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Guldi is considering another bid for public office

I can't believe you negative people!!! Were you asleep for the decade Guldi served us so well as a legislator? Do we not have a presumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty beyond a resonable doubt? This man is facing these charges precisely because he announced his interest in serving us again. I think the collusion between the Dems and the GOP is quite threatened by his very presence; they fear his intelligence and integrity. I would very much like to see Guldi at the horseshoe again, speaking truth to power and representing those of us who grew up here and are just regular people struggling to hold on to our jobs and our homes. RUN, GEORGE, RUN!!!" Jun 25, 09 6:11 AM

Schneiderman, Guldi face off on Tuesday

Let's get the facts straight here, shall we?
This story reported George Guldi "... decided to mount the primary challenge for the legislative seat despite being indicted this summer..."
Guldi announced to Democratic town leadership his intention to run in SEPTEMBER 2008. He was warned not to run in September and again in DECEMBER 2008, when he reaffirmed his intention to run to county Dem leadership.
His office was raided in FEBRUARY 2009, he was arrested in MARCH 2009, and indicted in JULY 2009, five days after filing enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Insurance fraud was not among the charges which are a matter of public record.
The reporter neglected to mention that at the county Democratic convention, the deal to leave the seat unchallenged left the Dems with no nomination for the 2nd LD.
Posy-convention, Southampton resident Tom Henry filed more than 1000 signatures, the Guldi camp, 787. Party leadership then spit on the rank and file by pulling Tom Henry from the race and substituting Jay Schneiderman.
The 5 party bosses don't like contested elections; they prefer to hold their secret meetings and divvy up the seats amongst themselves in their dirty back room deals.
So the choice for South Fork voters is pretty clear - political sock puppet Schneiderman, beholden to ALL FIVE party bosses, or George Guldi, the only candidate who earned his ballot spot with signatures from real, live people, andf is beholden to NO party boss?
Guldi served well and honorably as a county legislator for a decade; as one of those who spent the last 6 years lobbying him to run again; I can only say I am disgusted and angry at this concerted attempt to besmirch and discredit him.
Those who believe in democracy will pull the lever for Guldi on Tuesday, sending a message to party bosses that we are people, not sheep." Sep 11, 09 7:04 AM

To be honest, nyredwine, that's why I'm so eager to see Guldi back in the horseshoe - remember when he broke the car-leasing scandal back during the Gaffney administration? And how the judge in the LILCO case admitted in open court to getting a call from some high-ranking pol (I think it may have been the governor) just prior to ruling against Sabatino (then counsel to the leg)? To me, those are two fine examples of the kind of ballsy work Guldi produced not just for his district, but for ALL Suffolk residents. I want this guy back fighting for regular people like me and exposing some of the costly games being played that will have Suffolk County in the "junk-bond" category by this time next year. The guy may look like a tick, but he impressed me as an extremely smart and hard-working legislator and makes the lightweights that make up todays leg look pretty poor. LOL, no wonder the power elite want to destroy him... they have a lot to lose if he makes a comeback this season.
"A patriot must always be ready to defend her country from her government".
Edward Allen (paraphrased)" Sep 12, 09 8:54 PM

razza, I see you don't believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty, do you?
I actually think it was a brilliant strategy, because everyone is focusing on the charges (which will prove baseless 3 years and a whole lot of money in legal fee from now), instead of the fact that Guldi fought and won many a skirmish in preserving open space in his district and across the county; kept a watchful eye on spending and prevented much waste, fraud and abuse by his tireless work as on the Way & Means committee, which I think he chaired his last term or two. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, I believe Guldi produced consistently fine work on SIX committees in his last years in office. The guy was the hardest working legislator I've ever seen, certainly the smartest, and I am completely confident of his integrity and honor.
I think it's reprehensible that Spota and his thugs abuse their positions and waste taxpayer dollars to persocute & prosecute because the partybosses don't want their little kingdom exposed.
" Sep 14, 09 6:29 AM

If he wins it will be the negative campaigning biting Schneiderman and the party bosses in their respective butts, coupled with the fact that people don't like to see a smear campaign against a good man. I have no illusions, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hehe, imagine the slew of resignations and people who suddenly decide not to run for re-election if Guldi squeaks through the Primary." Sep 14, 09 11:44 PM

Prosecutors charge Guldi with insurance fraud

The only fraud being committed here is by the DA's office. I believe these new charges to be insurance all right... timed 2 days after the primary... I think the power elite were a bit worried Guldi would squeak through the primary, and needed some insurance in the form of another perp walk to seek to discredit him. Which appears to be pretty easy in a culture that doesn't believe in the Constitutional theory "innocent until proven guilty".
But I've always said Suffolk County has the best justice money can buy." Sep 19, 09 6:51 AM

sol-man, I was ROTFLMAO at your South America comment! They froze all Guldi's accounts in March, when they arrested him! They took the guys Passport! He's got a wife & five kids in Suffolk, and anybody who knows him knows his family ALWAYS comes first. So where do you think Guldi's goiung to go?
If I know George, he'll piss them off worse by sticking around and getting exonerated, then suing their lying, conniving butts for everything they're worth, and using the settlement to fund another run against Schneiderman.
LOL, at least that's been the fantasy running through my mind when my thoughts turn to settling things the Sicilian way and I have to calm myself down." Sep 20, 09 12:29 PM

Oh, no, Dark Side, I don't HOPE Guldi is innocent, I G-- D--- KNOW it! The key word here is ALLEGEDLY - the real shame is the amount of money he will spend and heartache he will endure in the years it will take to clear his name." Sep 21, 09 2:51 AM

Public decries proposed cuts to LIRR service on East End

Why does it take the same amount of time to get from Manhattan to Greenport today as it did in the 1800's?!
If we had more frequent service I could hop a train at Yaphank with a bike pass, bike to my sisters house in Southold, enjoy Greenport and Shelter Island without spending time and money on gasoline.
Greenport is also within easy biking distance of Orient State Park (OOOPS, wait, I forgot, the state wants to close Orient State Park.
Where is my tax money going besides tobail out Wall St and the banks.
How about we bail out MAIN ST for a change?" Mar 12, 10 5:39 PM

Local leaders speak out against MTA service cuts

We let it happen, folks, with our lazy and inattentive attitudes. Are we tough enough stand tall, demand accountability and vote ALL the incumbents OUT Nov 2nd?" Mar 12, 10 5:46 PM

George Guldi Trial Kicks Off

I've been there since the beginning of the trial Jan 10th, when jury selection began. Please see http://bit.ly/fAI7nD for my blog Guldi Trial Daily Report and Commentary, in the style of Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo Journalism.
I don't have to answer to editors, advertisers, management or ownership, so you get the real deal, warts & all.

" Jan 22, 11 6:30 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

This is very sad and disturbing to hear about. When I knew Brad, he was a very decent fellow and I was quite comfortable with his motives and integrity. It just goes to show that no one is safe from the scourge of addiction.
I am very suspicious of the charges concerning steroids, however. I never observed Brad Bender bulking up or in a "'roid rage" like so many steroid users... this is a terrible day for the people of Bender's district.
I wish Brad a speedy recovery and the lightest possible sentence." Nov 24, 15 5:11 PM

State Parole Board Again Denies Former Lawmaker's Bid For Early Release

Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
Marcy Correctional Facility
PO Box 5000
Marcy NY 13403

October 5, 2016

Dear Marcy Parole Interview Team,

This letter is in support of Political Prisoner George O. Guldi’s (11A3965) release to parole.

It is well-documented that during his decade as a Suffolk County Legislator - 1993 through 2003 – Mr. Guldi fought against and exposed corruption, cronyism and patronage ranging from the Suffolk County car-leasing scandal to the Suffolk County real property division scandal, even leading the charge to force an audit of the corrupt District Attorney’s Asset Forfeiture Unit.

Note that NONE of the entities Mr. Guldi was accused of stealing from or defrauding went to or otherwise contacted the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office or the Suffolk County Police. On the contrary, they were illegally solicited by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office over a 5 month period in which the SCDA’s office used them as agents to gather information and documents later used to concoct “evidence” against Mr. Guldi so flimsy that even a jury stacked with TWO INSURANCE ADJUSTERS found Mr. Guldi not guilty of forgery and possession of a forged instruments charges.

Currently, the main players in the investigatory, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, perjury, subornation of perjury, etc., that resulted in Mr. Guldi’s selective and malicious prosecution, farce of a fair trial, wrongful convictions and wrongful incarceration are all either in federal custody, found or pled guilty in federal court and are awaiting sentencing, under federal indictment, have received letters informing them that they are a target of a federal grand jury investigation and/or will have been indicted and/or arrested by the time you read this letter.

James Burke – corrupt Bureau Chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Detective Investigators from 2002 through 2011 – was a longtime political enemy of George Guldi dating back to 2001. Mr. Burke was arrested, convicted and has been in federal custody since December 9, 2015 while he was Chief Gangster of the Suffolk County Police Department. Bail was denied by federal judge Leonard Wexler who found Burke “… had violated every oath…” and said he “… could not conceive of any circumstances where [Burke] could be trusted…” .

Christopher McPartland – corrupt Bureau Chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Government Corruption bureau – was issued a target letter by the US Justice Department in June of 2016, “… indicating he is the target of an investigation…”, including illegal wiretaps, selective and malicious prosecution and manufacturing and destroying evidence.

Thomas Spota - corrupt Suffolk County District Attorney – recently paid a $48,500.00 legal retainer to Covington and Burlington LLP, in which Spota’s attorney, Alan Vinegrad, is a partner. Make whatever inference from that you desire.

Further, now that both the US Justice Department and the FBI are aggressively pursuing multiple investigations into the multi-million dollar a year extortion/protection racket run by the SCPD, SC DA’s office, myriad corrupt judges and the party bosses who rig their elections and re-elections – often cross-endorsed and unopposed - and both corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo and corrupt US Senator Chuck Schumer are being exposed for their own corrupt and illegal acts, there is really no percentage in continuing to deny Mr. Guldi parole.

The NYS Board of Parole record concerning Mr. Guldi is already laughable. The October 2014 panel improperly ruled that Mr. Guldi could not be paroled because he had a “high likelihood of re-offending”. Mr. Guldi promptly submitted an appeal showing that since he was disbarred upon conviction he could never again execute a real estate closing, and that no company will ever again issue him either insurance or a mortgage; making it IMPOSSIBLE for him to re-offend.

But your agency sat on that appeal for more than a year - 15 months, to be exact - before issuing a ruling essentially saying that it was, indeed, an irrational and bizarre decision completely devoid of ration, reason, fact(s) or evidence.

Then at Mr. Guldi’s SECOND “initial appearance” in January of 2016, your agency claimed another bogus reason to deny Mr. Guldi parole, citing the case he already COMPLETED HIS 1 – 3 YEAR SENTENCE ON. That decision is also currently under appeal.

I hold that the NYS Board of Parole has already well-documented your ability and willingness to act at the behest of corrupt Suffolk County and New York State officials and political players, and that now is the time to stop doing so.

The best efforts of officials and staff at Woodbourne Correctional Facility, Marcy Correctional Facility and NYS DOCCS to systematically deny and restrict Mr. Guldi’s access to law library, health care, healthy food, legal mail, personal mail, etc., has not been able to stop Mr. Guldi from filing his Appellate Division appeal of his wrongful convictions and wrongful incarceration.

Ergo, when Mr. Guldi is finally exonerated, you puppets will be called to account for illegally lengthening the duration of his wrongful incarceration.

In addition, you may want to consider the determination and dedication I have shown by doing all in my power to bring those who wrongfully persecuted (no typo; not prosecuted, persecuted) George Guldi to justice. I thank the spirits of my ancestors for their assistance, which has resulted in wide publication and media attention to the systemic corruption in Suffolk County and NYS.

You might also want to check with the SCPD, DA, judicial staffers and political players in Suffolk County on the incidence of cancer, deaths, sicknesses, accidents, miscarriages, etc., among them and their families, as I frequently call upon the spirits of my ancestors to rain sickness and death upon those who have wronged George Guldi, seven-fold in proportion to the harm they have done. I am thankful the spirits respond to those as pure of heart as I.


Terri Scofield
" Oct 26, 16 12:19 PM

Judge Dismisses 'Truck Beach' Lawsuit, Denies Amagansett Homeowners' Claims Of Ownership

Way to go, Justice Gazillo! Thanks for a terrific parting gift. Enjoy your retirement." Nov 17, 16 4:35 PM

Dozens Rally To Save Health Care During Sunday Protest In Southampton

Ms. Italiano is incorrect and mis-informed : "... It took America so long to get [universal] health care compared to other parts of the world...". The ACA (aka Obamacare) is NOT universal health care. Millions remain uncovered and most of those covered cannot afford the premiums and deductibles; hence, we can't even afford to use the paltry coverage we have. Every other civilized nation has universal, single payer health care. We don't have it because virtually all politicians - Democrats, Republicans and most minor parties - are wholly owned by Wall St., Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil, and the prison and military industrial complexes. We are a nation of sheeple blindly refusing to acknowledge that electoral politics is a dead end. Unless and until we recruit, educate, train, organize and deploy a critical mass of people who will do more than march and protest, we will continue to decline. I no longer participate in protests unless it's direct action and/or civil disobedience. We have screwed up our beloved country to the point that nothing short of revolution will do. We need to dismantle what passes for "our" government and rebuild a government that represents the people, not corporate interests. "A patriot must always be ready to defend her country from her government" (paraphrased, Edward Abbey)." Jan 19, 17 1:19 PM

Racing Enthusiasts Eager To Have A New Drag Strip On Long Island

Growing up we had race tracks in Freeport, Islip, Riverhead and Westhampton. Drag racing wasn't my thing, but 2 of my motorhead brothers participated. By the time they had kids old enough to drive, there was nowhere to pass that tradition along. Surely we can find land somewhere to give todays motorheads a safe and legal place to enjoy their sport." May 25, 17 6:19 PM

UPDATE: Guldi Released Without Bail As Prosecutors Appeal Ruling That Threw Out Felony Conviction

Ms. Riga is mistaken in stating that Guldi is "... currently serving a four- to 12-year sentence for an unrelated $82 million mortgage fraud scheme...". The 4 - 12 year sentence was imposed on the insurance fraud and grand larceny charges. AFTER this wrongful conviction, Guldi pled guilty to 35 of the original 117 counts on the mortgage fraud case, and was sentenced to 1 - 3 years on each count, concurrent with each other and concurrent with the time he was already sentenced to.
As we stand today, Guldi has now been WRONGFULLY imprisoned for 3 1/2 years, as he would have been released on the 1 - 3 year sentence in February of 2014.
Interesting that the Appellate Division took 6 1/2 years to come to this decision, two weeks after the Guldi family buried George's youngest sibling. Very sad the man has been a political prisoner for so long." Jul 7, 17 6:01 AM

Look, I got screwed by Guldi. I was the ONLY person who stood by him from his March 2009 indictment to December of 2016. I spent 90% of my inheritance, 6 years of free paralegal services, 4 years of free property management, weekly prison visits, 35 lb prison packages a month of organic, non-GMO healthy food and countless hours of telephone and correspondence time only to be dumped the minute he knew he'd be freed. But rather than remain feeling Heartbroken, angry, hurt and betrayed, I choose to concentrate on the positive. I learned a lot, accomplished a lot and conducted myself with honor and integrity throughout. The quality of my work is not diminished because it was on behalf of a ungrateful scamster who used and duped me.
The fact remains he is guilty of neither what he was convicted of nor what he pled guilty to. He lost his law license, businesses, most assets and his freedom. Missed weddings, graduations, the birth of his first grandchild. His youngest sibling died less than a month ago. He was transported to the wake in chains, never having gotten a chance to say goodbye. His two youngest boys are now teenagers.
And he will emerge from prison a 64 year old man in poor health with serious PTSD and other issues which could have been properly treated if not for the 3 1/2 years since February 2014 of WRONGFUL incarceration. As much as the personal, mean-spirited, petty side of me wants him to rot in prison for how I allowed him to use me, the professional, paralegal, activist side of me is proud to be vindicated, victorious and even happy and relieved that FINALLY, everyone knows that he never should have spent a day in prison in the insurance fraud and grand larceny charges. I hope he bankrupts Suffolk County and NYS for wrongful incarceration." Jul 10, 17 11:49 AM

Guldi Released Without Bail As Prosecutors Appeal Ruling That Threw Out Felony Conviction

Because the fat lady doesn't sing 'till it over and exoneration is complete. That should happen when the court of appeals declines to hear the case and the corrupt Suffolk DA's office declines to retry or retries and does not prevail. Stay tuned." Jul 13, 17 2:01 PM

I blogged during the farce of a trial that Guldi was, in fact, keeping track of the myriad reversible errors of corrupt former judge James "FiX it" Doyle. If memory serves me correctly the very first one was the first day of jury-stacking, on a Batson challenge by Guldi when the prosecution used one of their challenges to dump the second person of color from the jury and the judge failed to require the prosecution to articulate a logical, race-neutral basis for striking that juror. I believe Doyle made an average of 2 reversible errors each day of the 7 1/2 week kangaroo court "trial". The unanimous Appellate Division 2nd Dept decision seems to have gone with the easiest, most egregious, blatant reversible error of the AIG employee being seated despite Guldi's on the record challenge." Jul 13, 17 8:23 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

Southampton Town Police are absolute clowns who couldn't follow a trail of powdered sugar to a box of donuts. " Aug 9, 17 8:19 PM

Let's Go Mets, I've been quite ill and missed this case completely. Googling it got me lots of hits but no verdict. Please clue me in." Aug 9, 17 8:24 PM

New Owner's Plan For Old Hampton Bays Diner Property Remains A Mystery

Two possibilities nobody's considering: 1) Richie Bivona, a shady character who has been living rent free in George Guldi's Watermill property at 2027 Deerfield Rd, has stated to several people that he bought the property. 2) George Guldi sold Davis Properties in Vermont and it's parent company, 261 W 22nd St Sponsor Corp to these 3 equally shady folks: DANIEL WELDEN President 1649 MILLSTONE RD., SAG HARBOR, NY, 11963, LORI MAHER Secretary 27 SYCAMORE ST., PATCHOGUE, NY, 11772, CARL WELDEN Director 1 WEST STREET, ROSENDALE, NY, 12472. It's rumored that they liquidated $3 MILLION of Guldi's hidden assets between Dec, 2016 and May 2017. The diner site would be an ideal location for meetings and drug distribution amongst all the nefarious folks Guldi cozied up to during his 6 1/2 years in the pokey. https://www.vtsosonline.com/online/BusinessInquire/TradeNameInformation?businessID=89198" Aug 18, 17 8:37 AM

Guldi To Appear In Court September 13 For Ruling On Prosecution's Appeal

The Appellate Division, 2nd Department July 5th decision to free Guldi was unanimous. The Court of Appeals will rule against corrupt Suffolk DA Tom Spota. Re-indicting Guldi invites him to publicize the pattern and practice of the DA's selective and malicious prosecution, investigatory, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, illegal wiretapping, jury-stacking and altered and disappearing court transcripts and records. Jimmy Burke, the Suffolk DA's Bureau Chief of the Detective Investigators Unit, when Guldi's persecution (not prosecution) was engineered, is in federal prison.Eddie Walsh, former Conservative Party boss who installed so many corrupt judges via cross-endorsements and unopposed races, has been sentenced to federal prison and will begin serving his sentence in October. DA Government Corruption Bureau Chief Chris McPartland is a target of a federal grand jury investigation.
The smartest move Suffolk can make is decline to re-indict Guldi, and offer him a few million dollars settlement in exchange for not bankrupting the county with a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit.It's possible, probable and likely that Guldi will be able to reverse his guilty pleas on the 35 counts of mortgage fraud and conspiracy he plead guilty to, as the plea was clearly coerced, following his farce of a trial-by-ambush with a stacked jury presided over by corrupt former judge James (FiX it) Doyle. We can apologize and pay Guldi handsomely to go away, but I'd like to see him continue to expose the multi-million dollar a year extortion/protection racket run by the SCPD, Suffolk DA's office, corrupt judges and party bosses who rig their elections and re-elections, often cross-endorsed and unopposed. Targeting Guldi and destroying his life has not put the genie back in the bottle. Repercussions continue to emerge.
" Sep 7, 17 8:03 AM

Adjourned to Oct 17. Apparently, the case has been assigned to Court of Appeals Judge Eugene Fahey. My guess is - regardless of the Court of Appeals decision - it will be adjourned again until after the election, and possibly keep getting adjourned until corrupt DA Spota is indicted or replaced by Tim Sini come January 2018. Stay tuned." Sep 13, 17 11:40 AM

Princess Diner Owner And Manager Indicted And Charged With Withholding Wages From Employees

Is Bivona still living in George Guldi's house @ 2027 Deerfield Rd In Watermill? The one I won back for him after it was illegally foreclosed upon by a corrupt Suffolk Judge and illegally sold at auction?" Sep 20, 17 11:18 AM

http://www.courts.state.ny.us/courts/ad2/calendar/webcal/decisions/2013/D38801.pdf" Sep 20, 17 11:19 AM

No, I'm Terri Scofield. Despite constant warnings from George Guldi's siblings, adult children & ex-wives, associates, etc. that he would use and discard me, I supported George Guldi from his indictment in 2009 through December of 2016 as a friend, paralegal, lover, property manager (VT) and from 2012 - 2016 fiancee'. I did not realize he was merely using me, my inheritance and my paralegal expertise until he knew he was going to be sprung from prison and eventually exonerated.
That said, as much as I wish Guldi sickness and death seven-fold in proportion to the harm he has done, I remain steadfast he is guilty of neither what he was convicted of nor what he pled guilty to. Yes, I was duped and used. Those 8 years are a very painful and expensive lesson I am struggling to recover from. But I am proud that I had the strength and fortitude to stand by him when everybody else had written him off. I learned a lot, accomplished a lot, and conducted myself with loyalty, honor and integrity throughout.
And to the corrupt players who executed Guldi's selective and malicious prosecution, investigatory, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, jury-stacking, subornation of perjury, perjury, etc., I offer this public service announcement: I was wronged in 1977. I exacted retribution in 2005. I do not forgive. I do not forget." Sep 23, 17 6:56 AM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

Is Richard Bivona still living in George Guldi's house at 2027 Deerfield Rd in Watermill? The one I won back for Guldi while he was in prison after the house was illegally foreclosed upon by a corrupt Suffolk judge and was illegally sold at auction? " Sep 29, 17 5:37 AM

http://www.nycourts.gov/reporter/3dseries/2013/2013_05048.htm" Sep 29, 17 5:38 AM

Guldi Accepts Plea Deal, Will Be Sentenced To Time Served

Kate, please re-read my emailed report of this proceeding. Guldi pled guilty ONLY to the first count of Grand Larceny, 2nd degree. The second count of Insurance Fraud, was dismissed in satisfaction. Please correct your statement "Terri Scofield, ex-fiancee of Mr. Guldi, who was in attendance at the court appearance, added that Mr. Guldi also offered an allocution to the crime, a spoken acknowledgment of the insurance fraud he committed to be entered into the court’s records". Guldi's allocution was ONLY to Grand Larceny 2nd.
Also, as noted in my emailed report to you, Judge Cohen scheduled December 13th, 14th and 15th for the restitution hearing he ordered, so it is unlikely that "... At a December 13 court appearance, the judge will decide how much of the sum Mr. Guldi will be responsible for reimbursing." as you wrote.
Terri Scofield" Dec 1, 17 11:01 AM

It's actually not over by a long shot; there's a sound file out there that could do Guldi and his bookkeeper a lot of damage." Dec 2, 17 7:24 AM

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