approved in my opinion.
Also , the little Google map puts the location wrong.It should be further east.Where it is now is in the middle of the Quogue Canal :-)" Oct 7, 08 4:49 PM

Quogue officials say gas station deal might be off table

I say it should be allowed to stay open 24 hours.The 7-11's in WHB and East Quogue stay open 24 hours.Quogue cops go there for coffee and donuts.
If the Hess in Quogue is allowed to stay open 24 hours then the Quogue cops won't have to go as far to get there coffee and donuts saving taxpayers $ . :-)" Oct 22, 08 12:19 PM

County considers roundabout for Flanders intersection

Why not put up a traffic light like the one at the 104/105 intersection to the North ?" Oct 22, 08 1:12 PM

oops ! I forgot to read page 2." Oct 22, 08 1:13 PM

Quogue officials say gas station deal might be off table

The Mayor might be going to ClubFed for his alleged insider trading deals. :-)" Oct 22, 08 4:02 PM

Water Mill residents unhappy about Subway

GO SUBWAY !!" Oct 22, 08 4:06 PM

Dredging project will bolster Smith Point, Cupsogue beaches

They should dredge Shinnecock Inlet while they're at it." Oct 22, 08 4:08 PM

Two men die in major crash

R.I.P." Oct 22, 08 4:18 PM

Hearing on zoning change is scheduled in Quogue

Seems like too little too late." Oct 22, 08 4:20 PM

With expanded court, justices spend less time on the bench

If the town is trying to cut costs why don't they reduce the judges' salaries ?
They work less hours but still get the same salary salery and benefits package !!!" Oct 22, 08 4:26 PM

Dredging project will bolster Smith Point, Cupsogue beaches

Very true.Their was an awesome set of necks on the south side of Moriches Bay off Westhampton Dunes not long after Pike's Inlet broke through in 1991." Oct 25, 08 1:41 PM

Restaurant owner robbed in Westhampton Beach

Time to get a NYS pistol permit." Oct 25, 08 6:36 PM

" And do what, Matt? Personal security is much more than mindess utterances like that! "

" ...a mindless utterance..." ??? I think you're confused , frank wheeler.Its a fact that criminals avoid armed citizens.Educate yourself." Oct 28, 08 11:57 AM

Despite scrutiny, Quiogue subdivision approved

Before worrying about this subdivision's effect on Quantuck Bay consider the fact that all of the main street business district empties into Moniebogue Bay , all the McMansions on Quantuck Bay , and the hundreds of homes on Westhampton Dunes !
" Oct 29, 08 12:00 PM

Resident , I don't need a map ! I boat on these waters.Moniebogue bay is right next to Quantuck , separated by the Quantuck Canal.Get your facts straight !" Oct 30, 08 12:46 PM

Rivercatwalk developer files $25 million lawsuit against Southampton Town

Seems that if you don't get your way you file a lawsuit and claim your civil rights were violated." Oct 30, 08 6:39 PM

Union protests wages paid by bowling alley owners

Seems like a small job for Local 7 to be fussing over." Oct 30, 08 6:42 PM

State closes shellfishing because of staff shortages

This is total B.S. ! They closed half of Moriches Bay in 1989 because they said they didn't have the manpower to test the waters !
I think Southampton town should file suit against the DEC like Easthampton Town did.Light a fire under their *ss's." Nov 13, 08 6:08 PM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

Why couldn't Ms. Galasso hire somebody to clean up the silly string so she could go trick or treating ?" Nov 18, 08 6:19 PM

Baykeeper files petition for no-discharge zone

Good going Kevin McAllister ! Now we need to address the problem of Montauk Highway's stormwater runoff going directly into Shinnecock Bay at Bay Avenue , East Quogue , Weesuck Creek next to the public dock , another REALLY big drain going into Weesuck Creek by The Mad Hatter , and other numerous locations on Montauk Highway and other roadways.
By treating this stormwater runoff the bays water quality will greatly improve.
Southampton Town had a stormwater runoff program of drains on town roads but I haven't noticed any new ones or maintenance of the existing ones." Dec 3, 08 11:41 AM

Carol Combs do you realize you misspelled your own last name ?
If you think the drain at the end of Bay Avenue is big you should see the size of the one draining into Little Weesuck Creek northeast of the Mad Hatter." Dec 4, 08 7:48 PM

The drain I'm referring to is located just south of the dirt road that used to lead down to the little marina that was owned by bill swann and now is used by chesterfield associates to dock their lc's and barges.The road is blocked off now.Their is a real estate office to the north of it.I remember as a kid exploring the area and finding this huge drain.
Is that other historian Lee Phillips ?
I think you probably now who I am by now - Privateer Matt ? Ring a bell ?" Dec 7, 08 1:08 PM

Zone changes may be coming to East Quogue

Definately upzone it." Dec 7, 08 1:12 PM

Baykeeper files petition for no-discharge zone

I wouldn't doubt this drain is still in operation as are all the other drains that drain Montauk Highway , a county road.Suffolk County should get it together and modernize these drains so run off doesn't go directly into the water.Maybe run it through a filter system like Babylon Town is experimenting with." Dec 7, 08 7:23 PM

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