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Swine flu diagnosis for two Sag Harbor students

The real epidemic on long Island is the herion problem among our 20somethings. It dwarfs the swine flu and is almost always permanent. Our govt. should put more effort into containing the drug epidemic." Jun 15, 09 8:47 PM

Local lawmakers challenge saltwater fishing license proposal

If we had not overfished the shark population we wouldn't have so many seals eating the young flounder. We should put a bounty on comorans as they also eat most of the young fish and have no natural preditors. " Jun 15, 09 8:58 PM

Application for 29-lot subdivision in East Quogue is withdrawn

Farming corn would get rid of the tax liability? But if it is Pine Barrens, we should make an effort to keep it. A golf course is the worst disaster for the local ecology. Our environment is so sensitive. I have seen so many changes in the past 35yrs. Mr. Steck should have some sort of relief from the town. It is his property. But there should be some stipulations. It is getting more and more expensive to live out here. But we live out here because we love the natural beauty? We could go the way of Mastic...or move to North Carolina." Jun 15, 09 9:38 PM

Young chef takes a chance at 1 North Steakhouse

I was at 1 North on Friday. It was comfortable, the food was great and the staff freindly and knowledgable. The prices were reasonable for the quality of food. You have to try the "sliders". it had the feel that you could enjoy on a cool fall night.
I just asked for their catering menu to plan a party. I was impressed. I hope 1 North does well!!" Sep 29, 09 8:10 PM

Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

I agree BeachGal. School budgets are completely out of control. We have to reign in spending just as we have been doing in other sectors. Budgets have spiraled out of control. In addition, many people who have kids in the school do not pay taxes...." Apr 23, 10 1:15 PM

With all the activities, I am not sure what we are actually teaching in Hampton Bays schools. I went on vacation with a group of people and was held back at the airport because one 16 year old Hampton Bays HS student did not know how to sign his name. Granted, the parents are also at fault, but how do you promote someone who does not know script and how to sign their name? We should drop the activities and foreign language requirements and get back to basics." Apr 23, 10 2:25 PM

Increased the graduation rate because of social promotion. I know of a few students in this category. What percentage passed the regents exams? Correct me if I am wrong, but the percentage of HB students passing was in the 70's where the average for Long Island passed 90. " Apr 23, 10 2:47 PM

I cannot understand how a kid who cannot write script or sign his name can make it to the 10th grade... Isn't that social promotion? Or standards have dramatically changed since I was in HS... I know it has been a few years... but isn't this taught in the lower levels?" Apr 23, 10 3:11 PM

If the standards have increased, how did he make it to 10th grade? We should have concentrated on teaching him to sign his name or send him to a special school. We are concentrating on teaching English...
We are all facing cuts due to the economy. This is not the time to raise taxes when everyone is working with less money and so many are unemployed. We need to cut the budget and take a serious look at salaries, pensions and non-essential activities--- as has been going on in all other sectors of the economy. " Apr 23, 10 4:01 PM

What rage and hatred? We are merely stating the facts.

Many of us have had salary freezes or have been laid off due to the economy. We can't afford to raise teacher's salaries in this economy." Apr 23, 10 6:11 PM

I know the kid personally. He has no learning disability." Apr 24, 10 9:42 AM

I said nothing ignorant or hateful. Maybe you don't like the truth.

I guess you are probably one of those teachers who is upset they will not get a raise this year. Wake up to what is going on in the economy." Apr 24, 10 9:44 AM

82 cents a day is breakfast to some senior citizens who are trying to keep their houses....are new sports programs worth that? There are people who have been in this community forever and now cannot afford their taxes
This budget is extremely selfish. Every penny matters to people these days." Apr 24, 10 4:45 PM

Today's schools have way more than years ago. It is not necessary to add 5 new sports teams in an economy where 83 cents may mean breakfast of medications to some people.
Shameful on you for your narrow-mindedness. You are obviously part of the school system and have self-interests" Apr 24, 10 4:53 PM

Education- There is a house down the block from me where the school bus stops 3 times every morning. There are 6 cars in the driveway and much more than 1 family. I would guess that their tax burden for those kids is much less since they have well over 1 family none of which speaks English" Apr 24, 10 5:35 PM

Maybe the teachers should work a full year, full day and give up the pensions like the contractors and business people have done also, freeze the salaries. I have had a salary freeze for the past 2 years. My property value has gone down, my taxes are sure to increase, I am going to have to pay for health insurance. There are things that can be cut without hurting the kids education." Apr 24, 10 5:59 PM

Where do these educated HB students go after graduation. They have to leave HB to join the business world or find a job. Entry level construction, painting, landscaping, pool jobs all go to the illegals as cheap labor. Where does an 18 year old find a job in our community? We are undermining the middle class." Apr 25, 10 10:02 AM

Wow! talk about misdirected (knowledge LOL) I don't know where you get your information about :dining out, catered parties and exotic locals...I probably would not be living in HB if I had that kind of money.
you are incredibly wrong. It sounds like you have a lot of issues which you may want to address before you make a comment." Apr 25, 10 12:03 PM

I don't want to be responsible for throwing children out on the street. It should never have gotten this far. I am not going turn people in when the local govt is fully aware they exist and the school sees fit to education them. Police cars drive down my block every day with full knowledge of what is going on. The school has full knowledge of what is going on. Maybe we should start enforcing legislation similar to that of Arizona." Apr 25, 10 12:45 PM

Yeah...it will be a miracle.
I vote no." Apr 25, 10 5:32 PM

Interesting how you keep having my responses removed. I am surprised that the press humors you.

As stated before, you are a bitter women.
not that I should have to explain myself but since you are referring to a previous comment in which I rated a restaurant.
I frequented a local restaurant as a guest ..as for the catering, my siblings and I were planning a 50th anniversary party for my parents. It is no crime to go on vacation.
You are saying that we should not support our local restaurants and establishments. We should give all our disposable income to the schools.
I think you are more close-minded and more ignorant than I originally thought.
I hope you are not a HS teacher with that mindset.
Interesting that you do not live in Hampton Bays yet chose to berate someone who does." Apr 26, 10 2:08 PM

"knowledge is power"
It would seem that more likely, you are a high school drop- out
or one of those children who cannot write their name in script
or someone who is bitter because they never got out of the trailer park." Apr 26, 10 2:14 PM

The teachers are already paid more (between the salary and pensions) than most Hampton Bays residents.
Stores and restaurants are closing, construction is way down. The union needs a reality check.
This budget is going to go the same way as most New Jersey budgets have gone." Apr 26, 10 5:08 PM

if you really cared about Hampton Bays and the kids, you would all take a salary freeze and put that money towards the 5 new sports teams." Apr 26, 10 5:19 PM

How is a Hampton Bays HS graduate going to pay his taxes if he can't sign his name?" Apr 26, 10 6:42 PM

Ignore this women. She is dillusional" Apr 26, 10 6:48 PM

For more information on reducing our school taxes see
lischooltax.com" Apr 26, 10 7:52 PM

Thank you "Payfreeze" . I read the article also. It shows what caring teachers will do for the community in which they teach.
I would like to pass along 2 quotes which I think are relevant (not from the article)

THOMAS JEFFERSON "I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we can prevent the Government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, we will be happy.

MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG's “The fact is our education system looks a lot like the US auto industry in the 1970s- stuck in a flabby inefficient, outdated production model driven by the needs of employees"" Apr 27, 10 6:36 PM

I do believe there are many caring, dedicated teachers in HB. I do believe that the children need a quality education and that education is important for them and the community.
I also know that many in the community have been laid off, have taken pay-freezes/paycuts, cannot find work or on a fixed income.

I do not believe in the excess that exists and think most budgets on LI are out of control due to the increases of the past and the union.

Please do not misconstrue what I am saying. It seems that those in the education field are twisting the words of those who are not in favor of the budget to mean we are negative to the community. You are trying to spin things to make us seem anti-community and racist when we are merely stating the facts.
Insulting those that are not in favor is not the way to gain votes or admiration. The budget is insulting in itself." Apr 28, 10 7:04 AM

Please let me know how you arrived at that calculation because it is incorrect." Apr 28, 10 12:34 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Good luck Southampton! This is a place that should never be developed.
Graduate of Long IS Univ. and Southampton College.
" Apr 28, 10 11:06 PM

Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

i grew up with Dan's...was great...then he bought into the scene and thought it could become his. Forgot about the fundamentals..." May 4, 10 7:05 AM

Good Luck Dan...We love you!!!! All things aside. You are an institution and alot of fun!!" May 4, 10 7:10 AM

Town reassessment complicates Hampton Bays school tax scenario

Because they just don't get it...
The last board seems to have been taken down because of the outrage against this budget. They new figures are not any better...
5 new sports teams???
salary increases??
We scored a little over 70 on the regents where the average for LI was over 90.
This is a $24,000 education" May 7, 10 5:15 PM

Why don't we just make it an even 50,000...after all it is for the teachers...oops students." May 7, 10 5:17 PM

That may be so. It does not change the fact that today's budget is out of control. 5 new sports teams and salary increases at a time when people are out of work, businesses are not doing well, there are salary freezes and everyone is struggling. It is extremely selfish and unrealistic. The board better have a backup plan because this is not going to pass" May 10, 10 6:59 PM

This is nonsense. We are not taking away their education. We are cutting back on excess as is being done in every other sector of the economy " May 10, 10 7:01 PM

THOMAS JEFFERSON "I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we can prevent the Government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, we will be happy.

MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG's “The fact is our education system looks a lot like the US auto industry in the 1970s- stuck in a flabby inefficient, outdated production model driven by the needs of employees"" Apr 27, 10 6:36 PM" May 10, 10 7:05 PM

If our students get more bang for the buck, why did we score in the 70's on the regents exams when the average for LI was over 90?
You can throw as much money at something as you want. That does not make it better.
You are wrong in saying that we run at the least cost per pupil. I have seen the statistics on Newsday. This figures include grades and drop out rates of the middle school....
If you would like to make a valid point, please provide figures an how you arrived at them.
Also, if the hamlet's property tax yields less, that would mean that the property values are less and therefore we have less $'s to spend OR we are paying for students whose families are not paying their share of the tax burden." May 11, 10 9:07 AM

Why are we adding 5 new sports teams and increasing teacher salaries when everyone in town is struggling with the economy? There are empty storefronts on main street. People have lost their jobs or have had cutbacks and salary freezes. Restaurants and small businesses are suffering...
But the teachers want their increases and will resort to intimidation to get everyone to vote yes to a budget increase.

" May 11, 10 5:23 PM

No. According to Newsday this is a percentage. And LI was above 90 while HB was in the 70's.
You can argue or insult Newsday if you like.
Insulting someone is not going to help you get a yes vote.
What was the middle school graduation rate?" May 11, 10 5:37 PM

" May 11, 10 5:44 PM

I agree with all of that.
I am not knocking education. I am saying that our system is inefficient and needs to be re-evaluated.
I don't think throwing money at something makes it better if there are fundamental problems in the system" May 11, 10 5:58 PM

Wow. Hello" May 11, 10 9:34 PM

I think that BaymenNYC comment is off... " May 11, 10 9:36 PM

Most teachers in Hampton Bays make more than the average income of home-owners." May 11, 10 9:46 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

This is not censorship. You can see that most are from "Southampton620" a young women who chose to defend Distefano with foul language and insults to anyone who disagreed." Jun 6, 10 1:16 PM

Seems to be. She obviously had an agenda. Claimed to be a JR in High School and a friend of DiStefano....sounded like she needed a lesson in ethics." Jun 6, 10 6:00 PM

Brooklyn man drowns, friend still missing at Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton

Just an observation...but isn't is strange that 90% of the drownings are not native LI's?" Jun 6, 10 8:33 PM

Maybe they don't take our warnings/laws seriously..." Jun 6, 10 8:34 PM

lol!!" Jun 6, 10 8:41 PM

My nephew (4 YRS) was almost swept out by a current last year. He was in 1 ft water! My mom (the grandmother) was holding his hand! It was during a storm....but it is a good lesson. The life guard swooped my nephew up and saved him! We thought we had control of him...
He said to me later "aunt kelly...its watching you.." fear is good..." Jun 6, 10 10:37 PM

We have the Kayaker (chinese) and 2 Spanish from Brooklyn.

I had no intention of being insensitive. .. Maybe the warnings are not strong enough.

" Jun 7, 10 9:36 PM

I am deeply sorry for the loss of these men's lives." Jun 7, 10 9:38 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

The same people who are saying Mr. Wedell does not have a right to stand in front of 7-11 because he is from out of town are saying that the illegals have a right to be in this country illegally...how does that make sense?

Mr Wedell is an American citizen with the right to voice his opinion. Illegals are ILLEGAL and are breaking the law.

As far as citizenship...some of my relatives came here as recently as 50 years ago. They entered legally, where sponsored by are relative (a citizen) who could provide them with work and board, learned working English within a year, took the Citizenship exam in English proving they new the laws and history of our county, proved that they had continued employment and could make a positive contribution to our nation...only then were they granted citizenship.
" Jul 2, 10 8:32 AM

If it weren't for the liberals, I think we may have stronger laws which would be enforced preventing companies from hiring illegals and preventing illegals from entering the US.
You are right about the people who are hiring them....there are also a lot of large companies on LI (and throughout the US) who hire illegally or by knowingly accepting false documentation." Jul 3, 10 10:56 AM

According to a study by Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)released today, illegal immigration costs 113 billion a year. This is $1,117 for every citizen household. I am sure this does not capture all of the related expenses.
" Jul 6, 10 1:47 PM

Contractor, marina owner cited by DEC for dredging

If dredging is needed, they should have obtained the proper permits. Instead they chose to dredge at a time of the year when our wetlands are very fragile. You cannot claim that they did not know what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were doing and thought they would get away with it.... If you own a business on or near the water, you have a responsibility to do your best to protect the wetlands. I know many hardworking people who don't have to break the law..." Jul 10, 10 8:44 AM

Kabot's pre-trial hearing will continue next week

wrong" Jul 13, 10 8:38 PM

I am a conservative...however..I do not think a public defender would offer the same options that Linda has available to her. A public defender would want this done with.... I feel for the people who have public defenders...the public defenders do not extend themselves...A public defender will not go to this extent.
All things being equal...
" Jul 13, 10 9:08 PM

The sad truth about law is that it will go where the money ( or votes) are...." Jul 13, 10 9:14 PM

>>OK...what do you really have to disagree with?" Jul 13, 10 11:56 PM

Or is disagreement your sport?" Jul 14, 10 12:03 AM

You have alot of comments...you may want to choose your battles..." Jul 14, 10 12:13 AM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

Hysterical!!" Aug 1, 10 2:17 PM

Woman Struck By Car On Montauk Highway In Hampton Bays

You are blaming an older women for getting hit in an intersection? Wow...she is a 78 yr old women..
Do you have a mother? A grandmother? How dare you!
White Trash!!" Nov 23, 10 9:09 PM

I am sorry for the white trash comment...
The last comment just got the better of me and made me angry...
This was a 78 yr old women...you are calling a moron? Where you raised by wolves?
If anyone, she has the right to cross this intersection.
If she is an older person in our community, she is walking up the road from the medical centers behind the shell station.
Put yourself in her place...
Good luck when your 78" Nov 23, 10 9:17 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Why is everything black and white, Dem and Rep, Pro Market v Market?
I am a Republican who thinks there is a need for serious need for Market Regulation.
We have to monitor hedge funds for having knowledge (insider) and trading practices (not allowed by typical funds). We have extremely smart people who used to be scientists and artists now working or Wall ...granted making $ ... what does that say for us?
" Nov 23, 10 9:42 PM

I second that! Disaster....I almost feel sorry for him... " Nov 23, 10 9:46 PM

Tim Bishop is as good a man as Randy..." Nov 24, 10 1:49 AM

I am am a right sided independent?
I REALLY hate that Randy ships jobs overseas!
I work in the financial field. My first job from college was a job that is now in india.
I worked for Dreyfus in their call center(EAB building)....huge long island presence..I watched the customer service business leave long Island. This was a entry job for me( LIU and people from Hofstra...). Where are the entry jobs for our kids?" Nov 24, 10 2:00 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

I just read the fountainhead for the second time...Atlas Shrugged will be my next. Ayn Rand was not a socialist..." Nov 24, 10 2:16 AM

And BS to your narcissism and sheer greed!
Too many people in this country are looking for a free pass.
We are guilty on both sides...
but ...Obama is going to bring this bring this bright, beautiful, country into a dark Philladelphia... or Chicago....Michigan....
Be happy Democrats...Unions.. South LA ....good luck
Not riding that train..." Nov 24, 10 2:24 AM

She was the opposite...
I thought...but maybe you read differently..." Nov 24, 10 2:32 AM

He just needs to re-check his facts" Nov 24, 10 2:38 AM

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