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UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

Who cares about Al. He ran away to Florida because he ruined his reputation here. You cant trust anyone with your kids. Not your football coach, not your gym teacher. Heck sometimes you cant even trust your own relatives." Mar 22, 13 3:35 PM

Thats EXACTLY the defense I would use if it were me. "Hey, my phone was stolen. It wasnt me!" I dont even need to pay a lawyer to make that one up for me. Its genius!" Mar 23, 13 8:54 AM

Southampton Town Employees Get Four-Day Weekend After All

TRUE" Jun 28, 13 8:53 PM

I rarely post but because I worked as a civil service worker for a Township (not Southampton) for many years I am quite offended by the "jealousy" as vsgurl put it. I am PROUD to BRAG that it was the best job I was ever blessed to have. 13 pd holidays, 2wks of sick dys, 4wks vaca, 5 personal dys, bereavement dys, time off for mammos, pension, life ins, legal & mental aid & MORE! WHO WOULDNT WANT ALL THAT? ISNT THAT THE KIND OF JOB WE STRIVE FOR?? Any of you would cut off an arm to get into a job like that. So obviously the complaining is out of jealousy. No one ever commends us for having to deal day in & day out with people like YOU .. the complaining public!
You want us to work for free because its your precious tax dollars. Hello... um its MY own tax dollars too that were funding my paycheck!! Everyday people like you came to Town Hall "omg my neighbor is cutting down a tree!" "this restaurant doesnt have a permit for outside seating so shut em down!" "uh oh theres a dock being built on the wetlands and even tho its not bothering anyone I must report it cuz I have nothing better to do!"
Sound like any of you?? Of course it does because these are all REAL complaints.
Bravo S.H town workers!! Its just another day off where you dont have to deal with the publics crap. ENJOY!!!!!" Jun 28, 13 9:03 PM

I did my job well, did everything I was told, and never left any task undone whether I liked it or not. I earned my pay. But youre right. Pride in serving the citizens?? How could I? The citizens are a bunch of whiney complainers who do not appreciate the civil servant. And as I read the comments here, STILL ARE. Nothing has changed." Jun 29, 13 7:08 PM

Police: SUV Driver Was Using Cellphone During Fatal Crash On County Road 39

Bottom line: This woman paid the ultimate price for her mistake, and will never get the chance to learn from it. So...we get it people...she broke the rules of the road.... but she received her punishment, shes dead....so leave it alone." Aug 24, 13 8:22 AM