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East Hampton High School football field vandalized

I totally agree with OutEast! What is the matter with you? I know you are reading this, you're probably that arrogant! You probably cost the school district more money then the cost of putting in that field. Lets just hope that what goes around comes around and you have to pay the price. What a schmuck! Oh forgot the capital S." Jul 13, 09 2:17 PM

Southampton School Board suspends high school principal and assistant principal, who are then hired by East Hampton

Did I read it right in the news article??? They left their posts during a school day to interview for another job??? Do you mean to tell me that I as a tax payer paid them to go find another job? Are you kidding me? You couldn't wait until you got off at 3:00???? If that is why you got suspended then you deserve it. You left the entire student body to basically fend for themselves why you went out searching for more of the almighty dollars. Shame on you!!!" May 20, 10 9:32 PM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

Wow...the only person here that knows what they are talking about is pstevens. A fight broke out at a party...it happens...police arrive on the scene to break it up...people are told to leave and they do...as the party goers were walking down the stairs the police open fire with pepper spray...what a mess! Women go screaming back into the building because they are blinded and in pain. If you ask me this is one time that the police caused more harm than good. " Sep 7, 11 6:45 AM

The "club" never got off the ground...they had a big memorial day weekend and then it fizzled out...
" Sep 16, 11 7:50 AM

Southampton Girls Basketball Team Wins Its First Ever Long Island Championship

Did you have to wake up the town of Southampton? I was in a panic last night...scared there was an actual emergency....How about next time you have a parade during the daylight instead of freaking out the entire town...bad taste...
" Mar 8, 12 9:39 AM

Yes I would! Any sirens in the dead of night would cause a normal person to be alarmed..." Mar 8, 12 2:58 PM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

What a great idea! Should have happened a long time ago....

" Nov 29, 12 3:14 PM

I just read some of your comments and I have to add...if there was only one way to become the Val or Sal I would say go for it...but there has been a bit of controversy, in my opinion, as too how some of the previous Val's or Sal's were chosen...fishy in a way..." Nov 29, 12 3:23 PM

Man Arrested And Charged For 2013 Noyac Home Invasion

Why was only one person arrested when there were two assailants that pulled off the home invasion? " May 5, 14 10:14 AM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

Have you visited the District office Draggerman? This conglomeration of buildings were of the temporary sort put here 40 years ago. I know that because I worked here one summer when I was 16. I have the misfortune of working in this building now too, the floors are rotting, the heating and cooling systems are on a fix or repair daily schedule, none of the bathrooms are vented properly so make sure you bring a gas mask when you come to see the deplorable conditions here. If you were around 10 years ago you might have had the capability of turning down a 64 million dollar new district office, I know I did, even though I work in this crap hole. 64 mil was a bit much. Not really sure of the best solution to this but something has to be done before someone falls through the floor and the district gets sued. btw its my money too, I'm a taxpayer in Southampton and have first hand knowledge of how bad this district office really is. " Mar 24, 16 2:30 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Thanks to the Roslyn scandal a few years back, these audits happen whether anything happens or not. It was just Southampton's turn. " Apr 16, 16 7:43 AM

She should step down immediately" Apr 16, 16 7:44 AM

Judge Dismisses 'Truck Beach' Lawsuit, Denies Amagansett Homeowners' Claims Of Ownership

We need this judge to handle the complaints in Southampton. Congratulations EH!!! Yay one for the good guys" Nov 14, 16 4:08 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Do you know that buying cigarettes at the Reservation is illegal for anyone that is not a member of the tribe? Anyone who buys there are not paying NYS tax. For years now the state has turned a blind eye on all who buys there. They could easily crack down and confiscate any cigarettes that are bought there. That would put most of the cigarette shops out of business, at least the cigarette business. I'm not against a sign but a sign within reason. There is not one thing on the east end that's over 60' tall except maybe the lighthouse. I hope this doesn't backfire on the Shinnecock nation. " May 2, 19 2:22 PM

Mecox Cut Continues To Flow, With No End In Sight--Good For Some, Bad For Others

Is this supposed to be Water Mill? If it is its been photoshopped. " Jul 2, 19 9:10 AM