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UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

I am not a blogger, I am not a lawyer, and I don't even normally write much, but I feel compelled to do so, hopefully to shed light on the situation that Jay finds himself in this day and hopefully it might help whomever may read this. The images that Jay created were never intended for public domain, they were his own. Some may even argue he has the right to do so, some may even say it was art, I am not the judge, I know he created them within the privacy of his own domain. He intended to rid himself of the images by double bagging his garbage and disposing of them, he made the mistake of not shredding or burning the images, I found it interesting that he was trying to rid himself of it, only to find himself sitting in jail today. If Jay has sinned it should be left between him and God, but hopefully, for some greater purpose it finds its way into the pulic domain. I believe you will find that Jay has never harmed nor would he ever harm another humanbeing, nevertheless a child, whom I believe he holds especially valued. I have witnessed much good that Jay has done for others, and I am not ashamed to consider him a friend and I would further add that he is probably one of the more precious souls that I have met in this life, I hope and pray that this may help some of you, In-Christ, David. " Feb 1, 13 1:20 PM

I have never seen nor was ever aware that such photos existed. Jay was a avid photographer taking pictures all the years I have known him. He is an architect, creative individual, I don't believe that he gave an image that he created the we may see as pornography to another, certainly didn't sell or post on the internet, I don't believe he would harm a child. I am sure the community will find the images he created, or thinking of them offensive, it concerns me as well, but they were never intended for public domain. Likewise, a parent who may be able to identify their minor child in the image he created surely wouldn't approve and would be greatly offended. However, the creations were Jay's own, who is damaged? We probably sin more in our thoughts and mind, and in the things that we don't do, should the government be involved there too?" Feb 2, 13 11:07 AM

Where do the laws and statutes come from? Is it possible that we may have bad case law? Were you there in 2007? Who was damaged, who was hurt? I understand when you mention children and pornography it is very upsetting, we want and should fight back at those who harm children, but can we as a people ever become to mistrusting or distrusting? May His peace and grace be upon you, and I hope this may help. David.
" Feb 2, 13 4:13 PM

I personally have never seen the images that Jay created. I am sure that many if not all would find them offensive, but they were his own. I am sure Jay is pained by the pain he has caused the community, and many that he has disappointed. I don't believe he ever intended to hurt any humanbeing. I found it interesting that he was trying to rid himself of something that I don't believe ever harmed anyone, but he finds himself in the place he is in today. I do believe his mission to spread kindness is real, I have personally witnessed good that he has done. I believe we should try and be kind to oneanother and let that continue and maybe be not so quick to judge." Feb 3, 13 1:01 AM

My friend, I would never ever suggest looking the other way especially when it comes to protecting a child and I realize why many are so upset and rightfully so. I am not a blogger, or lawyer, or licensed minister, but I am a believer. And as believers I believe we are called to minister to oneanother. I have never discussed the laws with Jay as you suggest, I do believe there might be a flaw in the case law. I don't believe it has been argued at the US Supreme Court level and it may have been argued in the Appelate Court improperly, but that is just one mans opinion. When I visited Jay in jail, I never asked but he said he has never harmed a child and I believed him even before the words came out of him. Sadly and maybe unfortunately, his crimes may have been victimless, especially if he would have destroyed the images that he had created, then there wouldn't have been a crime? Now parents who are experiencing curiosity may very well endup feeling victimized. The Word tells us that if we see a brother or sister in need, and we close our heart against them, how then can we say that the love of God be within us. I have been praying for all that are involved, my heart goes out to all, I recall another man you was betrayed by his friend, and probably his closest friend who avowed love and loyalty would deny him not once but three times, the crowd or community would turn against him, and as he was sentenced to a horrible and horrific death for his crimes, and he was supposedly sinless, he asked his father to forgive them for they know not what they do. Now I know Jay is a sinner and I do believe he may have very well been trying to shed himself of something, he and I never discussed it, but there is good news at the end of the story and I would be happy to meet and pray with you, for all of the community and individuals involved, In-Christs love, David. " Feb 3, 13 10:44 PM

Unfortunately there are people who have this problem. I don't know what Jay had created or his mindset at the time, and it is very concerning. However, if he would have been successful in ridding his mind and private domain of the images would there have been a victim? I know Jay needs prayer and I am going to be praying for you as well, In-Christ David. " Feb 5, 13 12:20 AM

My heart goes out. I really try to shy away from thoughts that may come into my mind that may only serve to robb me of living life. I would always choose life. I am reminded by a prophet who said that our emotions will often decieve us, he said that the heart above all is decietful, in other words we should not even trust ourself, never mind trusting anyone else, don't even trust yourself He goes on to say that we should put our trust in the Lord, I believe their daughter has gone on to a much better place, and I choose to put my trust in the Lord. " Feb 6, 13 12:29 AM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

Voter apathy and an electorate that is growing more distrustful of our elected political leaders seems more and more apparent. With governments that we no longer can afford will newly elected political leaders be able to make the tough unpopular decisions speaking the truth and bring us back to the values and principles in which we were founded on? The negative campaigning I believe has taken its toll on the American voter, I hope we are nearing an end to this kind of behavior and I hope Americans will begin to repudiate this behavior. It has unfortunately replaced the desire for vision and action and truth that we are hungering for from our leaders. " Nov 6, 14 1:23 PM

Zeldin Ousts Bishop With 10-Point Victory In Tuesday's Election

It is truly unfortunate when 2/3 of registered voters stay away from the polls, I attribute to the negative campaigning and the seemingly low opinion that we have of our elected leaders. Would a constitutional amendment that limits the time a citizen can hold public office be the answer? Would Americans favor ending the day of career politicians? " Nov 6, 14 10:03 PM