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Cancelled Flight Dashes Disney Dream For Hampton Bays Marching Band

We're paying for high school students to go to Disney World? Or is this not from the school budget? I'm unaware of fundraising outside of school budget for a Florida vacation for teenagers." Apr 8, 17 6:35 AM

Amid Fears Of A Labor Shortage, Congressman Lee Zeldin Promises Action to Local Growers

Why would anyone leave the East End of Long Island and voluntarily go back to Honduras or Guatemala? Free healthcare and education for your children here, now through 4 years of one of the top 3 state University systems in the country. And if you get caught driving drunk and/or backing into a police car, without a valid driver's license, registration, or insurance, simply move to a new sanctuary county, change your name, get a new social security number and start a new LLC to avoid taxes. Dump your first wife and kids onto the NY State dole. Please keep me in the loop." Apr 10, 17 9:48 AM

Yes because a cheap head of lettuce is more important than allowing California farm owners to exploit slave labor from Central America. And it doesn't bother me at all that undocumented local residents use the local.hospital emergency room as their GP and the bills go to me since they have kids which entitles them to free NY State paid healthcare. You think that the Republicans are against immigrants but the fact is, we'll all be bankrupt from.medical bills before any government official, local or national, does the responsible thing to create a system that works." Apr 10, 17 12:03 PM

A quote from Cesar Chavez:. ". . . when the farm workers strike and their strike is successful, the employers go to Mexico and have unlimited, unrestricted use of illegal alien strikebreakers to break the strike. And, for over 30 years, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has looked the other way and assisted in the strikebreaking. I do not remember one single instance in 30 years where the Immigration Service has removed strikebreakers. . . .The employers use professional smugglers to recruit and transport human contraband across the Mexican border for the specific act of strikebreaking . . ."" Apr 11, 17 7:26 AM

Unrestricted immigration is a problem for labor since it increases the supply of laborers and therefore drops wages for everyone. Allow folks in to pick cotton or strawberries or potatoes or pull weeds from rich people's lawns, give their kids free school through 4 year college and free healthcare and food purchase assistance and Town of Southampton housing then of course they will stay, it would be stupid to leave. 19th Century slavery in the US, abolished long after Great Britain but long before Brazil, was and still is a intense stain on our nation's history. Likewise, healthcare is now the issue that warps our American society. Bankrupting families with healthcare bills because someone gets sick, or gets hit by an unregistered truck driven by an unlicensed undocumented resident is so obviously an injustice it almost rivals having slave catchers roam New York State looking for escaped slaves from Alabama in 1855. Its time for our two term Congressman to step up and lead rather than try to follow whatever nonsense his Republican leadership in Congress is telling him to do -- repeal Obamacare? Restrict immigration? Cut taxes while we run a Federal government deficit while we have full employment? Build a wall? Bomb some factions in Syria? Pick an issue, Congressman and tell us where YOU stand, not where the weather vane Republican Party stands, since it no longer seems to stand for much." Apr 11, 17 12:54 PM

Additional South Fork Train Service Plans Near Finalization

There's also ample right of way for a path for autonomous driving vehicles -- we should have a test from one of the large well funded tech companies developing this alternative, which doesn't require taxpayer subsidies or overtime pay for union employees." Apr 13, 17 9:57 AM

I'm sure there will still be many opportunities for alpha male aggressive behavior -- for example, I suggest buying an SUP and then joining the summer line up at Ditch Plains. Lots of gnashing of teeth and waving of arms there." Apr 13, 17 1:57 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

So, just to understand, I pay Town property taxes so that someone else can get rent subsidized housing? There are many sub-$350,000 houses in Riverhead -- and other places on Long Island. Go live there, if Southampton reduces property taxes it becomes more affordable..." Apr 17, 17 12:56 PM

Why is affordable housing an issue for Town government? Affordable healthcare is a more pervasive issue. Why do we not have access as tax paying local residents to the hospital already built? Why is education free for anyone and housing being built and police, teachers and government workers get healthcare and this is not extended, even on a non-subsidized, paid basis, to local taxpayers?" Apr 18, 17 8:31 AM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Still Pursuing Purchase Of Adjoining Lot

More than 50% of the residents of Hampton Bays are now living in Spanish speaking homes. The Mexican Consulate would be a good starting point for these residents to begin learning their rights as non citizens in our Town. If they can't vote, and don't have a path to US citizenship they should know who represents them and the Mexican government is a starting point. If the library is available, why not allow them to peaceably assemble and hear what the Mexican government has to say. I am curious myself, frankly." Apr 19, 17 5:46 AM

meh -- don't get all riled up. if the space is free and some folks want to use it for a peaceable assembly, that's fine. it's informational and the library is a reference information source. if the Irish, Icelandic, Iroquois or Israeli consulate wants to come and give an informational presentation on visiting their friendly countries that would be fine as well." Apr 19, 17 1:46 PM

The library is an information reference center for the whole community. Having a series of talks by foreign consulates would be welcome and interesting in our little town, and the Mexican Consulate especially when more than half of Hampton Bays population is native Mexican or Central American. No one restricts you from booking the same venue and educating the community on a topic in which you are expert and experienced." Apr 20, 17 1:30 PM

Actually the Hampton Bays High School marching band just had their trip to Disney world cancelled. Maybe the Liberals and Tinkerbell could help them get there. P.S. Paul, get a grip, dude. The library has books to lend out, and some of those books are written by people who disagree with you. Maybe you could make a list of them and then we can make a big bonfire and burn them. " Apr 22, 17 4:34 AM

The bond that was voted down had more to do with an out of touch chief executive who thought everyone agreed that spending on real estate development was a good idea. Perhaps if she had a casino on the Jersey Shore with a Hooters like your idol Tweetus McTrumpy there would be money for a new fangled library building...Oh wait a minute that business went bankrupt. Twice. What a great business man he is! Genius." Apr 22, 17 5:22 PM

You're funny. A casino on the Jersey Shore with a Hooters should be a money spinner. Except your President Tweetus McTrumpyface somehow couldn't make it... Bankrupt, twice. And your preferred candidate, Rafael Edward Cruz, founder of the Latino Law Review at Harvard is another lying, opportunistic bs artist. Viva el Teddy! Viva!" Apr 23, 17 4:29 AM

Good idea, we could use the empty diner as a holding pen, just need a tall, sturdy chain link fence topped with razor wire to hold them while lawyers argue about their provenance. A large kitchen means they can cook for themselves once we dump off some food. What do their kids do while their parents are incarcerated? You're right, who cares, they can manage." Apr 25, 17 8:08 AM

Yes running a daycare -- probably some non native born children in there -- do you have the address? Let's send the ICE man to swoop them up. Then when the frantic parents come to find out what's​ happened to their children we can get them too. Good thinking, HB Proud." Apr 25, 17 11:44 AM

HB Proud -- thank you for explaining how those sneaky Methodists with their child care center are subverting the purpose of our Library. Clear conflict -- you know what else they have over there by the cemetery? A thrift store! Clearly undermining Barboy with their sub market priced used kitchen utensils.

Paul:. You flatter me, a high school graduate! No, I didn't make it through, but have been thinking of getting my GED. Do you think that's a good idea?" Apr 26, 17 3:56 AM

OK, I'm a little slow, I'll admit it. What does a child care center in a Methodist Church have to do with the library? Please be specific, I really have a hard time following your logic." Apr 27, 17 8:39 AM

Yes, still not connecting the dots, sorry. How does being on the Hampton Bays Library Board help a children's education center at the Methodist Church?" Apr 27, 17 9:26 AM

Thanks for explaining everything, P & .HB. it is clear now:. Just the POTENTIAL for a child care center at the Methodist Church to maybe benefit in the future from childhood education programs at the library is enough to disqualify a HB Library board member who may or may not have a personal financial interest in the Methodist Church based child care center, although the location of the child care center on Methodist Church property doesn't really matter. Got it.

Yes, you should definitely raise this important issue at the next Board meeting. That will be very productive." Apr 28, 17 7:04 AM

Stony Brook, Southampton Hospital Merger Could Be Finalized This Summer

The merger of a massively publicly funded hospital system Stony Brook, a University financed by New York State government and Southampton Hospital. What percentage of Southampton Hospital revenues comes from Medicare, Medicaid and the payments from the local governments for healthcare for local teachers, police, town admin, firefighters? How about in the combination, the taxpayers who are the fundamental source of all these monies get healthcare coverage? Not crap insurance that takes a 50% markup then denies essential coverage after a hefty deductible, but real healthcare like people in Canada, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and other smaller countries with lower GDP per capita have. Show some leadership, elected officials, all you have to lose is your contributions from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies." Apr 28, 17 1:06 PM

Slimy! Nice to hear from you, why so shy lately?

Yes, sometimes I have smarmy delusions and fictional conjectures. P.S. what means "conjectures"? Is that like "cojones"?" Apr 29, 17 1:36 AM

Why not have all the currently government funded healthcare -- teachers, police, Town admin, and pensioners get together and negotiate together to have bargaining power? Allow local property tax payers to buy into this plan as well." May 1, 17 1:57 PM

Climate March Held in Sag Harbor

Why do we still have 10% or more of our gasoline diluted by corn alcohol? It couldn't be because Iowa is the first state in the Presidential primaries? The country of Denmark is self sufficient in emrfy with zero petroleum reserves. Why? Because they had the will power to tell the Middle eastern oil despots to go F themselves while we send our sons and daughters to be killed and maimed mentally and physically to defend those robed aristocrats from enemies they create with their arrogant ignorance.

If we gave a 100% tax write off for every solar roof installation we'd put a million construction workers on the job and be self sufficient in energy in three years and Florida, the Sunshine State would export electricity to all it's neighbors. Instead we generate a million years of radioactive waste and have no national plan to safely store it and import oil from despotic regimes that don't permit women to drive cars or allow religious minorities to live in peace. Shame on us." May 2, 17 7:59 AM

Stony Brook, Southampton Hospital Merger Could Be Finalized This Summer

Our whole economy is becoming warped by this silly debate. Why are we paying insurance companies to give crap coverage to government employees to have access to medical facilities, personnel and hospitals that are supported by government expenditures? What benefit do health insurance companies provide? We can get a taxi to show up by a click on a cell phone but we need insurance companies to pay their senior execs millions of dollars each year to deny benefits for fully paid customers. Sad." May 3, 17 7:12 AM

Slimy! Good to hear from you, why you been so shy lately?
Here's what cancer costs in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Canada, France, and many other developed countries with great hospitals and doctors: $0." May 3, 17 10:23 AM

Oh, Razza, you silly goose. You know I meant that the patient pays nothing in those countries. And before you start cackling about how much more taxpayers will have to pay consider this:. Southampton Hospital system total expenses are $140 million per year, 70% covered by Medicare and Medicaid. That leaves $42 million for local contributions, for example $5 million per year for health coverage for just the Hampton Bays school system employees alone. So when all the local schools, from Westhampton to Montauk are considered, the local health system is fully funded -- before co-pays, deductibles, police and Town admin healthcare, and charitable contributions donations. So you see, local taxpayers are ALREADY paying for socialized medicine, we just don't get it. And you don't get it either. The best con is always the one where the person being conned doesn't realize it." May 4, 17 9:49 AM

Razza you say the dardenest thangs: "The 2016 report of Medicare’s trustees finds that Medicare’s Hospital Insurance (HI) trust fund will remain solvent — that is, able to pay 100 percent of the costs of the hospital insurance coverage that Medicare provides — through 2028...The 2028 date does not apply to Medicare coverage for physician and outpatient costs or to the Medicare prescription drug benefit; these parts of Medicare do not face insolvency and cannot run short of funds. These parts of Medicare are financed through the program’s Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) trust fund, which consists of two separate accounts — one for Medicare Part B, which pays for physician and other outpatient health services, and one for Part D, which pays for outpatient prescription drugs."" May 4, 17 12:16 PM

I agree with you. Medicare and Medicaid is an inefficient, poorly organized way to provide healthcare. The local Southampton Hospital health system, both inpatient and outpatient care, has 70% of its expenses covered by Medicare and Medicaid, with local Town and school districts getting more than the rest of the cost from the portions of their budget devoted to healthcare coverage. This doesn't even include the astronomical Veterans Administration budget devoted to healthcare. Yet this country doesn't have universal coverage. If we pooled all those payments into one fund we can more than cover everyone, no insurance, no co-pays, no deductibles. Instead we devote our time to arguing over who can con us the best -- health insurance executives, Congressmen or a President who couldn't make money running a gambling casino on the Jersey Shore with a Hooters inside. " May 5, 17 4:38 AM

Trump went bankrupt twice with a gambling casino on the Jersey Shore with a Hooters inside of it. No one else has that distinction. As for pooled non profit whatever you're referring to, that's not what I propose. I propose that we take existing health plans, paid for ALREADY by taxpayers, and make them available to all taxpaying American citizens. Insurance companies go away, and we enable all American citizens to choose when and where to get health care, at zero cost. This is provided TODAY in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Israel, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Denmark, Japan, Canada and many other developed countries with wonderful doctors, clean hospitals and GDP per capita less than the USA." May 5, 17 9:55 AM

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025

How about a dollar for dollar property tax write off for all cash investment by home owners in solar panel and installation? We could be solar powered in a year and create tons of construction jobs." May 10, 17 6:13 PM

Increased Property Assessments A Cause Of Concern For Some, Especially In Flanders And Southampton Village

This Town needs to think less about building subsidized housing and more about lowering property taxes so that current residents can afford to stay. How about negotiating healthcare for all employees in a group to gain leverage with insurers and the hospital. That's town admin, police and teachers from all school zones, all in one group." May 10, 17 8:35 PM

Southampton Code Enforcement officers troll AirBnB to find and fine homeowners renting to rich yuppies from NYC in the summer in order to pay exorbitant property tax so that illegal undocumented residents can get free schooling and local law enforcement can have gold ated health insurance and pensions. I had one such undocumented resident tell me he switched from Hampton Bays Middle School to Southampton High School because the taxpayers in HB weren't paying enough.

Meanwhile, the local fee for health insurance for independent American business owner is $550 per person per month even though the local Hospital and Medical outpatient system is fully funded by Medicare and Medicaid and local Town Government workers healthcare payments -- but hospital administration and insurance company execs make mid 6 figure salaries for figuring out how to deny coverage.

Non carbon energy? Sure, but let's create a local microgrid so that we no longer have to pay off LIPA from Cuomo the Elder's long-term legacy of saddling Long Island with Shoreham nucelar mistake debt that never goes away.

Time for a change in local government to folks who are not afraid to stand up for local taxpayers." May 11, 17 8:10 AM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

Does nothing make you whiners happy?" May 11, 17 9:15 AM

You are all just a bunch of trolley trolls." May 12, 17 7:44 AM

He's not a great Town Supervisor but I understand why he has to make nice to Bloomberg. A multi Billionaire who is a representative​ from a club of multi Billionaires means the legal process can be used by them to grind everyone in the Town of Southampton to dust. The implied threat of legal liability not to mention the political pull of those poobahs is enormous.

As for the trolley, well if there are tolls there will be trolls, no doubt about that.

And if only the Honorable Christine Scalera cared as much about being diligent in reinvesting parking fees from Ponquogue into some (any?) upgrades to that decaying shack with 50 year old bathrooms I would vote for her. Sadly, the money disappears and obviously goes to other parts of the Town before it can be used to maintain let alone improve the Ponquogue Beach Pavilion. I believe I shall begin calling it The Ponquogue Beach Poverty Pavilion. Because the Town of Southampton is poor, right?" May 12, 17 12:28 PM

Trolley trolls cause trouble, tourists tip and contribute to tax tolls." May 13, 17 10:45 AM

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025

The best way to achieve carbon free energy for the Town of Southampton is a solar microgrid, not tethered to Cuomo the Elder's legacy liability known as LIPA.

It's actually achievable -- start with solar roof installation on every Town government building, library, school, fire station, police station and beach facility, financed by any tax credit available and Solar City so no money down. The houses and businesses closest to these properties will benefit first.

This should be connected into a microgrid that is NOT connected to LIPA except under a negotiated bespoke contract so we don't have LIPA mandated anything,

The issue is storage for night time usage and cloudy day streaks. The deep cycle lead acid battery is expensive, there are alternatives but it's certainly an issue. The other issue is the necessity for using union labor mandated by state law that drives up costs and imports laborers from up island that kick back to be in the "union".

Wind Power feeding into the LIPA grid is a big ticket item that politicians love because there is ample opportunity for political contributions from energy equipment suppliers and installation engineering companies. Beware the Swiss based European companies that have perfected the art of bribing local politicians around the planet." May 13, 17 12:31 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

Trolley transportation to Tiana send trolls into a tizzy." May 14, 17 6:55 PM

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025

Ha! If only blog comments were kilowatt hours we'd have electric cars for everyone." May 16, 17 9:41 AM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

Tiana transportation tolls: Tax the trolls today!" May 16, 17 9:42 AM

Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

The Honorable Lee Zeldin, whom I voted for, should look up "wolf of wall street yacht scene". It's about 8 minutes long. The FBI is not an organization that even President Trump can intimidate." May 17, 17 8:24 AM

'Hills' Opponents Protest Outside Of Southampton Town Hall Monday

This zoning variance is worth more than $100 million to the developer. You can buy every vote on the Town Board for $20,000 and a turkey for Thanksgiving. This gets postponed until after next election, then approved in February. Fix is in, "last PDD", "better than existing zoning", "my hands are tied". Then the Supervisor runs for Congress with donations from Bloomberg and pals for fixing the other golf course question, blocking off Tuckahoe from locals avoiding traffic going to Easthampton to service the rich folk there." May 18, 17 8:46 AM

'The Hills' Developer Selects Wastewater Treatment System

A $2.65 million expense, for a needed treatment facility, does not justify giving this developer a $100 million worth of zoning variance. And the East Quogue elementary school doesn't currently treat waste water? The 100 or so youngsters enrolled there need an upgrade to their toilets?" May 23, 17 11:59 AM

This developer will sell in a heartbeat if this $100 million zoning variance is granted, and that's the opportunity for preservation." May 23, 17 5:24 PM

What I meant in my last comment, was if the $100 million is NOT approved, then Discovery Land will sale, and the offer price should be whatever original cost they paid, less 10%, so they can take their tax loss and move on to other locations where folks don't care about clean drinking water or the enjoyment of wildlife. " May 24, 17 10:50 AM

Toxic Blooms Spur Calls For Emergency Approach At Georgica Pond

Unrestricted use of phosphate fertilizer to get a nice green lawn for the dinners to benefit liberal causes. Ironic, isn't it?" Jun 13, 17 8:10 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

Yes if we don't have a legal residency requirement this is not fiscally responsible. Not only from other countries, but States that have bad healthcare policy. 2 years residency requirement, then provide every New Yorker with the same healthcare that teachers, police, town administration, firefighters, and state legislators receive. If necessary to kickstart that, let everyone buy into those plans at cost." Jun 13, 17 8:15 PM

Would any of the NRA members commenting care if gins were fingerprint or password locked like cell phones? Establish chain of possession for each gun so that if a citizen bought a gun for a terrorist we would know quickly?" Jun 15, 17 10:19 PM

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