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Prosecution rests, defense case opens in Oddone trial

Thank you to Mike and the Press for their prompt reporting-Newsday and News 12 have no story yet." Nov 20, 09 4:47 PM

Southampton Hospital receives $5 million for Emergency Department

A very thoughtful gift-thank you" Nov 20, 09 4:48 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

not on CPF land" Nov 24, 09 10:39 AM

Oddone won't take stand; both sides rest, and closing arguments slated Tuesday

Bottom line-Tony's going upstate for 25 years" Nov 29, 09 9:36 PM

Montauk smiley faces require town approval

How stupid is the town. The faces are cute and clever." Nov 30, 09 2:18 PM

Kabot takes down press release after town attorney files complaint

The issue is not the press release, the issue is posting it on the website. Officals should be allowed to continue with uncensored press releases-they just should not be posted on the town website." Dec 1, 09 9:43 PM

Oddone jury will consider lesser charges

friend4life-its a long trip upstate for lifetime visits, and its very cold up there" Dec 2, 09 1:37 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

Praying for Andrew Reister's family who lost a father and husband. Praying the jury does the right thing." Dec 2, 09 5:07 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

PBR-I'm getting sick reading your comments. It was Mr. Reister's job to make the first physical move, that what he was hired to do. Proper protocol was to ask Mr. Oddone to get down from the table which Mr. Reister did. If Mr Oddone had obeyed he would not have these problems today and Mr. Reister would be here with his family." Dec 7, 09 4:05 PM

HB4life-you really are a jerk-there are no deadlines on websites" Dec 8, 09 5:51 PM

Press editor-please consider a policy limiting comments to 240 characters or some reasonable number. This policy should apply to all stories on 27East. Thank you." Dec 9, 09 10:44 AM

Joe Shaw-thanks for a responsible job. Hope you bought Mike dinner." Dec 10, 09 6:04 AM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

I want to go on record as saying Ray Dean does a very good job." Dec 11, 09 5:29 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

What an excellent job of reporting by the Press-thank you" Dec 11, 09 5:30 PM

Company seeks exemption from Hampton Bays moratorium

Vacant run down buildings always look better in a community. People in HB should get their heads out of there --- and wake up." Dec 11, 09 6:05 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

Mike reported it correctly-not quility of the murder charge. The misleading headline was corrected immediately. If anything Mike should be promped for a job well done." Dec 12, 09 8:51 PM

Mr Shaw-you have no need to apologize. You and your staff are doing a great job." Dec 14, 09 3:09 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

A correct decesion-justice is served." Dec 14, 09 5:35 PM

Around Town Hall: Southampton Town details hamlet boundaries in new map

Finally an offical ruling showing what's Remsenburg and what's Speonk" Dec 14, 09 5:55 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Long overdue-hope to see Southampton become Las Vegas East" Dec 15, 09 5:46 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

It is only 10 hours since this record snow has stopped falling. The town crews are doing an admirable job and all streets should be plowed by Tuesday morning. In view of the advance warnings anyone who runs out of food and other basic supplies has no one to blame but themselves." Dec 20, 09 8:36 PM

Thank you Bill and your guys for a job well done. The blizzard of 2009 is sending you out in style." Dec 21, 09 12:31 PM

Southampton Town extends Hampton Bays moratorium

Leave the vacant run down buildings as is. Encouraging no future investments or improvements equals very good planing." Dec 23, 09 9:47 AM

This is the same moratorium that ended in June and was extended six months. Do anything except make decesions." Dec 23, 09 6:05 PM

Southampton Town Board closes out old capital projects

REDO-Linda should never have lost the election. Where was this information when we needed it." Dec 30, 09 11:55 AM

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