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Zwirn proposes action plan on town finances

Wilkinson has been out there for almost three years laying out his positions and what needs to be done. Mr. Zwirn has been silent until two months ago (he did contribute to the East Hampton Democrats as recently as December 24, 2008 and thus the McGintee regime) so he needs any public forum he can get to play catch up. We don't need someone who needs to catch up, we need someone who is a leader and has been out front for three years. Check out the News 12 debate from two years ago -- Wilkinson predicted the financial collapse of the town and what needed to be done to prevent it. Three debates this year after labor day and after the candidates have been out meeting with the public is plenty. The "new" budget document Mr. Zwirn proposes is a carbon copy of what the Democrats did in Brookhaven when they gained control of the town board (his proposal is even printed in the same format, font, design, headings, etc. as the Brookhave Democrat Document). The "new" Democrat budget document in Brookhaven was a 500 page inane document that was taxpayer unfriendly and impossible to read -- it looked pretty though. And what did it produce? After two years Brookhaven was spending more than budgeted and receiveing less revenue than projected, which led to spending freezes and other drastic measures, which is why the Republicans regained the majority on the Town Board 2007.
Taxpayer friendly ideas are what works. Substance always wins over style. Wilkinson is substance -- he proved it in 2007." Jun 23, 09 10:07 PM

To Scratch from the Harbor.

Mr. Wilkinson was living in Montauk 50 years ago. He pumped gas for Vinny Grimes when he was a teenager. His mom played the organ at the Catholic Curch in Montauk for 30 years. All the old timers in Montauk have known Wilkinson since he was a kid. To imply otherwise is an insult to all those Montauk residents. He is far from new to the area. Ask Bill Gardiner, he heavily touted Mr. Wilkinson two years ago as someone who knows the east end because of those 50 year old roots and his tremendous management experience with a successful Fortune 100 company -- Disney.

Zwirn lived here for decades? Then how was he able to serve as an elected official in Nassau County less than 20 years ago? Long commute.

Wilkinson participated in many debates and appeared before numerous community groups when he ran in 2007 and layed out his problems with the way the town was being run and what needed to be done. All the people who attended those meetings and read the news reports of the meetings know Mr. Wilkinson was right on and that he had a plan and has a plan (part of which has already be copied by Zwirn). Mr. Wilkinson has been out there and reported on for over two years. He is no shrinking violet.

After labior day when everyone focuses in on the election there will be three debates in six weeks, and many other community forums like the one held by the Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee.

Right now Mr. Wilkinson is going door to door answering the questions from the people he will represent. He is bringing the message to the people in person. I suggest Mr. Zwirn get out there and be seen rather than rely on the lazy man's way to run a campaign -- namely getting on TV and avoiding the public.

While Mr. Zwirn is busy attending functions and having his picture snapped for the media, Bill Wilinson is walking the streets of the town meeting with the people.

Mr. Wilkinson pounded McGintee in the debates two years ago and there is nothing to indicate the same thing won't happen this year -- it will cap off the campaign.

There is one question that the Democrat candidates should answer right now however, and that is why were they all silent when the town's finances were going down the tubes? Why were they silent when Bill Wilkinson was laying out the problems and presenting solutions? Lets get an answer to that question.

Scratch from Sag harbor wrote

"Perhaps you didn't know that Mr. Zwirn is now the deputy county executive and has been active helping the county executive on many issues for the entire county and that would include East Hampton. And to the contrary, I haven't heard Mr. Wilkinson speaking up at all, no letters to the editor and nothing in any head lines. It seems more that while Mr. Zwirn has been working silently to help the county, and town Mr. Wilkinson has been, I guess tending to his business.

Indeed, while Mr. Zwirn has lived out here for decades, Mr. Wilkinson just moved here in 2005. 2005!!!

It seems to me that the Republican operatives want to keep Mr. Wilkinson away from Mr. Zwirn so that all we the public will hear in the three staged debates are the safe pat answers from Mr. Wilkinson.

Let's just have many debates so we can see what Mr. Wilkinson really wants to do"

I thin" Jun 28, 09 6:07 PM

Fred Thiele considers a party switch

What does not make sense is that Fred would be joining the party and caucus run by the very same people he says don't care about what happens to Long Island and the East End, namely the New York City Democrats who control the Assembly and have done nothing for us. If Fred thinks joining their ranks will put him in a position to bring something home for the East End he is either niave or stupid. Silver is a snake in the grass and Fred getting into the weeds with him will do nothing for us.

Thanks to the Democrats in Albany we are looking at a fishing tax and we have an MTA tax that all East End employers will have to pay out of pocket to help New York City.

Why would Fred want to join up with that crew now when they have taken one action after another to hurt Long Island?

But then again Fred endorsed Bill McGintee in 2001 and helped get his political career started and look at what McGintee has done. Fred has never said he made a mistake about McGintee and in the end ironically had to seek relief in Albany to get East Hampton out of the McGintee mess. I'm sure when Fred runs for re-election all east end Republicans will remind everyone of Fred's early support for McGintee and what that has led to.

What's ironic is the person who ran McGintee's campaign in 2001 is now running Zwirn's campaign in 2009 and that person has worked for Fred for years. It is obvious Fred will endorse Zwirn -- very McGintee like. I'm sure the people of East Hampton will not make the same mistake twice." Jul 4, 09 9:02 PM

I just heard this morning that the same person running Zwirn's Dem campaign for Supervisor, who ran McGintee's ealrly campaigns, and who works for Thiele, is also running Bill Gardiner's Republican primary in East Hampton. How can you take pay from the Democrat Supervisor campaign, get paid by the Republican running a Republican primary, and be a long time consultant to the guy who is thinking about switching to Democrat. Something seems real fishy here. Would could speculate this:

Thiele switches parties and endorses Zwirn
Gardiner runs his primary and takes shots at the very people he has campaigned with in the past, including Bill Wilkinson who Gardiner said less than two years was the best supervisor candidate to come along in East Hampton in years and who had the managerial and operational wxperience the town needs.
This of course helps Zwirn.
So the entire scenario -- Gardiner, Thiele, Zwirn, and the campaign consultant who binds them toegther -- is the execution of a single strategy to get Zwirn elected using Thiele's desire to be a Democrat and Bill Gardiner's wish to be elected to anything as ploys to get Zwirn elected.

I think this will become clear and become an issue as we head into the fall, and the people of East Hampton will not like the manipulation. In the end it will backfire an Zwirn, Thiele and Gardiner. It will cost Zwirn the election, Thiele what credibility he will have left, and Gardiner thousands of dollars. Only in East Hampton.

" Jul 5, 09 10:54 AM

To Veritas:

-- Behan in 2003 said he made a mistake in supporting McGintee (before McGintee even took office - can't remember Thiele saying it was a mistake)

-- Schneiderman, the Republican supervisor, used the same consultant that Wilkinson the Republican supervisor candidate is now using (no big surprise and what you would expect since Schneiderman has endorsed Wilkinson)

-- Wilkinson was a blank? Interesting because that would indicate Wilkinson is probably a more moderate Republican, which is what Fred Thiele says he is looking for from the Republicans, which means he should have already come out and endorsed Wilkinson (unless of course there is some kind of Gardiner-Thiele-Zwirn triangle at play here like described in my earlier post on this thread)

So what is your point? Party means nothing? If party doesn't mean anything why is Thiele thinking about switching? He must think it means something in Albany or in whatever is in his future plans. Afterall, the story that generated all these responses is about switching parties.

Is this entire thread like the Seinfeld show -- about nothing? I don't think so." Jul 7, 09 7:50 PM

New Sag Harbor mayor stirs changes right out of the gate

Great start Brian. The voters of East Hampton Town don't realize the mistake they made in not voting you onto the town board two years ago. It's a mistake we are all paying for now." Jul 8, 09 3:29 PM

East Hampton Town Building Inspector, Don Sharkey, found dead at 47

Good man who will be missed as a professional and a real nice guy." Jul 8, 09 3:36 PM

Letter snafus causes trouble for Zwirn

Why would a letter FROM Jay Schneiderman TO the Town Board say "the Town Board doesn't want to see its residents penalized for paying taxes late...." Zwirn's campaign can't even make excuses in a truthful or believable manner. If Zwirn cannot manage his campaign how can one expect him to manage the Town? After the illerate letter sent out by Zwirn in May that contained passages like "Partisan sabotages solutions and has no place in a local election"...huh? How can anyone take this candidate and his campaign seriously?

What is also becoming comical is how the Zwirn campaign is one step, make it many steps, behind the Republicans. Bill Wilkinson said over a week ago the county should waive all late fees for property taxes because the Town Dems decided to not send out the second half tax reminder notices, and Theresa Quigley wrote a letter to a local newspaper last week saying the same thing.

Not only does the Zwirn team copy the idea, they then botch it by drafting a letter from the Town Board without asking them, then bogusly say the letter was supposedly written for Jay Schniederman to send to the Board when nothing in the letter even hints that it was written "for" Jay Schniderman. Imcompetence and deception." Jul 14, 09 11:37 PM

Zwirn, Schneiderman in verbal tussle

If Zwirn thought this was such a no brainer and not illegal why didn't he just go to his boss County Executiove Steve Levy and ask him to work with the Democrat head of the County Legislature to introduce the bill to ask for the tax penalty waiver? Why not? Because he knew it was illegal and could not afford to get his boss Levy in trouble if word got out Zwirn knew ahead of time. Worst case scenario was if exposed Zwirn could react as he is doing now -- saying its not about politics, etc., stc., etc. Jay is this, that, etc., etc. Zwirn can afford to lose the election, but he can't afford to lose the election AND his job with Levy. Zwirn is your typical politician who will do or say anything when caught with his finger in the cookie jar -- Bill McGintee all over again." Jul 22, 09 11:06 PM

Schneiderman gets Democratic endorsement

Bill Taylor is suffering from the greatest case of political denial anyone could imagine. The only financial mistake Jay Schniederman made during his four years as East Hampton's Supervisor was not abolishing Mr. Taylor's do nothing, know nothing town job that costs taxpayers $100,000 a year with benefits. Jay schniederman left McGintee with a $13 million surplus as certified by the State Comptroller. Mc Gintee has turned that $13 million sirplus into a $18 million deficit, also certified by the State Comptroller. After this November's election and the installation of zero based budgeting by the Republican Supervisor, Mr. Taylor's job will surely be eliminated and the taxpayers of East Hampton will see their tax levy decrease by $100,000." Jul 26, 09 1:23 AM

Ethics complaint filed against Zwirn

Mr. Zwirn said several other legislators expressed interest in sposorong the legislation. If the legislation is legal and not an ethical violation as he claims, then getting the legislation done would have been as simple Mr. Zwirn going to County Executive Steve Levy, having him ask the presiding officer (same party) to introduce the bill and have the Democrat majority approve it. It could have been done two weeks ago. If Zwirn's real intention was to help the taxpayers and he believed it was legal, he could have moved on this without Schneiderman, without a press conference (after he was told the action was illegal), and without distributing a bogus letter that was denounced by the East Hampton Democrarts. Why is Zwirn still pressuring Schneiderman to do something Jay has already been told is not legal by the County Treasurer and the legislative attorney? If Zwirn has the County Executive and other legislators lined up to support the measure why isn't it a done deal? Why? Because the Zwirn campaign played politics with the tax penalty issue, did not know the law, did not believe the Democrat Town Board would call them out on drafting a bogus letter Town Board without Town Board review or approval. The Zwirn campaiogn cannot admit they are practicing politicic as usual. The town deserves more than the same old McGintee type behavior." Jul 28, 09 2:34 PM

Is it true Zwirn's leading contributor is the Nassau County political boss and leader -- now the state leader -- Jacobs? So much for no more politics as usual. Read this to get a taste of who is supporting Mr. Zwirn. www.topix.com/forum/city/east.../TQ39MG5KLRRQLTE3A - Cached - Similar

" Jul 28, 09 3:51 PM

Sorry...the link about Zwirn's big financial backer is

http://www.topix.com/forum/city/east-norwich-ny/TQ39MG5KLRRQLTE3A" Jul 28, 09 4:01 PM

For anyone who read the 10 comments on the link above you just have to ask yourself if the big contributions from Nassau are to ensure a guy like Zwirn will be the State party's lapdog on the east end -- here to help get the Suozzi nomination for governor, although Cuomo is the best choice. We do not need a political lap dog beholden to the state big shots running our town. The political shenanigans associated with this tax penalty rebate stunt is the type of actions you expect from Nassau County. We need someone who's first priority is to East hampton, not the state party chairman who is interested in the other end of the island. When Judy Hope was State Party chair what did we get? Nothing.....oh no.....we got some Clinton summer fundraisers... real good for traffic and summer life." Jul 28, 09 4:15 PM

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Scratch is a paid Dem operative
And we all know who" Jul 29, 09 6:15 PM

Gardiner's primary bid is stymied once again

Bill Gardiner, who is a nice man, is having done to him what he did to Bill Mott two years ago to thwart Mr. Mott's attempt at a Republican primary for town board. Bill Gardiner, what is different today that makes you believe a primary run by you against the party selected candidates is better or different than a primary by Bill Mott against you two years ago which you tried to and did thwart? If you though a Republican primary was a bad thing two years ago, what makes you think it would be helpful this year?" Aug 2, 09 10:52 AM

Ethics complaint filed against Zwirn

There is nothing silly about writing something that everyone understands. That is the difference between the Democrat operatives in this town and the blue collar Republicans, Democrats and Independents in East Hampton. The Democrat operatives are a closed circle of elites who speak in their ouwn tounge. The Republicans are interested in openess and transparency and speaking in a language everyone understands and supports. It is the reason a guy like Jay Schneiderman gets everyone's endorsement over the loud objections of the East Hampton Democrat elites." Aug 2, 09 11:01 AM

Schneiderman gets Democratic endorsement

To Dagdavid -- huh?

Jay switched parties true. But so what? You can't change his outstaanding local record as East Hampton Town Supervisor leading a Republiocan majority from 2000 to 2003. Jay made clear when he switched parties to Independence that it had to do with some national issues, but that locally he was still a Repbublican because they represent the local community much more than the Democrats. Maybe the County Democrats (other than Levy and Zwirn) have come to realize that the East Hampton Democrats are elitists who do not do a good job representing local interests. Jay does, which is why the East Hampton Republicans carried Jay's petitions even after his party switch because East Hampton Republicans are about what is right for the town. East Hampton Democrats have shown through their blind sopport of McGinteen (a former Nassau County mail man as I have been told) that they are about control and what is best for the elites who make up the local Democrat power base. Think about the Dem power brokers -- Gruber, Overby, Gorman, etc., etc., -- all millionaires and and all from places other than East Hampton.

Go Jay. It's about what is right!!!" Aug 3, 09 11:31 PM

Former East Hampton GOP leader Gardiner taken to hospital

Bill Gardiner is a good man. Although I disagree with his primary attempt, I do believe he is someone who truly deserves our prayers." Aug 12, 09 11:11 PM

Challenger fires the first salvo in supervisor race

Chris Nuzzi is the real person who needs to be re-elected in Southampton. Nuzzi is the one with the steady hand and the experience needed in Southampton. Regardless of who wins the supervisor's race, Nuzzi is the one person that Southampton ABSOLUTELY needs on the town board to provide the balance leadership that is so basly needed.

Rumor has it Anna might be willing to support some type of town wide level school tax rate. That means everyone living in the Southampton, Sag Harbor, Sagoponack, Tuckahoe and Westhampton school districts would subsidize the higher Hampton Bays school district rate. I can't believe Anna will make many friends outside of Hampton Bays on that one." Aug 12, 09 11:23 PM

Supervisor: East Hampton tax hike is certain

On one hand Democrat McGintee, a founding member of the Democrat PAC "the Conservators" states, "It's a piece of property that we don't need. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of preserved acres throughout the town." Then on the other hand the Democrat power brokers like Gorman (also a "Conservator") are trying to convince the public it is the Republicans who don't support land preservation. What a farce. Republicans have preserved thousands of acres in East Hampton, and it is now the Democrats who are proposing to start selling it off because according to their elected leader McGintee (who was financially supported as recently as 2007 by Gorman, Zwirn, Baldwin, Schafer, et al. ) we have more than enough. How do people like Gorman explain that away?" Sep 2, 09 11:01 PM

Schneiderman and Hammer win primaries

I believe Jay Schneiderman's record as an elected official and public servant has been fully validated. Those malcontents in the East Hampton Democrat Party who to this very day in bogus and inaccurate Zwirn flyers continue to attack Jay's record as Town Supervisor in East Hampton just don't get it. Over a thousand Democrats went out and voted for Jay yesterday. Continuing to attack Jay and not admiting to the reality that the Democrats have ruined East Hampton is going to make the November election that much more problematic for all Democrat candidates. Look at Cathy Cahill -- 16 years in office and a nice lady -- and she can't win a primary yesterday. And let's face it, half the registered Conservatives in East Hampton are middle of the road ticket splitters. Andy is a great guy and will be an awsome judge, but a message has been sent." Sep 16, 09 5:43 PM

Zwirn takes leave of absence for campaign

Veritas works for Zwirn. Pretty easy to figure out." Sep 25, 09 5:52 PM

Zwirn gets AFL-CIO endorsement

Probably one of the most least important endorsements you can get. They didn't even contact the Republican candidates -- not even with a questionnaire. The upisland AFL-CIO continously harasses local government when local non-union vendors win bids for local public projects. Anti local business labor unions from upisland are not the groups I would be seeking to back me. The local CSEA on the other hand is a different story. You think the local CSEA is happy with the local Democrat party that has supported the regime that has reduced their health benefits, is threatening layoffs due to the Dems own incompetence, and are against town workers earning a little extra money by banging a few nails or waiting some tables on the side? Anto local business and local labor -- some record." Sep 25, 09 6:02 PM

EH candidates up in arms over letter on GOP's environmental record

Same old scare politics we have come to expect from the Foster-Schafer-Mazur-Gruber-Zwirn-McGintee-Taylor crowd. They have nothing to run on so they make things up out of whole cloth. Underground garages in Montauk with a two foot water table line? Are you kidding me? Not only are the allegations despicable, they also assume local residents are idiots -- which they are not." Sep 25, 09 6:07 PM

East Hampton Town's union will wait on endorsements

I can see why you would think that razza350, but I disagree. The town workers know what McGintee has done to them, and McGintee was the golden boy of the East Hampton Conservators. Zwirn is a big member of the Conservators and donated to them and McGintee even after McGintee's problems were exposed. They know McGintee and Zwirn are cut from the same cloth and I can't believe they would vote for McGintee again." Sep 30, 09 7:53 PM

East Hampton GOP announces financial action plan

Getting a handle on the real deficit amount before laying out a plan of action is critical. Zwirn's plan was cookie cutter stuff copied from other towns and provided no perspective. Wilkinson has put his plan within the situation East Hampton finds itself. Wilkinson and his running mates have Identified the true deficit through thoughtful analysis and then has tackled the problem with a multi year business plan with goals. " Sep 30, 09 8:04 PM

mo...another Zwirn drinking buddy...if you don't define the problen and the extent of the problem, any solution developed will come up short. Rather than issue a cookie cutter "financial plan" like Zwirn did which was copied out of a text book, the Wilkinson team laid out and defined the problen in East Hampton, they put an accurate measure on it ($28 million deficit), and came up with a plan to solve East Hampton's mess, not some generic town in the pages of a college text book. That's what "within the situation of East Hampton" means.
It's real hand on management, not some fantasy plan.

razza...your correct in your prediction...you must have heard the recent poll results also." Oct 3, 09 11:58 AM

Heard local PBA has endorsed Wilkinson. Guess they know Zwirn is a McGintee clone, because they certainly know McGintee. Is it true, did Wilkinson get the local endorsement?" Oct 3, 09 12:00 PM

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