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Southampton Village candidates face off on Friday

The Southampton Village elections are tomorrow Friday June 19, 2009. I have followed the local campaigns, which were relatively quiet this year.

I do have a comment in reference to Mr. Broich’s candidacy. The editorial in Southampton Press does not endorse Mr. Broich; however they do acknowledge that he appears to have an agenda with regards to the police department. I find it somewhat hypocritical that he now advocates a platform of police salary reform when he benefited from being a local officer for more than eighteen years. Now, after being fired he feels that the police are an undue taxpayer burden? If he hadn’t been terminated wouldn’t he still be collecting his six-figure salary?

Public documents show that Mr. Broich was offered the opportunity to retire from the police department with full benefits, including his medical coverage and pay for his accumulated time off. He chose to decline the offer TWICE and proceed with his discipline, which ultimately resulted in his termination from the police department. Now he has filed multiple litigations which are costing the taxpayers huge sums of money to defend.

Mr. Broich is also offering his services as a ‘hired gun’ to every attorney who has claims AGAINST the Village. He is acting AGAINST the interests of the Village. This is demonstrated by the fact that he just returned from spending several days in US Federal Court in Central Islip offering to act as an “EXPERT” witness for the firm who brought the frivolous strip-search suite AGAINST the Village. Thank goodness the Village prevailed in that action!

If elected, will you, Mr. Broich, finally stop with your rhetoric and actually DO something to be part of the solution? Or will you continue to be part of the problem?

While I feel that there should be more than one party rule in government I cannot and will not be lured into believing that Mr. Broich has the Village’s best interest at heart.

K. Aventi
" Jun 18, 09 1:22 PM

Southampton Village moving forward on new ambulance corps headquarters

As I previously stated when Mr. Broich sought a seat on the Village Board, volunteer your time with the emergency services and then make derogatory comments. Until you walk a mile in their shoes you do not have the right to disparage what the volunteer services are requesting. While we are all securely tucked away for the night the local fire and ambulance members are donating their time day and night to protect us. GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED! " Nov 29, 09 7:19 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

While I do not believe that any local government should become involved in sponsoring a day-labor site, I do wish that the local police would make the men standing all over the roadway use the park to gather in. North Sea Road is disgusting. " Nov 29, 09 7:33 PM

Southampton Village moving forward on new ambulance corps headquarters

Actually, your idea of merging the two organizations and combining their headquarters makes perfect sense. You did not seem to be too worried about “the Village taxpayer” while you were collecting Village paychecks during your time with the Police Department. Moreover, I do not believe for one second that you are put the “Village taxpayer” first with your plethora of frivolous litigations. In addition, for the record, I am also a Village resident, and have many friends who VOLUNTEER their time to this community. No, the Village should not enter into the projects without due diligence, but waiting will cost twice as much later…and you know it. " Nov 30, 09 8:41 AM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

“The investigation found numerous charges of alleged lying. These charges must be vetted and cannot be swept under the proverbial rug,” Mayor Teller said while reading from a prepared statement on Wednesday night. “To just take ‘no action’ on this matter constitutes a failure to uphold your obligations as duly elected village trustees. The potential cost of a hearing is a lame excuse.” (Mayor Teller)

Therefore, Westhampton Beach has rewarded the alleged criminal behavior its officers, Bravo! You are now accepting total responsibility for any future misdeeds. You should defer to the vast law-enforcement experience that your Mayor possesses.

Your political interference concerning PD operations will result in far greater damage than any of you realize. The next District Attorney investigation should be conducted in reference to this ludicrous Village Board decision!
" Dec 3, 09 1:53 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

The Chief commented on the incident, he was not involved in the chase…read the story. I am sure that the chase was growing increasingly dangerous as it went on, let the PD do their jobs. " Feb 5, 10 10:04 AM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

Yes, civil service employees work for “us”, the public that they serve. However, we do not own them. All persons, whether public employees or not are protected by the United States Constitution. There is so much animus towards anyone who earns a living from tax funded organizations due to the state of the economy, and our frustration is certainly understandable. But let us not forget that it is the elected officials (past and present) who awarded the raises that put our municipalities in debt. Police Officers working second jobs? I’m sure they have families, mortgages, car payments etc.. Work hard and prosper I say… " Feb 18, 10 8:55 PM

First of all Mr. Wheeler, there is no court order, read the article before you comment, do not be factually incorrect.

Mr. Broich apparently filed a FOIL request which was denied, so then he went to the SH Press to act as his agent, and they too were denied. The Press then sought an opinion from the State of New York Committee on Open Government, who stated in their opinion certain portions of the requested files should be released. The Committee is not a “Court” nor can they issue “Court Orders”.

If the PD, Village and requesting parties cannot come to an agreement on the information then a New York State Court will hear the parties’ arguments and issue a binding determination, until then stop with the conspiracy theories and wait to see how it plays out.

Lastly, as I mentioned in my previous post, public officers and officials work for us, we do not own them. There are rules and regulations in place that dictate what officers may/may not engage in during off-duty employment. They are entitled to the peaceable pursuit of an enjoyable life, just like the rest of us.
" Feb 19, 10 12:43 PM

Now after a little ‘web browsing’ I read that Mr. Broich had appealed his termination from Village employment through the NYS Court system, and what do you know, last week the appeals court ruled in favor of the Village…a coincidence? I think not!

Let’s move on people.
" Feb 19, 10 11:33 PM

Actually, Ducks your definition is inaccurate. Not all governmental records are applicable under FOIL. Personnel records are specifically covered by NYS Civil Right Law 50-A. Yes, there is some sunshine that may be applied, but any records that has or may have an impact on an employee’s continued employment or that may result in disciplinary action are specifically restricted. FOIL also protects individuals from “undue invasion of privacy”. If you search the Civil Rights Law section, you may gain a more thorough understanding.

I was involved with municipal government for many years. I believe strongly in transparency in government; however, we cannot trample the rights of employees simply because they are employees.
" Feb 20, 10 9:19 PM

I would like to know what exactly was ‘inappropriate or duplicate’ in my post that was removed. This conversation string is in reference to the dissemination of governmental records and every observation that I made or reported on is readily available through the internet or good old-fashioned paper trail search.

Struck a nerve perhaps?
" Feb 20, 10 9:30 PM

Mr. Broich, I find it more than mildly amusing that you would use the title “PBA” for your post… " Feb 20, 10 9:36 PM

The SVPD brass should release the information to put a stop to this tempest, here is the law section they are citing. Seems to apply.

NYS Civil Rights Law
S 50-a. Personnel records of police officers, firefighters and
Correction officers. 1. All personnel records, used to evaluate
Performance toward continued employment or promotion, under the control
of any police agency or department of the state or any political
subdivision thereof including authorities or agencies maintaining police
forces of individuals defined as police officers in section 1.20 of the
criminal procedure law and such personnel records under the control of a
sheriff`s department or a department of correction of individuals
employed as correction officers and such personnel records under the
control of a paid fire department or force of individuals employed as
firefighters or firefighter/paramedics shall be considered confidential
and not subject to inspection or review without the express written
consent of such police officer, firefighter, firefighter/paramedic or
correction officer except as may be mandated by lawful court order.
2. Prior to issuing such court order the judge must review all such
requests and give interested parties the opportunity to be heard. No
such order shall issue without a clear showing of facts sufficient to
warrant the judge to request records for review.

" Feb 22, 10 10:00 AM

In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

Even though ‘High Hat Size’s’ pseudonym would indicate he believes that he is of above average intellect, I offer these observations on his assumptions of our local police and their “SWAT” teams.

Since the Columbine tragedy struck ten years ago, police agencies nationwide have been rethinking their approach to tactical situations, such as armed intruders, barricaded subjects, and other low frequency/high liability occurrences, where the threat of immediate death or critical injury to the public is a real concern. The days of respond and hold the perimeter are over. Police need to act immediately, and address whatever threats pose a danger to the public. Columbine, and many other tragic incidents, have demonstrated the loss of life that will occur without swift and decisive action by law enforcement.

The idea that our local police are unable to maintain professional standards is the worst kind of stereotype. Our police departments, while not perfect, have made tremendous progress over time. They are made up of dedicated professionals, many of whom have prior military or law enforcement experience (NYPD).

We, as a society, do not have the luxury of assuming “it won’t happen here”. Moreover, someone with a ‘High Hat Size’ should know that.
" Mar 4, 10 4:02 PM

Southampton Village releases some secondary employment information

I do not believe for a minute that the Village would have allowed to PD to withhold the information. The Chief is doing what leaders are supposed to do, look out for their troops. If any negative information becomes known, so be it. The idea that persons employed by government should have less privacy then you or I is ludicrous. They are well compensated for their service, all jealousy aside, do you really believe they are less entitled to earn than we do?

Now, let us see what is done with the information that was submitted for perusal.
" Mar 5, 10 9:26 AM

In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

Interesting observation Mr. Nova. Maybe the young people, with no life experiences, who run our local emergency services, will defer all their operations to your and Hat Size’s considerable expertise. On the other hand, maybe we will continue to anonymously post our opinions and observations and they will do what they are paid to do….what do you think? " Mar 12, 10 11:06 AM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

If the needless sensationalism of this article were not so pathetic it would be laughable. There is no conflict with the Village Board of Trustees and Chief. They are both doing what they are supposed to do, this is how government works, they should not (and will not) always agree.

The FOIL request was honored, and the records were turned over to the Press. Now, I ask you Mr. Editor, other than creating headlines to sell papers, what purpose does this entire convoluted episode serve? Were improprieties discovered? I did not read anything that would indicate that the PD was doing anything wrong. Are they allowed to work secondary employment or not, is it even legal?

Instead of pitting officials against each other in print, let us try to accomplish some journalism and answer the questions that your reads have.
" Mar 18, 10 10:34 AM

This is America, where our founding fathers encouraged entrepreneurship and commerce. They fought against a tyrannical empire whose intention was to stymie individual freedoms. As long as municipal employees fulfill their obligation to the taxpayers, they have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to work at other employment! " Mar 20, 10 10:21 AM

Task force breaks up East End heroin ring

Apparently, you have never been touched by the plague of drug addiction. Yes, the US spends billions on intervention and prosecution of narcotics crimes. What you fail to mention is the millions of people who are victims of those who commit crimes to support their habits. What about those who kill and endanger others while operating motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs, do you have an answer for that? Ah, Hat Size always an opinion, never an answer….
I, for one, am happy and grateful that the DA Task Force is giving attention to the East End. Mid-level or not, these drug dealers have to go!

The Town PD should be in the Task Force, heroin is in our schools and everywhere else, whether the school districts admit it or not.
" May 15, 10 12:13 PM

Sagaponack has other options for police protection

2.1 million does seem excessive for a “shared” Southampton Town Police car. Sagaponack Village should explore the idea of contracting with another area police department. I have worked in Sagaponack and I never see a police presence. I know that my employers, who are homeowners in Sagaponack, would like to have more patrols, as well as enhanced code enforcement. Start up for a new PD will be expensive. Interview a few different pd's and see who offers the best package." May 15, 10 7:01 PM

Task force breaks up East End heroin ring

Well said, a bit Draconian…but well said.

Dog and pony show? Maybe, I am assuming that law enforcement has to operate within the confines of the current system. The fact remains that 4500 bag of heroin is a sizable seizure, especially for the East End. Dealers wouldn’t have possession of those amounts if there was no thirst for it locally. Supply driven by demand and unadulterated greed.
" May 15, 10 7:10 PM

Two incumbents run unopposed for reelection in Southampton Village

I concur. I was very distressed with the idea of single party rule in Southampton Village, but pleasantly surprised at the way in which the Board of Tustees has handled themselves. Excellent communication with the public and professional all the way around. Kudos to Mayor Epley and the Southampton Village Board of Trustees.
Congratulations Trustees Canon and Yaz!
" May 15, 10 7:20 PM

Yastrzemski, Cannon and Wilson win uncontested election in Southampton Village.

Congratulations to Trustees Cannon and Yastrzemski! I am grateful to the Village Board for the work that they have put in to keep Southampton the beautiful village that it is.

Please support Mayor Epley in his fight to stop the Tuckahoe Main Street project. This development will be ruinous for the Southampton Village Business District.
" Jun 23, 10 4:40 PM

Southampton Village mayor foresees legal battle over proposed Tuckahoe commercial mall

This is a ‘community’ issue that affects the entire Southampton area, regardless of town/village boundaries!

Someone has to be the voice of the people, if that voice comes from Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, so be it… What a shame there are no true leaders on the Southampton Town Board. " Jun 24, 10 11:42 PM

Chief dispatcher will retire, won't be disciplined after porn is found on computer

Thank you EastEnd, finally a thoughtful, coherent and intelligent comment. Refreshing!

I think the administrations in Westhampton and Southampton deserve credit for addressing these cases." Aug 1, 10 3:32 PM

I’m sure that there are plenty of undisclosed incidents at every level of public and corporate enterprise. College degrees for police entry would be an excellent idea. In fact, all publically funded positions should have the same requirement.

Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t several of the officers disciplined and removed from the Village Force have college degrees? Guess “highly educated professional employees” like yourself are fallible too…
" Aug 2, 10 6:28 PM

Bridgehampton FD Looks At Switching Dispatchers

First you take the Suffolk County Civil Service test for Public Safety Dispatcher I. Then comes the keyboard skills test, medical and psychological evaluation. If you score high enough you get called for an interview and then possibly hired for the position. " Feb 17, 11 10:56 PM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

Looks to me like Grabowski is making up a conspiracy where there is none. Why would the Town not look at all of the viable options? Who says that the only manner in which someone should be eligible to make Chief is if you come up the ranks in that department. Wilson is progressive, gets along great with his rank and file and is not afraid to discipline or terminate when needed. He also seems to have a very open relationship with his current board. Best case would be to have a chief that has not come up the ranks with the rank and file. Makes for easier decision making when it comes to dicipline and implementing new ideas. A fresh start/clean slate with no preconceived notions should be appealing to everyone in the Town. Just because we live in a small town does not mean we should be small minded. " Apr 14, 11 2:55 PM

You are Absolutely wrong HHS. I attend every village board meeting and there was and has always been rules and restrictions concerning secondary employment. Feel free to exercise your right to FOIL as I did and then maybe you will be able to speak intelligently on the matter " Apr 14, 11 4:45 PM

Gurkha International Group indeed… so what you are recommending is that the Captain gets the job or we outsource our policing to paramilitary mercenaries? HHS you need to seriously consider re-foiling your hat.

Your continuous rants in reference to STPD labor unions are well documented. It seems interesting that you would support the head of one of those unions. There is nothing wrong with ANY law-enforcement member submitting his or her resume for this post. No one is entitled to a position just because they believe they are entitled to it. Our government officials have a duty to seek candidates that are fitting; in this case it should be the best for the job, not the next in line.
" Apr 16, 11 12:44 AM

I never condoned the mass protest at Town Hall, even though I understand the emotional volatility of the subject matter. It was clearly in poor taste.

Your support of Tenaglia has merit, as does mine of Wilson. Both are long time law-enforcement practitioners who have ample ability to run the STPD. My objection to your candidate is that he is currently the head of the STPD union that represents all the superior officers; he recently negotiated a tidy little contract with the current Town Board. He also has an abominable relationship with many of his labor force. I support Wilson because he has demonstrated competency as a Chief of Police for several years now, and he may bring a fresh perspective to an agency, that we can both agree, desperately needs a change of vision. I don’t know where Wilson stands on the idea of 12 hour tours, I doubt you do either.

The pool idea is outstanding! " Apr 16, 11 5:02 PM

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