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Southampton Town Faces Opposition From Uber, Cab Companies Regarding Proposed Taxi Rules

The Town doesn't regulate the local taxi companies so why start now? " Mar 16, 16 12:09 PM

Westbound Lane Of County Road 39 Closed Following Car Accident

Bad driving day yesterday. Summer must be coming. " Mar 24, 16 9:03 AM

Ruschmeyer's Employees Take Rap For Party Mess; Arrest Warrant Issued For Sloppy Tuna Manager

Detritus? Better get out my SAT prep book" Mar 29, 16 12:35 PM

Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

Everything they serve on tap in the restaurant is brewed on site I believe. All the bottles in six-packs are brewed upstate or possibly at Pabst brewery. I forget which. " Apr 6, 16 8:49 AM

This would be my vote but probably won't happen. " Apr 6, 16 8:49 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Publick House To Take Over Drivers Seat; Drivers Seat Issues Statement

Was hoping for more of an upgrade, but it will be good to have something decent in that space again. " Apr 11, 16 10:05 AM

No, just not another sad, tired, old building like the one they just left. No one said anything about chic, trendy or upscale. Learn how to read. Feels like they're just transplanting from one location to another. Don't worry though, I'll be there. " Apr 11, 16 1:43 PM

Engineers To Collect Traffic Data In Southampton Town This Week In Preparation For County Road 39 Blinking Light Program

I'm going to save you a lot of time and money on your "study". There's too much construction, too many people and too many cars & trucks on the road.

Done. " Apr 12, 16 1:18 PM

County Road 39 Blinking Light Program Scheduled For This Week

Still backed up to the canal today" Apr 19, 16 11:06 AM

It's like trying to fit a tractor trailer through a garden hose. These idiots just don't get it.

What we need is a moratorium on contractors who come from up the island. Just like the ban on Uber drivers, all contractors should be forced to operate out of an office east of the canal in order to continue to reap the benefits of the multi-million dollar homes being constructed. They certainly aren't putting anything back into the local community-- except maybe keeping the delis and lunch trucks in business. " Apr 19, 16 11:15 AM

Trump Trounces On East End; Clinton Captures Close Contest

Not surprising. Lots of racism and social intolerance on the East End. Especially towards the illegal immigrants who build their houses and rake their lawns." Apr 20, 16 9:05 AM

I assume you are referring to the hiring of illegal immigrants. Yes, I agree. Anyone caught doing this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Funny though, I've never seen that happen. Not once. I wonder why that is?" Apr 21, 16 12:37 PM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

OK, well the toll booth sounds like a great solution but let's be real, it's never going to happen.

I've got a better solution. JUST STOP BUILDING!! We cannot sustain this any longer. We are polluting our land, our air, and our waters. Just stop." Apr 25, 16 2:59 PM

Results From County Road 39 Blinking Light Program Not Available Yet

I think the 'CR39 Blinking Light' needs it's own Facebook page. Who's up for it?" Apr 27, 16 10:14 AM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

I think you better get your eyes checked. I travel west every morning. 90-95% of the vehicles coming out between the hours of 6-9am are construction vehicles, hence why it's called the 'trade parade'.

And again, if we just stopped building, we wouldn't need all those pumbers. " Apr 27, 16 10:34 AM

I understand it perfectly. That's why it needs to stop.

I love the irony of your handle btw: "Nature". It's a really nice touch. " Apr 28, 16 10:33 AM

Traffic Stop Nets Suspect In Drug Trafficking Case In Brazil; Driver Turned Over To ICE Agents

Yeah, we better put a wall around Brazil too." May 4, 16 3:05 PM

UPDATE: Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Pleads Guilty For Looting Scholarship Fund

Wow. I'm sure Lucifer will have a very special seat for him when his time comes" May 6, 16 12:52 PM

Cyril's Fish House Will Close For Good, Citing Restrictions Following Court Conviction

End of an era. Gosman's, Cyril's. What's left? Liars? " May 17, 16 8:49 AM

Police: Three Accidents On County Road 39 Back Up Traffic Tuesday

Moving walkway for cars starting at the "merge"" May 24, 16 3:51 PM

Police: Influence Of Gangs On East End Remains Faint But Occasionally Violent

"If you build it, they will come"... because you need cheap labor to maintain your pools and lawns and homes." Jun 2, 16 1:32 PM

So what you're saying is someone should take responsibility for a situation that they let occur and not just deflect the blame elsewhere. I agree completely. " Jun 2, 16 3:19 PM

Dead Humpback Whale Calf Found Off Remsenburg Coast

Jesus.... could've done without the picture on this one" Jun 6, 16 4:42 PM

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