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Hampton Bays Library Schedules Two More Informational Meetings Regarding $9.9M Bond

Can someone video the first information meeting? That way everyone can see and hear the Library Board's justification for this new addition to the local property tax." Mar 21, 17 7:54 AM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

So, no requirement to get insurance, but insurance companies will cover people with pre-existing conditions if they pay 30% more for a year. Which do you think goes bankrupt first -- The hospital required to treat whoever walks into the emergency room regardless of ability to pay, the insurance company that has to cover anyone with an existing medical condition, or the poor oldster with no insurance and chronic medical condition? It's a trick question, the answer is: all of the above." Mar 21, 17 9:36 PM

Hospitals have been posting profits since the ACA was enacted. This new law will crush the local hospitals. Replace "oldster" with "people in New York State aged 27 to 64 who make under $80,000/year". I do agree that insurance companies will either laugh at folks trying to sign up for coverage after getting a chronic illness. Then the tort lawyers will start class action suits." Mar 22, 17 7:24 AM

Hampton Bays Library Schedules Two More Informational Meetings Regarding $9.9M Bond

If Sandpebble is the general contractor, the bond authorization should be voted down. Local residents need some property tax relief. " Mar 22, 17 7:30 AM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

Why is the Town of Southampton building projects? This is such a con, plenty of <$300k houses in Riverhead." Mar 23, 17 3:37 PM

Driver Slams Car Into Multiple Vehicles, Almost Striking Two Police Officers In Hampton Bays

A good journalist would keep tabs on this story, find out if the East Quogue man shows up for court, and get the outcome of this criminal case. I, for one, would buy a subscription just to follow this case. Seems to be a real political hot potato. For example, did the Southampton Court find out if the alleged miscreant perhaps had prior convictions or prosecutions in other jurisdictions, perhaps under a different name? Search the Federal database for fingerprint match? DNA match? Is that allowed? I would think so since one of the crimes is a felony." Mar 23, 17 6:00 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Not many young people who can afford $450/month health insurance, not many older 50+ people who can afford $1000/month health insurance. Maybe we can buy insurance directly from one of the 2 hospitals on the East End? Or at least let us buy the health insurance that is offered to the local police, teachers, government workers at their cost. Which we pay for through our taxes." Mar 24, 17 6:07 AM

We have 2 hospitals on the East End -- Peconic and Southampton/Stony Brook. MERGE THEM AND ELIMINATE THE INSURANCE COMPANY. All the local doctors admit to those two hospitals. Divide the cost of running it all by the number of LEGAL residents and let's be done with the drama. Southampton Town Supervisor wants to solve "lack of affordable housing" by building new housing funded by our taxes but it's beyond government ability to serve lack of affordable healthcare. Either do that or lower Medicare age to 50 and pay for it by reducing our defense expenditures to the level of the UK, Germany or Canada i.e. 1% from the current Republocan proposed current budget of 4%. Let's start taking care of US citizens. Once an undocumented resident is stabilized in the local emergency room, give them an Uber ride to a NYC or better a bus ticket to Palm Beach County, Florida hospital." Mar 25, 17 11:16 AM

Did you feel this way when the Irish Republican Army was blowing up people in London?" Mar 25, 17 2:46 PM

Those durn furriners been shooting with their guns they get from the durn middle easterners -- like that guy who murdered all those folks attending the prayer meeting at the Emmanuel church in Charleston, SC...oh wait that was racist native born Americam who bought automatic weapons at the local Kmart.

Wait, how about that guy who shot and killed all those kindergarten kids and their young teachers at the elementary school in Connecticut? No, that was a native born nut job whose mom collected automatic weapons...

How about that jerk who shot and severely brain damaged the Congresswoman and also killed some little kids in the process? No, that was a native born mentally deranged psycho who bought his guns at the second Wal Mart he went to because the first one thought he was too nuts to sell him a gun.

How about that nasty man who killed those nice Unitarian children while they performed a musical in a Knoxville church? Wait, he was a US Army vet white native born racist piece of dung who bought his gun from a swap meet at a Republican Party barbecue.

How about that loser who shot up the St. Louis synagogue trying to kill Jews but ended up only killing Lutherans who were helping out at an interfaith party with their fellow Americans? That was a middle aged American born Army vet as well.

I think its time to push back on President Trump's anti Muslim rhetoric and realize that we're all in this together. Nuts is nuts, evil is evil and identifying an entire racial or religious minority as the enemy is not the answer." Mar 26, 17 9:28 AM

You're wrong. Shooting attendees at churches and synagogue in Charleston, Knoxville and St. Louis respectively means the murders were committed in the name of the white racist Christian philosophy which can't tolerate other religions. Try again. " Mar 26, 17 10:02 AM

The ACHA was a nonsensical piece of legislation that would have guaranteed personal bankruptcy and hospital bankruptcy filings to soar. If the Democratic Party is to blame for anything, it's their fault that the age for Medicare has not been lowered to 55 from 65 with deep cuts in military spending to pay for it. Let's start trading our outdated and impossible to defend carrier groups and strategically unimportant land based ICBM silos for expanded healthcare for US citizens." Mar 27, 17 8:49 AM

So 6 people insured at $433/month. That sounds about right -- is it Oscar Silver or Bronze? Deductible? Total out of pocket? any pre-existing conditions in your family that require chronic care or treatment? Any smokers? Anyone more than 30% overweight according to NIH standards?

Sure, If you think the Republican bill before the House was a better deal, it wasn't, especially for New York State which would have gotten creamed. And don't blame former President Obama, blame Governor Cuomo who spends his time courting illegal contributors to his campaign for President instead of making sure New Yorkers have adequate healthcare coverage. Also to blame -- all of the New York State Legislature who could lower healthcare costs in New York State by 20% by limiting malpractice suits (aka "tort reform") and permit New Yorkers to purchase prescription pharmaceuticals from Canada at prices far lower than NY Medicare & Medicaid pays. None of this was in the Republican bill which didn't pass the House, let alone have a chance to pass in the Senate." Mar 27, 17 12:51 PM

Lower Medicare age to 55! MAGA!" Mar 28, 17 10:37 AM

High hat is a left wingnuts! MAGA! LOWER MEDICARE AGE TO 55! MAGA! Thanks to Trump! Down with Ryancare, up with Medicare at 55!" Mar 28, 17 11:22 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Will Seek More Environmental Concessions For 'The Hills'

The increase of fertilizer and pesticides associated with a golf course is monumental. This is just common sense, apparently in short supply at Town Hall. No wonder the Dems sent Bridget Fleming to County Legislature, it's so much easier to take rich developer money if you have no environmentalists to object." Mar 29, 17 6:11 PM

Timeline For Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Pier Restoration Remains Elusive Because Of Changes

Who cares, I live close by, tear it down. It's just a place for up island visitors to throw trash, drink beers, and leave rusty fishing gear around. Tetanus heaven. Tear it down and save the money for any of the 50 more important common areas for LOCAL residents." Mar 29, 17 6:16 PM

They asked the local government at the time if we would like it removed, some one stupidly thought it would be nice as a fishing pier, and would never require maintenance or garbage disposal.

Some things never change." Mar 30, 17 12:05 PM

State Poised To Strip Local Authority Over Uber; East Hampton Official Warns Of 'Chaos In Montauk'

Chaos in Montauk is that line up in 2 foot surf at Ditch. Never seen such a bunch of numb nuts on 9 foot boards." Mar 31, 17 10:12 AM

Uber cash is greater than local can company cash, therefore NY. State Legislature legalizes Uber. SEIU cash is marginally better than Airbnb money, in New York City, therefore state legislators make Airbnb illegal in NYC. Large health insurance companies, pharma companies, and hospital tort attorneys money more than hospital money, therefore crap healthcare in NY State. Development company money more than environmental money therefore golf courses and dirty drinking water.. See a pattern?" Mar 31, 17 12:18 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Lower Medicare age to 55. Then health insurance gets much cheaper for everyone else, especially if you charge obese smokers more for insurance, like life insurance does. Pay for it by cutting defense spending in half, that would still have us spending more than China." Apr 3, 17 12:31 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Will Seek More Environmental Concessions For 'The Hills'

Fix is in. The Supervisor knows he won't be re-elected but he will need rich patrons for the next stop on his government career. As we all know, this is a real estate variance worth $100 million to the developers. Easy to toss some of that Jay's way, maybe a quick vacation in the Dominican Republic?" Apr 3, 17 8:45 PM

Zeldin Blames Health Care Reform Failure On Republicans Who Put Politics Over Policy

Reduce Medicare age to 55 to lower insurance costs for everyone. Allow health insurance companies to charge 25% higher rates for BMI obesity and for cigarette smoking." Apr 4, 17 7:16 AM

Cut defense spending to global average of 2% of GDP, about a 50% cut. Cut all other Federal programs -- makes no sense to over fund NIH and NPR while US citizens suffer poor health care. The cost will be about $7000 per person, about 30 million citizens, so about $210 billion." Apr 4, 17 10:31 AM

If President Trump ditches the Freedom Caucus, which he has already threatened to do several times, and lowers the Medicare age to 55, he will easily be re-elected. Everything else is just noise." Apr 5, 17 6:18 AM

Timeline For Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Pier Restoration Remains Elusive Because Of Changes

Have you been to Ponquogue Beach? Parking there in the summer requires a paid sticker from local taxpayers AND an expensive parking sticker for non-residents and hasn't had a decent bathroom in 20 years. Or Hot Dog Beach where there are no bathrooms? or the "African American Museum" that used to be a fun, privately owned, party beach? Or the "comfort station" challenged Good Ground Park? For a town full of plumbers and their undocumented helpers who make $12/hour we seem to have a problem with bathrooms at our parks." Apr 5, 17 12:15 PM

Zeldin Blames Health Care Reform Failure On Republicans Who Put Politics Over Policy

I really hope the Freedom Caucus repeals Obamacare and replaces it with "free market" whatever they want or some other giveaway to larcenous health insurance companies. The next election would be a landslide for whatever candidate promises Medicare for All so huge that the Republican Party would disappear into the dustbin. Of history." Apr 6, 17 10:26 AM

The beauty of the Republican Party controlling the House, Senate and Presidency is that they can repeal Obamacare immediately and really Make America Great Again...Bueller? Bueller?" Apr 6, 17 12:21 PM

Yes because it was important for the US Government to violate the US Constitution in order to secure territory for the Al Qaeda led rebels in Idlib against the Russian backed despot in Damascus. Clear and present danger? Obviously, it was a clear and present danger to spend $590 million worth of Raytheon missile money but not one red cent for healthcare for poor sick people in the United States. Go President Trump! Make America Great Again by making Syria safe for Al.Qaeda! Why should we ask the Turkish government, which borders Syria and is our Ally in NATO to do anything? Why ask the UN to enforce their rules? Better to shoot from the hip and let the chips fall where they may, worked out so well for us in Iraq and Afghanistan." Apr 7, 17 6:48 AM

Is the US Constitution meaningless? What was the clear and present danger to the US? Where is the Congressional resolution? Were those poor people US citizens? Last time I looked at a map Turkey, our NATO ally whom we have supplied with weapons for 50 years, shares a long border with Syria and is has troops and air forces quite close to Idlib. Are we now mercenaries for Turkey? If there is any ethnic cleansing to be done in the Middle East let the Turks handle it, they have experience. And the rebels that control the Idlib area are Al Qaeda. Are we now backing Al Qaeda?" Apr 7, 17 7:09 AM

Cancelled Flight Dashes Disney Dream For Hampton Bays Marching Band

We're paying for high school students to go to Disney World? Or is this not from the school budget? I'm unaware of fundraising outside of school budget for a Florida vacation for teenagers." Apr 8, 17 6:35 AM

Amid Fears Of A Labor Shortage, Congressman Lee Zeldin Promises Action to Local Growers

Why would anyone leave the East End of Long Island and voluntarily go back to Honduras or Guatemala? Free healthcare and education for your children here, now through 4 years of one of the top 3 state University systems in the country. And if you get caught driving drunk and/or backing into a police car, without a valid driver's license, registration, or insurance, simply move to a new sanctuary county, change your name, get a new social security number and start a new LLC to avoid taxes. Dump your first wife and kids onto the NY State dole. Please keep me in the loop." Apr 10, 17 9:48 AM

Yes because a cheap head of lettuce is more important than allowing California farm owners to exploit slave labor from Central America. And it doesn't bother me at all that undocumented local residents use the local.hospital emergency room as their GP and the bills go to me since they have kids which entitles them to free NY State paid healthcare. You think that the Republicans are against immigrants but the fact is, we'll all be bankrupt from.medical bills before any government official, local or national, does the responsible thing to create a system that works." Apr 10, 17 12:03 PM

A quote from Cesar Chavez:. ". . . when the farm workers strike and their strike is successful, the employers go to Mexico and have unlimited, unrestricted use of illegal alien strikebreakers to break the strike. And, for over 30 years, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has looked the other way and assisted in the strikebreaking. I do not remember one single instance in 30 years where the Immigration Service has removed strikebreakers. . . .The employers use professional smugglers to recruit and transport human contraband across the Mexican border for the specific act of strikebreaking . . ."" Apr 11, 17 7:26 AM

Unrestricted immigration is a problem for labor since it increases the supply of laborers and therefore drops wages for everyone. Allow folks in to pick cotton or strawberries or potatoes or pull weeds from rich people's lawns, give their kids free school through 4 year college and free healthcare and food purchase assistance and Town of Southampton housing then of course they will stay, it would be stupid to leave. 19th Century slavery in the US, abolished long after Great Britain but long before Brazil, was and still is a intense stain on our nation's history. Likewise, healthcare is now the issue that warps our American society. Bankrupting families with healthcare bills because someone gets sick, or gets hit by an unregistered truck driven by an unlicensed undocumented resident is so obviously an injustice it almost rivals having slave catchers roam New York State looking for escaped slaves from Alabama in 1855. Its time for our two term Congressman to step up and lead rather than try to follow whatever nonsense his Republican leadership in Congress is telling him to do -- repeal Obamacare? Restrict immigration? Cut taxes while we run a Federal government deficit while we have full employment? Build a wall? Bomb some factions in Syria? Pick an issue, Congressman and tell us where YOU stand, not where the weather vane Republican Party stands, since it no longer seems to stand for much." Apr 11, 17 12:54 PM

Additional South Fork Train Service Plans Near Finalization

There's also ample right of way for a path for autonomous driving vehicles -- we should have a test from one of the large well funded tech companies developing this alternative, which doesn't require taxpayer subsidies or overtime pay for union employees." Apr 13, 17 9:57 AM

I'm sure there will still be many opportunities for alpha male aggressive behavior -- for example, I suggest buying an SUP and then joining the summer line up at Ditch Plains. Lots of gnashing of teeth and waving of arms there." Apr 13, 17 1:57 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

So, just to understand, I pay Town property taxes so that someone else can get rent subsidized housing? There are many sub-$350,000 houses in Riverhead -- and other places on Long Island. Go live there, if Southampton reduces property taxes it becomes more affordable..." Apr 17, 17 12:56 PM

Why is affordable housing an issue for Town government? Affordable healthcare is a more pervasive issue. Why do we not have access as tax paying local residents to the hospital already built? Why is education free for anyone and housing being built and police, teachers and government workers get healthcare and this is not extended, even on a non-subsidized, paid basis, to local taxpayers?" Apr 18, 17 8:31 AM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Still Pursuing Purchase Of Adjoining Lot

More than 50% of the residents of Hampton Bays are now living in Spanish speaking homes. The Mexican Consulate would be a good starting point for these residents to begin learning their rights as non citizens in our Town. If they can't vote, and don't have a path to US citizenship they should know who represents them and the Mexican government is a starting point. If the library is available, why not allow them to peaceably assemble and hear what the Mexican government has to say. I am curious myself, frankly." Apr 19, 17 5:46 AM

meh -- don't get all riled up. if the space is free and some folks want to use it for a peaceable assembly, that's fine. it's informational and the library is a reference information source. if the Irish, Icelandic, Iroquois or Israeli consulate wants to come and give an informational presentation on visiting their friendly countries that would be fine as well." Apr 19, 17 1:46 PM

The library is an information reference center for the whole community. Having a series of talks by foreign consulates would be welcome and interesting in our little town, and the Mexican Consulate especially when more than half of Hampton Bays population is native Mexican or Central American. No one restricts you from booking the same venue and educating the community on a topic in which you are expert and experienced." Apr 20, 17 1:30 PM

Actually the Hampton Bays High School marching band just had their trip to Disney world cancelled. Maybe the Liberals and Tinkerbell could help them get there. P.S. Paul, get a grip, dude. The library has books to lend out, and some of those books are written by people who disagree with you. Maybe you could make a list of them and then we can make a big bonfire and burn them. " Apr 22, 17 4:34 AM

The bond that was voted down had more to do with an out of touch chief executive who thought everyone agreed that spending on real estate development was a good idea. Perhaps if she had a casino on the Jersey Shore with a Hooters like your idol Tweetus McTrumpy there would be money for a new fangled library building...Oh wait a minute that business went bankrupt. Twice. What a great business man he is! Genius." Apr 22, 17 5:22 PM

You're funny. A casino on the Jersey Shore with a Hooters should be a money spinner. Except your President Tweetus McTrumpyface somehow couldn't make it... Bankrupt, twice. And your preferred candidate, Rafael Edward Cruz, founder of the Latino Law Review at Harvard is another lying, opportunistic bs artist. Viva el Teddy! Viva!" Apr 23, 17 4:29 AM

Good idea, we could use the empty diner as a holding pen, just need a tall, sturdy chain link fence topped with razor wire to hold them while lawyers argue about their provenance. A large kitchen means they can cook for themselves once we dump off some food. What do their kids do while their parents are incarcerated? You're right, who cares, they can manage." Apr 25, 17 8:08 AM

Yes running a daycare -- probably some non native born children in there -- do you have the address? Let's send the ICE man to swoop them up. Then when the frantic parents come to find out what's​ happened to their children we can get them too. Good thinking, HB Proud." Apr 25, 17 11:44 AM

HB Proud -- thank you for explaining how those sneaky Methodists with their child care center are subverting the purpose of our Library. Clear conflict -- you know what else they have over there by the cemetery? A thrift store! Clearly undermining Barboy with their sub market priced used kitchen utensils.

Paul:. You flatter me, a high school graduate! No, I didn't make it through, but have been thinking of getting my GED. Do you think that's a good idea?" Apr 26, 17 3:56 AM

OK, I'm a little slow, I'll admit it. What does a child care center in a Methodist Church have to do with the library? Please be specific, I really have a hard time following your logic." Apr 27, 17 8:39 AM

Yes, still not connecting the dots, sorry. How does being on the Hampton Bays Library Board help a children's education center at the Methodist Church?" Apr 27, 17 9:26 AM

Thanks for explaining everything, P & .HB. it is clear now:. Just the POTENTIAL for a child care center at the Methodist Church to maybe benefit in the future from childhood education programs at the library is enough to disqualify a HB Library board member who may or may not have a personal financial interest in the Methodist Church based child care center, although the location of the child care center on Methodist Church property doesn't really matter. Got it.

Yes, you should definitely raise this important issue at the next Board meeting. That will be very productive." Apr 28, 17 7:04 AM

Stony Brook, Southampton Hospital Merger Could Be Finalized This Summer

The merger of a massively publicly funded hospital system Stony Brook, a University financed by New York State government and Southampton Hospital. What percentage of Southampton Hospital revenues comes from Medicare, Medicaid and the payments from the local governments for healthcare for local teachers, police, town admin, firefighters? How about in the combination, the taxpayers who are the fundamental source of all these monies get healthcare coverage? Not crap insurance that takes a 50% markup then denies essential coverage after a hefty deductible, but real healthcare like people in Canada, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and other smaller countries with lower GDP per capita have. Show some leadership, elected officials, all you have to lose is your contributions from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies." Apr 28, 17 1:06 PM

Slimy! Nice to hear from you, why so shy lately?

Yes, sometimes I have smarmy delusions and fictional conjectures. P.S. what means "conjectures"? Is that like "cojones"?" Apr 29, 17 1:36 AM

Why not have all the currently government funded healthcare -- teachers, police, Town admin, and pensioners get together and negotiate together to have bargaining power? Allow local property tax payers to buy into this plan as well." May 1, 17 1:57 PM

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