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Paul Manafort Looks To Spend Christmas In The Hamptons

Remind me, was it President Obama who convinced everyone to invade Iraq based on false intelligence, thereby spending $2 TRILLION for no return to the United States except for wounded combat veterans and an expanding Iranian dominance in the Middle East? Or was that the Republican Party?

At least we get a big tax cut in return for adding ANOTHER $1.5 TRILLION to our national debt -- oops, that's right our local property taxes that pay for the Florida retirement and full healthcare benefits of our local government employees are no longer deductible.


Sure they are. So, what are you paying for health care? Deductible go up much this year? Good job repealing and replacing Obamacare with something much better, Republican Party, you sure know how to fix a problem." Dec 22, 17 8:51 AM

Related but mostly because that failure to repair our deficit from the healthcare entitlements disfunction -- the real question is what percentage of the tax funding for the $100 million Town of Southampton budget is now at risk. What percentage of our tax receipts are from households hit with the new tax plan, i.e. paying more than $10,000 a year in New York State and property taxes? Alot, maybe more than 50% -- and an ever rising Town budget with lower tax receipts from lower property values due to this new Tax law will not be a good outcome for any of us." Dec 23, 17 2:06 PM

Southampton Town, PBA Ink New Contract Extension

"A typical plan costs about $28,000". WQW, more than $2000/month. Too bad the local hospital and doctors that work for it aren't owned by the State University of New York, then our taxes supporting that institution could cover the health expenses of the local government workers.

Wait, what?" Jan 3, 18 8:28 PM

President Donald Trump asked his aides why the Medicare program couldn’t be dramatically expanded, according to Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

Trump, Wolff writes, impatiently wondered aloud during a discussion about health care why the federally administered program could not be expanded to cover “everybody.”

‘Why can’t Medicare simply cover everybody?’
President Donald Trump, as quoted in ‘Fire and Fury’ by author Michael Wolff

Trump’s promotion of the idea reportedly shocked aides, including Steve Bannon, with whom the president has now broken over statements in the book, which Trump has called “phony.”" Jan 7, 18 2:51 PM

New Offshore Drilling Proposal Could Hit Close To Home; Zeldin Voices Opposition

Except not Florida. Guess raising money with Bannon not a good look for our Congressman.
"I support the governor’s position that Florida is unique and its coasts are heavily reliant on tourism as an economic driver,” Mr. Zinke said in a statement after his meeting at the Tallahassee International Airport. “As a result of discussion with Governor Scott’s and his leadership, I am removing Florida from consideration for any new oil and gas platforms."" Jan 9, 18 8:17 PM

Maybe we can get Alec Baldwin to run...or better, Billy." Jan 9, 18 9:00 PM

For the record, the previous comment is from the Wall Street Journal, so it's real news. And we have a Town Supervisor who has proclaimed "clean" energy but I have yet to see a solar electric installation -- hopeful that the multi million dollar bathrooms in Good Ground Park will have that. Drilling for oil off the coast of Long Island is a terrible idea but so was building a nuclear power plant in Shoreham -- and thanks to the Cuomo I administration we're still paying for that." Jan 10, 18 10:20 AM

This is fun too:
Alsup was tasked with, among other things, determining whether it would serve the public interest to leave DACA in place while litigation over the decision to scrap the program proceeds. On this point, he had an easy answer: Trump himself had expressed support for DACA on Twitter in September, just days after Department of Homeland Security officials rescinded it.

“Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!” the president wrote in a Sept. 14 tweet. Another read: “Congress now has 6 months to legalize DACA (something the Obama Administration was unable to do). If they can’t, I will revisit this issue!”" Jan 10, 18 10:26 AM

IF TRUMP WAS PAUL REVERE: "The British. Who are some of my
best friends. They're coming, and going, and it's all very exciting."" Jan 11, 18 8:33 AM

I stole that last bit from Ann Coulter, one of President Trump's biggest supporters. His constituency is turning on him, which means our Congressman is way out in the political Siberia. Which is in Russia." Jan 11, 18 9:23 AM

East Quogue School's Reserve Fund Still Exceeds State Limit

Ask who is the underwriter for the bond, and what the underwriting fee is, this is based on the bond amount. Also ask what the legal fees are too. Look for any connections. Follow the money." Jan 14, 18 7:15 AM

Public Hearing Set For Discovery Land Subdivision In East Quogue

How about a law for all developments of greater than 100 units that requires that the developer post a bond that finances the supply of fresh water for 1000 years to all local residents affected by any future pollution caused by the development. That would be assessed and owed before the bulldozers are unleashed." Jan 15, 18 12:07 PM

Company Wins $3 Million Bid To Replace Hampton Bays High School Roof

I thought we were going to have a sustainable energy plan for the Town? Why not a solar roof for free paid for by Solar City? They'd be happy to have the contract." Jan 15, 18 3:52 PM

This financing makes it possible for many homeowners and small and medium-sized businesses to install solar panels with no upfront cost and pay less for solar electricity than they currently pay for utility bills. The new fund follows a $305 million cash equity financing closed earlier this month...
This financing makes it possible for many homeowners and small and medium-sized businesses to install solar panels with no upfront cost and pay less for solar electricity than they currently pay for utility bills. The new fund follows a $305 million cash equity financing closed earlier this month." Jan 16, 18 7:43 AM

"More than 400 schools nationwide have partnered with SolarCity.
School districts across the country are using clean, more affordable energy to reduce operating costs and increase discretionary funds. They’re saving money and using that savings to bring back programs including music and art."
" Jan 16, 18 7:45 AM

Yes, that sounds about right. Heaven forbid we look at modern methods to save money and pay back bonds -- why would we want budgets and therefore property taxes to go down? Similar to situation in East Quogue where they have a $3 million surplus that they're trying really hard not to give back to taxpayers." Jan 17, 18 7:30 AM

Solar City pays for everything -- the roof, the solar -- the school pays an electrical bill, not more than the current one, to Solar City. There are other sources of similar arrangements. Therefore, electrical generation and roof are in one package. It is now too late. The administration never called Solar City, "energy partners" is a vague CYA term. There is only LIPA. Also, why hide the architecture fee from the journalist? Is this not something you want the public to know?" Jan 17, 18 5:02 PM

The smug bureaucrats who think it's beneath them to explain why millions of dollars of local taxpayers money is spent on outdated methods that slow down economic progress are a major reason why the last presidential election resulted in Donald Trump's triumph. I for one am disgusted by politicians who declare they support modern technology but then vote against ride sharing software instead of dirty expensive cabs, declare that it takes 2 years to get approval for a roof designed 7 years ago, with undisclosed design fees paid to politically connected development companies and want to solve traffic congestion with extra trains managed by high paid union executives who have failed us over and over again instead of exploring the potential of self driving cars. " Jan 18, 18 8:30 AM

And it's especially upsetting considering that the batteries backing these solar power solutions are being produced in our New York state -- with huge state taxpayer support -- in BUffalo. So a huge opportunity to educate our high school students in the technology of the future, support New York State, and possibly train our local workers is not taken because of bureaucratic nonsense.
"Tesla started making its solar roofing tiles in Buffalo last month, meeting its goal to start shifting production by the end of 2017 to its South Park Avenue gigafactory of what it hopes will become a signature product for its renewable energy business."

" Jan 18, 18 8:52 AM

Yes because we have had no technological innovation in the last 7 years. I'm certain all the school administration is still using the same model of cell phone for their job as they did in 2008 and just because one branch of New York State government funds a huge plant in Buffalo to produce solar roof panels that doesn't mean another branch will not block their use. That actually sounds about right." Jan 19, 18 8:13 AM

Actually, what I'm asking is that the superintendent of the Hampton Bays School District who has a compensation package of more than $400,000 a year (salary, health care, pension, other) explore the technological and financial advantages from installing a solar roof, possibly sourced from a New York State funded solar roof tile factory in Buffalo New York instead of retreating behind bureaucratic language that dismisses all alternatives to spending $3 million of taxpayer money." Jan 19, 18 9:33 AM

Yes I understand the process of requesting bids. I also understand that this bid is years old, and was not revised to reflect technological innovation. I think it's particularly sad that the factory making state of the art roof tiles is subsidized heavily by all of us as New York State taxpayers, and we're not even considering the use of this new product in any of the Town of Southampton building projects.

Sad." Jan 20, 18 3:08 PM

Southampton Town Board Finalizes Design Options For Ponquogue Pavilion

The Town is not considering solar roof shingles for any building project -- because the bids don't account for the money saving for electrical generation that they create. This is especially sad since the Tesla/Solar City Gigafactory is now up and running in Buffalo -- and that plant is heavily subsidized by all of us as New York State taxpayers.

"The gain in efficiency from this process means lower energy prices—$2.50 per watt by 2017, the company estimates, almost half of what it cost using SolarCity products in 2012. In order to capitalize on the new technology, SolarCity decided to significantly expand its manufacturing capacity and, after discovering the massive tax breaks and subsidies available in New York via the Buffalo Billion redevelopment fund (the state is paying $350 million for the factory and footing $400 million for equipment, in exchange for what it expects to be thousands of jobs), it chose to break ground at the city’s RiverBend site, a shuttered former manufacturing hub on the Buffalo River."" Jan 20, 18 3:14 PM

Company Wins $3 Million Bid To Replace Hampton Bays High School Roof

"Tesla started production of solar cells and panels about four months ago at its Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo. New York committed $750 million to help build the 1.2 million-square-foot factory, which currently employs about 500 people. The plant will eventually create nearly 3,000 jobs in Western New York and nearly 5,000 statewide, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in 2015."" Jan 21, 18 9:55 AM

"Net metering
Net metering is available on a first-come, first-served basis to customers of the state's major investor-owned utilities. Publicly-owned utilities are not obligated to offer net metering; however, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) offers net metering on terms similar to those in the state law. New York State law allows net metering for solar photovoltaic systems up to 25 kW in residential buildings, and up to 2 MW in commercial and industrial settings, including systems serving nonprofit organizations, schools, governments and agricultural operations."" Jan 21, 18 9:58 AM

That's an interesting statement, "need and design". Because we don't need to support the new solar roof tile factory in Buffalo that cost the NY State taxpayer $750 million. And we don't really need to save local property taxpayer money -- it's not as if the new US tax code is designed to penalize high tax states with high local property taxes by limiting the personal deduction of local taxes...wait, what?" Jan 22, 18 7:45 AM

The last available detailed budget (the link is broken on the website for last year's detail) shows this:
Line 1240: Chief School Administrator: $270,903

Since the Employee Benefits (health, dental, life insurance, etc.) for that year were $11,343,015 and the total budget was $48,171,252. That ratio is 23.5%. Adding 23.5% to $270,903 yields $334,693.

I assume the salary has increased in line with the overall budget over the last 2 years. Also, the benefits for the Chief School Administrator would perhaps be greater. However, I apologize for the $400,000 estimate. The answer is apparently closer to $350,000." Jan 24, 18 8:55 AM

The LEEDs certification for the Middle School is from the 2009 plan -- when Joanne Lowenthal was Superintendent, bless her soul.

"Attend a school board meeting and identify yourself as "DFree" and I will be happy to engage in this conversation."

Everyone in the Town of Southampton knows what happens when someone who seeks to lower budgets is publicly identified -- just ask Linda Kabot.

"for the anonymous posters in this swamp"

Your argument is that anyone who does not identify themselves is a swamp dweller. This is an "ad hominem" attack.

There is a roof being replaced for $3 million -- I might add this amount was not budgeted for recently but apparently was part of a "reserve" established in 2011, not a specific line item. This expenditure announcement came very soon after the East Quogue school district was cited by the State for over budgeting and not returning money to local tax payers.

Further, a 123,000 square foot roof -- net down to 100,000 square feet for the amount available for solar power -- should generate at this location over 500,000 kWh/year. PSEG LI electricity costs at least 30 cents per kWh and is among the highest in the country -- thank Cuomo the First for saddling Long Island with this Shoreham nuclear expense seemingly until the end of time.

The electric costs budgeted for the 2014/2015 school budget was $565,000.

In either case, it makes environmental as well as financial sense.

In the words of another swamp dweller: "We have met the enemy and he is us."" Jan 25, 18 6:55 AM

An executive with a $350,000 per year compensation package overseeing a $50 million per year budget should be a good custodian of the folks supplying that $50 million. Both financial and environmental considerations are part of the responsibilities of that executive." Jan 25, 18 6:58 AM

Parents React To Southampton High School Proposed Curriculum Changes

Here's some math, not AP level:
$69 million budget
1632 students
$42,279 per student per year" Jan 26, 18 7:13 PM

Here's another trial educational system, it's a word problem.

Hire 10 MIT students and have them tutor 10 of the struggling math students for 10 weeks in the summer. 5 hours of 1:1 tutoring each day 5 days/week. Pay the MIT students $2,000/week and promise them and the high school student an equal split of a $20,000 cash bonus if the student gets an AP score of 5.

Out of the 10 students, how many will earn the bonus?

" Jan 26, 18 7:24 PM

Developer Behind Proposed Hampton Bays Senior Community Seeks PDD Revival

One issue is that by letting this PDD variance be considered as still "valid" even though the PDD law is gone would result in a precedent that the PDD law applies to other proposals, e.g. Discovery Land. Once a PDD variance is filed it never goes away -- so sometime in the future, say just before the current Town Board leaves office, revives a PDD variance that has been rejected maybe with some slight change to make it an "amended" PDD variance, and then passed over the objections of the community. If this development is indeed for older adult housing, that's great, but let the developer apply for a variance in the normal way, the Town Board doesn't exist to transfer valuable property rights from private owner to private owner." Jan 27, 18 11:07 AM

From what I understood from Superintendent Schneiderman's comments at the election open house in the Hampton Bays Senior Center, the extension was dependent on some work being done before the clock ran out, and the lawsuit holding up the development was not related to the PDD. This expands the concept -- finding this variance from the PDD era "in the back of the sock drawer" seems a lot more dubious. The property value creation from all of these variance proposals is what makes them a real focus for political shenanigans. In this case ~$5 million is the upside to the developer, in the case of Discovery Land's variance request for their original proposal was probably greater than $200 million. That's a lot of motivation for a lot of people." Jan 28, 18 9:33 AM

Parents React To Southampton High School Proposed Curriculum Changes

Is that working? Do the kids who get tutoring outside of school do better on the AP tests?" Jan 29, 18 9:54 AM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

That would be great, we really need indoor pool for the winter.
However, the Town has already paid for the Gary McNamara Swimming Pool. From the website: "SYS and Southampton Town have joined forces to make this vision a reality. Our mission is to provide all of the residents and visitors to our town with a world-class athletic facility featuring world-class equipment and world-class services. Our goal is to be the best sports and recreation facility in the Unitedas ates."" Jan 31, 18 12:34 PM

That would be great, we really need indoor pool for the winter.
However, the Totn has already paid for the Gary McNamara Swimming Pool. From the website: "SYS and Southampton Town have joined forces to make this vision a reality. Our mission is to provide all of the residents and visitors to our town with a world-class athletic facility featuring world-class equipment and world-class services. Our goal is to be the best sports and recreation facility in the United States."" Jan 31, 18 12:34 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

The very precise figure given as damages works out to about $2 million/year. The claim also states that the damages are ongoing.

Will the HB Board of Ed provide a detailed line item budget for the district that identifies the savings from closing the properties listed in the claim?" Feb 1, 18 9:42 AM

What are the specific costs that the Hampton Bays School District incurs? The claim filed by the attorney has a very specific number, which is about $2 million/year. Where is the line item budget that shows the school budget with the extra students at the addresses in the claim and without?

I'm no attorney, but I have watched the People's Court on occasion, and I know that documenting your claim is important.

As for the claim that the East Quogue school district is overtaxed, the State of New York just cited them for holding back an illegal "reserve" from its taxpayers. Very soon after that the Hampton Bays school district found $3 million in a reserve of its own and used it to pay for a budget item -- a roof from 2011 -- the year before this claim of damages begins. This contract for this roof was admitted by the school administration as not being the lowest bid but when asked what were the architecture fees, the school administration refused to answer." Feb 1, 18 12:06 PM

Yes, Judge Judy always asks for pictures of the damages and the receipts for the repair work for any claim. Are there pictures of the costs that the children who live at these addresses? Since things like a $3 million roof to replace an old roof and an electrical bill for $565,000 per year are going to get spent regardless of whether these 65 students are in the district or not, the pictures will be of teachers that are hired especially to teach these kids. Are there pictures?" Feb 2, 18 9:36 AM

When did the Town of Southampton buy the Bel Aire Cove? Did they seize it after fining it for the violations? I missed that memo. And then the Town is placing indigent families there?

If we're paying $30,000 per year per kid ($2 million year/65 kids) why not just offer $20,000 to the families of these kids to move out of town and then tear down the Bel Aire Cove. That might be a quicker way to mitigate damages in this claim. Because initiating a lawsuit against the Town seems like a waste of all of our money -- legal fees for the school district incurring legal fees at the Town. Who pays the taxes to pay for all those lawyers? We all do, obviously.

I like the idea of combining school districts, it's crazy that these little districts still exist -- the crazy pay for separate school administration for districts like East Quogue, Quogue, Sagaponack, Tuckahoe let alone Hampton Bays is a real waste of taxpayer money. $50 million/year for the Hampton Bays school district alone, it's nuts..." Feb 2, 18 9:52 AM

Cost accounting -- figuring out the average cost per student against various fixed and variable expenses -- is useful for improving productivity in creating better results for widgets -- in the case of education, superior results like graduation rates, test results and college acceptance. That doesn't apply in the case of assessing liability to the Town of Southampton by the HB Board of Education.

Does anyone really think that if all 65 of the children alleged to be residing at these addresses left the school district tomorrow that the next school budget would be lower?" Feb 3, 18 11:08 AM

I thought since the HB Board of Education was suing the Town that the Town was responsible. If the property is still owned by the family identified and interviewed by 27east last year -- "Jagannath Jayaswal, whose family has owned and operated the two-story motel since 1988" -- then shouldn't the lawsuit be against them? If this is only a publicity stunt, congrats to the school board -- the story has been picked up by Newsday and a local news affiliate -- but I am not sure I want my tax dollars benefiting some group's political campaign. Ms Lofstad is our Councilperson -- she lives here and is a graduate of HB schools. The Concerned Citizens and the HB Board of Education are abusing their control over a $50 million per year budget if they use a portion of that money to advance their personal political agenda. If the Concerned Citizens want to raise and spend money that is their right, but don't abuse the control of the Board of Education to spend school money." Feb 3, 18 11:31 AM

Ask yourself this question:
Do you think that if all the kids living at the addresses listed in the "claim" were to leave tomorrow, would the next Hampton Bays School Budget be lower? By how much? According to the claim about $2 million lower.

1) If the answer is "yes" then I look forward to seeing that lower budget as support for the "claim".

2) If the answer is "no" then why was the "claim" filed? To close down sub-standard housing in Hampton Bays? Then this is a political ploy to gain publicity for the Concerned Citizens, using money from the school budget to pay for their agenda, and not to educate children.
" Feb 4, 18 9:48 AM

Why does the HB Board of Education spending money on a lawyer for the Concerned Citizens of HB want? Is it the same organization?

If your answer is "the HB School District" is spending taxpayer money on extra students at the addresses listed in the "claim", then please tell me how much less the budget will be when those extra students leave. The current budget is $50 million per year. What will it decrease to when this process of evicting everyone from the addresses listed is completed?" Feb 8, 18 4:32 PM

Ms. Lombardi: the tax monies that go to the Hampton Bays School District are for the education of schoolchildren, not to advance the causes of the Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays, whatever the merits of their complaints. If the CCHB wants to hire an attorney to promote their causes, that is their right. And if the taxes that are paid for the educational budget of Hampton Bays do NOT go down, that this is "delusional" to expect, then what is this proposed claim for $10 million+? I ask again, why are the taxpayers of the Hampton Bays school district paying for a lawyer hired to promote the cause of the organization known as the Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays?" Feb 8, 18 5:39 PM

I think you're saying that there's no hope of tax savings but the quality of the education will improve once the children at the addresses listed in the "claim" are no longer taking a share of the $50 million/year school budget. I don't believe that, but more importantly most of the focus in this thread has been citizens hoping for lower taxes. The much more efficient way to achieve that goal would be to cut the school budget. First by requiring all 3 school unions to receive one single health plan, combine that with every surrounding school and making a deal with wither SUNY Southampton, Peconic/Northwell or Brookhaven. Cut the cost of health insurance from $1000/employee/month to $500/employee/month by cutting an exclusive deal with one of those three health organizations. That reduces the budget by $5 million/year.

If the unions don't go along with that, then tell them to pound sand. Pay $500/month/year for each employees health insurance and let the employee pick up the rest." Feb 9, 18 2:50 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

Thanks for the heads up Comrade. Why not research a bit about how the FBI protects our country from Russian infiltration? You might learn something:
"The November 11, 2010, issue of Kommersant, Russia's broadsheet, carried an article[28][29] that, with reference to unnamed RF government sources, contained allegations that the "illegals" were fingered by a senior SVR officer named "Colonel Shcherbakov" (according to an unnamed ex-CIA source, his full name may be Александр Васильевич Щербаков, Alexander Vasilievich Shcherbakov).[30] The latter, according to the newspaper's sources, headed the "American" unit of the SVR department in charge of "illegals" and left Russia for the US "three days prior to Dmitry Medvedev's June visit to the US."[28] According to other media outlets' sources, the name "Shcherbakov" was fictitious,[31] and a number of experts and commentators judged many allegations in the article as dubious or improbable.[21][29][32][33] Nevertheless, some comments made the following day by Russian President Medvedev were interpreted as an indirect confirmation of a high-level defection in the Russian intelligence apparatus.[34][35] On November 15, 2010, Interfax cited unnamed sources within Russian intelligence who claimed that the real name of the defector who was primarily responsible for uncovering the ten convicted agents was Poteyev (reportedly, his full name is Александр Николаевич Потеев, Alexander Nikolayevich Poteyev),[36][37] who was a colonel in the SVR and was deputy head of the American department within Directorate "S" of SVR ("S" oversees illegals).[38] According to Rosbalt (ru:Росбалт) and Kommersant parastatal media citing unnamed source, Shcherbakov did exist and also held a senior position in the SVR. Reportedly, he "defected about two years ago."[37][39]"" Feb 10, 18 10:09 AM

"They were the target of a multi-year investigation by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI investigation, called Operation Ghost Stories, culminated at the end of June 2010 with the arrest of ten individuals in the US and an eleventh suspect in Cyprus.[3] Ten sleeper agents were charged with "carrying out long-term, 'deep-cover' assignments in the United States on behalf of the Russian Federation."[4][5][6]"" Feb 10, 18 10:12 AM

Thanks for the "deep state" heads up, Comrade.

Here's another one for you to investigate:
"...the President was in dire financial straits at the time and sold it for $30 million less than its appraised value.

“In the context of the President’s then-precarious financial position, I believe that the Palm Beach property sale warrants further scrutiny,” Wyden wrote to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin."" Feb 11, 18 2:42 PM

Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming Wants Ride-Sharing Tax To Go To County, Not State

Actually many, hospitals are self supporting. Southampton Hospital was running a significant profit just before it was bought by SUNY -- when all citizens are required to have health insurance, the hospitals make money. The chief admins of these healthcare organizations make a fortune.

It's only when the government requires emergency rooms in poor neighborhoods to take and care for everyone regardless of their ability to pay that hospitals lose money -- that drain is paid for by all of us." Feb 12, 18 7:12 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Eyes Run For Suffolk County Comptroller

I'm not a fan of Mr. Schneiderman, but he doesn't set the Hampton Bays school budget -- the voters in the school district allow the rampant union salary increases and benefits. Vote down the $50 million/year budget and replace the school board with fiscally conservative representatives and you'll see property taxes go down. Or take the money spent filing "claims" and instead book Jay's hotel in Montauk -- and then give the residents of the Cove $3000 each to move there. That would be interesting." Feb 13, 18 10:43 AM

What does "political pawn" even mean? Most voters did not want another major golf course development on our aquifer and voted accordingly. And if the Fire Districts and School Boards held their elections on election day instead of scheduling their elections for their own convenience instead of the voters I'd think you'd see better governance on the East End all around." Feb 13, 18 6:03 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

Will the Honorable Lee Zeldin pontificate about Presidential payoffs to prostitutes? What a role model for our children.

Wall Street Journal:
"In his statement released late Tuesday, Mr. Cohen said: “I am Mr. Trump’s longtime special counsel and I have proudly served in that role for more than a decade. In a private transaction in 2016, I used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to Ms. Stephanie Clifford.”"" Feb 14, 18 6:24 AM

Eastport South Manor School District Shortfall Jumps To $4.4 Million For Next Year

Canary in the coal mine for the entire East End. Time for school districts to either start negotiating tough terms with local health systems SUNY Southampton, Peconic Northwell or Brookhaven Long Island Healthcare. $500/month per employee contribution by school district for each employee. If the health systems back at that, then teachers pay. When they retire, zero replacements. I'm aware of the phrase Hell or High Water. It's time for us here in Eastern Suffolk County to realize that we have both." Feb 15, 18 5:50 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Eyes Run For Suffolk County Comptroller

Taxpayers in Hampton Bays can no longer afford their local property taxes. We will learn by the end of 2018 whether the elimination of over $10,000 local tax deduction jeopardizes the richer school districts further East. In any event, the Town Board doesn't set school district budgets, which are getting eaten alive by pension costs and healthcare, e.g. Eastport. Not much we can do about pensions which are mandated by the State of Governor Cuomo. We can, and should, get out of the healthcare business. Unions will go on strike. Let them." Feb 15, 18 5:58 AM

High-End Sales Activity Booms On Captains Neck Lane And Beyond In Southampton Village

What else do you call property taxes?" Feb 16, 18 7:12 AM

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