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East Hampton Library hopes stymied again

I wonder how much review went into the Guild Hall Project and that monstrosity the Episcopal Church built directly behind Home Sweet Home. Neither one has any additional parking and an event at either one can put 125 cars on the street.
I don't care If the Library is there or not especially when they raise taxes to pay for this sham the Village is putting on. The Village used to be the best place to be, now its leadership has become elitist and tyrannical." Jul 1, 09 1:57 PM

Prudence Carabine: Taking on the front-runners

Tomorrows Pat Mansir, I have not seen one good candidate from any party just more of the same." Jul 1, 09 2:13 PM

Firefighters Injured Battling East Hampton Fire

Freon R-12 the most commonaly used is also non flammable, listed in the Haz Mat Guide as UN1028 Dichlorodifluoromethane." Nov 16, 11 4:38 AM