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Southampton Village Drafts Law To Allow New Supermarket

Perfect for a Trader Joe's" Oct 26, 11 1:58 PM

Teen Night At East Hampton Nightclub Called Exploitive

point of article?" Nov 2, 11 3:28 PM

Why? So they can go do it at some house party where there's even less supervision? Believe me, I'm not condoning this but I feel very sad for any parent that isn't aware of what's going on. Maybe they should have a Youtube night for parents." Nov 2, 11 4:52 PM

Whooping Cough Confirmed In Student At Southampton Elementary School

Get your kids vaccinated people! There's a reason scientists who are much, much smarter than you spent years of their lives developing them. Don't let your false sense of intelligence harm other people." Dec 8, 11 3:41 PM

Preschooler Found After Wandering Away From Southampton Elementary School

He heard about the kid with whooping cough and said 'I'm outta here!'" Dec 9, 11 2:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

There's no reason not so support this. If you oppose it, you not only hate and want to harm your local community, but also the world at large." Dec 14, 11 9:01 AM

And too stupid to know that what they're doing is wrong." Dec 19, 11 1:31 PM

SUV Flips On Stephen Hands Path

I'm guessing another SUV driver driving too fast on slippery roads.

" Jan 20, 12 11:08 AM

Meschutt Beach Parking Lot Under Construction

700K for a parking lot? Really?" Jan 25, 12 10:36 AM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

goddamit, and I never made it there. vowed this summer to go and didn't make it. i sad." Jan 27, 12 12:54 PM

Disposable Bags: East Hampton Village Set To Pack Them In

:stands up and applauds the efforts of both EH and SH Village:
One small step towards catching up with the rest of the world." Feb 2, 12 9:07 AM

Developer Continues Push For Public Hearing On Westhampton Beach Supermarket

Between WHB and SH, the common problem seems to Waldbaum's. Why not fix the problem instead of creating a new one?" Mar 7, 12 2:13 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of East Hampton's Share Of Poxabogue Golf Course

Somehow this is going to get screwed up and we, the (golf-playing) people will lose." Mar 26, 12 9:19 AM

New Shellfish Rule Blasted By Baymen

^^^^. Wow, that's the first logical, rational comment I've seen on here in a long time." Mar 29, 12 1:50 PM

Public Calls For Simpler Solutions To Make Noyac Road Curve Safer

How about slowing down?" Apr 10, 12 4:37 PM

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

If it wasn't for Simon's bakery that town would have 99% less foot traffic period." Apr 11, 12 3:15 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

Why exactly were these controversial?" Apr 18, 12 10:36 AM

Interesting backstory that I was not aware of. I can see how they might rub people the wrong way now. Still, you are right in that at times Sag does (or at least did) resemble the West Village more than it's historic namesake. But now, with the loss of Bay St. and Java Nation and now 'the legs' perhaps it is trying to return to its non-bohemian origin." Apr 18, 12 12:09 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

Saw this this morning. Brilliant. And I agree with progressnow. While I believe illegal immigration is out of control and is severly affecting our community negatively, these two guys are just another part of the problem and not the solution." May 4, 12 2:40 PM

East Hampton Town and Surf Lodge Settle For $100,000

So the club can continue to pollute the environment and disrupt family life in Montauk as long as the Town gets paid. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up." May 15, 12 12:20 PM

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