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State audit chastises East Hampton Town for no-bid contracts, shoddy recordkeeping

For some of those who have kept saying the McGintee mess began before he took office, they only have to read the above - "East Hampton began 2007 with a surplus of $6.9 million, but ended that year $10.8 million in debt and has not been able to stay within its budget since. Town officials concede that the budget gap could swell to $20 million by the end of this year". All this happened three years into McGintee's tenure as supervisor. McGintee was left with over $13 million in surplus by Jay Schneirman who grew the surplus by $5 million during his four years in office (and who was recently cross endorsed by the county Democrats in his re-election campaign for County Legislator). In 2007, according to the State Comptroller there was still almost $7 million remaining from what McGintee inherited, but in about a year that $7 million surplus was turned into almost an $11 million deficit by McGintee and all his supporters who made excuses for him, contributed to his re-election and supported him with letters and words. The same people who gave you the McGintee debacle described above now want to give you McGintee II with the latest slate of Democrats -- people who enabled McGintee to wreck the town." Oct 3, 09 3:57 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

Bill Jones has been a public servant in many different capacities for many different years. This incident is certainly out of character for someone who has always been respectful and helpful to everyone. The comments Mr. Jones was reacting to must have been very hurtful and proably very bogus for him to get so upset." Oct 3, 09 4:08 PM

East Hampton Town's union will wait on endorsements

I heard the East Hampton PBA endorsed Wilkinson, is that true? Does anyone know for sure? The PBA members sure know McGintee and sure know whether to expect more of the same from the new crop of Democrat candidates. I'm also sure they have contacts in the Nassau law enforcement community and got a heads up from them." Oct 3, 09 4:12 PM

East Hampton GOP candidates win critical endorsements

Thiele and LaValle are obviously huge endorsements for the Republicans. These are the two individuals East Hampton will depend on to help secure the additional financing from the State the town will need to cover the additional $10 million of the Democrat deficit that will be identified by the end of the year (in addition to the original $15 million). I wonder how former Sag Harbor Village Mayor Ferrarris is feeling these days after reading the Theile quotes above? Ferraris may be the only east end endorsement Mr. Zwirn receives. The town PBA endorsement of Wilkinson tells you something about who they believe is the agent of positive change for East Hampton.

" Oct 6, 09 11:08 PM

League of Women Voters to host debates for town races

I like Steve Kotz, but he really needs to be careful because a Republican town board candidate is a cousin in law and a Democrat town board candidate is a brother in law. I don't envy Steve's position. I would suggest however that Steve just recuse himself from questioning any of the town council candidates -- just a suggestion in the interest of everyone concerned." Oct 6, 09 11:14 PM

Ad calls GOP candidate's personal finances into question

Testy, tesy? Did you call Stanzione and ask? People who have know the truth, and it is not what was in the Democrat mud slinging ad. Did your Dem candidate really get arrested? If so why? Did your other candidate get away with a non CO pool for almost 20 years and thus thousands of dollars less in property taxes? Did he at least have a bulding permit for the pool? I think if all these things are true and they have not been used by the Republicans it only shows they would rather stick to the issues and ideas." Oct 20, 09 9:38 PM

East Hampton Town candidates focus on the issues

Will 27 east and the East Hampton Press be reporting on the arrest they reported last Spring if it is indeed the town board candidate? And do it next week before the election? I believe Beth Young owes that to the readers. I'm sure she reads these comments and is now aware of the issue. If it is the town board candidate and she and the Press ignore it then she and the Press will be wide open for severe criticsm for a number of reasons and a number of levels." Oct 22, 09 8:15 PM

Ad calls GOP candidate's personal finances into question

This is heady stuff. You have a newspaper in the Press that ran the lein ad about Mr. Stanzione. Now it appears that the brother-in-law of the Press's editor was arrested, as reported on his own website. If it was the editor's brother-in-law, then the Press has to report it next week and find our why he lost his license, why he was arrested, how the case was disposed, and what the candidate has to say. If Stanzione was pressed to respond to the lein issue, which I believe was resolved in Stanzione's favor, then if true Whelan has a lot of explaining to do. The Press' position as a legitimate news source may be tested here." Oct 22, 09 8:37 PM

Where they stand: The arts

The Press is now almost forced to investigate and report this issue if the candidate was arrested. This is big. The Press pushed the Stanzione lein issue, now it seems like another candidate, the brother-in-law of the Press' editor, was arrested -- and was reported on the Press website. If this is the candidate Whelan, then why didn't the Press report it earlier. The link provided in this comment section would seem to indicate this Whelan (age 52) is the town board candidate. Why no mention of this sooner? This is really getting exciting because there are all sorts of cross currents here, potential nepotism, potential shoddy journalism, cover up, you name it. If it is not the candidate Whelan someone should be on this thread saying so and telling us who this other John Whelan is. I see a book in the future." Oct 22, 09 8:45 PM

Razza...you got it right. That editorial by Rattray is borderline libelous. He attributes things to Wilkinson he never said. It was probably one of the biggest hachet jobs ever perpetrated by an editor of any paper in East Hampton." Oct 29, 09 9:21 PM

East Hampton Town candidates focus on the issues

Razza...could you believe how obviously biased Rattray was in that editorial? If he provided any reason to vote for Zwirn I could swallow the animous against Wilkinson.

He accuses a guy like Wilkinson of exaggerating his resume, a guy who sat in an office next to Mike Eisner (President of Disney) and was one of the top executives in a Fortune 100 company. He attributes things to Wilkinson he never said and belittles one of the elite management training programs in the world. I guess after Newsday, the Press and the Independent's overwhelming endorsements of Wilkinson, Rattray had to level the playing field.

When you consider how upset and angry most of East Hampton Town is with the Star over the hatchet job they did on the late Don Sharkey, Rattray's endorsement of Zwirn and the way it is wriiten will probably embolden the support for Wilkinson and I would guess move some in the middle to Wilkinson. Heck you can'y even buy the Star at most places that sell papers in East Hampton. My prediction is that the paper will die a slow death over the next 2 to 3 years. Local advertisers will be pulling their ads as the unprofessional nature of the journalism practiced by its editor the is further exposed. I doubt the East Hampton Conservators and the Grubers and Gormans of the world will pay to keep the paper solvent." Oct 29, 09 9:41 PM

Source: Bernard will be tapped as budget officer in East Hampton Town

To P.A.B

Who ever said you can't have both? Vernuille and Bernard? Vernuille had no municipal finance experience when hired by the town. Bernard has 10 years federal finance experience, 10 years municipal finance experience and I believe he was on the town board for 4 years. That's 24 years of experience. Just because Wilkinson wants some quality municipal finance experience in town hall is a good thing. He also seems to want structure in management salaries and we should be happy. Larry Penny has been a department head in East Hampton for over 25 years and has more experience in his field than anyone and he makes $38,000 less than Ms. Vernnuille. It's public service, not private profit. When Jay Schneiderman hired Eric Bregman as town attorney in 2000, Mr. Bregman left a major New York Ciry law firm where he was making probably 4 times the $75,000 salary he received in town government. Bregman realized it is public service. If Ms. Vernuille earns $90,000 or $95,000 what's wrong with that? Who else makes $130,000 in town government? Anywhere if Suffolk County?" Dec 9, 09 7:04 PM

really cocerned in bonac, you say you work in town hall? you tell a different story than the few people i know there. they are looking for people like bernard to come back. well i voted for my fellow gansetter bernard when he was elected to town board and i voted for him when he lost to mcgintee. if you measure someones ability by how many elections they won then mcgintee should be man of the year. you probably voted for mcgintee all three times to keep that do nothing job you probably have in town hall. or does your job hinge on the future of vernuielle? interesting. you have as much credibility as al gore on global warming." Dec 10, 09 5:27 PM

East Hampton police contract caps annual raises at three percent

BZ -- You don't really belive Happy is Len? Believe me when I say you should re think that conclusion." Mar 4, 10 8:14 PM

Just to introduce some facts into this thread...

The following is from a letter sent from the New York State Comptroller to the Town of East Hampton on November 10, 2009:

" Mar 7, 10 5:07 PM

The State Comtroller wrote a letter to the Town on November 10, 2009. In reference to the Police contract it said "Because payments for salary increases and commensurate fringe benefits would be made in 2010, the appropriations for personal services in the proposed [2010] budget are likely inadequate." The Comptroller goes on to say, "The Board should increase appropriations for police department personnel services to a level sufficient to cover anticipated expenditures in 2010." The letter also states, "the Board should increase the appropriation for contingencies to provide a source of additional funding for unforseen events in the 2010 budget." The Board did not make any adjustments as suggested by the Comptroller.

The conclusion here is that the State Comptroller ceratinly does not think "there is plenty of revenue in the 2010 Budget without having to go out and borrow a ton of money."

The State Comptroller realized the Police would get some raise --and thanks to the work of Supervisor Wilkinson the increase was reasonable. To think and say, as some have on this thread, that the Police should get nothing for 2007 and 2008 when the Town Board gave themselves large increases for those years, is ridculous and quite naive. The fact Supervisor Wilkinson was able to negotiate retro raises for half what the Board gave themselves is quite remarkable and very good news for the local taxpayer.

Also, if anyone really believes there is "plenty" of extra money in the 2010 budget, then I suggest they contact the State Comptroller who has written that the 2010 budget developed by the previous supervisor is deficient and lacking funds.

This is the reality of dealing with millions and millions of misappropriated money that has to be returned to the funds from which they were removed. The money must be returned from where it was inapproriately taken in order to use that money as intended by law -- like pay to finish the new town hall, pay for the repairs at the recycling center, pay to fix the deteriorating roads, pay back the CPF etc., etc.

The money is not in the 2010 budget like some who write on this thread would like for you to believe. The millions that has to be paid back to where it legally should be does not exist -- it is gone. The State Comptroller says its gone and it is not in the 2010 budget, so what do you do? You do what Bill Wilkinson and his team is doing with the support of Fred Thiele and Ken LaValle. Sometimes reality sucks, but Wilkinson was elected to deal with reality, not the fantasy that people propose on this thread." Mar 7, 10 8:47 PM

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