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UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

The purpose of child pornography laws is to deter people from using children to produce pornography.

The guy's a sicko, but a criminal?

No children were harmed. He didn't make any money from this. He didn't do anything to make the pictures private. The photos were created and viewed in his own home until he threw them away.

I'm not defending this guy, but this seems like a harmless private activity, not grounds for criminal prosecution. " Jan 26, 13 11:37 AM

He didn't distribute the photos to anywhere except the trash. " Jan 27, 13 10:20 AM

I did read the article and I do find it greatly disturbing.

Since the activity described was private and harmless, it's hard for me to see this as a crime.

" Jan 27, 13 10:27 AM

Looked up this case recently. I see he was sentenced to time served, three weeks, and people complained about the light sentence.

At the sentencing, the judge stated that no children were harmed. Repeat, no children were harmed.

This guy spent time in jail and received a criminal conviction for a private activity where no one was harmed.

I guess that doesn't matter once the lynch mob mentality sets in. " Aug 23, 14 8:34 AM

The sentencing judge said that no children were harmed.

That's the key fact here, no matter how indignant you feel. " Aug 23, 14 8:37 AM