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Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

Paul was a man of the people who trusted in the people. He believed what he said, had strong convictions, and brought his brand of local community radio to an exceptionally successful level. And he was the real voice of the East End." Apr 2, 09 5:25 PM

Oyster growing drawing complaints from neighbors

Bill Pell is a stand-up guy in all regards. His product (the oysters) is great and he always gives back generously to the community. I can't picture a man who is more responsive to working with his neighbors. These complainers are more than just an annoyance - they are being inordinately selfish and are at risk of damaging the very thing that attracted them here in the first place. " Apr 10, 09 10:29 AM

Federal government upholds state rejection of Broadwater proposal

This is a victory for the entire East End. This was a poor concept from the get-go with little concern by the promoters for the people of Long Island - an arrogant and totally self-serving advance of their own interests. They tried to ram this project through by using the most specious of arguments, defenses and fear-mongering. I can only hope that this presages years of careful consideration, with all the stakeholders included, by our government, of decisions that are so obviously likely to wreak havoc on our environment or be so idiotically dangerous. " Apr 13, 09 5:33 PM

Quick hits

The Koziarz 5K also includes, for the first time, a 6/10 mile "KIDS FUN RUN". The main race starts at 8:30AM and the KIDS FUN RUN starts at 8:45AM. The KIDS FUN RUN is geared towards kids aged 4 years to 9 years. 10 year-olds already have a class in the regular run." Jul 6, 09 1:58 PM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

Oh great!!! So they've opted to go with more of "The Same Old - Same Old." The only thing that's missing form this antiquated ticket is the Heaney name. But never fear, you may be sure that he is very active in the background. How does this sound - Kabot; Malone; Nuzzi; Heaney? Do they think the voters are really that ignorant and unaware of these connections? Pure politics - nothing for the people!" Jul 21, 09 10:53 AM

South Shore Press runs doctored photo of press conference

Okay I get it now. The power of the press belongs to those who own (or control) one. (apologies to AJ Liebling). What's the big difference Mr. Towle if you add or subtract someone from the picture? During the Stalin era (before Photoshop) the same photo would be reissued by the Kremlin with Stalin's former image mates disappearing from the shot, one by one by one, as they fell out of favor. " Jul 23, 09 11:17 AM

Independence Party endorsements cause rift

It sounds like none of you actually know or have met Mr. Gregor. I don't think you'd honestly be able to type and send some of the utter nonsense that has appeared here if you did. And the comments and statements about the future under his potential leadership are just pure baloney and are typical of the "run the candidate into the ground" tactics that have been at the heart of the local Republican party for decades. Taking biased shots with out knowing the candidate reveals the game plan they've evidently made for November. Kick their butts Alex!!!" Jul 26, 09 2:04 PM

Challenger fires the first salvo in supervisor race

Thank you Linda for all your years of service - and goodbye!
A solid, capable, fresh team is needed to unravel the unholy tangle that was fueled in good part by prior supervisors with the express permission of the inactive and generally slothful go-along-to-get-along board members. Does anyone really think that those people who created the mess are the ones who are going to put their full energy into resolving it? Remember the classic definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. Okay voters, you choose!!" Aug 5, 09 6:35 PM

Suffolk County contemplates selling former missile base in Westhampton

What an insane idea. Now please enlighten me as to what up-island community is going to quietly accept a county junk yard and a 24x7 active police shooting range? Sure they can get a few bucks for selling the core pine barrens land to a greedy developer but we in Southampton Town will surely pay a very steep price with higher taxes and more children in our school systems. And then the county has to try to BUY land for the transfer. This is a LOSE/LOSE situation for everyone. No winners here at all.

On the bright side whatever community does get dumped on with the new facility will also have to take the homeless sex offender trailer along with it. Hooray!" Aug 5, 09 6:44 PM

Trustees again deny land swap with Westhampton Cemetery

Yes, on the East End it used to be that a person's word was as good as gold or his signature. That, however, is apparently not how the Southampton Town Trustees see it. And not only that, but 4 of the 5 current sitting Trustees were there as witnesses and did nothing and said nothing. It really takes total complicity and collusion for an intrigue to work right and that's really hard to achieve. Maybe it's just plain ignorance. Whatever the case congratulations to the Trustees for significantly lowering the standards in Southampton Town. " Aug 5, 09 7:11 PM

Southampton Town Board hears new information on highway superintendent question

Commissioner of Public Works??
Highway Superintendent??
Who do they think they're kidding??

If it looks like a duck; swims like a duck; smells like a duck then it is a Highway Superintendent!!" Aug 9, 09 1:53 PM

Long Island University to sell WLIU

The day the take-over of Southampton University by Long Island University was announced rumors of the closing of the station began to float about. It is no longer a rumor and the loss of the station is is an example of bean counting up-island managers rum amok. They have no idea of the nature of the East End community and how important this link is. Not everything a university (like a local government) does is expected to return a profit. Some good things just cost money to do - period." Aug 9, 09 2:04 PM

Challenger fires the first salvo in supervisor race

I thought this article and posts were about the Supervisor race. Guess not. And so long as another door is open we might want to question why the last 3-1/2 years have seen almost no activity from Mr. Nuzzi? He's only gotten political religion in the last couple of months now that it's election season and he's fighting for headlines. Ya gotta think that when he does something good there's another reason for it." Aug 13, 09 11:37 AM

Forensic audit finding may provide clues to troubled finances

Exaggerated, artificial and distorted financial reporting for the short term political gains of the Supervisor and Town Board appear to have been the standard operating practice for many years on Hampton Road. Those in charge were simply not equipped with the financial chops to manage the town adequately nor were they even close to using ethical standards in differentiating or identifying fiscal or political integrity. It seems that no matter how you put it, the Southampton Town Supervisor and the entire Town Board were asleep at the switch for many years. And now they have the effrontery and shamelessness to expect us (the voters and taxpayers) to allow them to fix what they could not maintain while in control. Do they really think the voters are that dumb? Then again maybe Barnum was right!" Aug 19, 09 2:35 PM

Lawmakers champion support for WLIU

Every voice counts. Join with all the others who recognize this unique component of our East End as essential for our community character." Sep 9, 09 6:40 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

It all seems to me like a huge case of absolutely gross mis-management over many years. A supremely arrogant lack of oversight by the last two or three Town Supervisors and an attitude that "anything goes" created a pervasive disfunctional town hall culture.

The definition of a Supervisor is someone responsible for the performance of a group. The supervisor's job is to set an example, to guide the town toward its goals, see that all members of the town team are productive, and resolve problems as they arise. See if that definition fits what we've been subject to for the last 12 years or more. Then go out and vote in November as if your financial life depended upon it. It does!

" Oct 4, 09 12:36 PM

Southampton Town personnel grew while revenues were abundant

Turkey Bridge:
I'm so glad that someone has agreed with the long held assessment that HEANEY = KABOT = NUZZI. For three and a half years he did nothing but assent to everything he was told to. Now he claims to be the one who is looking for solutions to the problems he so actively helped create. It is mind boggling that he even makes such outrageous claims. In nine short months Sally Pope has turned Mr. Nuzzi on his head with more action than in his entire four year term. Bravo Sally. With Bridget Fleming and Sally Pope and Anna Throne-Holst we'll finally have the professional managment team the town needs so badly. " Oct 17, 09 11:21 AM

That would save $60,000 (the current stipend for a Board Member) and the empty seat might actually be more productive." Oct 18, 09 2:46 PM

Yes, according to TB above, "saying HEANEY = KABOT = NUZZI isn't a perfect equation" but you've only to look at the voting record of the two of them (Heaney and Kabot) on the Town Board to see exactly how close to a perfect equation it really is. When Heaney spoke, Kabot voted." Oct 19, 09 7:16 PM

Southampton Town Board incumbent Sally Pope (D,WF)

In just 10 months on the SH Town Board Sally Pope has done more than Nuzzi did in his first 3-1/2 years. Sally Pope is smart and deliberate in her thinking. She has no political boss to kow-tow to and thinks very much on her own. When Nuzzi felt threatened about losing the election he suddenly "Got Religion" and began to introduce bills at a rapid pace. Maybe he thought he could make up for all the lost time. A good number of them were ideas that appeared to come out of the blue but in reality were sent in from the side lines by his political mentor.

Sally Pope was chastised in her first months on the job when she introduced bills on her own because "that's not the way we do business around here." Sally knows what good government and good business practices should look like. What a shame that we have to navigate our way out of the financial Sargasso Sea that Nuzzi avoided for four years. Putting him back into office is a high order error and expecting him to do anything different than he did before is insanity." Oct 31, 09 10:38 AM

Southampton Town Board incumbent Christopher Nuzzi (R,I,C)

Have you noticed that he is claiming credit for things that he had absolutely zero input on? Yes, that's the mark of a true political player - take the credit for what others have done. Real classy that act of his. He learned it from the best." Oct 31, 09 4:32 PM

More questions than answers over Flanders mine expansion proposal

The Town of Southampton has the "opportunity" but not the "obligation" to enforce the provisions of the Pine Barrens Act. To take a look at what can and has resulted from Town of Southampton enforcement of sand mining operations one only has to look in Westhampton at the lake of an abandoned operation that is littered underwater with junked cars, trucks, boats and other machines and debris. And take a good look (use Google Earth) at the more than 50 (fifty) acre pit that exists just to the east of the transfer station. Reclamation after mining ceases? Really???" Feb 11, 10 7:18 PM

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