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Four candidates are seeking two open seats in Westhampton Beach election

Much has been made by the Levan/Tucker campaign of the Police Chief's salary and what was incorrectly referred to as "accumulated overtime" in their campaign letter of June 12.
What they should have said was "accumulated comp time."
For a fuller explanation of the comp time issue please follow this link:


Yes, the Chief is paid a lot of money, but it is only about 20% more than are the Sergeants with their overtime. I doubt that you can find many jobs where the department head doesn't make 20% more than the people one or two steps down the ladder.
Ray Dean's salary would be a better deal for the Village if the Trustees would run the Police Department through Ray rather than around him as they are now doing.
Before Levan and Tucker spend any more than the $26,000+ they have already spent in legal advice in regard to the Chief's contract I would hope they would listen to what their lawyer tells them rather than what they want their law¬yer to say. Their most recent statements in the Southampton Press' election interviews indicate they are more inclined to let the Village's labor attorney deal with the Chief's contract.
The concrete plant matter is another of the candidates' claims which doesn't hold up under scrutiny.
The Village was actively and aggressively defending its rights to the portion of Hazelwood Avenue illegally annexed by the concrete plant more than a year prior to Joan Levan's appointment to the Village Board in 2006. The asphalt plant matter was also well underway long before these Trustees were in office.
In both cases Levan and Tucker were swept along by events, rather than being those who initiated the defense of the Village.
Waldbaum's improvements were underway before Ms. Levan's campaign-inspired cadre arrived at the supermarket's photo-electric door. How much improvement we can expect from the supermarket chain that was judged number 59 out of 59 in a recent Consumer Reports article rating large regional chains?
(Parent company A&P was ranked #58.)
Now that the candidates have been caught in an illegal meeting... which I suspect is one of many illegal meetings as indicated in Conrad’s advertisement….. and their lack of accomplishment has become more apparent, they have gone the political route of bringing up a dead issue. There is no eruv application, and while the application may reappear, the insulting and disastrous informational meeting held by the Synagogue last summer may well have been the end of the eruv application. It is easy to say you saved the Village from the eruv when the application was withdrawn and has shown no signs of reappearing.
There has been a pattern of blame-shifting by these two Trustees every time they stumble.
Joan didn't know she should not vote on her own tax reduction, Hank is waiting for the leaves to come out to complete the sign ordinance revision, Joan doesn't know how her name got on the check, Hank only does what's legal and right, the Village Attorney gave us bad advice (even though he was not present in the room).
They can no longer work with those who brought them to the dance as evidenced by their former running mates supporting the opposition.
Before more of the mystery agenda referred to in their shadow campaign operative's E-mail is put fully in place and the already escalating legal bills become even higher, it is time to replace these Trustees with new blood that actually has the best interest of the Village as their campaign theme.
" Jun 17, 09 5:19 PM

I directed readers to the blog because I didn't want to break your record for the longest posts. While I may disagree with some points, you are always civil in their presentation.
I did not intimate that others are carrying time over their contract limitation, I stated it. I also stated that village department heads have been paid for comp time which exceeds their contract limitation, and then the accumulated comp time is reduced by th amount paid or "burned up" . Reread what I wrote, you are an excellent reader and I am sure you will understand that the WHB Village trustees are not able to turn labor law on its head. My contention is that the limitation clause is being misinterpeted by the trustees and the village cannot "eliminate time".

As to the Press' endorsement, I often found it the kiss of death when I ran for office. " Jun 17, 09 6:35 PM

It is obvious that the Levan Tucker ticket is very nervous, and now that Publius has pulled out the disability card we can really see how nervous they are. Police departments usually seek to retire officers who suffer disability injuries, and in Steve Arrasate’s case it was not Steve, but the Town of Southampton who filed for his disability retirement. Municipalities have probably decided that it is cheaper to have people other than police officers doing clerical work.

He can easily perform the part time Trustee’s job and will be a levelheaded contributor to Village government. To Publius, you only have to be afraid of revealing your name when you don’t tell the truth.

To answer your question directly, Steve is limited in his physical ability to perform a patrol officer’s duty, and professionals have made that determination. I don’t believe that being a trustee involves physical tasks such as breaking up a bar fight or chasing a suspect through the woods, and therefore he can perform the Trustees job while being retired from the Southampton Police Department. We should remember that Mark Raynor had a similar situation.

While on the subject of being unwilling to make your name public, yesterday’s single card mailer supporting the Levan Tucker ticket does not list a return address or who paid for the mailing. Any PAC or political party is required under N.Y. State law to provide a financial disclosure form. Once again, legal and correct only applies to other people, never to our incumbent trustees and their supporters.
" Jun 19, 09 11:36 AM


You are the one who began the comment on Mr. Arrasate’s retirement that includes some disability. In rereading the interview with Mr. Tucker, I see the Press reported what Mr. Tucker related to them about his eye condition. A one minute phone conversation with Mr. Arrasate this morning gave me the exact information I posted about his retirement. Publius, you are the person who made the insinuation that there is some evil connection between a disability retirement from a police officers job and running for trustee.

I try to stay with the facts while you and the candidates you support twist and ignore the facts when the facts don’t support your viewpoint. I think anyone who reads this comment section can see through the thinly veiled attempt you started this morning to smear Mr. Arrasate, and I hope they consider the methods being used by the incumbents to retain their seats.

We need a change, and today is the day to make it happen – let’s get our wonderful little village off the front page of Newsday.
" Jun 19, 09 1:11 PM