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Bylaw Bars Local College Undergraduates From Joining Sag Harbor Fire Department

guess it all depends who you are...... seems kind of crazy to me. It is hard enough to get people to join a volunteer organization. Just saying if we have 3 men in this department that got in and went to Suffolk. What happens to them?
Maybe the mayor can comment on that." Feb 18, 13 5:56 AM

Peter Berkoski Of Southampton Dies December 6

Pete as I grew up with you in Hayground you were my role model, my mentor. I wanted to be just like Pete that's what I used to tell Pop, then you joined the Marine Corps and of course I had to join to, cause I wanted to be like Pete. I do remember calling you some names when I finished... When I came home you called me a Marine and yep I was just like Pete.... Til we meet again RIP my Brother.
" Dec 9, 14 6:08 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Adopts Law Limiting House Sizes

I would just like to say, it's a little late isn't it.... The house on medowlark lane and Long Island ave. Thought the whole idea was to keep houses like in the surrounding area?
" Apr 23, 16 4:05 PM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

That's awesome. Trump for president" Nov 5, 16 10:38 PM

You Hillary lovers need to look at Wikileaks.com. Can't wait til they come and lock her up. " Nov 5, 16 10:41 PM

Wall Honoring First Responders Will Fill Gap Where Sag Harbor Cinema Stood

Sorry to say it's not what I was expecting. All it is is advertising and give me your money. To honor the first responders you could have some pictures of the guys freezing cold and the men and equipment all covered in ice that morning not architectural renderings of what it's going to look like. Sorry just my opinion" May 25, 17 5:46 PM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton To Attend Private Fundraisers On East End Friday

Certainly can tell we live in a liberal area, pretty sad reading some of the comments above about the President. The disrespect of any President is pretty sad... So keep coming with you nasty comments and get ready for Trump 2020. Keep making America greater.
" Aug 11, 19 7:08 AM

Just think in the next few weeks alot of the Democrap candidates will becoming out to the east end to suck up money... then instead of protesting you all will be supporting those people that think they can destroy America.
" Aug 11, 19 7:11 AM

Southampton Town Officially Turns Steinbeck Park Over To Sag Harbor Village; Grounds Open To Public

10.5 million for a piece of property is a whole lot of money for that guy to build his condos........... 4 million for the guy that is going to own the movie theater..........

" Aug 17, 19 7:05 AM

Board Critical to Changes Made in Sag Harbor Cinema Project

Still for the life of me trying to figure how this project has gotten so big,,, added another story to make it 3 stories high......... what ever happened to the old Sag Harbor... look around at the houses in the village and they buy them knock them down and build bigger ones on the properties................
" Sep 22, 19 7:59 AM

Sag Harbor Cinema Will Withdraw Plan to Raise Back Wall

Just out of curiosity, what is the height restrictions that allowed for the movie theater??? just seems alot higher than it should be... isn't it 35 feet that is allowed by the village codes........... asking for a friend... this is not the Sag Harbor Movies
from back in the day." Oct 4, 19 6:30 AM