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UPDATE: Services Announced For Flanders Man Killed On Sunday

First off if he had time to confront them at the front door he had time to retrieve a weapon of self defense anyone who owns a gun knows this those of you who don't, ridicule. second the " laws" being passed don't deter crime that's why we call certain people criminals to make comments about if everyone had a gun there would be a blood bath, that's defiantly not from a gun owner we don't run down the block shooting people we think did wrong.the last three incidents of gun violence were committed by people with mental illness, yes restrict them from guns and fix the mental health system 80% of you don't know how bad it really is but our government pulls a knee jerk reaction, and attacks law abiding citizens, because it is a hot topic and will get them re elected....fix health care and now you did something FOR THE PEOPLE. But if we ALL knew how ineffective our government has become, we would right it.....Thomas Jefferson was afraid of exactly this read his quotes. We are still a great nation but we should be better, as for my door getting kicked in? I'll protect my lady's honor and my child, and prefer to be judged by six than carried by eight." Jan 29, 13 7:08 AM

I want to live in summertimes world.....stay away from drugs and people who do them and we will all be safe, hey we don't need police anymore. Lady hope you live a long life believing that." Feb 6, 13 8:07 PM

Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

We should not change the zoning of the area one guys comments at the meeting hit the nail on the head. It is zoned one way and should stay that way
Building condos there is a black eye for the area but the owners will profit the most from it, thats why they would install a high tech septic system but if they cant build condos they snub there nose at all the residents, shame on them
A restaurant on the canal will get plenty of tourists to come and allow the boats passing trough to dock and use the restaurant also. But there are no maintenance fees to collect from....I may. Not live in the area but I visit the area often and spend my money there, as far as shouthampton not what it used to be is because people allow it to happen, take it back or let the condos further ruin the motif of the area or will spite just let a dilapidated building sit there" Dec 11, 14 4:45 PM

PSEG Will Bury Hated Power Lines In Eastport, Remove 24 Steel Poles

Nobody is getting a free ride not only are the poles a hazard along 51 as steel will not snap as wood does but PSEG was REQUIRED to bury the lines all along 51 any new work was mandated to be buried, in the past a small electrical project was buried PSEG used there power to disregard doing a project the way they should have, they trampled citizens rights and people defend them for it under the pretense well we need power which maybe we did but do the right thing all 200 poles need to be removed, don't be sheep." Jan 10, 19 2:56 PM