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Mighty compete in Montauk triathlon

Merle McDonald and those who help her maintain the location, scale and character of this great event deserve high praise.

Bob Aaron was one of Montauk's original surfers (which is how I knew him) who loved this place and did not want to see it destroyed by overdevelopment or overcommercialization. I always found Bob to be thoughtful, helpful, aware, concerned, compassionate -- and very very funny. He was also a smart and savvy businessman. It is truly a delight for me to see his name and memory spotlighted in the press each year around this time.

Thanks, Merle.
" Jun 20, 09 9:28 PM

Familiar face first to cross finish line at second annual Main Street Mile

Have run in the first two Main Street Miles and enjoyed both (improved my time this year too -- not bad for an old fart). But for the third annual MMM, I think we should have a much bigger field.

C'mon East Enders! C'mon Hamptonites! Put this one on your calendar, start working out and show up next October. A lot of folk think 5Ks and 10Ks are too much work. But ONE MILE !?!?!

Best Buddies New York does great work. Their kids deserve your help. Their race from Southampton Village to the sea is a ton of fun.

So I'll see you on the starting line next year...

" Oct 12, 09 1:01 PM

Montauk residents fight for beach access

Sounds like a perfect case for eminent domain. Town park ahead... And don't worry, Board Watcher, there's still money available at the state, county and town level for endangered recreational parcels like this." Oct 21, 09 3:07 PM

Montauk smiley faces require town approval

Montauk remains the dumping ground. Can you imagine if something like this showed up on a motel in Wainscott or an Inn in East Hampton? It would last about 48 hours. (Except that it wouldn't show up in the first place.) Mr. Walles has been pushing the envelope ever since he bought this place -- much to the detriment of the hamlet. The MVA -- which puts so much time and money into sprucing up Montauk main street -- should be working hard to get this type of junk out of downtown. The EHT ARB should turn down the two new faces -- and reopen the issue of the first one (a clear zoning violation) too.

Actually this case should make a nice test for our new "pro-business" town administration: will they try to maintain at least a minimum of decorum east of Napeague or instead abandon poor Montauk to a new free-for-all of tackiness and shlock...? " Nov 30, 09 4:59 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

Hey "Kenya Native". This storm won't actually change your life -- it's obvious you never get out of your mother's basement anyway... :]" Dec 20, 09 3:09 AM

Crash landing closes East Hampton Airport runway

Ow... $$$$
Always hate when I do that. :[" Jan 11, 10 12:57 AM

Tucker Geery of Montauk dies at 54

Surfed Montauk with the late John Geery in the '70s. Then watched his younger brother Tucker and Kathryn become pillars of the community. Both men gone far too young.

" Jan 22, 10 10:39 AM

Poxabogue restaurant faces ouster

Signing on a profit-making management firm was a mistake. The two towns' parks and recreation departments could've run this modest facility easily. All they had to do was hire a manager. The site was acquired not just to save local golf, but to keep the place (on the EH-SH town line) mostly rural and open. Attempts to build an all-hours, alcohol-serving restaurant there should be strongly opposed." Jan 25, 10 12:19 PM

McGintee to sue Town of East Hampton

Chutzpah." Aug 4, 10 8:16 PM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

Stanley is obviously a horrible administrator. Nice going, Fred. Keep kicking..." Aug 14, 10 3:58 PM

Scarlatto, Baldwin confirm unemployment impropriety

Hmmm. Let's see if I've got this. These women lost their Town jobs, weren't yet earning any money, weren't yet practicing law -- but simply INCORPORATED their new law firm? If NYS law says just doing that disqualifies them from any more unemployment payments, then it is nonsensical, punitive and ought to be changed..." Aug 23, 10 4:43 AM

Carol Morrison of Montauk dies at 90

Rest in peace, friend. You made a real difference to this world. And as they say on the radio, "Thanks for caring!"" Oct 30, 10 9:08 AM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

That (Simon?) Templar is one crusty, sick and angry mofo. Wonder what's it's like die inside and completely withdraw from the real world..." Nov 19, 10 12:14 PM

Happy Thanksgiving. God bless America. Henceforth may She only do right by her people and all the peoples of the world. And, to everyone here (as the local radio station likes to say)... THANKS FOR CARING !!" Nov 25, 10 8:33 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

Can Tea Party people even count to 702? Backwards ?!? Not likely. In any case the rest of us are not holding our breaths, but it's okay if you want to... : ]" Dec 4, 10 7:42 PM

Marina Owner, Contractors Fined In Lake Montauk Dredging

I had the pleasure of working in EH Town government with both Larry Penny and Edna Steck. Both spent their entire public careers preserving and protecting the town and the people in it. Natural resource and human resources. The place would be far poorer in both aspects had these two honest and caring individuals not served. Larry will be sorely missed when he goes. Edna already is. Most of us can't hold a candle to their records of accomplishment. So how about we get back on topic...? " Dec 12, 10 9:12 PM

WPPB-FM Now Officially On The Air

Wow. Take a pill. No other democracy makes its public TV and radio network(s) sell their soul and grovel for corporate financing the way we do. They are fully government funded. Period. And in most cases (like Canada and Great Britain), they're great. U.S. public broadcasting still too "LEFTIST" for you? Change the channel. " Dec 19, 10 2:57 PM

Old Town Hall Lives On

As an alum of '80s Town government, I must admit this story made me sad. Some extraordinary public servants toiled in that old brick edifice (a Dave Webb, Sr. design by the way), doing many courageous and innovative things on behalf of current and future town residents -- even pulling off a few minor miracles from time to time. Soon those fine folks and what they accomplished before moving on to bigger arenas will be lost in history and forgotten. And now it seems there won't even be a building you can poke your head and say, "Here's where it all went down..." " Jan 10, 11 3:02 PM

And now it seems there won't even be a building you can poke your head inside and say, "Here's where it all went down..."" Jan 10, 11 3:04 PM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

Jetties were there way before the houses -- or even the small, poorly sited lots they're built on. Prior in time is prior in right." Jan 26, 11 11:23 AM

Schneiderman Says Levy Is Shorting East End Millions For Cops

In case you haven't noticed, "playing politics" is how you achieve things -- like basic equity in county taxing and spending -- in a democracy. This is why we tried so hard for Peconic County -- for a more level legislative playing field.

Maybe the only thing left is to "walk like Egyptians" and take to the streets... or is that "playing politics" too?" Feb 7, 11 3:20 PM