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Man Arrested And Charged For 2013 Noyac Home Invasion

Making an arrest is not as easy as you see on TV. Proof positive is necessary before you can charge someone with a crime and have it stick. Walk a mile in a police officers shoes before you make a nasty remark about the job they do.No amount of money could make me put my life in harms way, the way they do on a daily basis. They deserve praise, not bashing!!
" May 8, 14 9:26 PM

Jay Sears Sentenced To Time Served, Plus Six More Months Of House Arrest

What a joke, his sentence was lowered because HE experienced embarrassment. His crime was against children, what about their embarrassment? Oh wait, they don't matter as much as a man with his means/connections, right??
I am heartbroken for the victims and their families, where is their JUSTICE?
" May 30, 14 3:41 PM

Police Searching For Defrocked Priest Thought To Have Sexually Abused Hampton Bays Girl

While it may seem an easy task to find him, were it that simple ...he'd be behind bars! This is not TV, in real life
things take time, but I'm certain all those working on the case are eager to find him. So please don't be so judgemental!!!
" Oct 2, 14 1:11 PM

7-Eleven Store Owners Plead Guilty To Wire Fraud, Harboring And Employing Illegal Immigrants In Multi-State Scheme

Those greedy sick people need to be stripped of all their financial possessions and sent back to the countries where they were born.
We don't need to back up our courts and fill up our jails with this garbage...deportation is what they need.
As for the undocumented slaves, check them out, if no criminal records, they suffered enough to work and earn a living here. Give them the chance to become good citizens, not WELFARE CASES!!!!
" Oct 2, 14 1:28 PM