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Taking Stock Of Citarella's First Season In Southampton Village

I miss the one in Water Mill, but the one in Southampton has been convenient enough. Same good quality that we have come to expect and the pre-packaged meats make it easy to get in and out. Parking did not seem to be the cluster-you-know-what that all the whiners and complainers made it out to be. " Aug 29, 14 12:06 PM

Southampton Village Board Concerned About Plan For King Kullen In Tuckahoe

Agreed, it's not needed. Especially with the addition of Citarella in town. If anything knock down Waldbaums and revive that location as it's frightening in its current condition." Sep 3, 14 1:23 PM

More of a flower shop, but yes. They actually did a nice job of cleaning it up." Sep 4, 14 11:03 AM

Dangerous Algae Identified In Sagg Pond and Old Town Pond

So disgusting. This place is doomed. R.I.P." Sep 10, 14 2:15 PM

Southampton Town Drafting Comprehensive Deer Management Plan

Can we please stop talking about a cull now? It's already been proven to be completely ineffective." Sep 22, 14 9:09 AM

Public Gets First Glance At East Hampton's Wastewater Management Plan

There should be no 'might have to' in this. It must be mandatory. It's disgusting. Georgica Pond literally smells like a toilet." Sep 24, 14 1:04 PM

Questions Raised About The Future For Fordham Mill In Remsenburg

Brewery = no-brainer" Sep 30, 14 8:50 AM

Yeah, agreed, But maybe as a brewpub it could draw destiniation travelers. They could put some kind of market in the associated shop. I mean, I don't even know what that location is even zoned for so obviously this is all pipe dreaming. Most likely it will continue to sit as the eyesore it is for the next 30 years and then get bulldozed-- like everything else." Sep 30, 14 3:26 PM

East Hampton Village Adopts Georgica Pond Water Quality Act

How about preventing millionaires' septic systems from dumping directly into the pond. Why don't we start there?" Oct 1, 14 12:23 PM

Questions Raised About The Future For Fordham Mill In Remsenburg

Don't want to split hairs here, but a brewpub is an establishment that serves food and serves beer which they brew on premise (think SPH). Brewology seems doomed to fail due to an eccentric menu and if beers are really $9, well then, there ya go. It is Speonk after all. " Oct 1, 14 12:28 PM

'Survivability' Shop In Bridgehampton Aims To Help Prepare For Disasters

Is this for when the gov't comes take away ma freedumz?

And what, no zombie survival kits? pfffft. What a joke." Oct 3, 14 11:36 AM

East Hampton Town Hopes To Have Plastic Bag Ban In Effect Next Year

I applaud EH Town on this major step forward in changing our culture and perspective. Baymen87 likes seeing plastic bags floating in his bays, I guess.
Just need to include Citarella in the ban." Oct 8, 14 10:20 AM

Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

So maybe the cops need to investigate why the 'woods behind Bistrian's pit' is a gathering place to drink and do drugs. Just a thought." Oct 9, 14 11:00 AM

Environmentalist Pitches Dumpsters At Public Beaches In East Hampton

Exactly, and why isn't the town/village emptying them more regularly? Another issue is getting people thinking towards using recyclable/reusable containers and bags when going to the beach. The ban on plastic bags (which absolutely MUST include Citarella bags) will help perpetuate this." Oct 9, 14 12:39 PM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

No, it's just the 'government' telling you that you're an idiot for using disposable plastic bags." Oct 24, 14 4:25 PM

State Commits $2 Million To Clean Water Technology Partnership With Southampton Town, Other Agencies

probably going to need more than that, but at least it' a start." Oct 29, 14 12:40 PM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

Zombie apocalypse is forthcoming. Best stock up on yo guns and ammo at the Bridgehampton Survival shop before it's too late." Oct 30, 14 12:09 PM

No, no it's not. The question is: what are they preparing for? And I'm being serious this time." Oct 30, 14 2:52 PM

Well this thread went full crazy in no time" Oct 31, 14 10:43 AM

Update: No Charges Filed Against Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Friday Morning

Apparently a pedestrian was struck and killed around 6:30 this morning. " Nov 14, 14 9:12 AM

Westhampton Beach Considers Revisiting Master Plan To Accommodate New Supermarket

Why don't they expand Waldbaums? I just don't get it." Nov 24, 14 4:04 PM

Westhampton Beach Announces Winners Of Holiday Lighting Contest

Soooo, we're doing this now? This is a thing?" Dec 16, 14 2:03 PM

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