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Save East Hampton Gears Up For Pole Rally

Why don't you come to the rally. You might learn something. It is a lot easier to complain and always take the negative side than try to make something better for everyone. You may not care about your health or safety, but many people do. They want to know their options. Are you one of the Southampton people who were assessed an average extra $30 per year for their lines to be buried? People spend that going to the movies in one night, or on a dinner. That was for the year. Why don't we wait until we have all the facts before we make outlandish comments about costs." Mar 25, 14 9:24 PM

Appeals Court Denies PSEG's Restraining Order, Expedites Hearing For Preliminary Injunction

Libfre, Long Island Businesses For Responsible Energy , hired an expert to test soil samples from the East Hampton utility poles and they found high levels of toxic chemicals in the samples from 2 of 3 of the poles. The governor's office and health dept's have been notified. I guess you're lucky that you live near so many spoiled brats who actually care about their town's health and safety. The chemical pentachlorophenol, that is being used on on the poles as a preservative is banned in 26 countries and even in the USA, except on utility poles. How would you like that leaching into your drinking water. Or your children playng on the streets by the poles or touching the poles. Ignorance is not bliss." Apr 24, 14 9:46 AM