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Hampton Bays School Officials Facing Tough Road To Stay Under Tax Cap

HB is no more financial trouble than any other district today...read the papers and realize every school district in NYS is facing this issue. The rising costs, some of which are in their control (most of which are not), are forcing districts to cut elsewhere to cover pension and health costs that are driven independently in Albany. As for the bond, I attended those meetings in 2012 and choosing not to do any projects would have provided relief this year, but that relief would be gone next year and none of the projects would be done. This budget gap would have shown up in 2014 instead of 2013. Of the 65plus projects more than half are maintenance to the facilities that has been deferred for years. There are items on there that are also program enhancements for our kids. I'm confident that the board and leadership will close the gap, maintain services for kids, and maintain the facilities...all within the taxcap which is the Governor's legal mechanism to protect tax increases. " Feb 14, 13 8:16 AM

No one is surprised by the increases in pension and health -- it is the AMOUNT of increases, which were higher than anything projected by Albany. And if you look at the history of these rates for more than 30 years, you will see a wild fluctuation in these rates....it's also important to note that even if a bond project wasn't done for maintenance and program upgrades, there would still be a $900k gap. Operating budgets are still held to the tax cap set by albany...capital budgets are not. So if there was never a bond, the article and reality would still be the same..." Feb 15, 13 10:40 AM

I'm not arguing or debating the merit of the bond -- that was put up for a vote and it passed by a pretty large margin if I remember. What I'm just trying to point out is that the two issues are kind of mutually exclusive because the operating expense gap that HB reports (and Southampton, Westhampton, Sag Harbor, Tuckahoe, and East Hampton all report, among others as well) couldn't be covered by NOT presenting the bond referendum...it's the way the law is written." Feb 15, 13 10:45 AM