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Southampton Chamber of Commerce opposes usage-based LIPA surcharge

Again and again I say that we the Chamber do not oppose the surcharge. We support a fair NON CONSUMPTION BASED surcharge. " Sep 26, 08 7:38 AM

Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

Why not make the 5 spots paid and two spots voluntary? The opposition to removing 2 is that MORE review is nessecary not paid review. Volunteers are found everywhere on boards committees ets why not ask those whose terms are up to commit for free. " Jan 7, 09 7:12 PM

PS those who comment and don't sign there names got no guts and must be hiding something. " Jan 7, 09 7:14 PM

Neighbors near CR39 want to keep commercial traffic off residential streets

The Supervisor, Planning Board are absolutely correct in making cross accessing of business properties along Co. 39 a priority.
The devolper and his design team made an incorrect choice as to how they set up that deveopment knowing that acess would be granted.
The planning board however should have forwarned the deveolper that by the orientation of the homes built on that road would be in peril and asked them to modify their plans. That would ayt least show for the record it was addressed before approval.
As a member of the CAC I remember concern by our committee about just that issue. " Feb 12, 09 8:37 AM

Debate over Southampton farmers market continues

I think if we work together we can find a way to have a real consenus and have a great farmers market. We have to respect the people working year round to keep the Village an attraction. If you look at what the panel had said about meeting the growers and learning about locally grown produce it really implies an owner being there. You can't acomplish what they say is the main benifit with hired help. Therefore for the local merchants to participate it would be best to do this out of season like September and October. We could get local participation without the stress of battling it out in our "100 day war'" that we call the season. We could surely use 700 extra people in the Village in those months NOT July and August when we are going full out. I hope the unnamed commentators who have an oppinion show up at the next meeting. It really comes down to this. I am in the breakfast business. When the Lion's club does its annual pancake breakfast I was off about 20% in sales that morning. It was only once a year so I did participate and donate product to promote my business. However its once a year and I decide what I give away. This market in the summer is believed to be a promotion but you are gambling with other peoples money.
If we start out September and October and it becomes a win win that will translate into more sales for everbody then we can move it around or expand the idea and dates. I would not be in favor of a pancake breakfast every Sunday in the summer just like Paul would not be in favor of a spaggetti dinner every week in season. See you (whoever you are) at the next meeting. BOB " May 17, 09 9:06 PM

Preserving "dark skies"

Just got to say Susan Harder Patent# 6,497,501 Serial # 76381699 Jan 14th 2003. Company name is Parshield. The shield she is promoting and trying to Legislate is made in China and costs around 20 per shield. She has said publically that she "gives the shields away so no one thinks I'm making any money". I also give away one free when you buy 12 does that make me an environmentalist or just a capitalist. Don't mind a marketing campaign that includes concerns for the environment but to legislate that these shields must be used and on millions of light fixtures is a scam. " Aug 13, 09 7:16 AM

Debate over Southampton farmers market continues

Again for all those against high prices and for fair competition, I guess you have no consept of the cost of running a retail business in the village of SH. It was said at the forum we had that one business pays more in one month to have his scales inspected than the entire fee's discribed by the woman for Westhampton's farmers market. I guess you nameless comentators don't believe in fair competition after all. Regarding the management of the "market"; by placing the health and safety of the public in the hands of an inexperienced student is FOOLISH. By not having a follow up dicussion to create the perameters for this market is completly dishonest. But if gov't can deliver a "free" market for anyone to sell their imported goods I just we can expect more of the same from the Fed to run our medical system. Remove competition cut costs but most of all make the population more dependent on the good graces of our Big Brother Government. You will get your lower prices but you will pay dearly down the road. BOB " Sep 20, 09 10:14 PM

Southampton Town candidate debate attracts nearly 200 people

Lets go back to the top. Who are you "walt" of southampton. Lets meet for a cup of coffee some time. You pick the day and place. I'll bring some other local family representives to discuss your comments on how little people like you think of our children and grandchildren. As i write this blog to you gutless nonames my daughter is signing a contact on a home for her family 45 minutes west of here. Affordable housing is not a right or a gift but a recongnition of a real part of the "free" market which is first time home ownership. Its a rung in the ladder up. Those rungs have been removed by exclusionary zoning perpertrated by people like "walt" that want nothing to do with a real comunity except to "preserve" his precieved property values. He is a segragationist. By segregating by econmic status we are the moral equivilant to the Jim Crowe laws of the south. Walt my daughter and her riff raff family are now just another notch in your exculusionary "gun belt". " Oct 23, 09 5:06 PM

One more attempt to get through to "walt" from Hampton Bays. Check out this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdu_KveENqE
Somehing is very wrong with the idea that if you can't afford "here" move. You hide behing some conservative montra of America is for winners and everyone else are just losers. My Grandpa bought a home for twice his annual salary. So did my father and so did I. My son and daughter are excluded from the town and taxpayer dollars used to educate them by not allowing smaller building plots and stepping stone rental housing. I don't want any F$%^&ing give aways or subsidies but every builder I know says the same thing. We can't build affordable first homes or mutlifamily dwellings because of the zoning and the law suits from people who think like you "walt". Your thoughts are shortsighted and reflect the sad state of what has been. Click on the above link and see what the studies and statisics show. I'm right you are wrong end of freaking story.......... " Oct 26, 09 10:59 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

This makes for real interesting reading. I really like the comments of people not using their real names to inform Mr. Shaw to insist that real names are used. You can't make this stuff up. As far as Aldrich Park and the constitution... well its just to bad that it took so long to be played out in the court system. A big kudos to all those who worked tirelessly to bring the truth out. So lets take down the tape and get those guys behind the hedges and off the street where its SAFE for everyone regardless of their legal status.
And just a small point... almost 70% of workers hired from hiring sites nationally are hired by private citzens not BUSINESSES.
Another small but intersting point...over 80% of the illegal immigrants we have in this country came here legally but over stayed their visa's. That is NOT a felony it is a code violation. And to quote DAGDAVID if you want that changed do the work to change the law at the federal level.
It seems immoral to me to have our government issue visitor visa's to people makeing $200 a month in their country and really expect them to just get on a plane and go back. They pay 10,000 American Dollars to buy into these obviously currupt systems. As one blogger mentioned I do not have a problem with workers storming our borders, I do agree they should be interested in citizenship and becoming American. This can be done with the proper political will. It will have to be done in a hate free pragmatic environment. Such an environment simply does not exist at this time and the tone of many of the comments here today show that crystally clear. " Nov 29, 09 7:55 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

As with the courts decision regarding Aldrich Park and now the Shinnecock Tribe its about time. What is left now is for our native American neighbors to decide who has been friend or foe in this whole process. As I recall years ago there was a Southampton supervisors race where one candidate saw fit put the others face on a jokers playing card for his position on negotiating in good faith with the Shinnecocks. I guess the town voters agreed and the candidate won the election. What is really ironic is that that supervisor is resonsible for the financial mess the Town now faces and the Shinnecock's gaming might be our only solution real solution.
What politicians think about in terms of gaming is that it will bring millions of revenue into their budgets. Whether they publicly say so or not they can't wait to get their hands on all that extra cash to over spend with. " Dec 16, 09 11:02 AM

Zappone to be appointed deputy supervisor of Southampton Town

Just got to say I've worked with Frank for the three years he was chair with the SH,T,ShHills CAC. I think he's a good man but a little naive about how things really work in Government. I am also deeply disapointed that at his last meeting as chair of the CAC he did not share his plans for the future with the people he had been working with even though we would surely be working with a new deputy supervisor in the future.
I do think he is a perfect match for the new supervisor. I hope the repuublican heavy board keep them both closer to the center than to the extreme left. I also hope his bias against property owners developement rights does not translate into a more business unfriendly town hall.
I also hope that his collectivism remains out of our town government.
" Dec 23, 09 8:26 PM

Southampton Town Board closes out old capital projects

Well that's a whole lot better than the 18 plus million figure we were throwing around during the election. Or was that the point?
Our newly elected supervisor has demonstrated her views on spending by out spending the last supervisor on her new deputy. That's 30k on the tote board for a position that was done pro se to the Town by an employee. basically making it a volunteer position.
I just thank our lucky stars we have a republican majority board with a real conservative in Jim Malone.
I will be watching ATH beating her left wing agenda against a wall for the next few years.
Oh by the way can we call back some of those employees let go under the pressure of an unsure budget deficit? Sounds like we could and we should. If we cut spending it should be with those that are responsible for the budgeting errors and looked the other way to make their deparments look better than they were. " Dec 30, 09 5:08 PM

CPF revenues up in November, still down overall

How does government even get the chance to speculate. Simply take a CPF vacation in spending for say one fiscal quarter and only spend what you make in that quarter.
I'm in business and I don't get to spend what "might" come in next month.
Maybe the new board will wake up and spend only what we can instead of what we would like. It would be a real change for the better. " Jan 8, 10 6:51 PM

Southampton Village moves forward with implementing vision plan

The Village sent out an RFP (request for proposal) over a year ago. Several firms made presentations to a panel. E E &K were selected in that process. I happened to be on that panel and I would say from the info I got personally the vote was pretty much unanimous. One major reason an "outside" firm had gotten my vote was becase they came in totally objective. They wanted us, the village people to tell them what we wanted out of this. I can't speak for the rest of the panel but that gave them the edge for me.
I am pleased with the results and hope to work with them and the Village to implement the vision we help form.
PS part of the fee to create that vision was paid for by a citizens group. " Jan 14, 10 10:38 AM

Suffolk executive to unveil plan to add solar carports to county lots

How much will it cost, and who will pay for it???????????" Jan 18, 10 5:22 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Are you guys reading what you are typing? Why would any fair minded person wanting to serve the community as a part of town government put him or herself through this type of inspection. The fact that you all care so much about the money says volumes about you. Why don't we start a new blog rule. You all not only sign your real names but include YOUR INCOME. That would provide a fair context to otherwise offhanded commentary.
How about a debate on the issues facing the town and the country? How about questioning the results of the status quo to our future and the future of our Tow? How about the effects of our own present finacial concerns over the long haul? How about a debate that yeilds ideas about what will be in the best interest for us now and later?
What we seem to relish in doing to our polictal system is analagous to poopin in our own in our own drinking water. We do have the right but it really tastes lousey. " Jan 29, 10 11:46 AM

Southampton Town Board candidates square off in first debate

Wasted time and energy on the "immigration" issue. Both candidates and all local officials have stated that its not something they can act on. Its like having an opinion on an California's fiscal policy. We here have nothing to do with it. I asked a question that was not answered except by a vocal local resident who felt fit to respond from her position as the next questioner. My question was how do both candidates reconcile their views on housing with the needs of next gereration and workforse housing. I did not say the words affordable housing as the woman who resonded stated. What I said was that my son lives in what Mr. Hughes would consider an over crowed illegal home and my daughter, who lived in the garden apartments in HB gave us a grandson but the town would not allow their complex's application to expand and build two bed room apartments. Now I have to drive an hour to see them up the island. So we have paid for thier education through these "school taxes" but we then ship them out to far away locales where they can live. If the current economic crisis has shown nothing else its that our value system has NOT worked. Both candidates ran a list of values for Hampton Bays. The water, the beaches, the open spaces, the small town look the BLAH BLAH BLAH. Community is a group of PEOPLE not things. If we really want to start preseving something should'nt it be us, the people, FIRST. Zero density, overcrowded houses are great campaign buzz issues. It does not reflect a will to move this community forward toward what is really needed. That's locals staying local for generations so we can preserve what really matters. Then the sea and the open space preseveation and the "stuff" will be an easy lift to keep.
" Feb 20, 10 7:29 AM

Ok let me explain. Its called an economy of size. The math you both just quoted is not correct. If you have 1,000 students in a system you divide the cost by that number. That is your cost per student. If you add one student to that system you do not increase the cost by the previous cost per student because there are few exra costs for one student. In this equation you would actually lower the cost per student by adding my grandson. The point is here that what you are basing your opinion on is the on shaped by the party most affected by the facts. The school district and its funding inthis case. If the affects of years of fuzzy math can over come by just thinking logically we can start to rethink our priorities. Again I challenge you (the collect you of course) to justify paying all this money for kids education and then zoning them out of our neighborhoods. Where is the ladder to sucess. You graduate, move out of Mom and Dad's house, get an apartment, meet some one marry have kids save for a home and start the process all over again. What has happened is that the long term planning of the last 10 years has been for the next 6 months. Basically gutting our communites and devalueing hard work , savings and living where we work. I suggest you rethink your points of view before i becomes personal to you. BOB " Feb 20, 10 6:27 PM

Terry nothing personal. Well that's not true I do take it personal. The fact that you have lived here for 30 years (to my 25) is making the my point. You want and insist on single family dwellings and you zone that way. That's called exculsionary zoning. Look up Mt Laurel New Jersey. It is morally, ethically and constituionally wrong to zone people out. It is a short term, feel good, build my only asset (real eastate) because I don't really care about the future, type of mentality. It has gotten the entire country into a mess. We plan for our pocket books and hope the other stuff will just fall into place. Well its fallen off the table. By the way Terry apartment complexs are taxed. If done with a real plan for sustainable economics we, the richest area of Long Island, could do much better. By buying into the fuzzy math discribed in my last blog repeating it and ignoring the fact that its dead wrong just shows how far we need to go. Wake up Terry. I did because for years I felt just like you so I know what stubborn is. " Feb 22, 10 6:50 PM

One more thing Terry, I ran out of space. I used to sell real estate before I owned my own business. If you were a real estate salesperson or broker and made the statement you should move to Riverside etc. it would be grounds to revoke your licence. America has fought hard to fight against segregation and repression. Segregating people by economics is still unconstitutional. Look it up Te...... what ever your name is. " Feb 22, 10 6:57 PM

The point is Terry that its "steering". That is the term used by the state to discribe suggesting people buy sell, or rent with consideration of a parties social or ethnic ilk. That's the state. The prevailing attitude of single family dwellings only disregards the market for next generation housing whether its rentals or homes for sale. That would mean smaller building lots and cheaper rentals. If you believe that there is no market for that than I get that. You feel that our kids should go away make their fortune and some day come back to spawn. It might work for salmon but it is not working for humans. We are (all of Long Island) lossing our kids in great numbers. So don't address it, use fuzzy math, decry high taxes, profess to be a worshiper of open space whatever you would like dress your real intent as but it is apparent (a parent) that you subscribe to the whats good for the next six months party. " Feb 24, 10 9:36 AM

My motives for coming here 25 years ago was to raise my family in a wonderful place. I want the same for them. I don't want any entilements from the govt. I just would not ignore the real market need to have the next gereration live and work here. You all can twist it around however it makes you feel good but the point is I'm not alone. Many I speak to would like this issue at least addressed. We are going round and round so lets just stop here. My vision for a sustainable well balanced community includes things beyond my property values. That means a compomise and expense for investment beyond my property lines. See you all at the next public meeting. Respectfully BOB " Feb 25, 10 11:53 AM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

My first car wass a Mazda rx3. It had a Wankel rotary engine in it. The knock on the engine was it was great for 70,000 miles and then it just falls apart. I put 71,000 and thought I would be the exception. No way it just broke down. I hope Mr. Wankel is not related to the design of that engine, but it looks like the same philosophy. good for the short term mentality. Ironic.
We seek to preserve the East End by buying up LAND. There needs to be a change of focus its PEOPLE that need to be preserved. The brainiacs at the Town board signed over the rights to lease out the restaurant space to an outside sourse because that makes good business sence. However negotiating in public and using the public as a pawn in those negotiations only works against the publics interests in te long run. The original buy/owners of Poxy did the same thing to get exactly what they wanted from the begining. Gov't cannot serve the public in business transactions, they will lose everytime in the long run. It is also IRONIC that the board member's names that made this "deal" are still on the sign at Poxy. I hope they get what they want now, dinner served to add more competition to an already strained market. Liquor being served at night. Mr. Wankel sharing in the profits of someone else's labor with the force of a gov't contract behind him. And sure we can vote the management company out at the leases end but they underwstand this and that's why the focus is on te short term. Dan Murray will be fine with his other business ventures and will probaly find another location but it will never be the same. What the heck are we preserving. " Mar 28, 10 10:24 AM

Hey "Mr. Barberosa" is that a reference to the old western movie with Rachael Welch. As so far as my post try reading it again. The Wankel engine was a short sighted gimick to make some short term cash. Mr Wankel was granted a contract for a short term and his point of view is not the long term. All these posts seem to suggest a value in Dan Murray because he has been here for a long time and is considered a local. Love lane on the nort fork is not. I get that so we all need to put the pressure on those people who make long term decisions with just that in mind. Let me spell it out L O N G T E R M planning. " Mar 28, 10 7:18 PM

"highhatsize" gets the picture except those who made the deal are no longer in office or are under invesigation for mis use of CPF monies (I think I'm repeating myself here). What "Nature" fails to report is that the tenant was (as a condition of signing a new lease) to make capital improvements to property that he OR the leasor (Mr. Wankel) does not own. That is like your landlord saying that your rent goes up 250 per month (your example) and you must build me a new deck. The new proposed lease states that the leasee must stay open later to sell dinner and give a percentage of the profits to the leaseing company. That's like your landlord telling you that you must occupy the property every day and when you get a raise at work the landlord gets a raise in rent. Those restrictions and demands precipitated a NO DEAL situation. It is America and a landlord has the right to set the deal for property leases but Mr. Wankel does not own the property. We as the owners gave him the right to speak for us for his own profit. I am for profit but not by useing the force of gov't to create leverage. That's not capitalism that's a police state. " Mar 29, 10 9:02 AM

Seven towns to sue MTA over payroll tax

I think the relevent thing is that if you take the total rider ship for Suffolk County and divide it by this new contribution to the MTA it comes to about 3,100 per rider. Why don't we just rent these people cars and call it a day. Of course I'm not suggesting that, sarcasm intended, we put thousands of cars back on the road. The comparsion was meant to illuminate the lack of service we get for our buck. Also the statement that Bill Schoolman made that the MTA is the most poorly run authority in NY can be proven by such comparisions. They are in the process of building and spending their way into what would be bankruptsy for a private business. " Mar 30, 10 11:25 AM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Years ago I tink in Californoia a polititian remaped a voting area to create more voters for himself. They named the process after him its called Jerrymandering. We should coin a phrase where as a local polititian creates a fund and then is the master of its dispersments. We could call it Freddymandering. Mr. Theile and the rest of his crew should listen to the sound of his collective constituency. It is starting to sound more and more like dump all the robber barrons that have gotten us all in debt up to our ears.
I am 100 percent behind saving the college AGAIN but not with Federal or even pblic money. What can't be saved through real fiscal planning NOT conniveing can't be saved. " Apr 23, 10 5:22 PM

Southampton School Board approves $57.3 million budget

How about no tax increase period. How about working with he capital you HAVE in hand which is last years numbers. How about making the school and its customers partners in the education of children and our future generation. That is 50/50 partnership. That's when my money is not more important than their services and visa versa. That assumes responsibility on both sides AND accountablility. That's social and fiscal responcibility. Stop treating the tax payer like some "market" where the focus is to sell stuff to. Conversely stop treating the schools like third parents. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their role in all this and not look to others for scape goating the short falls of child rearing. Its got to stop because its going NOWHERE. I hear it from teachers that parents don't do enough and parents that teachers don't do enough. Then you add the consumer/cash/tax dynamic in and its who makes what to do what with MY money. Its freakin chaos and the school and tax payers feed the controverseys to contiue the status quo. As long as their are taxpayers pockets to reach into and teaching jobs and services to be cut the discussion will continue with NO change. Therefore both sides win by doing nothing at all except to show off their debate and statisical expertise. Wake up and put a stop to the discussion and agree to real change in the way our schools are managed and funded. Fire the taxpayers and the school administrators with some sort of county or state standards of operation and RESULT. " Apr 27, 10 8:29 AM

PS now you grammar and debate experts can pick apart my comment and again micro analize what I've said and do what you do best..,.put form over content. " Apr 27, 10 8:32 AM

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