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UPDATE: East Hampton Woman Tells Police She Confronted O'Neal Before Assault

This guy seems to prey on old women (see article from May 2012). They need to lock him up and throw away the key this time." Jun 4, 15 10:50 AM

You're 100% right. It's a sick, sick world we live in" Jun 4, 15 12:47 PM

Uber Halts Service In East Hampton, Montauk

Nice to know corruption wins again. Thanks to this non-arrangement, I and countless others will continue to drink and drive. Well done everyone." Jun 5, 15 12:57 PM

Sag Harbor Building Moratorium To Be Presented For Public Comment Next Month

That town's finished. Sag Hampton." Jun 8, 15 1:24 PM

Dune Deck Demolished; Construction On New Hotel Could Start In September

What? No way. That was the only bar/restaurant in the area with a view of the ocean. Unbelievable." Jun 10, 15 10:54 AM

Uber Halts Service In East Hampton, Montauk

I didn't know there was a difference." Jun 10, 15 10:55 AM

Southampton Arcade Game Collector Quietly Draws Enthusiasts

You sound joyless." Jul 7, 15 11:31 AM

How do we get an invite? Forgotten Worlds ftw. Love the carpet too." Jul 9, 15 9:11 AM

One Killed, Three Injured In Head-On Crash Thursday Afternoon In Flanders

They need to but a barrier down the middle of Flanders Rd. and reduce the speed limit. It's quite literally a death trap." Jul 10, 15 9:09 AM

UPDATE: Two East Hampton Men Facing Felony Drug Charges Arraigned Thursday Morning

Right, because only illegal immigrants sell drugs. Get a grip." Jul 16, 15 11:47 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

Adios" Jul 17, 15 11:06 AM

UPDATE: Man Who Fled Scene Of East Hampton Village Accident Turns Himself In

Care to retract your statement?" Jul 17, 15 4:49 PM

Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

Thank God. About friggin time.

:starts slow clap:" Jul 20, 15 3:08 PM

The Westhampton store is leagues above both the EH and SH locations, which furthers my claim that bad mgmt. was to blame at those stores. And I can't see how the WH locals could survive without it nor would they be wanting to see it go." Jul 21, 15 11:42 AM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

Yes, luckily you are free in this country to make yourself look like a complete idiot and also uglify your house in the process. Well done." Jul 21, 15 4:37 PM

Hampton Bays Fire Department Carnival Parade Will Close Roads Wednesday Night

Why is there a carnival parade again?" Jul 29, 15 2:13 PM

Music Run Amok Has East Hampton Reconsidering Nightclub Permits

Well the old fuddy-duddies have essentially turned the Hamptons into a retirement community. Watch out Montauk. You're next!" Aug 12, 15 8:58 AM

Parking Ban Near Surf Lodge In Montauk To Start Soon

What a s***show this is going to be" Aug 18, 15 11:14 AM

Feds Meet With LIRR To Discuss Overcrowding On The Cannonball Express To Montauk

Bring back the bar car! = problem solved." Aug 19, 15 8:45 PM

Complaints Of Overcrowding On LIRR Trains To The East End Continue

What a joke: the LIRR is asking passengers to 'do their part' to reduce overcrowding by not bringing oversized luggage. How about adding more cars, more trains. The service is a joke and they have some nerve to ask passengers to do anything about it. I'm not saying that the clientele who ride the Cannonball don't need a serious lesson in manners but give me a break." Aug 21, 15 11:21 AM

Sagg Pond Closed To Swimming After Dangerous Algae Is Detected

Thank you to all the town planners and 'preservationists' for allowing this to happen and for making it impossible to enjoy the area we live in anymore. Now we literally have nothing." Aug 26, 15 10:46 AM

Won't be long until we'll be unable to swim in our bays and oceans either. Welcome to Malibu East. " Aug 26, 15 3:54 PM

As if their lawns rely on rainwater to keep them green. Wake up man!" Aug 27, 15 11:48 AM

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