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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I thought the town had already shut down the diner's latino night ? The diner's owners were/are breaking the law by running dual useages .

The town should buy the whitehouse property and tear it down and make it into a park or something like they did to those beach bars on Dune Rd.
There's only one beach bar left in that area of Dune Rd. , Neptunes." May 25, 09 6:40 PM

Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

Drivers today don't even do the basics like signal when they're making a turn
or changing lanes.
The economy is also making people a lot ruder than normal , in my opinion." May 25, 09 6:45 PM

Shinnecocks reach settlement that could bring federal recognition by 2010

Let them operate a larger casino in western Long Island. If they open one on tribal lands I'm very concerned about the pollution of the bays increasing." May 27, 09 4:49 PM

Man cited after altercation with Giuliani on Bridgehampton street

A lot of kooks are popping up on this place. You can't walk around and harass a person and get in their face. Period. Its called harassment ! The kook that was harassing Guliani desrved to be arrested. In my opinion he shoud have been held for phychiatric observation" May 27, 09 4:54 PM

Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

If you don't like the prices don't go there ! Simple enough , isn't it ?" May 31, 09 4:24 PM

Hampton Bays woman founds new pro-immigration organization

Yeah , I agree with squeaky. Help fellow Americans out , not illegal aliens." Jun 2, 09 4:37 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

I went to WHB high school with Ray . He's a good guy in my opinion." Jun 4, 09 11:23 AM

California looking to local scientists for help restoring eelgrass to San Francisco Bay

I was thinking the same thing myself , kpjc. Baymen aren't supposed to use outboards to blow out steamers in the intertidal zone but this is largely ignored
in my experience. The bay constables should step up enforcement of this law.
As far as blowing razor clams out , they use outboards to blow these out in the subtidal zone and eel grass doesn't stand a chance growing there because they are constantly churning the sand.
When I was in grade school I could catch blue claw crabs during the day and spear eels also during the day in the thick eel grass beds in the south part of little Shinnecock Bay." Jun 6, 09 6:09 PM

Application for 29-lot subdivision in East Quogue is withdrawn

William Haley : Maybe you should donate YOUR property that the Town isn't letting YOU build on." Jun 11, 09 3:41 PM

William Haley : No offense but your property is too close to Weesuck Pond.
Too much potential for run off and seepage from the septic system.
" Jun 13, 09 1:55 PM

Local lawmakers challenge saltwater fishing license proposal

snarko77 : The Dongan Patent applies to local town waters. Its been a while since I've seen a whale in local waters. LOL." Jun 14, 09 10:23 AM

Protesters demand an end to shark tournament

Having a shark tournament is ridiculous considering the state of the shark populations today. The shark populations have been decimated due to finning and other unethical fishing practices.
Its selfish and egotistical to have these tournaments anymore.They upset the natural balance of predator and prey too and it goes right down the food chain." Jun 24, 09 9:28 AM

Walt : 3 pieces of advice for you : 1. Quit drinking. 2. learn to spell. 3 Get a life !
ROTFLMAO !" Jun 29, 09 3:41 PM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

Bridget325 : I applaud the Quogue PD for pulling people over for minor things in order to get DWI drivers. I was pulled over myself one time because I unknowingly had my high beams on. I wasn't drinking so everything went fine.
Had I been drinking it would have been jail time.
I've been in several accidents over the years and none of them were my fault , they were the fault in at least one case of a drunk driver , who after the accident I called the police up and she got arrested and was crying like a baby.
In on other accident , which occured at the Oakdale merge on Sunrise Hwy , back in 1984 before they fixed Sunrise and got rid of all the traffic lights , I was pulling out of a green light when I got hit from behind by a vehicle going 70 or 80 mph and my car flipped over. The driver fled the scene but he had probably been drinking." Jun 29, 09 3:52 PM

EastEnd68 : You weren't at the scene of the accident so you don't know what you're talking about." Jul 1, 09 10:52 AM

sjd : You must have flunked out in reading comprehension 101. My comment about the Quogue cop and the donuts was sarcasm , friendo.
As far as your friend who got pulled over : He/She should have used his turn signals. :-)" Jul 1, 09 10:59 AM

Brown Tide back in western Shinnecock Bay

Quantuck was a good place to clam until some unscrupulous clammers started tow raking in there after the Bay Constables got off duty in the afternoon." Jul 1, 09 11:05 AM

North of Highway : Over harvesting of shellfish has nothing to do with brown tide , in my opinion. Supposedly the aureoccus anaphegefarens (not sure if I spelled it corectly , I doubt it) is too small to be eaten by shellfish. So if its too small to be eaten what effect would a large shellfish population have ? Not much.
The tow raking I talk about occured in the late 1970's.
Quantuck Bay is now closed year round by the Town Trustees because they stocked it with bigger clams a few years ago to make a spawner sancuary." Jul 1, 09 2:55 PM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

youknow : So what do the empty bottles prove ? Nothing. As far as the ME's report is concerned that's confidential information and will not be known to the public UNLESS , in my opinion , a civil suit is initiated by the relatives of the passenger or the owner of the car against the estate of the driver." Jul 1, 09 3:02 PM

Basking shark spotted near Ponquogue Beach in Hampton Bays

Those guys that close to the shark are your typical Darwin Award candidates ! LOL." Jul 1, 09 3:05 PM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

sjd : In addition to failing Reading Comprehension 101 and Spelling 101 in grade school its also quite obvious that you retained the grade school mentality of name calling. :-)" Jul 2, 09 10:34 AM

East Hampton man dies after heart attack on train

Poor man ! I wonder if the train crew is equipped with and trained in the use of a defibrillator ?" Jul 2, 09 10:39 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

I agree with Baywoman." Jul 3, 09 10:37 AM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

sjd : Quit bothering me. I refuse to answer you ridiculous comments. Buzz off !" Jul 3, 09 10:40 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

lgfla : That won't happen in our life time. did you know there is pending legislation that will make Hate crimes penalties more severe but only if committed against blacks , latinos , gays , etc. but these harsher penalties won't apply if the victim is White ?" Jul 3, 09 12:18 PM

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