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Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

If an anonymous caller dialled in to the East Hampton Town Police, and said there was.an undocumented resident providing liquor to underage persons, would the Town Police investigate and arrest like the recent arrest of a local citizen ? What if that happened in another jurisdiction and the undocumented resident left that location, moved to East Hampton to evade a court appearance? What if the anonymous caller said the undocumented resident was driving with no car insurance and registration? What if they hit your car and you became injured and missed work as a result? if the undocumented resident did not obtain health insurance as required by the ACA? What if the local undocumented resident has an outstanding Federal warrant for using a false social security number to get work? What if the undocumented resident has outstanding warrant for using a citizen's social security number to get a fraudulent tax return? Slippery slopes." Feb 19, 17 6:55 PM

Group Urges East Hampton Town To Buy Montauk Airport To Head Off Headaches

Do they sell aviation fuel there? I find it works much better than the gasohol for some of my engines." Feb 20, 17 5:10 PM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

Yes thanks for clearing that up for me. Rich people with clever accountants and attorneys who can finagle the system are avoiding taxes, poor people who are trying to put food on the table for their families are evading taxes.

President Trump is a real role model for our children. His manipulation of the system for his personal benefit and the way he evaded the draft during the Vietnam War -- or did he just avoid the draft? Genius. Patriotism at its best.

A true American hero." Feb 22, 17 8:03 AM

Donald Trump has not paid any income taxes in many years, although his refusal to release his tax returns makes it difficult to understand why not. His corporation pays no taxes because his many bankruptcies and loss carry forwards shield any current profits from taxation and the overseas locations of many of his properties further obscure what taxes he has paid. Withholding taxes are included in the expenses of a corporate p&l and further reduce tax liabilities. Everyone, including undocumented residents, pays a sales tax when they purchase something depending on the jurisdiction and the purchase. President Trump is a con man just like Mitt Romney said. If he was truly proud of his record as a businessman he would release his tax returns.

Wait until your health insurance becomes "free market" and employer provided benefits become "taxable" and not required of employers for employees. Then you are at the mercy of the predators of the healthcare industry in this country. It will be necessary to reopen the debtor's prisons to take care of all the sick people who can't afford medical attention. Although you will be fighting for space and food with a large number of undocumented residents waiting to be deported." Feb 22, 17 1:46 PM

Sadly, the US government caused alot of the anarchy in Central America by backing brutal dictators in the cause of anti-Communism. Do we get alot of refugees from Nicaragua where the US backed insurgency failed? No. We get them from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Remember Colonel North in the White House trading weapons to Iran for money to buy cocaine in Central America to find the Contra rebels in Nicaragua? We reap what we sow." Feb 24, 17 8:11 AM

How about we "start" by funding hospitals and schools both in the United States and in Central America. Instead of spending money on a big wall that will have a thousand tunnels underneath it in a week. Don't we remember the best line President Reagan ever uttered? "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!" " Feb 24, 17 9:28 AM

"According to Lieutenant Commander Nate Christensen, a Department of Defense spokesman, Hispanics currently comprise 11.4 percent of the active-duty military forces (more than 157,000 people). In 2011, 16.9 percent of all new recruits were Hispanic. Jan 1, 2013"

"Catholic Europeans (mostly Irish) who served in the predominantly Protestant U.S. Army felt marginalized and saw a resurgence of their own struggles in Erin on this foreign land. It is mostly the story of Jon Patrick Riley, who was one of the founding members of the St. Patrick’s Battalion."

Google the Mexican American War and Los San Patricios. If you all want some US history you were never taught.
" Feb 25, 17 8:48 AM

Are undocumented residents of East Hampton and Southampton really our problem? And do you really think there are going to be ICE employees running around the East End herding the undocumented into internment camps, prepping them for deportation? Or do you think the local Town and County police will be all over this opportunity for expanded law enforcement?

"In 2014, government healthcare plans were 17.5 percent higher cost than the average citizen’s plan, and their employee contributions were 45 percent less than the average plan, according to a survey of nearly 10,000 employers by United Benefit Advisors."

"The county spends about $730 million on policing annually. The police district property tax brings in only $520 million. Most Suffolk residents don’t question the cost of policing. Officers on the beat earned substantial salaries and benefits packages averaging more than $230,000 a year in value in 2015, up 40 percent since 2006.

Their unions have the right to mandatory arbitration when contracts are disputed — and the arbitration awards always seem to favor the police. Overtime runs out of control because officers get as many as 70 vacation and sick days annually, so there is always a shift that must be filled. Officers who don’t use their allotted time, and most do bank it, retire with termination checks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with substantial pensions."" Feb 28, 17 1:55 PM

I guess you won't vote for Mr. Cantwell again. Do you vote?

“The Town of East Hampton will not enter into such an agreement with the federal government,” Mr. Cantwell told a standing-room-only crowd in East Hampton Town Hall on Thursday night, February 16, drawing applause. “Our enforcement personnel are not immigration officers. It’s not what they do. We do not seek out illegal immigrants during enforcement actions.”" Feb 28, 17 2:38 PM

East End Employers Say Immigrant Workers Pay Taxes, Provide Foundation For Local Economy

According to the 2010 US Census, 35% of the households in Hampton Bays spoke a language other than English at home. Extrapolate to the next Census and that number will be 50%, therefore >50% of the population will come from these households, or as we like to call it in a democracy, the majority. " Mar 3, 17 7:38 AM

What do you want to have happen? Deport half the population of Hampton Bays? Or provide a legal residency for undocumented residents? Quite the conundrum. " Mar 4, 17 11:52 AM

"there needs to be immediate action".
What specific actions do you advocate?

There are over 7,000 people in Hampton Bays alone that come from non English speaking households -- don't quibble, google "US Census" and "Hampton Bays" if you don't believe me -- what percent of them are undocumented? At least 50% are probably undocumented but let's say it's only 20%, what would you do to those 1400 people in HB alone?

What do you think should be done with them? Don't be coy, just state what "action" you desire." Mar 5, 17 3:27 PM

"above my pay grade."

Yes, I figured you would complain without offering a solution or even a suggestion of a solution.

" Mar 5, 17 5:44 PM

Pastor Says He Will Bring 600 Haitian Immigrant Children To Southampton If He Can't Provide Aid

Here come the Haitians! Here come the Haitians! Show the USAID form to the reporter who didn't bother to call Tim Bishop for comment. I'm sure it's easy enough to fill out. If that doesn't work, just be sure to enroll the kids in Southampton or Westhampton, Hampton Bays has its hands full trying to staff Spanish speaking teachers,. French Creole would be a fun additional group of youngsters but let's share the good fortune with our neighbors." Mar 6, 17 4:23 PM

This could easily be a scam -- the "paperwork" is to protect taxpayers from fraud. Has anyone else really verified any of this? Don't recall seeing former Congressman Bishop weighing in on any of the claims this pastor is making." Mar 10, 17 8:23 AM

Hampton Bays Residents Question Library's Proposed Bond Referendum As Vote Nears

Why is this on the property tax bill? Is there any way to get the Town government to remove the ability to remove these tax burdens? The school, fire and library are all out of control. Merely putting all healthcare insurance off limits for inclusion on budgets for current employees and pensions would reduce taxes 30%, freezing salaries like the current school contract in Quogue would reduce them another 20%. Let's cut taxes in half." Mar 10, 17 6:09 PM

The library board recently (December) voted a 5 year extension to the head librarian's contract. 5 years! Then they immediately out this boondoggle out for another vote with Sandpebble presentation no where posted online. There is no shame in this town. Did that fat thief from the water department pay back the scholarship money he stole from the High School?" Mar 11, 17 1:02 PM

Yes -- strip healthcare costs from all municipal labor contracts. If the unions don't like it, feel free to strike for as long as you like. Create an East End Healthcare Cooperative with admitting to the Peconic Bay and/or Southampton/Stony Brook systems and access to all the doctors that admit to them. This would disintermediate the insurance companies. In place of piecemeal labor contracts each with a different healthcare option, we can then force all municipal workers into a single healthcare system, then make that system available to all citizens on the East End. A US Passport becomes your healthcare ID. The average cost for healthcare in the US is $10,000 per person per year, in countries without insurance intermediaries with greater life expectancies it's less than $5,000." Mar 11, 17 5:08 PM

Thanks that's great advice, here's some for you:
do NOT wait for that third billy goat gruff to come over your bridge." Mar 12, 17 12:12 AM

Actually with a 5 year contract renewal just this last December probably one of the only ways to get rid of Ms. LaVista would be for gross negligence or dereliction of duty. Conviction of a felony would be cause as well although hard to say without the contract or the Charter for the library to provide guidance for removal. Certainly conviction of a felony not a path to termination at the Water Department.

Holding the vote on a snow day would be a brilliant coup for this $10 million bond. Just need to get some registered voters and make sure the Board of Election has its t's crossed with its regulations. Many fire department elections are decided with far less than 100 votes on the East End." Mar 13, 17 10:41 AM

It depends what was in the 5 year contract whether or not it's reasonable although by itself 5 years seems excessive. The President of the United States only serves for 4 years at a time. It would be interesting to FOIL the contract and see what's in it." Mar 13, 17 1:02 PM

Summer Camp Pays $12k Fine For Overcrowded Counselor Housing

If they all sleep in tents, is that a housing code violation? Shouldn't camp counselors sleep in a tent anyway?" Mar 14, 17 11:01 AM

Hampton Bays Library Postpones $9.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote; Reschedules For April 4

Is there a legal method to remove the library from the Town of Southampton property tax bill? Let them collect at the door. $50 to $100/month for the average HB house is no longer a legitimate expense." Mar 14, 17 11:07 AM

November 17, 2011
Susan LaVista, the director of the in Bridgehampton, was named this week as the new director of the .

The announcement was made via a press release sent to the media on Wednesday.

LaVista will officially take over for Mike Firestone, who is the , according to the release.

“I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to my role as director and working with the board, staff and community to continue to deliver exceptional library service and being a partner inside the Hampton Bays/East Quogue communities,” LaVista said.

LaVista has served as the Hampton Library's director for the past seven years, overseeing a $6 million dollar expansion at the library.

According to LaVista, that expansion, which is coming to a close, doubled the size of the Hampton Library, allowing for new technology, energy efficiency, more community space and a better work environment for employees.

Of leaving her post at Bridgehampton, she said, “The timing was right and this new job is a very nice opportunity for me.”

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LaVista says she trusts that the Hampton Library Board of Trustees will be able to find a suitable replacement.

“There are a lot of qualified candidates out there,” she said.

Prior to serving as Hampton Library's director, LaVista served as head of
circulation at the Westhampton Public Library.

“I have 20 years of library experience on the East End,” said LaVista, who hails from Westhampton Beach with her husband and two children.

LaVista holds a masters in library science from Queens College and an administrative certificate from Long Island University.

Kathleen Kennedy, the president of the board of trustees at the Hampton Bays Public Library, said of LaVista’s hiring: “We are very fortunate to have such a highly skilled administrator enter out community at a time when our library is used more than ever before.”" Mar 15, 17 3:38 PM

Susan LaVista will soon embark on a new chapter in her life.

The Westhampton Beach resident, who is currently the director of the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, announced last week that she will be resigning from her post to take over as the director of the Hampton Bays Public Library, beginning on March 2.

Hampton Bays Public Library Director Michael Firestone announced his plans late last year to join the Bayport/Blue Point Public Library in Blue Point. Since January, he has been working at both libraries part-time.

Serving for seven years as the director of the Hampton Library, Ms. LaVista helped shepherd the facility through a massive $6 million renovation and expansion. The results of that project, for which the library raised $2 million through its own fundraising efforts, was a space that is double its original square footage, and the addition of a full lower level, where children’s programs take place.

“Basically, I feel like the construction project has come to a close and the library is in a good place,” Ms. LaVista said. “This was a good opportunity for me, and I felt that I was ready for a change.”

Library Board of Trustees President Elizabeth Kotz praised Ms. LaVista’s performance at the library and wished her luck in Hampton Bays. She said the board will be meeting soon to discuss how to proceed with finding someone to fill Ms. LaVista’s shoes.

“Susan was amazing in bringing us through the process of the renovation, addition and expansion of our building,” she said. “And we truly do wish her well. We’re excited for her to get the Hampton Bays directorship. She’ll be an asset to that community.”

Ms. LaVista said that while the Hampton Bays Public Library is closer to her home, “truly, the drive was never a problem.” While she will begin at Hampton Bays next month, she will continue to work at the Hampton Library part time.

The Hampton Bays Public Library is run by a staff of nearly 50 people, Ms. LaVista said, more than double the 17 staffers at the Hampton Library. Currently, Ms. LaVista earns an $85,469 annual salary without benefits. She will earn $80,000 at the Hampton Bays Public Library. The benefit packages are different, and the net is an increase of a few thousand dollars, she stated in an e-mail. Mr. Firestone said he earned $103,000 as director at the Hampton Bays Public Library.

Hampton Bays Public Library Board of Trustees President Kathleen Kennedy welcomed Ms. LaVista aboard.

“We are very fortunate to have such a highly skilled administrator enter our community at a time when our library is used more than ever before,” she said in a press release." Mar 15, 17 3:46 PM

Peconic Bay Medical Center, Southampton Hospital Both Approved For Cardiac Cath Labs

Doesn't really matter -- if the new federal healthcare legislation goes through, every hospital CFO in the country should immediately slap a hiring and spending freeze on every hospital budget. No mandatory health insurance means every tom, dick and leslie will be showing up in the ER without insurance and no insurance company is going to cover that -- pre-existing conditions covered by insurance companies for folks who have hospital bills with no insurance? I would like to see that in action. Every hospital will be bankrupt in 2 years." Mar 16, 17 12:12 PM

Southampton Town To Launch Online Complaint Registry Soon

What could possibly go wrong with having neighbors spy on you and turn the evidence over to local police? Let me just remind everyone of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. " Mar 16, 17 12:21 PM

Peconic Bay Medical Center, Southampton Hospital Both Approved For Cardiac Cath Labs

here's the economics: insurance companies must take people pre-existing conditions, in the current bill at a "30% penalty", whatever that means. someone with no insurance comes into the emergency room with a broken hip, gets diagnosed with diabetes and ulcerative colitis as well, is 150 pounds overweight and smokes 2 packs per day. or just one of these ailments. then they get a bill from the hospital, then they sign up for health insurance with 30% penalty, they pay one month of the health insurance, then the insurance company starts paying for what? the broken hip? the insulin? the infusion therapy for the colitis? how about a hip replacement? doesn't really make much sense, does it." Mar 17, 17 12:47 PM

Hampton Bays Library Postpones $9.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote; Reschedules For April 4

There's definitely something to be said for a nice, modern library that serves as a showpiece for the Hampton Bays community and serves the residents with a variety of programs. However, paying the current $300/year in property taxes plus another $100 for the new bond for a $500k assessed value house in HB and having the library board commit to a building contractor who ripped off Bridgehampton for millions of dollars seems like a bad idea." Mar 20, 17 9:00 AM

Southampton Town To Tap Budget Surplus To Battle Pine Beetles

Lots of money for tree cutting, maybe we could give it a bit more attention?
For example, does anyone want to check on the work once it's granted? I watched some group of "union" workers (because the "prevailing wage" requirement is in the bid) from Brentwood cut down 4 or 5 trees on Town land then take most of the afternoon off. There were about 30 more pine trees that were around the infected trees but not checked off for cutting. Who's the Town arborist?" Mar 20, 17 9:28 AM

Hampton Bays Library Schedules Two More Informational Meetings Regarding $9.9M Bond

Can someone video the first information meeting? That way everyone can see and hear the Library Board's justification for this new addition to the local property tax." Mar 21, 17 7:54 AM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

So, no requirement to get insurance, but insurance companies will cover people with pre-existing conditions if they pay 30% more for a year. Which do you think goes bankrupt first -- The hospital required to treat whoever walks into the emergency room regardless of ability to pay, the insurance company that has to cover anyone with an existing medical condition, or the poor oldster with no insurance and chronic medical condition? It's a trick question, the answer is: all of the above." Mar 21, 17 9:36 PM

Hospitals have been posting profits since the ACA was enacted. This new law will crush the local hospitals. Replace "oldster" with "people in New York State aged 27 to 64 who make under $80,000/year". I do agree that insurance companies will either laugh at folks trying to sign up for coverage after getting a chronic illness. Then the tort lawyers will start class action suits." Mar 22, 17 7:24 AM

Hampton Bays Library Schedules Two More Informational Meetings Regarding $9.9M Bond

If Sandpebble is the general contractor, the bond authorization should be voted down. Local residents need some property tax relief. " Mar 22, 17 7:30 AM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

Why is the Town of Southampton building projects? This is such a con, plenty of <$300k houses in Riverhead." Mar 23, 17 3:37 PM

Driver Slams Car Into Multiple Vehicles, Almost Striking Two Police Officers In Hampton Bays

A good journalist would keep tabs on this story, find out if the East Quogue man shows up for court, and get the outcome of this criminal case. I, for one, would buy a subscription just to follow this case. Seems to be a real political hot potato. For example, did the Southampton Court find out if the alleged miscreant perhaps had prior convictions or prosecutions in other jurisdictions, perhaps under a different name? Search the Federal database for fingerprint match? DNA match? Is that allowed? I would think so since one of the crimes is a felony." Mar 23, 17 6:00 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Not many young people who can afford $450/month health insurance, not many older 50+ people who can afford $1000/month health insurance. Maybe we can buy insurance directly from one of the 2 hospitals on the East End? Or at least let us buy the health insurance that is offered to the local police, teachers, government workers at their cost. Which we pay for through our taxes." Mar 24, 17 6:07 AM

We have 2 hospitals on the East End -- Peconic and Southampton/Stony Brook. MERGE THEM AND ELIMINATE THE INSURANCE COMPANY. All the local doctors admit to those two hospitals. Divide the cost of running it all by the number of LEGAL residents and let's be done with the drama. Southampton Town Supervisor wants to solve "lack of affordable housing" by building new housing funded by our taxes but it's beyond government ability to serve lack of affordable healthcare. Either do that or lower Medicare age to 50 and pay for it by reducing our defense expenditures to the level of the UK, Germany or Canada i.e. 1% from the current Republocan proposed current budget of 4%. Let's start taking care of US citizens. Once an undocumented resident is stabilized in the local emergency room, give them an Uber ride to a NYC or better a bus ticket to Palm Beach County, Florida hospital." Mar 25, 17 11:16 AM

Did you feel this way when the Irish Republican Army was blowing up people in London?" Mar 25, 17 2:46 PM

Those durn furriners been shooting with their guns they get from the durn middle easterners -- like that guy who murdered all those folks attending the prayer meeting at the Emmanuel church in Charleston, SC...oh wait that was racist native born Americam who bought automatic weapons at the local Kmart.

Wait, how about that guy who shot and killed all those kindergarten kids and their young teachers at the elementary school in Connecticut? No, that was a native born nut job whose mom collected automatic weapons...

How about that jerk who shot and severely brain damaged the Congresswoman and also killed some little kids in the process? No, that was a native born mentally deranged psycho who bought his guns at the second Wal Mart he went to because the first one thought he was too nuts to sell him a gun.

How about that nasty man who killed those nice Unitarian children while they performed a musical in a Knoxville church? Wait, he was a US Army vet white native born racist piece of dung who bought his gun from a swap meet at a Republican Party barbecue.

How about that loser who shot up the St. Louis synagogue trying to kill Jews but ended up only killing Lutherans who were helping out at an interfaith party with their fellow Americans? That was a middle aged American born Army vet as well.

I think its time to push back on President Trump's anti Muslim rhetoric and realize that we're all in this together. Nuts is nuts, evil is evil and identifying an entire racial or religious minority as the enemy is not the answer." Mar 26, 17 9:28 AM

You're wrong. Shooting attendees at churches and synagogue in Charleston, Knoxville and St. Louis respectively means the murders were committed in the name of the white racist Christian philosophy which can't tolerate other religions. Try again. " Mar 26, 17 10:02 AM

The ACHA was a nonsensical piece of legislation that would have guaranteed personal bankruptcy and hospital bankruptcy filings to soar. If the Democratic Party is to blame for anything, it's their fault that the age for Medicare has not been lowered to 55 from 65 with deep cuts in military spending to pay for it. Let's start trading our outdated and impossible to defend carrier groups and strategically unimportant land based ICBM silos for expanded healthcare for US citizens." Mar 27, 17 8:49 AM

So 6 people insured at $433/month. That sounds about right -- is it Oscar Silver or Bronze? Deductible? Total out of pocket? any pre-existing conditions in your family that require chronic care or treatment? Any smokers? Anyone more than 30% overweight according to NIH standards?

Sure, If you think the Republican bill before the House was a better deal, it wasn't, especially for New York State which would have gotten creamed. And don't blame former President Obama, blame Governor Cuomo who spends his time courting illegal contributors to his campaign for President instead of making sure New Yorkers have adequate healthcare coverage. Also to blame -- all of the New York State Legislature who could lower healthcare costs in New York State by 20% by limiting malpractice suits (aka "tort reform") and permit New Yorkers to purchase prescription pharmaceuticals from Canada at prices far lower than NY Medicare & Medicaid pays. None of this was in the Republican bill which didn't pass the House, let alone have a chance to pass in the Senate." Mar 27, 17 12:51 PM

Lower Medicare age to 55! MAGA!" Mar 28, 17 10:37 AM

High hat is a left wingnuts! MAGA! LOWER MEDICARE AGE TO 55! MAGA! Thanks to Trump! Down with Ryancare, up with Medicare at 55!" Mar 28, 17 11:22 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Will Seek More Environmental Concessions For 'The Hills'

The increase of fertilizer and pesticides associated with a golf course is monumental. This is just common sense, apparently in short supply at Town Hall. No wonder the Dems sent Bridget Fleming to County Legislature, it's so much easier to take rich developer money if you have no environmentalists to object." Mar 29, 17 6:11 PM

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